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Alternate Versions

Many things cut from the final version available on laserdisc/DVD editions:
Pre-credits scene in Comic Toast (the comic store from Mallrats), where Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan reprise their "Mallrats" roles as Steve-Dave and Walt the Fan-Boy respectively;
Longer rant by Hooper about black comic book characters;
A little bit more between Hooper and his older boyfriend (played by Bob Hawk);
A near-monologue by Alyssa about the true definition of love, during the darts scene;
A tag-on to the end of the dart scene, between Holden and Hooper;
Holden comes to Alyssa's apartment and gets confronted by one of her girlfriends, played by Illeana Douglas;
More development of the "selling out" subplot about the MTV series, including Holden and Banky's lawyer, John Sloss
Alyssa comes to their apartment while they're playing EA Hockey, and watchs Holden beat Banky easily;
In the skee-ball scene, Alyssa tells Holden that Banky is a passive-aggressive gay basher, partially for what he said in the EA Hockey scene;
Longer fight between Holden and Banky (before Holden is dating Alyssa);
More dialogue as Alyssa barters with the diner guy;
Edited for T.V. version seen on Oxygen channel has less offensive words overdubbed by the actors. Most notably all instances of the F-word are replaced with "humping"

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