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Difficult to get into ... but worth the wait in the end.
Meredith-74 July 1999
I found this film really hard to focus on, there was Mel Gibson playing a paranoid crazy guy, being dragged off by government/non-government 'spooks' and having some sort of weird obsession with Julia Roberts. But as the film unfolded, and the storyline, a complex one, began to unravel it all started to make some kind of sense. My favorite part has to be the self destruction of his apartment, that was quite imaginative. Before I saw this i was expecting something along the lines of Lethal Weapon, being the same star, and same director. But it was so completely different from what I thought it would be and it actually ended up being a better film as a consequence. Mel Gibson played a completely different character than what we usually see, which worked to his benefit and Julia Roberts proved with this film, that she still had star power. Definitely worth a look.
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A Surprisingly Good Film
astrid-323 July 2000
Let me say immediately that I would recommend this film to almost anyone but the most literal-minded. This film will be different things to different people. It can be a macho thriller, a subtle romance, an ironic look at ourselves, or a combination of all these things. The great thing about this movie is not so much the plot, but the individual situations and scenes. What is meant to be portrayed as paranoid behaviour by Mel Gibson's character, Jerry Fletcher, becomes quite funny when the viewer recognizes his or her own self doing similar things, but in a context that is supposedly "normal." Jerry's having a padlock on his refrigerator and a combination lock on his coffee will bring a smile to the lips of anyone who has to deal with numerous computer "logons" and passwords to gain access to even the most mundane things in our computer-dominated workplaces. Likewise, the writers and director are spot on when they show poor paranoid Jerry going to separate mailboxes to post his various letters, while many of us here in the on-line world will routinely use pseudonyms, proxies, remailers, etc for the very same reason that Jerry takes his seemingly abnormal precautions, i.e., to avoid potentially prying eyes. So, who's paranoid? I thought this was very insightful. As for overt humour, perhaps my guard was down, but I laughed until tears came to my eyes when Jerry tossed off joke about a man who had only three minutes to live. Mel Gibson's delivery of the punch line was perfect. As for pathos and those human moments, scenes in which Jerry would gladly die for just a brushing kiss from his worshipped Julia Roberts might bring back memories of anyone's naive, tender years and momentarily make your heart ache. And a scene in which Jerry is unable to explain why he compulsively buys copies of the same book over and over again is very poignant, indeed. Mel Gibson put a lot of energy into what was obviously a demanding role and, as usual, Julia Roberts lights up the screen in every scene she's in. The film might be a fantasy, but it's the sort of fantasy many of us can appreciate.
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Mel Gibson wonderful, chemistry with Julia Roberts tops
eb99927 December 2000
The thing that stands out for me in this movie is the wonderful (and underrated) performance given by Mel Gibson. His part calls for an uneasy balance between a paranoid psychotic and romantic leading man and he treds that fine line beautifully. Despite all his craziness, he is totally likeable and his relationship with the Julia Roberts character is wonderfully complex and believable. Julia Roberts also gives an excellent performance and the chemistry between the two leads is perfect.

All in all, I loved this film and didn't understand why it was so underrated by the critics.
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Monk Or Oliver Stone?
ccthemovieman-15 March 2006
Now that the TV series "Monk" has become so popular, maybe a few more people will check this film out. Mel Gibson's character isn't exactly like Monk - more like a super hyperactive and politically paranoid "Monk." He fits right in with Oliver Stone and the rest of the "conspiracy" freaks. Stone, in fact, would like this film since it gives credence to these paranoid fantasies and gives several cheap shots to conservatives along the way.

Political propaganda-aside, this is a fun movie to watch and the most fun might be Gibson's house, which is too incredible to describe here. Mel is fascinating to watch and really makes this movie what it is with his outrageous character "Jerry Fletcher." Julia Roberts gives a solid performance while looking about as good as she ever looked. Patrick Stewart is very effective as the bad guy. He reminded me of Laurence Olivier's Nazi villain in "Marathon Man."

An involving story that holds your attention for the full 2-plus hours and looks nice on DVD.
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A memorable thriller, but also a slightly disappointing one
Beta_Gallinger17 February 2010
This romantic thriller was made over a decade ago, years before I was old enough to watch R-rated movies, and by the time I rented it just yesterday, I still didn't know much about it. However, I did know that the co-stars were Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, two Hollywood movie stars I had been familiar with for a long time. I also knew that it was directed by Richard Donner, who directed the "Lethal Weapon" quadrilogy, which Gibson also co-starred in. I had seen all four of those films, and thought that overall, it was a good franchise. So, I rented "Conspiracy Theory" because I knew it was another film directed by Donner and starring Gibson and it also looked like a promising thriller. Still, I wanted to like it more than I did.

Jerry Fletcher is a New York taxi driver and dedicated conspiracy theorist. He can think of conspiracy theories for anything, and constantly talks to his passengers about them. He even writes his theories in his own newsletter, which is sent to only five different people in the mail. The taxi driver has a crush on Alice Sutton, and woman who works for the Justice Department and whose father was murdered, but she doesn't know about Fletcher's feelings towards her. One day, after he is kicked out of Alice's office, he is soon captured by a group of CIA agents and finds himself in a mysterious place where he is tortured by a CIA doctor named Dr. Jonas! This sends Jerry into a fit of insanity, and after he bites the doctor's nose, severely injuring him, he manages to escape from the building. It turns out that at least one of the New York taxi driver's many conspiracy theories appears to be true, but he can't tell which one it is!

The beginning shows the main character ranting to various passengers in his cab about his conspiracy theories, and this is a fairly shaky beginning. Soon after that, there's a flashy sequence showing Jerry's frightening memories, and I found this part to be a little rushed and unfocused. A lot of the film can probably be described that way. That part is followed by a cheesy and overlong scene with the taxi driver watching his love interest through her window, singing on her treadmill. Despite all this, it still looks like it's going to be at least a fairly decent thriller around the beginning and it is at times, but it's not consistent enough. The early torture scene didn't do much for me, and it even features frightening memories of Jerry's flashing before his eyes again, with the same problems as the first time this happens. Another thing that doesn't help is that Jerry's constant conspiracy theories can get tiring. Fortunately, there are definitely some good thrills and action, and Mel Gibson puts on an impressive performance as Jerry Fletcher, though his character here is no match for the likable Martin Riggs in the "Lethal Weapon" series. Julia Roberts as Alice Sutton and Patrick Stewart (another actor I've been familiar with for a long time) as Dr. Jonas are also memorable cast highlights.

At 135 minutes, this 1997 thriller is a fairly long movie, and later in the film, it didn't seem as flawed to me as it did for a long time before then. It might improve after a while, and Gibson's character might eventually get easier to sympathize with. I may have been worn out during the second half or so, and get the feeling I could have gotten just a BIT more out of the film (at least closer to the end) if I'd had a bit more energy. For that reason, I feel I could almost give it a 7/10 instead of a 6. On the other hand, I don't think having a high energy level would have hidden this movie's severe flaws from me, flaws which make "Conspiracy Theory" somewhat disappointing. Even if it does improve along the way, I would say it definitely takes quite a while to do so. This movie is by no means horrible, and could be entertaining if you like a good romantic thriller and are old enough to see the violence here, but it still didn't meet my expectations.
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buzznzipp199513 January 2007
This is a steady paced well made, twister of a drama, with sharply laced comedy around the perimeter. I was told by a woman that I worked with when this came out before I saw it, she said, "You're like Jerry Fletcher. That guy Mel Gibson plays in that new movie, Conspiracy Theory." The thing that I didn't tell her was that...I had driven a taxi just the year before I met her. Oh, this is just getting too close here now. Okay shall we...

I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, but I went and saw the movie. I don't think totally so, but maybe some small similarities could be possible...I guess. So I was talking to someone when I drove professionally and realized there was no one in the what!

The casting was beautiful, all the players were superb! The plot was right on, the twists, that would occur, here and there kept you guessing and hopeful. The action was brisk and well set, propelling and then slowing to a place of horror for a little while, then back 'on' again moving fast! No matter what the opinion of the average movie-watcher-Joe, Gibson always has a different feel. It doesn't seem like he is a movie star, more rather a real solid guy, it seems that he is who he is portraying. There is a certain style that he has that seems like he could be related, or someone that you would like to hang-out with and enjoy a beer. Julia Roberts shines in this. She cares, she is real and it comes through from the time they meet on to the departure and before the next meeting. Hey, there's a thought, Mel and Julia could take another 'pairing' of roles together.

This was a truly wild ride with a very different ending. Worth Gibson fan's or Roberts fan's time.

This is a must see if you enjoy a solid story with racy action and a wonderful plot that moves along and then slightly twists toward the end. Recommended excellent (*****)
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juneebuggy1 October 2014
Conspiracy Theory is a fairly good movie, it's entertaining sure but it did tend to drag in parts for me and felt inconsistent as a whole. Mel Gibson's crazy performance waffles between brilliance and just plain over-the-top and I had a hard time believing any part of the romancy thing going on between him and Julia Roberts as he was just a little too certifiable for anyone to fall for. And while the whole conspiracy theory/Manchurian Candidate aspect was super interesting there were also sections explaining this storyline that just went on too long and ended up being really boring. Enjoyed Patrick Stewart as the bad guy 08.13
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Which Theory Is True?
AaronCapenBanner30 September 2013
Mel Gibson is most sympathetic as conspiracy theorist Jerry Fletcher, who lives in a ultra-secure, booby trapped apartment where he publishes his newsletter critical of the government. Ironically, he loves government employee Alice Sutton(played by Julia Roberts) from afar. One day, their worlds collide when one of Jerry's theories seems to be true, as he becomes the target of assassination, and Alice helps him to go on the run from the unknown government forces. He thinks that Dr. Jonas(Patrick Stewart) will help him, but it turns out that was one conspiracy he didn't anticipate...

Entertaining thriller is well directed by Richard Donner, with a good pace and reasonably believable story, though it does go on a bit too long, and becomes a bit too convoluted, but otherwise this film works well, and some of Jerry's theories may not be so nutty anymore...
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One of my favorite mystery/thrillers
MovieAddict201630 July 2001
A great movie to that sentence a conspiracy against you to see this movie? Did the government tell me to write this? That's what it's like through the eyes of Jerry Fletcher. A taxi driver who sees conspiracies in EVERYTHING, even in money. The opening scene with the people in the cab is great, all the "conspiracies" he warns them about...It's great. From Richard Donner(Lethal Weapon 1,2,3 and 4), come Conspiracy Theory, a movie that teaches you to trust no one. This movie deserves about 7.1 stars I'd say, not 6.4, like IMDB has. the voters must not have really paid attention to this movie because it's great.

The plot is conspiracy freak Jerry Fletcher(Mel Gibson), for some reason can not seem to stop watching over Alice Sutton(Julia Roberts), and he is always telling her about his new conspiracy theories, and she never has the heart to tell him to just go away. So one day Jerry ends up being kidnapped, and put in a torture room, where he is being asked questions by Patrick Stewart(X-Men)(I won't tell you what his name is in the movie because it might ruin a little bit). After he escapes and tells Alice, who thinks he's crazy, they both end up finding themselves in a grand conspiracy, that leads to one of the best climaxs I've ever seen. Mel Gibson is perfect as the paranoid Jerry Fletcher, who has locks even on coffee cans in his fridge(which also has a lock). Julia Roberts does a pretty good job as Alice Sutton as well. Patrick Stewart was good as.....I'm not going to tell you but he was good. And The movie had an excellent script, and the characters interacted wonderfully together. It's a great film, and I'm glad it wasn't filled with loads of F-words like other R rated movies. It's actually a good film for kids I'd say 12 and older, it's really not all that violent. I thouroughly enjoyed this movie and I definately recommend it to you. 4 out of 5 stars
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Interesting, but uneven!
namashi_111 September 2015
Richard Donner's 'Conspiracy Theory' isn't without its share of interesting moments & has a solid cast that deliver, but overall, its an uneven! The Writing isn't always tight & never makes much use of its brilliant concept.

'Conspiracy Theory' Synopsis: A man obsessed with conspiracy theories becomes a target after one of his theories turns out to be true. Unfortunately, in order to save himself, he has to figure out which theory it is.

'Conspiracy Theory' begins tepidly, I wasn't engaged in its initial moments at all. However, the film grows on you gradually & maintains a certain pace till the very end. I'd like to single out the dramatic scenes & also the portions involving the menace (A Solid Sir Patrick Stewart), that stand out. But, the writing isn't consistent or tight. It falters at places & even though its not boring, it never achieves anything extraordinary either.

Brian Helgeland's Screenplay is a mixed bag. Sometimes its super, sometimes not very appealing. Sharper Writing would've made 'Conspiracy Theory' a knockout! Richard Donner's Direction is excellent, as always. The legendary filmmaker has handled this political thriller with command. Cinematography & Editing are average. Action-Sequences are realistic.

Performance-Wise: Mel Gibson is convincing in his portrayal of a man obsessed with conspiracy theories. Julia Roberts is sensational. She shines all through. Sir Patrick Stewart has never been so creepy before. He nails the part of the evil villain.

On the whole, 'Conspiracy Theory' ranges from being good to strictly average. At best, A One-Time Watch!
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I'm only paranoid because they want me dead.
lastliberal26 November 2007
This movie is worth watching to get a good laugh at the kooks that go around believing all this nonsense. You all know one. Maybe you are one. They, like Jerry (Mel Gibson), can find the most outrageous explanations for their beliefs. But, as Jerry says:

"A good conspiracy is unprovable. I mean, if you can prove it, it means they screwed up somewhere along the line." How convenient!

Julia Roberts, who had not had a hit since The Pelican Beif when she did this, went on to greater fame in Notting Hill and Erin Brocovich. She really played a classy role and kept the lid on Mel, who seemed like he was going to explode at any minute.

Patrick Stewart was perfectly cast as the evil Government operative who was out of control.
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If you think they might be out to get you it's possible they just be might be!
roger-3955 June 2020
When I picked up this video for a couple of bucks I'd never heard of it, and Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts don't seem a likely pair. I was therefore pleasantly surprised by the film. It has heart, decent performances, especially by Gibson who plays against type, an interesting story, quite a few surprises, and for anyone who loves a good conspiracy this presents one. I've seen it several times and it always entertains. Definitely worth a look.
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Mediocrity Theory
Chase_Witherspoon11 January 2011
Oddly compelling but ultimately absurd tale of man (Gibson) kidnapped for CIA experiment involving mind control for the purpose of committing covertly sanctioned assassinations. His bizarre experience leads him to justice department attorney (Roberts) whose federal judge father (Bert Remsen in flashback) was slain by a brainwashed assassin. But when CIA mind control project boss (Stewart) discovers the potential for the secret to be revealed, he employs covert tactics to prevent the leak.

Gibson is way over the top in his portrayal, a babbling nutcase with obsessive compulsive disorder and an extreme persecution complex. Roberts is suitably stony-faced, but just doesn't look convincing in her characterisation. Patrick Stewart is perhaps the most watchable aspect of this film, as the shady and clinically brutal CIA assassin trainer. Special mention to Cylk Cozart as one of trustworthy agents who manages a couple of mild chuckles when he feigns unconsciousness after misguided attempts to knock him out miss the mark.

There's simply too many plot holes and contrivances to suspend disbelief for the mammoth two-hour plus duration. It's one of those movies that compels you to hang on in anticipation of some great revelation or moment, alas, it never eventuates. The climax is rushed and disappointing and the film's sing-a-long conclusion is embarrassing. No great shakes, just an immense waste of time.
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Great, A splendid cross of 12 MONKEYS and PAYBACK
pstubbs16 November 2001
If you liked PAYBACK and 12 MONKEYS, you will love this film.

I have one thing to say about this film... Mel GIbson. He plays a paranoid, noble, apparent stalker, who has intelligence and wit,

but lacks ability to express himself fully. Can't say more because it might ruin the movie. CONSPIRACY THEORY IS A MUST SEE. It ranks in my top 25 category
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FloTheDoorWoman31 July 2003
This movie could be classified into different genres - suspense, romance & thriller. Not many films can say that, or if they can, many do not succeed. Conspiracy Theory, however, did.

The first time I saw this, I was on the edge of my seat. It was very suspensful. I won't go into details if you haven't seen it, but it's really one of the best suspense films I've seen.

This wasn't a completely romantic film, no. In fact, I wish it would've touched on the romance more than it did. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts had great chemistry. Although nothing really happened between them, the audience could clearly see Jerry's (Mel Gibson)love for Alice (Julia Roberts.)

Now, the plot. Jerry Fletcher has many wild conspiracy theories - including one that NASA is trying to kill the President with earthquakes. He's a cabbie & tells lots of people his ideas. But the one person he seems to tell the most to and thinks can help him is Alice Sutton, an attorney. He saved her months before the movie takes place when she was mugged. He seems to get on her nerves, but she puts up with him. He goes to her office all the time. He's obviously in love with her, but she doesn't feel the same way. Well, somehow "they" (CIA, FBI, you know "they") find out about Jerry's crazy conspiracies & they go after him. He and Alice are in danger.

The acting in this movie was terrific. This may be Mel's best. His portrayal of a crazy cabbie was so good and believable. It's not really like any other role he has played. He did it so well & the audience sympathized with him completely. Julia was good too. Her role wasn't really difficult to play, but she made it believably nevertheless. Patrick Stewart also stars in this. He made a great bad guy.

Overall, this movie was great. It was very suspensful & the acting was outstanding.
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Nice surprises along the way of the movie
Mike-DD23 August 2000
Surprises are always being strewn around along the way to the end. You never know who's is and who's out, who's good and who's bad until near the end. Keeps you guessing and then surprises you. You start thinking Mel Gibson is a bit mad and paranoid, but realize that he might be saner and smarter than you are as the movie progresses. Quite an intelligent plot and though I'd like the ending to be a bit more 'happy' than it is, overall, it is one to enjoy.
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What an underrated movie!
Klectron20 October 1999
Mel Gibson gives a great performance here, as well as Julia Roberts! The story is really good, and the movie has some great plot twists. The only thing I disliked was the fact that Patrick Stewart didn't have a bigger role...

The movie also has quite some funny moments and lots of action. This definately is one of Richard Donner's best films to date, due especially to the outstanding performance of Mel Gibson! If you haven't seen it yet and if you're looking for an intelligent, well-acted movie, this is the one!
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Too many inconsistencies.
gridoon20 August 2000
Basically a formulaic, uneven, overlong conspiracy thriller, despite the occasional quirkiness and some truly intriguing plot twists. Too many flaws and inconsistencies prevent it from being particularly entertaining; some of Gibson's actions are so far-fetched that we can't take this very seriously as a thriller - and it's never clear if we are supposed to or not. Gibson is very good in a difficult, messily written role, and Patrick Stewart gives a calmly effective performance as the villain; on the other hand, Julia Roberts could hardly be more bland - as a result, very little chemistry between her and Gibson is created. (**1/2)
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kairingler26 July 2013
I've always been a fan of Conspiracy Theories so I figured I would check this one out,, it's above average,, based on the acting between our stars, Mel Gibson, Julia Robert,, and Patrick Stewart,, I was hoping for an actual conspiracy,, instead we get the old,, CIA, mind control stuff, rogue killer programmed to assassinate someone,, which isn't that bad, but some of the theories in the movie like the Oliver Stone --George Bush one,, I was like wow OK.. Mel's character, Jerry Fletcher is majorly paranoid, insanely crazy as one of his theories actually turns out to be true, problem for him is as he has so many now he has to figure out which theory he is right about,, he get's help from a young lady he saved from a mugging 6 months ago,, so he is like her guardian angel so to speak,, very interesting movie,, once you get by all the covert military mind control stuff.
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The visions of Jerry F.
stefanhoeffllin11 December 2000
Jerry Fletcher is a cabbie in New York. He´s mad about conspiracies. He´s got his own little magazine called "The conspiracy theory", but nobody believes his weird visions. One day, some strange guys attack Jerry, but he can escape. The only person he can trust is Alice, a district attorney. He knows that one of his theories has become true.

Mel Gibson and Richard Donner, the director of the "Lethal weapon"-series, did it again. They´re a dream team! But this time the focus is not on the action scenes, it´s more the psychological thrill that rules - when you see the black helicopters over New York, it gives you the feeling of being watched over. Jerry Fletcher was a tragic hero to me, really - similar to the Martin Riggs character in "Lethal weapon", who lost his wife in a car accident. Here it´s the relationship to Alice (Julia Roberts) which gives the movie the emotionality - Mel and Julia were a wonderful couple. "Conspiracy theory" sometimes reminded me of "The fugitive", but also of Hitchcocks "North by northwest". Speaking of movie classics, there were some nice hommages in it: the nose-bite ("Chinatown"!) and the assault on Jerry ("The marathon man"!). Besides, Carter Burwells soundtrack is a must-hear and gives the movie a very special atmosphere. After the few times I´ve been watching it, this is one of my absolutely favorites. A breathtaking thriller!
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Under-appreciated Story
HalGuentert26 November 2005
This movie was run down by the critics and people seem to come away with the thought that "Jerry" was crazy and finally one out of his many theories was real. Maybe that is part of the conspiracy.

When I first saw it in the theater, I would have agreed with most of the reviews in general. However, after watching the DVD now that I have studied and researched many of the conspiracies mentioned by "Jerry" throughout the movie, I know that most have been proved to be true conspiracies and not theory. This is what makes the movie more interesting to me, that information released later has backed up most of the theories.

The lesson to be learned is that "Jerry" was never crazy. He was injured, and unfortunately he was set up to have problems nearly impossible to prove. If no one had believed enough to listen to him, there would have been no story.

The question is why do viewers still come away with the belief that "Jerry" is crazy, and got himself into trouble when he was doing about all he could to deal with his post traumatic condition, and was picked up just for discovering some CIA offices by being suspicious.

The movie has a lot of twists and turns, and maybe a few too many toward the end, but I was amazed to find that most of the conspiracy theories mentioned are now known and documented as true.
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Watch That Rabbit
daveisit4 June 2005
When you consider that Mel Gibson, the chip himself, and Julia Roberts, another classically overrated Hollywood actor, star in this movie, you have to be very wary. They both regularly produce very average movies with very average performances. This was one reason why I was a little surprised by this movie. I quite enjoyed the idea as I think most people do of a conspiracy theory, no matter how far fetched it may be.

Mel is a very capable actor, just a bitter individual who lets his emotions take control of the truth. This was one of the few recent movies he's been associated with where he has remained fairly neutral. Julia Roberts was also performing at the higher end of her acting capabilities, and because of this was not a distraction of disappointment which is so commonly a feature of her performances.

It's nothing to get excited about, but easy viewing for a quiet night in.
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When is a conspiracy not a conspiracy?
arclinecreative13 November 2021
Very good movie and well done. A few bad actors here and there. I watched this movie with a girlfriend 20 years ago. She walked out and I never saw her again. Movies can have unusual effects on some people. But the truly scary thing is that the United States government pulls this kind of stuff every day.
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A sweet nugget
chrissch17 February 2002
The very title of "Conspiracy Theory" suggests a Big Movie about Big Conspiracy Theories, à la "JFK." And CT surely includes enough elements of popular conspiracy theories -- CIA mind control, black helicopters, U.S. government plots to assassinate its own President, and Manchurian Candidates -- to do Oliver Stone proud.

But Conspiracy Theory isn't a Big Movie -- it's a small, sweet, and more than slightly quirky nugget of a movie. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts are just right as the half-psychotic conspiracy theorist and the skeptical-but-compassionate U.S. attorney. Their enmeshment in the conspiracies and with each other make for great tension and drama. The supporting cast is great too, particularly Patrick Stewart's Dr. Jonas, who's as evil as any character ever on celluloid yet just as charming as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard ever was. The story strikes a happy balance between action and the deepening relationship between Gibson's Fletcher and Roberts' Sutton. And Carter Burwell's music, rich and spiced with just enough camp, makes this nugget delicious indeed.

In the end, the conspiracies are only the fabric of Conspiracy Theory, and not its heart at all. In the context of the film the conspiracies are real, but it doesn't really matter whether they're real. Jerry *thinks* they're real, and that makes his battle -- against the conspiracies and his own flashbacked confusion -- heroic. Ultimately CT is about courage, and about love emerging from the strangest of beginnings. And even those aren't to be taken too seriously. Conspiracy Theory has moved to my short shelf of perennial favorites, a movie that leaves me heartened, hopeful, and grinning.
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mattkratz14 April 2019
This was a good movie-well performed and executed. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts were both good in the leads, and Patrick Stewart was terrific as the "villain." Gibson was good as a brainwashed cabbie who spewed out conspiracy theories (he was told to ad lib them!) to passengers, and it turns out there was more to it than meets the eye, and speaking of which he has an eye out for his neighbor Roberts. This has good drama, romance, and chase scenes-an interesting combination and good results and a pretty good ending.

** 1/2 out of ****
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