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MPAA Rated PG-13 for disaster related peril and gore

Sex & Nudity

  • Rated PG-13 for disaster violence and peril, some language and brief nudity.
  • Some kissing

Violence & Gore

  • May be a bit much for younger children as it's pretty violent for a PG-13 movie.
  • -A woman in a car is hit over the head by a hot rock; blood pours down her face, she dies instantly and spasms.
  • -The badly burned bodies of a dead couple are found floating on a superheated hot spring.
  • -A van tries to cross the bridge, the driver trying to manage to escape, but he is swept away.
  • -Multiple scenes of people running in peril from falling buildings, ash, and the like.
  • -A helicopter full of people goes down in an ashfall and explodes on impact.
  • -A Character's arm gets broken as the bone pierced through his skin with blood coming out.
  • -Dead squirrels are shown with long burns on their backs.
  • -People in cars are shown futiley trying to get through a river.


  • Religious exclamations such as "J*sus", and several uses of the word "God".
  • One use of the word a**hole.
  • One use of f*** which is mumbled. Some use of mild profanity "Damn", "Hell", "Crap" and 5 uses of s*** are used. Uses of SOB.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Main hang out is the local bar. Mom and Dr. drink wine together.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the injuries/deaths are pretty graphic for a PG-13 movie.
  • There is a moment after the volcano eruption that shows a little girl holding a kitten on her front porch who is crying. It is very brief and may be upsetting or disturbing to some viewers, especially children and parents or those who have pets. We never see these two again, which also may be upsetting.
  • Overall the movie is a thriller, there are many extremely intense scenes of people trying to survive. Young kids should not watch it unless accompained by an adult.
  • The scenes described above in violence/gore may appear frightening to some viewers. A lot of screaming. Children in peril.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A couple go skinny dipping in a hot spring. You can see the woman's legs almost up to her rear end and then the tops of her breasts briefly in the water. The couple begin making out but are stopped when scalding lava matter abruptly spews from an underwater geyser. Later on you see them upside down dead where you catch a glimpse of their burned naked bodies.

Violence & Gore

  • -A lady jumps out of a boat into a lake of acid to pull it to shore before it sinks. In the process, her legs become badly burned. The bloody blistering legs are briefly shown, and are sometimes edited out of the television version. She dies hours later.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The death of the lady who got burned in the acid lake may be upsetting to younger viewers.

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