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Here’s What’s Coming to and Leaving Hulu in June

Hulu has announced its list of movies and TV shows that will be added to the streaming service in June 2018, as well as what will be expiring—so get those watchlists ready! In terms of new additions, if for some reason you missed Rick and Morty Season 3, it’ll be available next month, as will the second season of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. On the film side of things, June will see a bevy of solid features like Apollo 13, Hellboy, Event Horizon, Bowfinger, and Punch-Drunk Love added to the streaming service alongside the entire …
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Here’s Everything You Can Watch With Your Amazon Prime Membership in June

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Before we get to your Amazon Prime June updates, the streaming service has a special surprise for its members: every season of “Dawson’s Creek” is available now, and you don’t even have to wait until next month.

Starting June 1, stream “All or Nothing” which follows the New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks throughout their 2017 season. On June 3, you can stream the Oscar-nominated “Lady Bird,” followed by Amazon Original series “Goliath” Season 2 on June 15.

See below for the complete list of titles hitting Amazon next month.

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Available June 1

1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)

2 Days in the Valley (1996)

Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1987)

As Good As Dead (2010)

August Rush (2007)

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

Beer for My Horses (2008)

Beowulf (2007)

Black Widow (Aka: Before It Had a Name) (2005)

Blitz (2011)

Blood and Glory (2016)

Blue Like Jazz
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Harry Potter’s Tom Felton and Natalia Tena set for sci-fi thriller series Origin

Deadline is reporting that Harry Potter stars Tom Felton and Natalia Tena are set to headline the new sci-fi thriller series Origin, which is being produced for YouTube Red.

Created, written and exec produced by Mika Watkins, Origin “follows a group of strangers who find themselves stranded on a spacecraft bound for a distant planet. The abandoned passengers must work together for survival, but quickly realize that one of them is far from who they claim to be.”

Paul W.S. Anderson is directing the first two episodes of the 10-episode series, which is now in production with a cast that also includes Sen Mitsuji, Adelayo Adedayo, Nina Wadia, Johannes Johannesson, Wil Coban and Tara Fitzgerald.

Origin is slated to premiere on YouTube Red later this year.

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Stunning Horror Film Watercolor Art Series By Artist Christopher Shy

If you're not familiar with the art of Ronin a.k.a. Christopher Shy, you've got to check out this collection of horror movie-themed watercolor poster art that he has created. There's art here for films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining, Salem's Lot, They Live, The Fog, Event Horizon, Alien, and The Thing. I also included art for Blade Runner and Blade Runner: 2049.

I really dig the artist's style and the dark, moody, and striking visual details. As a hardcore horror film fan, I'd love to own a collection of these. If you like what you see, you can purchase some of his art here, but it's not cheap. His cheapest prints for sale are $105.

Check out some of the prints below and tell us what your favorites are!

Via: /Film
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Interview with Sam Neill; talking Sweet Country

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Author: Daniel Goodwin

In his incredible forty year career, legendary Northern Ireland and New Zealand raised actor Sam Neill has starred in a multitude of both mainstream movies and independent films, spanning continents, characters, genres and budget sizes. His latest film, Sweet Country, is an Australian frontier drama inspired by true events that embraces traits from the Western genre.

Australian native Warwick Thornton adapts Steven McGregor and David Tranter’s screenplay which tells the tale of Aboriginal farmhand Sam Kelly (Hamilton Morris), who accidentally kills an irate white bigot tormenting his family. Kelly goes on the run from law enforcement which takes the shape of the affable Sergeant Fletcher (Bryan Brown), accompanied by his Good Samaritan employer Fred Smith (Neill) who wishes to guide Kelly home to safety.

Before Sweet Country, Neill featured in critically acclaimed commercial thrillers (Dead Calm, The Hunt For Red October), prestige dramas (A Cry in the Dark,
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Annihilation or Enlightenment? A Film Review

*it would be best to see the film first, before reading this review. Director: Alex Garland. Writers: Alex Garland, Jeff VanderMeer. Cast: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tess Thompson and Gina Rodriguez. Annihilation is a fantastic science fiction film. Developed from Jeff VanderMeer's first novel in a trilogy, the story for Annihilation was developed after one of VanderMeer's hikes. The film asks some of the deeper questions of existence: what does it mean to be human? And, is there something else out there? Viewers will have to come up with their own answers. But, VanderMeer's writings would steer you towards a higher power and not away. This is difficult material to dissect in a film review. So, it would be simpler to compare Annihilation to other films in the sci-fi genre, like Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) and Event Horizon (1997), before delving into the film's
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Resident Evil Director Working on a George R.R. Martin Adaptation

Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson is developing a movie based on some short stories by Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. Anderson is primarily known for his work on action and horror movies, such as Event Horizon and Alien Vs Predator. The director is also famous for his video game adaptations, beginning with Mortal Kombat in 1995.

His most successful franchise remains the Resident Evil movies.
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Hellraiser: Judgment Star Says Pinhead’s Bored In The Film

Ol’ Pinhead will find himself a bit bored in the imminent Hellraiser: Judgment.

Or so says Paul T. Taylor. The actor, who’s about to become the third person to play the iconic character, spoke to ComicBook.com ahead of Judgment‘s release next week (February 13th) and was sure to draw attention to his character’s long, bloody career of torturing souls.

I think it kind of came from the script. It came from Gary’s direction. In this script, it seems that Pinhead is in more of a sort of bored place, but the arrogance is all there. He has all the power. As he says unknowingly, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen, he says, ‘I have nothing to fear.’ He’s just at a place in his life where he’s jaded. I think he’s possibly older than he’s been before in other films,
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From ‘Gravity’ to ‘The Cloverfield Paradox,’ Contemporary Studio Sci-Fi Continues to Define Its Women By Their Motherhood

Girl Talk is a weekly look at women in film — past, present, and future.

There’s plenty that’s familiar in Netflix’s latest big budget affair, the shoehorned continuation of the “Cloverfield” franchise, “The Cloverfield Paradox,” which surprise-launched on the streaming giant after the Super Bowl. The film, directed by Julius Onah and written by Oren Uziel, instantly drew comparisons to other sci-fi properties, from “Event Horizon” to “Life,” thanks to a plot driven by set-in-space terror. Yet “The Cloverfield Paradox” has far more in common with two other contemporary space-set sci-fi studio outings, if only because they all share the same retrograde vision of otherwise compelling female characters.

The Cloverfield Paradox” follows a group of astronauts on the orbiting Cloverfield space station who are tasked with making a risky particle accelerator churn out an infinite amount of free energy, in order to save an Earth that has plunged
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The Cenobites Are On The March In Creepy Clip For Hellraiser: Judgment

Evil seeks evil.

That’s the chilling tagline attached to Hellraiser: Judgment, Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s long-awaited horror revival that thrusts Paul T. Taylor into the role of Pinhead, a cold, calculating demon who hails from another dimension.

As the historic 10th entry in the cult horror series, there’s an air of cinematic legacy lingering over Tunnicliffe’s Judgment, and today, Bloody Disgusting has served up a suitably creepy clip of Pinhead plotting his next move, which ends with a shrill, Inception-esque blast of music.

To offer some context to the footage, Tunnicliffe was on hand to describe the above clip:

The clip goes a little way to explain some of the new mythology and mechanisms, and you finally get to see and hear our new Pinhead in action. We would love to be able to show more images and clips, but finding something that isn’t too blood-drenched,
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‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ Review: Dir. Julius Onah (2018)

The Cloverfield Paradox review: The third movie in the series arrives on Netflix with little warning and indeed marketing, but does it stand up to the quality of the previous instalments?

The Cloverfield Paradox review by Ben Read.

The Cloverfield Paradox review

In the current Hollywood landscape of sequels, shared universes, and billion dollar series’, the Cloverfield universe is one of the more bizarre and perplexing franchises to emerge. Like the mysterious and ever-intriguing beast of the original, the films have all seemingly appeared from nowhere and gone on to wreak havoc at the box office (and industry itself). With that in mind, the third entry, The Cloverfield Paradox, has had quite a lot of expectation behind it. Does it live up to the strange, tense, and refreshingly original films that preceded it?

Like Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane before it, ‘Paradox’ mixes things up once again. This time by
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The Cloverfield Paradox: how its script radically changed

Ryan Lambie Feb 7, 2018

With spoilers, we look at how The God Particle became The Cloverfield Paradox - and changed almost beyond recognition in the process...

Nb: Your final warning for major Cloverfield Paradox spoilers from the outset.

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It says a great deal about our topsy-turvy, lightning-paced cultural landscape that we can now watch a trailer for a (fairly) major film release one minute and be watching it on Netflix the next. In the case of The Cloverfield Paradox, that's exactly what happened: the secretive movie once known as The God Particle got its first trailer during the Super Bowl on the 4th February, and within hours, had made its debut on the streaming platform.

Then again, secrecy and strange surprises are written into the Cloverfield franchise's DNA. A found-footage take on the giant monster genre, the original film's viral marketing turned it into a major
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Film Review: ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’

Film Review: ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’
Here’s what it looks like when a routine bad movie goes off its rocker.

In “The Cloverfield Paradox,” a dystopian galactic muddle that feels like it could have been the most bonkers episode of “Deep Space Nine,” a team of international scientists are traveling on a starship that looks like an elaborate spice rack. One of them, played by Chris O’Dowd, gets his arm sucked into the wall, and emerges minus the arm, which goes crawling all by itself through the ship. The appendage is then captured and placed in a glass box, where it scrawls out instructions to cut into the body of the android-blond Russian (Aksel Hennie) who died vomiting a geyser of worms. (Are you still with me?) The crew then slices open the corpse, and there, in his stomach, lies…the ship’s missing gyroscope! Like an ace of diamonds discovered in someone’s breast pocket by a magician at a kids
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‘The Cloverfield Paradox’: All of the Easter Eggs and Connections to the Cloverfield Universe

‘The Cloverfield Paradox’: All of the Easter Eggs and Connections to the Cloverfield Universe
The post-Super Bowl release of “The Cloverfield Paradox” was a huge surprise for fans of the series, and this third installment offered plenty of easter eggs and callbacks to the original “Cloverfield” and “10 Cloverfield Lane.” Producer J. J. Abrams loves placing puzzles and clues into his work, and there’s plenty to unpack after seeing the new film. Here are some of the key connections “Paradox” makes to the other films in the series. Spoilers ahead for all three “Cloverfield” films.

Please note that given the multiverse-heavy, time-shifting nature of this film, many of the ideas below are up for argument or interpretation.

First, a quick refresher on the series. 2008’s “Cloverfield” was a found footage monster movie, where a group of hipsters, including Lizzy Caplan and T.J. Miller, must to race across a mangled NYC to rescue their friend, without getting stomped on or eaten. 2016’s “Lane” ditches
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The Cloverfield Paradox Review

The Cloverfield Paradox is the movie I feared Life would turn out to be – a bland, un-authoritative blend of repetitive sci-fi beats. The trouble is, Julius Onah’s Cloverfield tie-in has it far worse by not existing in a singular world where consequence is free of prequel/sequel logic. Connective linking to the J.J. Abrams-produced mystery franchise is a quickie afterthought; an I-Spy for viral nods in hopes you won’t pay too much attention to story details. Onah establishes a universe where anything can happen, but never properly grasps how to wield such power without losing control in a tailspin of winky references and worse expectancies. But hey, you saw the Slusho bobblehead, right!? Mission accomplished, I guess.

In the film – which begins with no immediate Cloverfield connection – a group of scientists and brainiacs board a spaceship in the hopes of solving a worldwide energy crisis. European countries
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Horrifying Pics For Hellraiser: Judgment Will Haunt Your Dreams

The steady, blood-red stream of Hellraiser: Judgment content continues today with Bloody Disgusting unveiling some creepy new stills from the forthcoming horror flick.

On paper, it’s the straight-to-video revival from Gary J. Tunnicliffe, who has been developing Judgment since as far back as 2015. Inspired by the works of Clive Barker, Tunnicliffe’s über-violent gorefest aims to resurrect the Cenobite Pinhead (Paul T. Taylor) in style, and maybe – just maybe – spawn a sequel of its own.

Before we get swept up by forward-thinking and speculation, though, Bloody Disgusting’s gallery is a puzzle box of sadomasochistic experiments, which, if nothing else, acts as living proof that Hellraiser: Judgment is four weeks away from making Event Horizon seem like a bright and breezy Disney movie.

See for yourself:

Horrifying Pics For Hellraiser: Judgment Will Haunt Your Dreams 1 of 6

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Featuring a cast comprised of Damon Carney,
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Things Get Hairy In Bloody New Screenshots For Hellraiser: Judgment

Hell is coming to home video on February 13th, and to champion the long-awaited arrival of Hellraiser: Judgment, Bloody Disgusting has premiered a gallery of truly gruesome images from the Gary J. Tunnicliffe feature.

Nipping at the undead heels of this morning’s trailer, the images below are not for the faint of heart. Indeed, anyone with prior knowledge of the cult Hellraiser series will know that ol’ Pinhead tends to leave a bloodbath in his wake, and that’s exactly what Judgment, the tenth instalment in this most bizarre of franchises, hopes to achieve.

And so, if you’re still pining for more horror-themed content following Lionsgate’s trailer debut, we’ve got you covered, as the gallery below is teeming with nightmarish treats. Highlights include blood, satanic rituals, more blood, close-ups of Pinhead, yet more blood and some…thing that closely resembles Nemesis from Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise.
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The First Trailer For Hellraiser: Judgment Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

We hope you’re sitting comfortably, for the folks over at Bloody Disgusting have summoned the spine-chilling first trailer for Hellraiser: Judgment, Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s long-in-development passion project that heralds Paul T. Taylor’s first spin as the illustrious Pinhead.

Well, we say illustrious when really we mean nasty, demented and abominable – you know, all of the horror-tinged superlatives one would associate with Clive Barker’s otherworldly creation. And make no mistake, after a seven-year hiatus, Pinhead is prepped and ready to make up for lost time, as is evidenced by this morning’s hellish first trailer.

It’s arrived just in time, too, given Lionsgate has slated Hellraiser: Judgment for a home video release on February 13th. It’ll likely come packing a hefty amount of bonus material as well – an extended cut and gag reel are mentioned in Bloody Disgusting’s scoop – but for now, let’s
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The Bottom Shelf: Barb Wire, Eve Of Destruction, The Cat O’ Nine Tails

Nick Aldwinckle Dec 28, 2017

Barb Wire, Eve Of Destruction, Dario Argento and more in our final genre DVD and Blu-ray round-up of the year...

The year is 2017. A fascist rules the U.S, as its second civil war rages on. Baywatch star Pamela Anderson gets her baps out in the shower as a nation’s teenage boys look on. Yep, as with pretty much every other edition of the blog this year, we’re starting with talk of a dystopian future not entirely dissimilar to Donald Trump’s America (strange, that), this time heralding a reappraisal of would-be nineties cult classic Barb Wire, arriving in time for a festive Blu-ray release.

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Undeniably still shit (let’s be clear on that), twenty-one years on from its original 1996 skidmark-trail around cinemas, though, it oddly turns out that director David Hogan’s (whose other notable work includes music promos for Sheryl Crow,
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Exclusive: The Rift Somehow Managed to Bring Astronauts and Witches Into the Same Room

A healthy mixture of sci-fi and horror can be an incredible thing. Just look at movies like Event Horizon, Alien, The Thing, Pandorum, Cube, and so many more amazing titles that masterfully blend the two genres. That’s why I’m always ready to give new entries the benefit of the doubt as they may very well […]

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