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6 Wacky Marvel Comics Crossovers

Over the years, Marvel has done a ton of crossover comics, one of the most recent was The Avengers and Attack on Titan. It was short, but it was really freakin' cool. Affter doing a little research I came across six Marvel crossover comics that were ridiculous. The comic book publisher sure has some doozies over the years. Most of them offer some good, fun entertainment, while others simply sucked. Check out the list below:

Eminem/Punisher - Kill You

In 2009, Frank Castle and Marshall Mathers team up after the Punisher kills a bunch of Eminem’s bodyguards over a misunderstanding. After a concert, Punisher stops the limo from leaving so Slim-Shady and his entourage get out angrily to make him get out of the way. So what does Punisher do? He just automatically opens fire, killing many of them. After Eminem pistol whips Punisher, and an assassin named Barracuda
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Mel Brooks on 'Blazing Saddles' at 40, Richard Pryor's Genius, and Keeping His Edge at 87

At 87, Mel Brooks has lost none of his edge.

The legendary comic provocateur has phoned me from his Los Angeles office to promote the just-released 40th anniversary Blu-ray of his magnum opus, "Blazing Saddles," but before he submits to an interview, he quizzes me about Moviefone's unique pageviews and other Web traffic statistics, about which he knows more than I do. Having concluded that Moviefone is well-trafficked enough for him to talk to, he says, "Ask away, Susman!"

"Blazing Saddles," which made serious satirical points about racism while also making cinema safe for fart jokes, is certainly one of the most influential comedies ever made. Brooks believes it's the funniest film of all time (followed closely by his own "Young Frankenstein"), and he's still upset with the American Film Institute for disagreeing with him. He's making his case for the film with the Blu-ray (which contains a new making-of documentary,
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Lady Gaga Wows the Crowd with Puke Scene at SXSW

Her live performances are legendary and last night (March 13) Lady Gaga gave her fans quite the show at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

The “Just Dance” songstress teamed with Doritos for the event, held at Stubb’s BBQ, and 2000 lucky folks filed in after winning the Doritos Bold Mission contest.

Gaga was wheeled out on a BBQ roasting spit and kicked off the set with her catchy ditty “Aura” before addressing the crowd.

She declared, "I've been having such a good time all week. I haven't showered. I've been drinking all week. And eating."

Interestingly enough, Gaga was "puked on," resulting in her performing the rest of her set covered in a dark green substance.

Additionally, Lady Gaga tried to help the spectators enjoy the moment by asking them to put away their cell phones and pay attention to the stage- "Do me a favor and don't post this show.
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'American Horror Story: Coven' Recap: Head and the Heart

'American Horror Story: Coven' Recap: Head and the Heart
Once again, it is the most human moments on American Horror Story: Coven that really get me. Last night that would be the grueling effects of Fiona's terminal cancer and its treatment: vomiting, moaning, writhing in agony. As a new Supreme rises, so must the previous Supreme pass on. "Do me a favor: die before Thanksgiving," Cordelia snarls at her mother. Actually, pretty much everyone is ready to help Fiona shuffle off this mortal coil. In fact, the Jazz Man is the only person being nice to Fiona.
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'American Horror Story: Coven': Fiona rises up to help with the war of the witches

"American Horror Story: Coven" looks to have set up a war of the witches for the last group of episodes this season -- who ya got your money on?

Fiona and the Sacred Taking

Cordelia has had enough with hiding out and hoping Marie Laveau doesn't get them, so she rallies the witches of her coven to start to fight back. They are aided by the arrival of one Misty Day, who is toting Myrtle with her.

It would seem a would-be assassin came creeping through the swamp, but Myrtle dusted herself off from her bog o' resurrection and warned Misty in time. The two of them hid out until Hank (we all know it was Hank, right?) went away and they headed straight for the coven.

The six coven witches perform a ritual called the Sacred Taking, which they hope will cause Fiona to kill herself for the good
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Exclusive: Peter Weller Talks Star Trek Into Darkness

  • MovieWeb
Exclusive: Peter Weller Talks Star Trek Into Darkness
Peter Weller Talks Star Trek Into Darkness, on Blu-ray and DVD September 10

While the primary cast of 2009's Star Trek reprised their roles for this summer's sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, there were several new characters added. One of them was Peter Weller's Admiral Marcus, the father of Alice Eve's Carol Marcus, who plays a pivotal role in this sci-fi action-thriller, debuting on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD September 10th. I recently had the chance to speak with the talented actor over the phone, where he laid out the amazing story about how he landed this role, his thoughts on the RoboCop remake, his dual role as star and director on Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy, and more.

J.J. Abrams is known for how secretive his films are, especially before and during production. When you were approached to play Marcus, was there a lot you knew about this character?
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Liveblogging “Days Of Our Lives:” Boiling Point!

Will has finally had enough of Brent. Will there be fisticuffs? Probably not, but expect Passive-aggressiveness! Join us for the fun at 1 Pm Et.

Will and Sonny comes into the pub and discuss Sami’s upcoming bail hearing, and Will says, ‘I’m going to go say hi to … Grandma Cowlick?” Is it just me, or is Chandler mumbling his lines lately?

As he exits, Brent walks in carrying more plans for the coffeeboozehouse. Sonny thanks him profusely, and brent says he’s looking forward to his vacation exploring Bryce Canyon. has Sonny thought any more about joining him, Brent asks, as Will comes back just in time to hear.

Alert! Jj in a tight tank top! He comes in just in time to stop Abigail from becoming an Afterschool Special. He grabs the angel dusted doughnut out of her hand, and says, “Um … I sneezed on it!” That’s some quick thinking there.
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9 Superheroes Who Need Their Own Movies

In 2013, you don't have to be the "Man of Steel." If you're even a moderately noteworthy superhero, you're probably going to get your own movie. If that movie does well — and it probably will, since it's a superhero movie and the world loves superheroes — you're going to get a sequel, maybe even two, and those will probably do well, too. In short, being a superhero is, generally, a good thing.

That's why it's so surprising that the following nine superheroes don't already have movie deals, just by virtue of dawning their respective costumes. I'm sorry, I thought this was 'Merica! Someone get these people to a movie studio, stat!

9. Banana Man

With the glasses, you know already that Banana Man has superhuman vision abilities, so that's an easy check mark. You better believe those are glasses for near-sighted people. But it doesn't stop there: Banana Man dishes out empty banana
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Radio 66.6 - Weekly Music News from the Crypt: April 1st, 2013

We're back with another installment of Radio 66.6! This week features the latest news, music, videos and tour dates from the likes of Of Mice & Men, Skid Row, Killswitch Engage, Escape the Fate, Stone Sour, Queensryche, Kottonmouth Kings, Modern Life Is War and more.

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Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile was arrested for assault over the weekend. Details can be found here.

Skid Row will release an Ep titled United World Rebellion - Chapter One on April 16th via Mri. It's their first new music in seven years and the first in a series of forthcoming EPs.

Modern Life Is War have reformed. They will record a new album in May for a September release via Deathwish Inc.


Stream Killswitch Engage's new album, Disarm the Descent, here. It's out this week on Roadrunner Records, and it's probably one of my favorites this year.

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Exclusive Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Preview: Tough Women, More Rage, a 'Massive Twist'

Exclusive Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Preview: Tough Women, More Rage, a 'Massive Twist'
“Hey, Dumber and Dumber!” “Did you throw up on that plate?” “Do me a favor: Get out!” “Get Out!” “Get Out!”

Yes, folks, Hell’s Kitchen is coming back for Season 11 (Tues., March 12, 8/7c on Fox) — and suffice to say that taskmaster Gordon Ramsay‘s temper remains at a rolling boil.

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In the following exclusive video, Ramsay previews what’s in store for the show’s latest installment — including a very powerful women’s team, a rather bumbling collection of men, a grand
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Radio 66.6 - Weekly Music News from the Crypt: February 4th, 2013

We're back with another installment of Radio 66.6! This week features the latest news, music, videos and tour dates from the likes of Rob Zombie, Killswitch Engage, Stone Sour, Depeche Mode, Fall Out Boy, Mushroomhead and more.

Don't touch that dial!


Rob Zombie will release his fifth studio album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, on April 23rd.

Stone Sour will release House of Gold & Bones: Part 2 on April 9. The artwork and tracklisting can be found here. The first single, "Do Me a Favor" drops February 12.


Stream My Bloody Valentine's new album, mbv, here. After a wait of over 20 years, the album was released over the weekend.

Stream The Bronx new album, The Bronx (IV), here. It's out this week via White Drugs/Ato Records.

Listen to a new Senses Fail song titled "Mi Amor" here. Interestingly, it's predominately in Spanish. It's the first single from Renacer, which comes out March 26 on Staple Records.
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NCIS Recap: You Are Not Alone

NCIS Recap: You Are Not Alone
This Tuesday on CBS’ NCIS, Agent Ziva David and Director Leon Vance dealt with the devastating loss of loved ones, while Gibbs’ team worked overtime to find out who was responsible.

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The episode opened with Ziva in temple, praying — as well as questioning G-d, “Why should I not be angry, with all that has been taken? Show me, why I should not lose hope?” Tony interrupts, having had McGee do his “ping” thing to locate her. “Sympathy is the last thing I want right now,” she says. Rather, she needs “revenge.
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Super Shorts: Doggy Bags

'Do me a favor? Next time you and Polite Guy are together - get the pigs in a blanket to go!' The latest film from Tribeca triple-threat Edward Burns, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, is now on VOD and digital platforms, so why not double your viewing pleasure with Doggy Bags, the writer/director's funny short from this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Made in partnership with American Express and based on cardholder Susan Brennan's idea from the company's My Movie Pitch contest, Doggy Bags is a delightfully layered comedy featuring Burns's signature style and a few familiar faces. Justin (Matt Bush, Nice Guy Johnny) and Hannah (Daniella Pineda, Newlyweds) are newly dating and decide to meet at one of New Jersey's delicious brunch places. Justin is smitten, but there is just one thing he can't figure out: the petite Hannah orders enough food for 3 people whenever they go out for a meal together,
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'The Walking Dead': Showrunner Glen Mazzara gives the real life backstory to that moving scene between Maggie and Hershel -- Exclusive

'The Walking Dead': Showrunner Glen Mazzara gives the real life backstory to that moving scene between Maggie and Hershel -- Exclusive
Last week’s season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead saw Rick cut off Hershel’s leg in an attempt to save him after the veterinarian/farmer was bitten by a zombie. In tonight’s episode, we saw the aftermath of that decision, and showrunner Glen Mazzara tells us how one key scene was inspired by his own tragic loss. [Spoiler Alert: Read on only if you have already watched the Oct. 21 episode of The Walking Dead. Seriously, come back later after you have watched. Last warning!]

While Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog dealt with —in various ways — the human prisoners they encountered at the end of last week’s premiere, the rest of the group attended to Hershel, whose life was hanging by a thread. In one poignant scene,
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'The Voice' S3, Week 4: Inside Look

'The Voice' S3, Week 4: Inside Look
"Me and Christina have some soft spots in common" - Cee Lo

I can't be the only viewer who breathed a sigh of relief at the end of last week's episodes. I love the Blind Auditions as much as the next person but I'm ready for The Battles! This week, I send shout outs to the creme de la creme of last week's talent and also give my opinion of the ones to watch in The Battles.

Stand Outs

Caitlin Michelle

The very first Florence and the Machine song I ever heard was Cosmic Love and I'm really glad that my first impression of Caitlin Michelle was her singing this song. Singing, for me, is a way of release. A shelter, of sorts. I felt a very kindred connection to Caitlin, because she, too, has used music to overcome her own personal obstacles. Her panic disorder could sometimes completely demobilize her, yet she found
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Flavor Flav to Miley Cyrus -- Nice to Meet You ... Gwen Stefani

  • TMZ
And this week's painfully cringeworthy award goes to ... Flavor Flav ... who met Miley Cyrus backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and was convinced she was Gwen Stefani. The video was shot Friday night in Vegas -- showing Flav bumping into Miley backstage and getting really excited ... blurting out, "Gwen Stefani!!!"Miley doesn't correct him, she just smiles and gives him a hug. Then Flavor calls her Gwen again.At that point, someone in Flav's camp
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The Master Review: Helps Us Find a Kindred Spirit in a Lost Soul

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I picked a doozy for a first film review, wow. I’ll do my best to describe the level of craft and Mastery that is P.T Anderson’s latest, I’m not entirely sure words can. Alright here goes, have you ever been so lost in a work of art, or anything thought provoking, that you’re not quite sure how to react afterwards? Was what I’ve seen really as awe inspiring as I think it was? It helps to have someone else there to confirm it, and in this case luckily I did and they more than reaffirmed what my own eyes told me. It wasn’t just the person that was sitting next to me in the theater that convinced me either.

An original idea, a great Writer-Director at the top of his game, and an actor trying to find his way back into prominence.
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Toronto International Film Festival: Top 5 Surprises

Toronto International Film Festival: Top 5 Surprises
Some things you totally see coming - that Bill Murray would be a great Fdr in Hyde Park on Hudson, for instance. Or that Ben Affleck's Argo, about rescuing American embassy workers in Iran, would somehow nail the Hollywood satire/nail-biting escape genre. (Oh, who are we kidding? It created the Hollywood satire/nail-biting escape genre - and it's getting Oscar buzz to boot.) Still, some things out of the Toronto International Film Festival continue to surprise, even now that the show's over. Here are a few: • Jennifer Lawrence is better than you thinkSure, she was great as
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'Bachelor Pad' sneak peek: Kalon and Lindzi get gooey on their first date -- Video

Perhaps the most perplexing new couple to emerge from the reality TV cesspool this summer is Bachelor Pad’s Kalon and Lindzi. She’s the sweet blonde who got dumped by Ben despite wearing the most kick-ass green velvet cape Switzerland had ever seen. He’s the intentionally unlikable “luxury brand consultant” who arrived at Casa Bachelorette in a rented helicopter and then repeated himself by driving up to the Bachelor Pad in a rented Porsche. Somehow, these two opposites have found themselves really attracted to each other, and Kalon definitely gets about 400 percent less douchey whenever he’s around Lindzi.
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Zachary Levi Previews His Nerd HQ

Zachary Levi Previews His Nerd HQ
When San Diego's Comic-Con first began back in 1970, only 300 people attended. Now, the annual convention for comics, collectibles and all things genre has gone decidedly mainstream, drawing crowds in excess of 120,000 to preview the latest movies, TV shows, games and merchandise in an annual four-day festival of geekery.

Actor Zachary Levi has attended the convention from both sides, as a fan and as the star of NBC's cult hit "Chuck," which ended its tenacious five-season run last year. But far from forsaking his fanbase once his show left the air, Levi and his business partner, Dave Coleman, have been working to keep their loyal army of self-proclaimed "nerds" active, engaged and inspired, in large part through their Nerd Machine merchandise site and related social media.

In 2011, the duo debuted Nerd HQ, a smaller, more informal annex to the Comic-Con experience held a few blocks away from the convention center. Last year,
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