Batman & Robin (1997) Poster

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Mr. Freeze, Dr. Victor Fries



  • Mr. Freeze : What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!

  • Mr. Freeze : Let's kick some ice!

  • Mr. Freeze : Cool party!

  • Mr. Freeze : In this universe, there's only one absolute... everything freezes!

  • Cop #1 : Please show some mercy!

    Mr. Freeze : Mercy? I'm afraid my condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy.

  • Mr. Freeze : [freezes Robin]  Stay cool, Birdboy.

  • Mr. Freeze : Allow me to break the ice: My name is Freeze. Learn it well, for it's the chilling sound of your doom.

  • Mr. Freeze : Tonight, hell freezes over!

  • [Batman is trying to melt the ice, when Freeze appears in the magnifying glass of the telescope] 

    Mr. Freeze : Tonight's forecast... a freeze is coming!

  • Mr. Freeze : The Ice Man cometh!

  • Mr. Freeze : Freeze in hell, Batman!

  • Henchman : Sir! Sir! You've gotta see this!

    [Freeze freezes him] 

    Mr. Freeze : I hate it when they talk during the movie.

  • Mr. Freeze : I will blanket the city in endless winter. First Gotham, and then the world.

    Poison Ivy : Just what I had in mind. Everything dead on earth, except us. A chance for Mother Nature to start again. Behold, the dawn of a new age. My mutant plants have the strength of the deadliest animals. Once you have frozen mankind, these babies will overrun the globe, and we shall rule them, for we will be the only two people left in the world.

    Mr. Freeze : Adam and Evil!

  • Mr. Freeze : If revenge is a dish best served cold, then put on your Sunday finest. It's time to feast!

  • Mr. Freeze : You're not sending ME to the COOLER!

    Robin : I could have made that jump!

    Batman : And you could have splattered your brains all over the side of the building.

    Robin : You know, in the circus, the Flying Graysons were a team. We had to trust each person to do their jobs. That's what being partners is all about. Sometimes, counting on someone else is the only way you win.

    Batman : Your head wasn't even on the job. All you could think about was Poison Ivy.

    Robin : You just can't stand it! Maybe she wanted me instead of you. I mean, this is your idea of friendship, isn't it, Bruce? It's your house, it's your rules, it's your way to the highway! It's Batman and Robin, not Robin and Batman, and I'm sick of it!

    Batman : Yes, it's my rules. *My* rules to keep us alive, and if you want to stay in this house, and on this team, you will abide by them!

    Robin : This is no partnership. You're never gonna trust me!

  • Mr. Freeze : If I must suffer, humanity will suffer with me.

  • Mr. Freeze : I'll kill you next time!

  • Mr. Freeze : Let me guess, Plant Girl? Vine Lady? Huh? Hand over the diamond Garden Gal, or I'll turn you into mulch!

  • Mr. Freeze : No matter what anyone tells you, Bane, it really is the size of your gun that counts.

  • Mr. Freeze : [referring to Batman and Robin]  Their bones will turn to ice! Their blood will freeze in my hands!

  • Poison Ivy : He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me...

    Mr. Freeze : NOT! Surprise, I am your new cell mate. And I'm here to make your life a living hell. Prepare for a bitter harvest. Winter has come at last.

  • Mr. Freeze : Hello. Sorry about the door. Is the party over?

  • Mr. Freeze : Take two of these, and call me in the morning.

  • Mr. Freeze : Can you be cold, Batman? You have eleven minutes to thaw a bird. What will you do? Chase the villain or save the boy? Your emotions make you weak. That's why this day is mine!

  • Mr. Freeze : Uh-oh!

    Batman : I'm putting you on ice.

  • Poison Ivy : Kill them, of course. But why stop there? Why should only Batman and Robin die while the society that created them goes unpunished?

    Mr. Freeze : Yes! If I must suffer... Humanity will suffer with me! I shall repay them for sentencing me to a life without human comfort. I will blanket the city in endless winter! First... Gotham. And then... The world!

  • Mr. Freeze : I hope Mr. Bane can swim.

  • Mr. Freeze : Watch the numbers, Batman, for they are the harbingers of your doom. Can you feel it coming? The icy cold of space! Ahh! At 30,000 feet, your heart will *freeze* and be no more!

  • Mr. Freeze : Bombs away, Batman!

  • Poison Ivy : [at Arkham Asylum]  Let's cool it for now. There's someone I'd like you to meet.

    [Bane arrives, carrying Freeze's cryo-suit] 

    Poison Ivy : His name is Bane.

    Mr. Freeze : A laundry service that delivers. Wow!

    Poison Ivy : [watching Freeze suit up]  What are you, a fifty big and tall?

    Mr. Freeze : No. I always go a size smaller. Makes me look slimmer.

  • Ms. B. Haven : Freezy, I'm feeling hot.

    Mr. Freeze : I find that unlikely.

    Ms. B. Haven : Okay, so my hair is brittle and my skin is dry. I'd weather the blizzards just to have you. You're the most perfect man I've ever known. What do you say we heat things up?

    Mr. Freeze : My passion thaws for my bride alone.

    Ms. B. Haven : Ooh. Talk about your cold shoulder.

  • Mr. Freeze : One more giant diamond of this size, then my freeze engine will be complete. Aah. First, I will freeze the city, then I will hold Gotham ransom. Unless the city bows for my demands, it's winter forever in Gotham. The city fathers will have no choice but to give me the billions I need to complete my research, then I can find the cure.

  • Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy : [Poison Ivy is in her cell at Arkham Asylum plucking petals off a flower]  He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me.

    [Poison Ivy eats a petal] 

    Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy : .

    Mr. Freeze : Not!

    [Mr. Freeze appears in the cell wearing his cryosuit] 

    Mr. Freeze : Surprise! I'm you're new cellmate.

    [Poison Ivy chuckles nervously] 

    Mr. Freeze : And I've come to make your life a living hell. Prepare for a bitter harvest.

    [Mr. Freeze approaches Poison Ivy] 

    Mr. Freeze : Winter has come at last.

    [Poison Ivy shakes fearfully] 

  • Mr. Freeze : I need to get more diamonds from my hideout.

    Poison Ivy : I can help you grab your rocks.

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