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Watch: Unreleased Documentary 'The Sweatbox' About The Troubled Production Of Disney's 'The Emperor's New Groove'

Though they end up on screen as cheery, bright eyed films for the whole family to enjoy, the truth is that behind the scenes, bringing an animated film to life is an arduous, exhausting journey. Freed from the constraints and demands of live action filmmaking in which you have a set script and a short window of time to make it happen, animation studios will routinely spend months and years developing, tweaking, editing and refining a project before voicework and production begins. But few films faced when Disney went through on 2000's "The Emperor's New Groove."

You can find a more detailed version of what happened with a quick Google search, but we'll give you the condensed version. Originally planned to be a musical entitled "The Kingdom Of The Sun," the film had Roger Allers ("The Lion King") directing with Sting contributing six songs, in what was an Incan retelling
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Gertz tops Rainmaker ani unit

Rainmaker, the Vancouver-based digital entertainment company, has named Paul Gertz executive vp of its animation division, which has been rechristened Rainmaker Animation.

Rainmaker got into the toon business in July when it acquired Mainframe Entertainment, which specializes in CG animation.

"With this new division, Rainmaker Animation -- along with our other two divisions, Rainmaker Visual Effects and Rainmaker Post -- we will be able to join forces to maximize our clients' creative vision and cost-saving efforts, and still pursue a wide variety of creative and service projects within each division," Rainmaker Entertainment CEO Warren Franklin said.

Gertz has worked in a number of executive and creative roles, including stints at Lucasfilm, Hanna-Barbera, Turner Feature Animation, Global Digital Creations and the Vancouver Film School. He was the executive producer of the animated feature Titan, A.E. and produced Cats Don't Dance and The Pagemaster.

Rainmaker Animation is at work on an animated version of The Nutty Professor, Zixx and several projects for Mattel.

Rainmaker Visual Effects, headed by Brian Moylan, is working on such projects as Blades of Glory, Vantage Point and La vie en rose. Rainmaker Post, headed by Barry Chambers, continues work on The L Word, Smallville and Stargate: Atlantis.

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