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So below standard
Spidey-184 October 1999
The Prophecy II was an ok movie but it lacked a certain quality the first had. I mean, the first one was so much better there is no comparison. Christopher Walken comes back to play Gabriel, but that and a few humorous sections were all that was good about this film. The ending was the best part. Too bad you have to watch the whole thing to get to it. If you've seen and liked the first, then I recommend watching this one, but don't have too high of expectations.
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Solid sequel
Ivan Ravenous17 May 2000
While not quite equal to the original, I found Prophecy II to be very very good, especially considering it's a sequel. I've read a lot of bad reviews of this film, which I don't understand. It seems so much like the original to me, and the original instantly became one of my favorite movies.

As a bonus (to me anyway) one of my favorite actors, Tom Towles, has a small role.

The scene just before the ending is absolutely breathtaking.
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You have no choice but to watch it
rooprect8 October 2012
If you're reading this review, chances are you've already seen & liked the first Prophecy and are debating whether to continue the saga. Either that, or maybe you're just a weird person who likes to watch sequels before seeing the original. Whatever waxes yer wings...

In either case, if you are interested in dark, religious thrillers about angels doing nasty things, you MUST see the Prophecy trilogy. Yes, I know there are 5 Prophecy films, but we'll just focus on the first 3 for now.

Much like Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi, the first 3 Prophecy movies tell a continuing story about 1 character: Gabriel, the Archangel of Death (played by Christopher Walken). Although the films' plots are mostly independent of each other, the theme of Gabriel's quest is a continuing story that doesn't wrap up til the end of the 3rd movie. Ergo you can't stop at Prophecy 1. You have to watch all 3.

That's all you need to know, but if you want to know more about Prophecy II, here it is. By itself it's a worthwhile flick. What makes it special is the surreal blending of dark suspense and cozy humor, as in the first Prophecy. Although we lose some of the quirky characters who made the first film so memorable (such as Jerry the oozing sidekick, Rachel the catatonic chauffeur, and most of Joseph the stand-up comedic coroner), we get a new one who's just as memorable: Brittany Murphy as Izzy the suicidal emo girl (long before the term 'emo' came into being).

Walken and Murphy maintain the wacky humor that made the first Prophecy so characteristic & human. The other characters are there for action and furthering the plot, which is pretty straightforward as far as angels-fighting-a-war-on-earth movies go.

The music isn't quite as lush as the first, although one of the themesongs (the airy tribal piece) is carried over. Most, if not all, of the movie takes place at night so it is both literally and figuratively dark. Not quite "The Crow" dark, but dark nonetheless.

This movie has a distinct early-90s feel to it. The 90s was a decade of action films leaving behind the simple, clean stories of the 80s and embracing a darker realism (as in "Seven" and "The Usual Suspects"). I'd say this 2nd Prophecy film is closer to the 80s than its groundbreaking predecessor, but it's still a good film.

Watch it for Walken, watch it for the continuing epic story, watch it for some engaging action and a few great gags. Most of all... just watch it.
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Oh, man!
jugg-218 November 1999
This is another example of a sucky sequel to a great movie. I highly recommend The Prophecy, but this movie was a dud from the start. The acting was decent all the way around, but the story line was weak and added nothing to the origional. A 4 out of 10 at best.
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The Prophecy II: continuation of a great plot, great supporting characters, and the amazing Christopher Walken....
aperfecttool929 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Last week, I rented The Prophecy, out of nowhere. I am glad I did, because I had been walking past that box on the shelf at the video store for a few years. After viewing that, I had to see the second. So, two nights ago, I rented the second one. I just watched this movie, got on the IMDb, and read all of the user reviews. I must say that I am shocked to see how many people did not like this sequel. To anyone who cannot understand the plot, I ask why? It is so simple! Christopher Walken returns as Gabriel, and once again shows us why he is one of the greatest actors of all time (and one of my personal favorites). The beautiful Brittany Murphy gives an untouchable performance, and her scenes with Walken are definitely ones to see. Russell Wong and Jennifer Beals also give good performances. The dialogue, though penned by another screenwriter, is just as good as the first. When I watched the movie, I had no idea it was another writer - I thought it was the same guy! While I think the first movie was slightly better, this is definitely a worthy sequel. I can't wait to rent part 3!

***** Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!! *****

To all those people who can't understand the plot, maybe you should give the movie another watch. In simplest terms: Gabriel has to stop the birth of a child that will end the second war in Heaven. Is that so hard?

***** E N D S P O I L E R S *****

All in all, you should see this movie - but make sure you see the original Prophecy first!
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Continuation, but not an equal
Fiss13 January 1999
I watched the Prophecy and Prophecy II on the same night, both for the first time, so the comparisons were really obvious. Though PII is not a complete waste of time, it was hardly as interesting and exciting as the first. It did have some good points, however, and I would recommend it to anyone who loved the story of the Prophecy idea. The climactic scene at the end was excellent. Very creepy. DOS and PC lovers will like the humor as Gabriel tries to work a computer. :) The special effects sequences of angels flying above in the clouds was awesome. Even so, it lacked something that the first had. I'd give it a 6/10, and the first a 9/10. Let's hope Prophecy III will be better.
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Very disappointing direct to video sequel. (possible minor spoilers)
Infofreak24 February 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed the original 'The Prophecy' very much, and was excited when I originally heard about this sequel, especially the idea of two of my all time favourite actors sharing a screen together - Christopher Walken and Eric Roberts. Their scenes together though good, are very brief, and don't occur until the last part of the movie. Before you get that far you have to sit through a lame rehash of the first film. The change of director and writer from the originals Gregory Widen is a major part of the problem. They have simplified the interesting concepts Widen developed and have the tendency to go for "action" over atmosphere. This is not a good thing. Walken reprises his role as the avenging angel Gabriel, but the script doesn't give him much to play with. The potentially fascinating character of Thomas Daggett (originally played by Elias Koteas) is here played by 'Re-Animator's Bruce Abbott, and is killed off within the first fifteen minutes. Bad idea! The main focus of the story then centres on the lovely Jennifer Beals who inadvertently gets involved in the war in heaven. Like the first movie the supporting cast is strong, and features Brittany Murphy ('Freeway', 'Clueless'), Tom Towles ('Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer') and even punk legend Glenn Danzig. Unfortunately the cast of this movie is by far the most interesting thing about it. A major let down, this! Be sure to watch the original though, it's very good.
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Story Is Laughable, But Walken Fun To Watch
ccthemovieman-19 November 2006
This is one of those films I could rip up unmercifully because the Biblical theology is so brutal - no incorrect, so preposterous, outrageous, stupid, etc. - that it an insult to anyone with any knowledge of The Book. For those viewers of this film who don't, who knows what they'll believe. Hopefully, none of the stuff in here. It also makes evil look cool and the worst "angel" - Gabriel (Christopher Walken) is not only evil and cool, but has a great a sense of humor. Gosh, ya gotta love the guy! Well, no surprise Hollywood would do that.

Having said that, though, and for strictly entertainment value and nothing else, the movie isn't half bad! Walken, regardless of his role, is always fun to watch, the story moves fast and it's only 80 minutes long. You could do worse.
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Seriously lacking in the original story, but still entertaining
kalel326885 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
In this sequel to "The Prophecy", Christopher Walken returns as the renegade Archangel Gabriel, who, after years of torment in Hell, is returned to the earthly plane by Lucifer, who had decided that Hell isn't big enough for the two of them. Again Gabriel seeks to end mankind's reign on Earth, but instead of searching for the perfect evil soul to achieve his ends, Gabriel is now in search of the one thing that can defeat him: a Nephilim, a being born of a human woman and an angel. Los Angeles nurse Valerie Rosales (Jennifer Beales) is the mother of this being, having been impregnated by the angel Danyael (Russell Wong), who now seeks to protect Valerie from Gabriel. As in the first film, Gabriel is (quite hilariously) inept when it comes to modern technology, so he "enlists" the services of Izzy (Britney Murphy), a depressed teenager whom he resurrects after she commits suicide.

"The Prophecy II" was seriously lacking in the story ideas established in the first film. Thomas Daggett, the hero from that film, appears briefly, only to meet a horrible end at the hands of Gabriel. (Sorry for the spoiler, but I personally feel this is a minor plot point.) Yet, the film was still entertaining, even though it might take a while for viewers to piece things together. Christopher Walken is simultaneously quirky and creepy as always, while Jennifer Beals, Russell Wong, Britney Murphy, and Eric Roberts (as the angel Michael) deliver decent performances. While the story lines from the first movie were dismissed in this film, this sequel sort of makes up for that by continuing the Nephilim concept established here in the third installment, "The Prophecy III: The Ascent." All in all, I give "The Prophecy II" a 5 out of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 in my humble opinion.
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Still relies too much on Walken - but a worthy sequel to an underrated first flick.
oneguyrambling10 December 2010
To get us started here is a quick recap of the original film:

The Angels in heaven have split into two factions and are at war. One side is envious of the gifts God has bestowed upon humankind and basically wants to wipe out the human race, the other thinks "be cool Mun", and just wants everyone to get along.

In the first film there was an evil soul that could turn the tide of the angelic war if it fell in the wrong hands.

In this film there is also something that might provide a great advantage to either side, in this case it is an unborn child, and this time as we are told early in the piece "the war between angels has come to Earth".

Thomas Daggett, the ex-priest turned cop from the first film has understandably lost the plot and is holed up in a monastery mumbling to himself nonsensically and scribbling down his visions. (He has also changed from Elias Koteas to some other actor.)

This film revolves around a young woman named Valerie (Jennifer Beales), who looks very much like Valerie Madsen from the first film, only if she was a brunette and had longer hair. Anyway in this film Val is driving along minding her own business when she hits a guy. Now I won't say he was a pedestrian because he wasn't walking, he literally "fell from the sky", being a film about angels we can guess where he has come from...

His name is Danyael, and when a distraught Val takes him to the hospital he is friendly enough to mouth "Don't be afraid" as he is wheeled into the emergency room, despite the fact that he should be all types of f*cked up.

Meanwhile Tommy Daggett continues to be crazy with all the visions.

There is a cool "Terminator" scene where someone is seemingly "born" from beneath the Earth's surface, somewhere fiery and dare I say it "hellish"?

Good old Gabriel is back baby!! (At least they had the sense to bring back the best character from the first film, although while filming this Christopher Walken must have missed out on another 4 or 5 crappy films that he would ordinarily have taken. The man seems to have no quality screening mechanism.)

In the next 20 minutes of screen time Danyael makes a miraculous recovery, chats up Val and gets her four months pregnant in 2 days. Now that's potency!

Gabriel also decides to visit Tommy for assistance and without expanding Thomas Daggett plays no further part in this, nor the 4 other sequels!

It turns out that Valerie's unborn child will be the key figure in the angelic war, having been born of woman and angel known as a nephalim. In short Gabriel and Co want to remove it from the picture by any means necessary, and Danyael and Co swear to protect it.

Despite the mounting evidence;

  • the recovered car crash victim, - the 4 months in 2 days pregnancy, - dead bodies with no eyes and organs, - a warning from both the mortician who says "this has happened before, get away!", - and a chat with Thomas Daggett's priest who says much the same ... Valerie is still skeptical, until Gabriel shows up and tries to rip the unborn child from her, somewhat against her will I would guess. And the rest of the film is basically a keep-e-off game between Gabriel and Danyael, with Valerie and her belly-bun as the ball.

There is ample opportunity for this film to veer into Highlander cheesy territory, but the reason that it does not is basically the fact that everyone plays it straight... except Walken's Gabriel.

Gabriel hams it up in every Prophecy film he appears in, which is actually a good thing folks. Gabriel openly detests humans, he can sniff and taste them, but can't drive or use a computer. As with the first film he takes a recently deceased re-animated assistant to complete such menial tasks, in this film it is actually Izzy, a recent suicide pact victim who just wants things to be the way they were when she was dead. (I guess she got her wish recently!) Gabriel treats her with disdain, bullies her and orders her around, playing the bad guy card beautifully.

Without Christopher Walken there would have been no Prophecy 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. I know he wasn't in the last couple, but this series would have died at 1 without his presence. (And I am not even a die-hard Walken fan like some.)

This could have been "Big guys in dark coats speaking formally while reading bible verses perched on a rooftop 2", but that probably didn't fit on the poster.

Thankfully the filmmaker who took the reins from the original had sense to hold true to the tone, rely on the story rather than big stunts and hokey chase sequences, and kept things simple enough to not lose track. The music is similar to the original, which is a good thing, and they also use the effective (but annoying when a 3 year old is asleep in the next room ) technique of hushed dialogue and loud effects and action.

I fully expected The Prophecy 2 to suck when I first watched it, and even recently when I dragged it out again I thought rewatching it would uncover hidden flaws and disappoint. It doesn't.

Final Rating - 7.5 / 10. A case of second verse, much the same as the first, but a worthy sequel to a great film.
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Entertaining sequel to The Prophecy
suzdal25 November 1998
If you liked the first film, you'll quite probably like this one too. It's a little more tongue-in-cheek and like most sequels not as good as the original, but it's still Walken as Gabriel with all that entails. The action is still good. Eric Roberts could be better, but he plays Michael not Gabriel. I think the humour was a little more obvious in this one, too. If you didn't like the original the skip it.
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Christopher Walken is awesome, the movie just isn't.
Boba_Fett113828 February 2010
I'll give this movie one thing though, I enjoyed watching this one better than the original. It had a more coherent story but thing with it story still was that it just wasn't very good. Not very good is perhaps not the best way to describe it. It's more that it's just very standards stuff all, like we have seen in literally dozens of movies before.

So no "The Prophecy II" does not take any originality prizes but at least the movie was watchable, which is not something I can say about the first movie, from 3 years earlier. Seems like I'm one of the few people who doesn't like the fist movie "The Prophecy", so it was sort of surprised with the fact that I sort of liked watching this sequel and thought that it was an improvement over the first movie.

Even though its an incredibly standard movie there are still some elements in it that make it stand out. The biggest one is Christopher Walken. He really enjoys playing this role, which must be the reason why he also is in the first 3 movies out of the series. I mean, I don't think he got rich from playing in these cheap and straight-to-video movies. He is the foremost and perhaps only reason why the overall movie is still a fun one to watch. He plays his character with lots of passion and dark humor without ever going too over-the-top with it.

There are some other well known actors in this movie as well, such as Russell Wong, Jennifer Beals, Brittany Murphy and Eric Roberts. Never quite understood why these movies always managed to have such a great cast with some big name actors in it.

It certainly also helps that the movie isn't too long. It keeps the pace pleasantly high and luckily there is also plenty of action happening, though it's far from anything too impressive, just as the overall movie is.

Forgettable but a good enough movie and sequel.

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Great Sequel for what it is....part of a bigger picture.
markfgg24 December 2002
Prophecy 2 continues the story of the angel Gabriel(Christopher Walken)and his jealousness of humans.

Number one is better....BUT number two dives into more of the story. It's the same as Star Wars to an extent. It's part of a bigger story. Number two progresses the story And raises some new questions to dive into. I would like to recommend you watch Prophecy 1 before you watch number Prophecy two. Just so you can understand the story better.
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An object lesson in how good movies make bad sequels..
OHHLA9 September 1999
It's not often I feel compelled to give negative criticism of a film; after all I often feel the maxim, "if you don't have anything good to say don't say it at all," would be apt advice for the many naysayers we listen to everyday who nitpick at things we like. If it's all the same to you the reader though I feel compelled to point out that with the lone exception of Christopher Walken in a returning role as Gabriel this movie is pathetically HORRID. I say this to you to warn you in advance that even if you are a fan of Walken's deadpan delivery and style or liked the original "Prophecy" that you will be sorely dissapointed. If you buy it, return it. If you rent it, make sure it's only ninety-nine cents.

What's wrong with this movie? A full list would take too long to read and would bore you to tears, but a short summary would be the following: the once rather crystalline clear picture of the relationship between angels and mortals of the first film is ripped to shreds. Gabriel is turned from the rather morbid right hand of God he once was (and in this role he is WICKEDLY funny in the first) to little more than a thug for heaven. Since Walken is so good at playing heavies (we all remember Frank White from "King of New York") he is still enjoyable but the supporting cast is an unmitigated and unconvincing mess of mortals and angels alike who couldn't buy a clue for 50 cents. If you can figure out the plot you're a smarter man than I. One gets the feeling we wander aimlessly from scene to scene just to move the film along to Walken's next big line. By the end of the movie you're actually wishing he'd blow his horn and make the walls of Jericho fall on the people who made this un-natural disaster.

Bottom line - it's an insult to our intelligence that they made a sequel to this film in the first place. The original told the right story, answered the questions that should have been, and left alone the ones you were meant to ponder afterwards. There are no compelling reasons to follow these characters that was in the first - the priest who lost his faith, the little girl who kept the "big secret", the teacher who protected her children - even Lucifer himself was more interesting BY himself in the first film than all the other characters in the sequel put together. I feel sorry for anybody who sees this film and not the first because they'll probably never want to watch the original and that's a real tragedy.
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stbartusis18 December 2006
Actually, although a lot of what was in the Prophecy II isn't in the canonical bible, the angelology of it was in fact right on. I've done mounds and mounds of research on the subject of angels. And what was written in the Book of Enoch as well as in much of the medieval angel speculation is accurate. And it is a film, let's remember.

It's an interesting twist on the perception of heaven. I don't know if I'd call is laughable on second guesses when you actually look at the derivations of the research instead of relying solely on the Bible. If you're really interested, you can look at the non-canonical scripture that was accepted in the times of early Christianity on I don't know, sometimes I get frustrated thinking that people who think the Bible, although the primary text is the ONLY text of the religion.

Just a thought.
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Not bad, but the weakest of the three
antialias113 April 2005
Gabriel (Walken) is back, and he's got his pals with him. This part is the darkest of the three and has more angels in it than you can shake a stick at. There's a lot of nifty fights, heart ripping and cool looking customers - though I found the 'ethereal' look of the angels under par for the series.

In 'The Prophecy' Stoltz, Walken and Mortensen had something unearthly about them that made you almost believe they could be supernatural beings. This time most of the angels look like thugs or -in the case of Danyael- like a Haynes underwear model. I found Roberts to be a particularly bad choice for Michael...oh well.

The music is great. They kept the score from the original which was a good idea. The choir music gives the characters that 'divine' aura and serenity, while the driving beat underneath lets you know that things are happening - fast. There is also more humor in this one than in the last.

Not a movie I'd recommend seeing as a stand alone, but as part of the series. Enjoy.

The only problem I had was at the beginning. It is never really explained why Gabriel comes back (and how he manages it), but without Walken this movie wouldn't work.

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Really good sequel
marcusdavis4031 October 2019
What are some of these people talking about ? The Prophecy 2 is a really good movie .I'd say its as good as the first
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Good, but not as intense as the first movie in the franchise...
paul_haakonsen8 July 2019
The 1998 sequel to the 1995 movie "The Prophecy" was certainly watchable and enjoyable, however it just wasn't quite as intense as the first movie. But still, it makes for a good movie, nonetheless.

"The Prophecy II" continues on with the story of Gabriel, and actually includes a more clear and drawn out prophecy this time, whereas the first movie was more hesitant about such a thing - oddly enough.

Similar to the first movie, "The Prophecy II" boasts a rather impressive set of casted actors and actresses. And it is nice to see Christopher Walken return to reprise the role as Gabriel. It was a shame that they didn't have Elias Koteas return to the role as Thomas, despite it being a small part in "The Prophecy II". But they had Bruce Abbott - from the "Reanimator" movies - step in and fill out his shoes, and he does have somewhat of an resemblance to Elias Koteas for sure. "The Prophecy II" also have some good performances by Tom Towles, Brittany Murphy and Eric Roberts.

There was a good pacing to the storyline told in "The Prophecy II", however the storyline felt a little bit rushed at times and as if director Greg Spence just wanted to get the movie finished. Personally, I felt there were parts of the movie that were just skimmed across without going into depth with the aspects of the movie, and that was a shame.

All in all, "The Prophecy II" is a worthy sequel to the 1995 "The Prophecy" movie for sure.
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How many worlds have to burn?
lojitsu22 July 2018
A-Z Horror Movie of the Day..."The Prophecy 2" (R - 1998 - US)

Sub-Genre: Monster/Biblical My Score: 5.9

Cast=7 Acting=7 Plot=6 Ending=7 Story=6 Scare=4 Jump=3 F/X=6 Monster=8 Bible=5

Gabriel returns to try to destroy the human race he despises so much, with the help of a suicidal teen and the opposition of the angel Danyael.

"How many more worlds have to burn before you're satisfied, Gabriel?" Just the one, apparently as Christopher Walken is the only one that returns for this sequel that went straight to video. RIP Brittany Murphy...she shines in her role. Unfortunately, this one is not written very also seemed like Walken got half the budget as the F/X are not as good. I still liked this more than the score would let out, so I think this is worth a watch.
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Better than original sequel
paulclaassen1 July 2018
This installment is actually better than the original, although the storyline is not entirely clear. Why was Valerie (Jennifer Beals) chosen to bear the child that is supposed to stop the war between angels? Oh, and the angel seduces her and has sex outside of matrimony?? Wow, way to go, angel!! Now that's setting an example. You gotta love it!

Christopher Walken is excellent once again. Some nice action and suspense moments.
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Slight and forgettable, but still entertaining for Walken fans.
Hey_Sweden19 October 2017
So-so sequel to the original religion-themed horror film sees Christopher Walken return as the archangel Gabriel, who despises the human race more than ever. He leads one faction of angels that have turned against God, bitter over the love that He showed to mankind. The other faction of angels seek to stop Gabriel and his kind. The main story point of this sequel is that Gabriel is in pursuit of an innocent woman, Valerie Rosales (Jennifer Beals), because she has been impregnated by good guy angel Danyael (Russell Wong).

"The Prophecy II" feels pretty routine overall, although its theme of angels battling each other is an interesting one. It leans heavily on humour, with Walken obviously encouraged to be at his quirkiest and most Walken-esque. For one thing, Gabriel's no good with modern technology, so he keeps resurrecting a suicidal girl (sad eyed Brittany Murphy) so she can do such things as computer searches. It's got some very fun gore and visuals, but it's not until near the end when it really picks up. It also casts Eric Roberts, rock icon Glenn Danzig, and William Prael as assorted angels. Steve Hytner ("That's gold, Jerry, gold!") briefly reprises his role as Joseph, and Bruce Abbott of "Re- Animator" fame has limited screen time as he inherits the role of ex-cop Thomas Daggett from Elias Koteas, who played that role in the first film. Look also for Tom Towles and Kathryn Morris in small roles. The handsome Wong is sincere but bland; Beals is a reasonably appealing heroine.

The hook of a "Nephilim" (a half human / half angel offspring) helps to keep this watchable, for a fairly painless, short running time of just over 83 minutes.

One of only two directorial efforts for Greg Spence (most recently, a producer on 'Game of Thrones'), the other being "Children of the Corn: The Gathering".

Six out of 10.
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Unneeded sequel met my low expectations
a_chinn5 June 2017
For a direct-to-video film, it does boast a better cast of respectable actors and genre regulars than you usually see (Christopher Walken, Russell Wong, Jennifer Beals, Brad Dourif, Brittany Murphy, Eric Roberts, Glenn Danzig, Steve Hytner, Bruce Abbott, Tom Towles, and Steve Hytner) and the film is at times more visually arresting than you typically get in most direct-to-video cash-grab sequels. However, this sequel to "The Prophecy" forgot to be scary, suspenseful, or exciting, which I'll attribute to the absence of the original film's writer/director Gregory Widen, who only has a token executive producer credit on this film. Walker returns as the bad seed angel Gabriel, who again wants to destroy the human race, but who's confronted by a good angel, Wong, who wants to stop him. Although there are some interesting sequences here and there, the story pretty quickly devolves into familiar chases and races-against- time. The original film isn't really that much better in that respect, but it did have a lot more interesting of ideas and characters behind the action, which is the formula you need for a good action or horror film. "The Prophecy II" was disappointing, but I'm not sure I was really expecting a great film film, despite the cast, so maybe it met my middling expectations.
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Leofwine_draca24 September 2015
So here we have THE PROPHECY II, a straight-to-video sequel for a film that wasn't all that hot to begin with. Christopher Walken is back as the sinister archangel Gabriel, a renegade determined to bring the existence of the human race to an end, so he goes after a pregnant woman for some reason or other. Yeah, none of this is particularly interesting, mired as it is in middle-of-the-road ordinary.

One of the main reasons to watch this film is Walken himself; he brings a wry humour to his central role and he's quite a bit of fun to watch. The rest of the cast is populated by familiar faces who have little to work with. Jennifer Beals is still pretty years after FLASHDANCE although Russell Wong doesn't bring much substance to the part of protagonist. There are also minor roles for Bruce Abbott and Tom Towles as a cop. THE PROPHECY II is full of the usual religious mumbo-jumbo and random kill scenes and feels more than a little disjointed and insubstantial; it's watchable enough for fans of '90s-era movies but you don't bring much away from it.
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The first is better...
Amityville152 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The angel Gabriel is back to try and eliminate the human race that he hates so much, if he wants to succeed in doing this he must prevent the birth of a child as it will be the first child born that is the offspring of an angel and a human.

This film starred: Christopher Walken, Russell Wong & Jennifer Beals.

The Prophecy 2 was released in 1998, three years after the first film. In my opinion the first was quite an enjoyable film, it wasn't excellent by any means but it was a respectable film and I do enjoy watching it. The Prophecy 2, is not as good as the first and just no that good of a film at all. I am yet to see the third instalment of this series, and if you saw this film when it came out, you knew there was going to be a third, because of the ending. Not really recommended as it is a dull movie which doesn't contain a lot of enjoyment and in the end if I were to sum up this movie in one word it would be BORING.

**/***** Poor.
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A solid sequel with more gore than last time.
loomis78-815-98903421 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Gabriel (Walken) is cast out of Hell by Lucifer himself and left on earth. In the meantime, good angel Danyael (Wong) fulfills a prophecy told to him by head angel Michael (Eric Roberts). The ancient prophecy has an angel matting with a human making a half Angel/Human hybrid. The mortal Danyael chooses is a nurse named Valerie Rosales (Beals) who quickly realizes something is not right when her grandmother is found dead and she gets a visit from Gabriel. Danyael helps Valerie escape and spends the rest of the film trying to keep her safe and hidden. Gabriel has picked up another monkey named Izzy (Murphy) who is in pursuit of Valerie. All though unnecessary, this sequel is helped by a good cast with Walken stealing scenes like he did in the original and Beals as a spunky and believable heroine. Director Greg Spence Co-writing with Matt Greenberg takes the best things from the original and repeats them here, but this time injects some real scares and a nastier tone. This film's story doesn't break much new ground, so the tension Spence comes up with is very nice. The horror and gore is ramped up and the tone is actually scarier than the original. Part II is certainly entertaining, even though it isn't quite as thought provoking or original as the first installment.
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