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Tom Lister Jr.: President Lindberg



  • Korben Dallas : We need to find the leader, Mangalores won't fight without the leader.

    Aknot : One more shot, and we start killing hostages!

    Korben Dallas : That's the leader.

    Aknot : Send someone to negotiate.

    Fog : [as Dallas looks at him]  Uh, I-I've never negotiated before.

    Korben Dallas : Do you mind if I try?

    Fog : No, sure, sure, sure.


    Fog : We're sending somebody in to negotiate!

    [Corben walks into the room and shoots Aknot between the eyes. As he falls, the other Mangalores drop their weapons and bow over him, keening] 

    Korben Dallas : Anybody else want to negotiate?

    Fog : Wh-where did he learn to n-negotiate like that?

    President Lindberg : [looking at General Munro]  I wonder.

  • [last lines] 

    [the President is talking with Korben's mother on the phone] 

    President Lindberg : Mrs. Dallas, this is the President. On behalf of the federation, I would like to thank you...

    Korben's Mother : Oh, please. That doesn't even sound like him! The President's an idiot, you don't sound like an idiot. If you don't wanna talk to your mother, just avoid me like usual, huh? I'll just throw myself in traffic. I'll just Saran Wrap myself to the bed and pretend my child is suffocating me...

  • President Lindberg : [phone call from President to Korben Dallas]  Major Dallas, I first would like to salute a warrior, you are a shining example of this Army's might, in the name of the Federation and it's territory...

    Korben Dallas : Mr. President, Mr. President, any idea when you gonna be getting to the point?

    President Lindberg : O.K. There's a ball of fire, it's 1200 miles in diameter headin straight for Earth, and we have no idea how to stop it. *That's* the problem.

    Korben Dallas : [sighs]  How long do we have?

    Scientist's Aide : [off the President's look]  If its speed remains constant, in an hour and fifty-seven minutes.

    Korben Dallas : I'll call you back in two hours.

  • Korben Dallas : [shoves a bag into Ruby's hands]  You guard this with your life, or you're gonna look like this guy here! You green?

    DJ Ruby Rhod : G-green.

    [cut to the President's office, where every word is being heard over the radio, transmitted galaxy-wide on Ruby's radio show] 

    Korben Dallas : Super green?

    DJ Ruby Rhod : Super green.

    President Lindberg : Is that your idea of a discreet operation?

    General Munro : Don't-don't worry, sir. I know my man. He'll calm things down.

    [cut back to Fhloston, as three Mangalores go down in an explosion of gunfire, and Korben charges out a door, guns blazing] 

  • Priest Vito Cornelius : I... have... a different theory, to offer you, sir.

    President Lindberg : You have twenty seconds.

  • Priest Vito Cornelius : Because it is evil, absolutely evil.

    President Lindberg : One more reason to shoot first.

    Priest Vito Cornelius : Evil begets evil, Mr. President. Shooting will only make it stronger.

  • President Lindberg : Steadert.

    General Staedert : Yes Sir!

    President Lindberg : I have a doubt.

    General Staedert : I don't, Mr. President.

  • Head Scientist : The thing is sending out radio wavelengths!

    President Lindberg : What the hell does it want with radio waves?

    Scientist's Aide : Maybe it wants to make a call.

  • Priest Vito Cornelius : [discussing the Dark Planet]  Imagine for a moment that this thing is not anything that can be identified because it prefers not to be. Wherever there is life, it brings death, because it is evil, absolute evil.

    President Lindberg : One more reason to shoot first.

    Priest Vito Cornelius : Evil begets evil, Mr. President. Shooting will only make it stronger.

  • Mactilburgh : It's an honor to meet you sir!

    President Lindberg : Yes, it is.

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