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The meaning
ZeA188913 July 2002
I didn't really care much for the acting or the funny parts. Seriously I thought the funny parts were really corny. But I loved the meaning of this film. If I had to rate this movie from 1-10. I'd rate it 10(For what they were trying to tell us). I think everyone should see this cute film. Piece of advice when watching this movie. Don't just look at the acting and stuff. Look beyond that and look at what the staff and cast are trying to tell you. You'll like it better if you do.
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Horrible Film.. horrible
James-19531 August 1999
I don't think I have ever before walked out of a movie theater. Well yesterday, while watching 'Babel', I did. It was so bad as to make me cringe and decide that doing anything else at all would be preferable. I shall forever more wonder *why* I went to see this movie.
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