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the film that makes you want to make a film.
addiqued11 March 2000
It's creatively narrated, and effective with it's pace and editing. Shot on video with two camera's images spliced together... These two young producers host a sequence of insightful excursions around the states dealing with the question of opportunity in the american dream. and just aimlessly enough to lend the style of their generation.

great depiction in truth.
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Sloppy but terrific
Andy Arrow22 April 2011
Saw it at a film festival when it came out in 1997. As has been reported, yes, it is sloppy and at times self-centered. But unapologetically so. Yes, at times it is difficult to watch, in the sense that a real road trip is also difficult to endure. Yes, it unfolds in chronological order, just like a road trip. It is also self-deprecating. Haven't seen it in 14 years, but I remember very clearly Robert Redford asking "Why do you have two cameras?" (set up three feet apart, same angle.) Interviewers: "So we can cut between the shots." (pause.) Redford: "...Got it." And George McGovern, prior to his interview: "Is this set-up okay?" (meaning, a corner of his office, overlooking Washington DC, with law books and an American flag.) Interviewers: "Huh?" They didn't care about anything except getting the job done, the best way they could. I appreciated the verite, behind-the-scenes feel, and found the film immensely inspiring. Also bought the companion hard cover book.
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