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Probably the most breathtakingly gorgeous film of the year, dizzy with a nose-against-the-glass romantic spirit that has been missing from the cinema forever.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A feast for the eyes and succor for the soul.
The film is alive with delicacy and feeling...It's a beauty.
This enthralling, enigmatic, romantic drama from Asia's most influential auteur (Chungking Express) is an essay in appetite and inhibition.
Smolders with more reserved passion than "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."
Entertainment Weekly
Although In the Mood for Love isn't in the mood for action, it dazzles with everything but.
Chicago Tribune
Shimmers and glows. But it also stings a little -- like the lovely flame that dies and the smoke that, in yet another Cole song, gets in your eyes.
Wong denies us the satisfaction of resolution, but in sharing his mastery of cinema, and his gift for conveying mood, desire and vivid emotions, he's more than generous.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
In the Mood for Love has novelty value, I suppose, and plenty of pretty camera moves, but it's not really a movie you can warm to.
A stylistically fastidious, exasperatingly affected package that will put most people in the mood for slumber.

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