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Good Effects Make It Fun To Watch
ccthemovieman-121 April 2006
This "disaster film" had some of the best special effects of its day (almost 10 years ago). I have to say "of its day" because technology has made CGI become dated quickly these days.

This film is all about a volcano, a la Mt. St. Helen's, erupting and killing people and destroying a small town below it. Some of the scenes were just jaw- dropping and, at least for the first-time viewer, a lot of suspense over whether the main characters of the story will survive it.

Of course, there are some credibility gaps in here, things that just could not happen such as little boy drive van up a mountain (when his feet wouldn't reach the foot pedals!) but you just go along for the ride and enjoy the tension and special effects even if the story gets a little hokey.

It might not be the most intelligent film, but it's very entertaining 109 minutes, and that's the name of the business. It's good escapist fare, and that's all. It's worth two looks.
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Dude, you need to calm down...
joelrq5 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
After reading this last guy's review, I'd like to stick up for this movie and offer a BALANCED review. In my opinion, Dante's Peak does a good job of developing the characters (Dalton, R. Wando, the volcano as a character, even the townsfolk), giving convincing backstory as to how volcanos behave compared to scientists' expectations, making us care about the characters, building tension through conflict between Dreyfus and Dalton, and using effects to ramp up the intensity of the action scenes.

Yes, there were things in the script and the story which seemed a little contrived and strained believability. The attitudes and behavior of the USGS team were a little too informal and "hip" to seem real. The driving-through-the-river and driving-through-the-lava scenes were really too far out to be believed. Ruth's selfishness and patent stubbornness were unbelievable but understandable. The scene where the pyroclastic cloud chases them into the mine is pure hollywood fluff but still livable, mainly because WE CARE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS. I found the character of Dr. Paul Dreyfuss to be right on. He explained the dilemma well during the city council meeting scene. All of the characters are believable at least, convincing at most.

I think the chemistry between Dalton and Wando is believable : Here you have a scientist who is analytical and professional, but who is still in touch with the lives of laypeople, and has a tender side. He has loved and lost before and he senses that this new volcanic threat is akin to the last one which "took" his love away. This re-enforces the precept that THIS TIME, HE WON'T LET THE VOLCANO HURT THE ONES HE LOVES. Wando is the warm, slightly ditsy mayor of Dante's Peak who displays the identifiable traits and values of a northwesterner. She feels slightly overwhelmed by her mayoral duties, raising her kids properly, and running her coffeeshop. She's had a previous marriage to a deadbeat who left her at a vulnerable point. The arrival of Dalton is very catalytic in her life. She's met the only man who has the right answer about the volcano, likes her kids, likes her, is intriguing, and is everything her ex wasn't. THIS IS THE MAKINGS OF A ROMANCE...DUH.

I'm really impressed that the filmmakers were able to pack this much character development, backstory, romance, suspense, personal conflict, with an intense end-sequence in under 1 1/2 hours! "Volcano" is a film with a similar premise that,IMHO, doesn't even come close to Dante's Peak. While this film is not deserving of an Oscar, IT IS A SOLID FILM, HAVING BEEN WELL-CONCEIVED, WELL-DIRECTED, FAIRLY WELL-ACTED, AND AS SUCH IS SUBSEQUENTLY WELL-DESERVING OF SOME CRITICAL ACCLAIM rather than getting a baseless pummeling from reviewers who obviously expect to see a 5-star gem everytime they go to the movies.
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This Movie Rocks
Goob1622 September 2006
Why the hell has this movie only gotten a 5.5 rating? It is one of the best action movies to come out of the 90's. Peirce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton are dead on in their roles. The movie has action, love, despair and redemption. I gave this movie a 10 and I'm sticking with it! Linda has been one of the most talented actresses around for a while. I was very upset that she did not get a golden globe or academy award nomination for T2:Judgement Day. She know what to bring to her roles and how to use them. Mr. Prosnan is a excellent actor. But he is better in this film than in most of the Bond films he has been in. The special effects were awesome and inspiring. Can anyone outrun a paraclastic cloud in a beat up and burned pickup that just drove over red-hot lava? The answer is yes but just barely. Dedication means that you stay with the truck and the NASA signal device for at least 2 or 3 days until someone can drag you out and also get the family you were trying to save. Then you can go sea fishing after your compound fracture heals. This is a great movie.
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Volcano Plays Its Part Very Well
MiguelM3 January 2006
Yes, there are some cheesy, hollywoodish moments in this movie, but the actors bring enough charisma and presence to hold the story together. Pierce Brosnan makes a convincing scientist, whose passion and desire to protect the townspeople plays off nicely with Mayor Linda Hamilton's similar concerns.

But what I most want to say is that the volcano itself was both believable and accurate. So I want to commend the filmmakers for having enough integrity to make an entertaining film within the boundaries of scientific accuracy. And face it, you don't go to a movie like Dante's Peak to see insightful drama, or peer deep into the human psyche. The people and the volcano play off each other very nicely. It's not often you get a film with both chemistry and physics.
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Great... really true to the facts
faithful_lioness11 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
OK... after seeing all the bad comments that people have written about this, i would like to stand up for it. I have always been interested in volcanoes and geology, and i have just finished watching the movie for the somewhat like tenth time and also the 'making of' section on the DVD. I would like to tell all those people that think that it was really tacky with a weak storyline that it was incredibly true to the facts, way more than any of the other disaster movies that were released over 1998 and 1997(eg. Volcano (which was shocking), deep impact (even worse) and Armageddon (i haven't seen so i won't comment)).

Yes, i will agree with you that some of the ideas were really outrageous (such as outrunning the pyroclastic flow into the mine), but come on guys, give the movie a break... its Hollywood for heaven's sake!

I'd give this movie and eight point five out of ten... anyone who wants to see a mostly scientifically accurate disaster movie, watch this.
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Enjoy the fireworks.
Shawn Watson16 July 2007
The 'old-fashioned' disaster movie scenario enjoyed a brief resurgence in the latter half of the 90s. After the success of Twister and ID4, films like Hard Rain, Titanic, Armageddon and Deep Impact followed in its wake. Like the two competing asteroid movies, Dante's Peak was in competition with the imaginatively named Volcano as THE Lava flow of 1997. Which one is better? Well, comparing the two is like comparing an atomic blast to a popping pimple.

Pierce Brosnan is Harry Dalton, a Vulcanologist (or James Bond in disguise if you want) who predicts a major eruption in the quaint Pacific-Northwestern town of Dante's Peak. No one wants to listen to him since the town has just been named the 2nd most desirable place to live in America and is in the early stages of a thriving economy. It's the politics from Jaws all over again. Despite being shouted down by his superiors, Harry sticks around to keep his eye on the imposing mountain and woo Mayor Wando (Linda Hamilton), who is the only one who believes the 4000-year dormant volcano might blow its top.

If you've seen one disaster movie, you've seen 'em all in terms of character importance. Yes, it's bloody obvious who is going to die, some of these people might as well have a death clock counting down stuck on their foreheads. And the panicking idiot mobs don't deserve anything less firey. When will nameless extras learn that following the crowd isn't the best way? I guess this is the weakest part of Dante's Peak, it never really distances itself from that single, eternal cliché of disaster films.

But the film is really nothing but a showcase for special effects and it does them surprisingly well. Made before the extreme popularity of CGI, Dante's Peak has a lot of real-life destruction, in-camera effects and stunt-work. Yes, there is a fair bit of CGI and for a 10-year-old film they still hold up really well. All Volano (Zzzz...) had to offer was a very, very slight lava flow and an unintentionally hilarious scene with a melting man but with Dante's Peak we get earthquakes, boiled skinny dippers, lakes of acid, ash blizzards that create a unique atmosphere, thunder and lightning, red hot boulders raining down from the sky, mudslides, lava (of course), a massive pyroclastic cloud and lots of deep, deep bass sound effects.

It's not a life-changing film by any means, but as disaster movies go it's one of the best, has an occasionally spooky score and entertains really well despite Brosnan taking it all so seriously. I would have given it a higher rating if they killed the dog (more original) and deleted the annoying Grant Heslov's utterly pointless character.
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Not a bad disaster movie
Kristen (nev827)26 January 2006
The first time I saw this movie I thought it quite good, especially the roller coaster ride of the last hour or so. I saw it again and thought it not very good at all and now having seen it recently, I not bad, but not great either. It's a well done disaster movie with one challenge after another to survive being thrown at the main characters. This roller coaster ride really pulled me in and even reminded me of the very well done remake of The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford. I'll admit some of the situations are a little hard to believe, but at least they keep the film from being boring.

The chemistry between Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton, while not incredible, is still there. Also enjoyable was how the film makes use of its small town setting, including in the casting characters you'd expect to find in a small town: the female gossip, the gruff, but dedicated sheriff, and the more business-minded don't-rock-the-boat councilman. Finally, Harry (Brosnan) and Paul Dreyfus's band of colleagues also prevent the movie from being flat, but are a little too reminiscent of the characters from Twister to really leave their own mark.

Also what impressed me was some of the camera work, which I think isn't given enough credit. There are a number of composite shots of the erupting volcano with the reflection (probably understood to be from a truck's window) of Rachel (Hamilton) looking back in horror that are quite well done. And the digital editing in of the volcano is also well done as well as some of the panoramas.

A smaller problem I had with the movie is the development of Harry and Rachel's relationship. Initially their flirtations and the initial "getting to know each other" are quite cute. But I can't help but think why Rachel, who has been a small-town girl her whole life would be interested in someone like Harry who clearly states a that his job isn't exactly conducive to settling down. Sure Harry is everything her ex-husband isn't and it's obvious that the both of them are lonely to a degree, but it doesn't seem to me that a woman as sensible and who feels as great a responsibility as Rachel (to her kids, to the town, to her business) would find that to be enough. Also, Harry seems to get over the touchy subject of his dear departed Marianne to start making passes at Rachel in her kitchen quite quickly.

My biggest problem with the movie is the writing, which is so bad in some places that it really brings down the parts in the movie where it is good. Harry's line about sex being like riding a bicycle because once you learn you never forget is laughable. Some of the Wando children's lines I found to be lacking in substance too and almost condescending to the viewer. But, as I said, not all the writing is bad: an example is the excellent delivery of a reference to Pompei by one of Harry and Paul's colleagues and another's excitement over Rachel's regular coffee deliveries.

In the end, when this movie is bad, it's bad, but in general it's good.
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Just what we needed. Great movie.
Jack the Ripper188824 June 2002
I love the way this film builds up tension by slowly developing the characters and inducing drama between them. All of this makes a film much better than VOLCANO. The list of fine actors/ actresses include Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Charles Hallahan, Grant Heslov, Elizabeth Hoffman, Tzi Ma, Christopher Murray and more. This film shows how people might actually act and think in a volcano situation. The art direction was great as they showed the sky and ash beautifully. The scenery of the town is very nice and the whole town seems very quiet and peaceful. I would have wanted to live there.

This is the best volcano movie ever. No volcano movie will ever surpass this one. The cinematography is great also. Roger Donaldson did a great job of direction and the score by James Newton Howard is beautiful. All of these elements create a film that is unforgettable. DANTE'S PEAK gets 5/5.
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Very good thriller
Brandon Chappell30 March 2005
Dante's Peak (1997) is one of those movies that puts you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. The movie stars Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton. Brosnan plays a volcanologist who is sent to a small town in Washington State. He soon discovers that the dormant volcano for which the town was named after is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. He then tells the town's mayor (Hamilton) that Dante's Peak is in harm's way if the volcano erupts. It is only a matter of time before hell beaks loose in the Cascades. The visual effects are excellent and the acting is pretty good. This movie deserves ********* stars out of a perfect 10!!
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Better Than "Volcano."
domino100318 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I like this, not because I am a fan of Pierce Brosnan (GOD HE IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE!),or Linda Hamilton, but because it IS the better of the 2 volcano movies out at the time.

******SPOILER ALERT!!!!!******

The best part of the film is when Hamilton's 2 damn kids decided to drive up to their Grandmother's house (She lives up in the mountains), when the volcano erupts. Of course, Brosnan and Hamilton have to go up to rescue the kids. They encounter lava, ash and water that had turn into acid. The later becomes a problem when they have to cross a river in a metal boat. When the volcano finally goes and they are racing the cloud,it is awesome! Part of you is screaming RUN!!!!

8 OUT OF 10 STARS! I deducted 2 stars, because the kids just got on my ever loving nerves!
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This was an amazing movie.
emma-mccoosh23 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am studying vulcanology and this movie helped me understand it and made my work on volcanoes come alive. I liked the start and the end because it built up a lot of tension and introduced you to all the characters at the start, and I liked the end when the volcano erupted because there was a lot of action which made you keep your eyes on the screen. It was nice at the end when they all got out of the tunnel where Harry Dalton (Pierce Brosnan) got jammed in his car with all the back rocks falling on top of him breaking his arm seeing the bone protruding. In the middle of the movie when the volcano erupted and the two children went up the mountain to get their granny, it was predictable and you just knew that they were going to be trapped at Dante's Peak. I think they could have made this part a little less obvious. I would recommend this to anyone 13 and above and not just to people studying vulcanology.
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special effects that hold up today
zee10 May 2012
There is a formula for disaster movies and books. An insightful scientist sees The Bad Thing is going to happen, various foils keep him from warning people (often with sillier motivation than in this film), we get to know a bunch of average Joe characters who survive or do not survive the disaster. Earthquake movies, movies about made-up natural disasters that cannot happen, asteroid movies, even some nuclear holocaust films (like The Day After, unique in how many survive). It's a hackneyed formula, but it also works, and nothing else really does work as well for disaster plots. It was followed here.

The special effects were terrific in the day, and they still hold up very very well in 2012.

For a Hollywood film, the science was pretty good. I actually cringed back at the shots of Hawaii type basalt floes (just...no), and the ashfall cleared up nicely whenever they wanted a wide shot, which anyone in Yakima could tell you it really doesn't do, and the boat and drive-over-lava scenes were silly, and if you paddle a boat (through acid or not) with one hand, it's not going to go straight, and our heroes didn't need to cover their mouths in ashfall (meaning, IRL, the ash would turn to concrete in their lungs and they'd suffocate). However, all that having been complained about, much else was very accurate: what gets tested for by volcanologists, what monitoring stations of the day looked like, what some of the warning signs of a coming eruption might be. Most Hollywood film reviews by me on science-based movies are nothing but a list of what they did wrong, with no "however" of accurate bits to follow that list, so kudos for doing it more than half right.

A pleasant diversion, very pretty to look at.
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Not A Bad "Science Fact" Movie For Hollywood
MachI6921 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Something for the Chicks and Dudes. :)

Yes, this is your typical Hollywood plot with Boy-Meets-Girl & Something-Terrible-Is-Going-To-Happen-But-No-One-Believe's-Me.

But that said...the science is good, the romance is good, and the special effects are great.

**For the Chicks..

Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton look great together, and the chemistry is warm & fuzzy.

The setting is a picture-postcard town in the Cascade Mountains with fresh air, kids, white-picket fences, breath-taking scenery, and town festivals. Sweet. Wholesome. Perfect.

**For the Dudes..

The science is cool, and the special effects are great. If you can grit your teeth through the romance and cutsy-wutsy little town..you get the satisfaction of some great special effects as the volcano totally kicks a** and obliterates the town and everything around it.
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Pierce & Linda Gave a Great Performance
whpratt18 January 2006
Decided to view this picture only because Pierce Brosnan was starring in the film and greatly enjoyed his acting skills besides his appearing as James Bond. Pierce Brosnan,(Harry Dalton),"The Matador",'05, has a bad experience with the death of his wife during a volcano eruption and stayed in his profession as a geologist. Harry discovers from his charts that their could very well be another volcano problem effecting a small popular town. Linda Hamilton,(Rachel Wando),"The Kid & I ",'05 is the mayor and store owner of this town, who has a boy and a girl and is divorced. A romantic spark happens between Linda and Harry and the story develops into a monster of a tale. There is plenty of good action and it really keeps you on the edge of your seats. Pierce & Linda gave outstanding performances and the photography was great through out the entire picture. Very Entertaining
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Highly superior underdog
Elswet19 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent, creative use of the 104M budget here. This is the supreme example of Mother Nature when She has totally gone awry. Beautifully written, realistically executed, and professionally presented, this movie could not have delivered more bang for the buck.

Released this same year, was Volcano. It featured a better known, more dynamic cast; more eye candy; and just a tiny bit smaller budget.

However, if you're looking for realism, action, and fast-paced well written story, Dante's Peak is the movie for you! Linda Hamilton and Pierce Brosnan deliver excellent top row performances here. The scenery is beautiful, the effects are stunningly believable, the direction was astounding, and the whole production is even better than the sum of its parts.

Dante's Peak is far better than the sum of its wonderful parts; it is a riveting visual experience and a compellingly executed premise.

It rates an 8.9/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Not bad as far as natural disaster movies go
tastyhotdogs31 March 2006
Saw this a video sale this week for a $1. Wifey was stoked as her favourite movie genre is "natural disasters".

The movie revolves around volcano expert Harry (Brosnan), who decides to go and take a look at a volcano in a small US town where there seems to be some minimal activity. He is expecting this just to be a routine check, but once he starts taking some PH tests, things don't look so good. Then he finds some dead bodies in a hot spring and things look decidedly worse. He warns the town Mayor (Hamilton) the old volcano looks like she's gonna blow and she should look at evacuating the town ASAP. Just before this is about to happen, Harry's boss rocks into town, playing the time-old boss who doesn't take heed of the advice of someone smarter than him. Will the evacuation be too late? Will Harry and the Mayor get romantically involved? Will Harry again be tormented by a volcano? Will Nanna survive? Will the end be predictable? See it and find out.
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Realistic yet nothing more than an f/x feast
gcd7014 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
One has to ask the question: Are special effects taking over action movies? "Dante's Peak" is most certainly full of very authentic, spectacular visuals.

The special effects go wild in the last twenty minutes of this edge of your seat volcano thriller. It is just a shame that it takes the entire time before this to build up to such an exciting crescendo.

The cast, though enjoyable, are really only there for the rocks to fall on. Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Charles Hallahan, Jamie Renee Smith, Jeremy Foley, various other support cast and a smart effects team make you believe it is really happening.

Sunday, January 25, 1998 - Video
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There's more to Brosnan than Bond
Mike Durham29 October 2002
The plot is fairly a straightforward adaptation of Ibsen's fine play Enemy Of The People, which sees one man trying to persuade the rest of his townsfolk that a disaster is pending. Jaws is a pretty good example of how one man is forced to put his principles on hold before something eventually proves him right; with Dante's Peak, it's Geologist Pierce Brosnan predicting the eruption of a long-dormant volcano

Now Brosnan, while unlikely to ever play Othello or King Lear, is a fine actor in my opinion. He does exactly what it says on the tin, and here he plays the "man against the world" very well. He's supported very nicely by Linda "Terminator" Hamilton and some pretty impressive child actors, but none of them can hold a candle to the special effects. I'm a sucker for authentic or well designed effects, and the earthquake and eruption scenes here are the best I've ever seen. It doesn't matter that the story is a pretty lame attempt to do for volcanoes what Twister did for tornados; the brooding shots of the mountain that cut into most of the scenes are enough to keep you trying to guess not if, but *when* the whole damn thing is going to explode

There's a very surreal scene where Pierce and fellow escapees are caught in a powerless boat on a lake that has been made toxic by lava flow; singing Row Row Your Boat while floating on an acidic deathbed - a nicely observed moment

With a neat score by John Frizzel and solid direction by Roger "Cocktail" and "Species" Donaldson, you could do a hell of a lot worse than spend a couple of hours with Dante's Peak
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Disaster Film? Or Film Disaster?
Lechuguilla9 January 2005
Near a picturesque little town in the American West, an inactive volcano decides to become hyper active. And, as you would expect for a disaster movie, chaos ensues.

The film's first half acquaints viewers with the two main characters, played by Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton. We also get introduced to the town, and get a tour of its main attraction, the photogenic mountain that is about to wake up. The second half is the chaos.

For people who like action films, "Dante's Peak" is a fairly good choice. The visuals, the sound, and the special effects are reasonably engaging. There's lots of exciting drama, and the film's second half is fast paced.

But, if you are looking for a credible story, go elsewhere. The formulaic screenplay is bland and unimaginative; and, it is full of cinematic clichés. Of course, that is a problem with most films in the disaster genre. The stories and plot elements are basically the same, just different disaster: tornado, burning skyscraper, sinking ship, earthquake, or (in this case) volcano. I would not say "Dante's Peak" is a film disaster. But, its screenplay is so cookie-cutter as to be a virtual clone of every disaster film that has gone before it.
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A Disaster Movie with Realism
mjw230530 December 2006
Dante's Peak spends much of the opening half of the film building the characters and setting the scene for disaster, and it definitely helps you identify and care about the characters involved. The story concentrates mainly on Linda Hamilton who is the mayoress of Dante's Peak, along with her family; and of course on Pierce Brosnan who is sent to investigate the seismic activity in this quaint little town.

The events build steadily in this movie, eventually reaching a fantastic climax that is very realistic to watch. Dante's Peak is very dramatic and has a mild dose of sentimentality that fits seamlessly into the story.

Make no mistake, this movie is really well made and is very enjoyable to watch, but be warned; if you like your disaster movies done gung-ho style it may disappoint you.

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At Its Peak
thesar-21 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I'm a sucker for disaster movies. Of course, for me to watch more than once they need at least the following: decent acting, story, heart and definitely good special effects to make me believe not only that I am there, but that there's an imminent threat presented. Dante's Peak really fits the bill. Perfect? By all means, no, and I don't think Brosnan, Hamilton or Director Donaldson would disagree. They all set out to show a film of heart, with a backdrop of a natural disaster, in this case, an erupting volcano. Sure, it's not original; Dante's Peak solely takes from Twister and even Jaws. And it seems like, similar to Jurassic Park, they had the technology, why not create a definite volcano disaster flick. Giving the Brosnan volcanologist a bit of a background, he loses his girl in a separate volcano incident four years prior. And now he may be jumping the gun in the quiet, 2nd best town of Dante's Peak by saying their sleepy volcano's about to blow. Obviously, the story (and events that follow) is predictable, but that's the fun in going into a film like this. The first half of the film is filmed with gorgeous mountain scenes and a great looking town. The second half is what people bought tickets (or rented) for: a roller coaster of action, suspense and touching moments, though mostly forced. Hamilton and Brosnan save the movie with their believable, though clichéd and predictable characters. And some scenes, you'll just have to suspend that disbelief: seriously, not only is he going to attempt to drive over lava, but put everyone else and the leaping dog at risk? Still, it's enjoyable, the special effects are outstanding and with the lights out, it's a real fun (and hot) ride.
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Entertaining Disaster Flick
LawlessLegacy24 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I want to direct the first part of my review to the idiotic people giving this film poor reviews. I got exactly what I expected and then some. This is a disaster movie, and a good one at that. People who submitted a poor review must have been expecting an entirely different genre. I read reviews where people criticized it because "the cast contained too many unknown actors." That is the biggest line of B.S. I've ever heard. You've got Pierce Brosnan who two years prior had played James Bond in Golden Eye (his best James Bond in my opinion), and Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor). At the time these were two A list actors. Then I read people mentioning the acting was poor. It's a disaster movie! The acting was absolutely fine and even the children were strong in my opinion. The only negative I could see, which is present in almost every adventure/thriller/disaster/horror movie is when no one listens to warning or concern from the main character. But that's what makes these films. Just putting myself in the situation, I can imagine the frustration Pierce faced when he clearly sensed danger but no one took his word. However this is required to create suspense and allows a build up to the films climax. What I appreciated about the plot is how the grandmother essentially caused all the issues that led to putting the family in harms way then she sacrificed herself to save the lives of the others. I gave Dante's Peak a 7/10 as a general review. If I was rating strictly based on disaster movies I would rate this at an 8.5/10. Definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.
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watchable but formulaic disaster movie
wbg0216 September 2003
Dante's Peak is essentially a formulaic disaster movie. However, several aspects to this movie at least make it watchable. Most importantly, the two leads, Pierce Brosnan as the geologist and Linda Hamilton as the small town mayor, give good performances. They are likable stars, which makes the viewer care about the fate of their characters. Another good point is that the movie does not include the stereotypical sleazy government or corporate type that ignores the warnings of the disaster. The objections Brosnan's boss raises to his alarm are reasonable. Finally, the computer-generated effects are well done.

Yet, I can not give the movie a passing grade. At its heart, it is just a CGI update of a genre that died out in the 1970's. Also, possibly because of the fictional setting and the complete dependence on CGI, the danger that the town will be destroyed is never compelling. The viewer wishes that Brosnan and Hamilton (and the dog) are saved, and the movie gives you interesting visuals, but not much more. Therefore, a 6/10 for Dante's Peak, worth a viewing if its on cable but not worth renting or buying.
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Great Special Effects and good story line
PHeath13 April 2002
Don't let negative comments sway your judgement. See this movie yourself to decide. The Special effects are good...though sometimes outweighing the storyline a bit...but doesn't real life sometimes do that? Great Acting on Pierce Brosnan's part...he shows a real meatiness in this that he hasn't been able to really show in the 007 series. The scene in the mine where he is struggling between life, death, fear is one of his best moments I think.

Good movie and great special effects...and I lived through Mt Saint Helens in Washington in person...the ash scenes and darkness looked very realistic to me.

Get out the popcorn and watch this one for some pretty good on the edge of your seat entertainment.
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It has really nothing new to offer
Philip Van der Veken21 December 2004
Dante's Peak is based on the magic formula that Hollywood has used already so many times before for this kind of disaster movies. Apparently the studio's in Hollywood believe that we all are nothing but simple minds who don't like to watch a movie that's at least a little bit challenging.

I have to admit that the graphics really look nice. The eruption of the volcano is really very well done. Even about the "scientific" facts and words used in the movie I will not complain, apart from some minor things like a car driving over lava without catching fire. Overall it all seems realistic and that's not always very evident in Hollywood. But the main problem that I have with the movie is that it has really nothing new to offer.

A scientist is send to a marvelous, almost perfect little village to investigate a neighboring volcano that has already been dormant for thousands of years. But of course the volcano is getting active again and our beloved scientist, who's falling in love with a local beauty (the local coffee shop owner and mayor of the village), warns the authorities that a disaster will be inevitable if they don't react immediately. Of course no-one believes him and the disaster happens.

We all know what happens, some people die, but our main characters will survive the horror. No, if you are looking for something new, you better switch to something else, because you'll not find it in this movie. I give it a 5,5/10, which isn't even too bad for a disaster movie.
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