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worth wile to watch
nilis-323 May 2004
I saw it late at night on TV and was intrigued enough to keep watching. I don't understand all these negative comments. Sure, it has its faults but Love Walked In was interesting and entertaining to watch, for me at least. The story is a little incredible sometimes, but I wasn't bothered. And it certainly wasn't predictable. All those Hollywood blockbusters, they are predictable, but this one had its shifts and turns which keep you wondering till the end.

Love Walked In consists of an interesting story with realistic characters. No black and white characters, but people who make mistakes sometimes. Along with the good acting of Denis Leary and good-old Terence Stamp it makes up of one fairly good movie. At least, it was a lot better than the over sentimental Indecent Proposal.
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sakulin10 January 2004
What a waste of time. The characters weren't believable. Stamp behaved like a zombie. I didn't see him smile during the entire movie. He was gaga over the female lead, who I thought was nothing in particular, and her singing left me cold. And the annoying parallel story - wow! Don't watch it. I give it a 1, and I'm being generous.
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Dennis Leary as Dennis Leary
pjcons1 April 1999
Well this was a shocker.

Terribly made film. I remember New Years Eve just been I was cooped up in a hotel room watching the shorts of all the movies and though, "hey this would be great" and the first 10 minutes was...but then it got terrible and predictable. Even the flashbacks were awful and had little or no meaning.

The only good part was Dennis Leary got to play himself. He was kinda funny but then end was just a waste of film.

Avoid at all costs. Disregard the "nice looking cover" that my housemate thought made the film so attractive to hire.
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Love walked in ,but interest walks out.
dbdumonteil19 May 2002
The screenplay looks like "indecent proposal";Leary 's wife resembles Isabella Rossellini (during the whole movie,I thought it was her);ditto for Stamp's wife who resembles Angelica Huston. It's really a cock and bull story,which fills its quota of violence and sex.In order to give the film a "serious" feel,or a Lynchesque touch,Leary writes a novel the events of which are integrated into the plot even if there's no connection at all with it.

Too bad for Terence Stamp who deserves better than this cardboard character.Since "Priscilla Queen of the desert" he has not got one single interesting part.He who was young when Wyler,Pasolini,Fellini,Schlesinger and Loach were working wonders did not deserve to get old with "love walked in".
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All for Terence!
deedee200518 March 2003
I didn't know anybody in this film except Terence Stamp who has such fantastic screen presence he can act in anything and hold a film together just by being there. I too kept thinking the female lead was Rosilinni or another Juliette Binoche wannabe. The whole sub-plot story was a stupid device that didn't work at all. Whaaaaa??? Whose brilliant idea was that? Back to Terence Stamp. I saw him years ago in Billy Budd and The Collector, then . . . . Terence for years. I just recently rediscovered him in several brilliant films -Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The Limey, and The Hit. You have to see these films. Terence is absolutely fantastic. I couldn't quite figure out what was so intriguing about him until I realized he just oozes a certain serenity and presence onthe screen, and then his voice has changed over the years. I've never heard a voice quite like his. And, as a woman, I think he is one of the most handsome men walking the face of the earth. I certainly hope he continues making films, and doesn't go into retirement now that he has married a 26 yr. old woman.
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bibi-39 February 1999
This movie is very similar to " Indecent Proposal " ( Robert Redford and Demi Moore ), but a mediocre one.

Very boring and uncredible. ( the beautiful Aitiana Sánchez- Guijon with the old man ? )
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A directorial disaster
George Parker5 October 2003
"Love Walked In" tells of a piano man (Leary) and a beautiful cabaret torch singer (Sánchez-Gijón) who work and live together and get caught up in an extortion plot. This floparoo could have been a good B-flick with some decent direction as in lose the stupid parallel substory, get the noir going, blow some smoke into the lounge, back off the lights, warm up the beach with filtration, make 'em sweat, use some angles, recast the PI, blaa, blaa. An unfortunate mess which ends on a sour note and wastes the efforts of a decent cast who desperately needed some good direction. Catch this one on broadcast when you need something to doze off to. You won't be missing much. (C-)
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Bad Choices....
dknox24 September 2001
It seems to me that Terence Stamp makes some strange and often bad choices with the roles he chooses. This movie is, as mentioned above, a lesser version of 'An Indecent Proposal' which on it's own isn't very good. Some of the dialogue is whity and interesting but on the whole this movie isn't worth the time or 4$ rental fee. After seeing 'The Limey', I was interested in watching some of Terance Stamp's other work(besides Star wars and Superman) and was very disapointed....3/10
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