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  • While vacationing in Paris, Andy McDermott (Tom Everett Scott) saves a young girl, Serafine Pigot (Julie Delpy), from committing suicide by jumping off the Eiffel Tower. Serafine turns out to be the daughter of an American werewolf and English nurse who met in London (references to David Kessler (David Naughton) and Nurse Alex Price (Jenny Agutter) from An American Werewolf in London (1981) (1981)). Herself a reluctant werewolf, Serafine unwittingly involves Andy and his two friends Brad (Vince Vieluf) and Chris (Phil Buckman) in the Parisian werewolf subculture led by a ruthless French werewolf named Claude (Pierre Cosso) who is intent on purifying the human race by weeding out "the scum of society...the weak, the stupid, the lazy, who breed and multiply, weakening the human race." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • An American Werewolf in Paris (AWIP) was co-written by film writers Tim Burns, Tom Stern, and Anthony Waller (who also directed the movie) based on characters created by American filmmaker John Landis in the 1981 movie An American Werewolf in London (1981) (AWIL) to which AWIP is the sequel. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It doesn't say so in so many words (apparently, for legal reasons, i.e., Waller didn't have the rights to the names), but it provides hints. For example, in the scene where Claude kidnaps Andy, the DVD (but not the theatrical version) has Claude explain: There were thousands [of werewolves] once, hunted to the brink of extinction. One survivor fled across the channel and lived for generations in the North of England until he was shot by simple farmers after attacking an American traveler. The traveler survived until he was killed in London. His daughter was born in Paris. Another hint is that Serafine has a step-father (David, her real father, was killed before she was born). Also, when the ghost of Serafine's mother (Isabelle Constantini) appears, she is wearing a nurse's dress and speaking with a British accent à la Nurse Alex Price. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He is revealed a bit later in the movie to be Serafine's step-father, Doctor Thierry Pigot (Thierry Lhermitte), a scientist who has been working on a cure for Serafine's lycanthropic cycle. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • That's also her step-father, Thierry Pigot. Later in the film, it's explained that the reason Serafine tried to commit suicide was because his serum, rather than curing her of lycanthropy, actually did the opposite, causing her to immediately transform into a werewolf. In doing so, she killed her mother and, when her step-father attempted to escape through the underground, she bit his legs off, thus infecting him. She now cares for him in the basement because, were he to die, it would mean the loss of hope for ever finding a cure. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Best guess is that it was absinthe, a highly potent alcoholic drink said to cause hallucinations. The werewolves most likely provided it gratis to their "guests" in order to get them drunk, making them easier to catch. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • They were injecting themselves with the serum that Serafine's step-father developed, the depressant that caused them to immediately transform into werewolves without a full moon. They stole the serum from Serafine's basement laboratory at the same time that they killed her step-father. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Serafine was born a werewolf, the last in David Kessler's bloodline, so Claude must have been turned by Serafine. This is evidenced in the scene where Serafine is attempting to get the newly-bitten Andy to drink a glass of heart smoothie and her mother shows up to warn her about making the same mistake again: "First Claude, now this." Alex says to her daughter, "Can't you be more careful?" Serafine then replies, "This is different. Claude stole my blood!" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the melee that follows the Independence Day Party at the Church St de Loup, Andy shoots the werewolf who just happens to be the one that killed Brad, releasing him from the curse and allowing him to move on in true death. When her gun runs out of ammunition, Serafine injects herself with some of the serum in order to transform into a werewolf to fight off the other werewolves, but Andy shoots her by mistake. Serafine transforms back into her human form and begs Andy to kill her and eat her heart, but Andy can't do it. Instead, he goes looking for Claude, leaving Serafine in the hands of the police. Andy clumsily trips and falls down a shaft, landing in a Metro tunnel. Just as Claude (as werewolf) comes racing toward him, a train goes by, striking Claude. Claude manages to break through a window into the cab and to kill a few people before collapsing on the floor and transforming back into human. He attempts to shoot himself with another dose of the serum, but Andy breaks into the cab and kicks it from his hand. Suddenly, Andy notices the scar on Claude's chest and realizes that it was Claude who bit and turned him. He goes after Claude, who has retrieved the syringe from the floor and is attempting again to inject it. They tussle, and Andy ends up falling on the syringe and injecting himself. Realizing that Andy is about to transform into a werewolf, Claude tries to run, but Andy catches up with him, rips out his heart, and eats it, freeing himself from the curse. Meanwhile, in the ambulance, Serafine is losing a lot of blood and about to arrest, so the EMT gives her a shot of epinephrine (aka adrenaline). In the final scene, which takes place "several full moons later," Andy and Serafine stand in full wedding dress on the lookout platform atop the torch held by the Statue of Liberty. Chris hands them the ring but accidentally drops it over the side. Andy and Serafine, in full bungee gear, dive off the tower together. Andy manages to catch the ring on the way down, but Chris suddenly notices that Serafine's cord isn't secured. Fortunately, Andy already has Serafine enclosed in his arms. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. In some DVD versions, Serafine's step-father appears in the ambulance that is taking her to the hospital. Serafine is preparing to pull out the IV tube that is keeping her alive, but he warns her not to do it and explains that he's found a permanent cure. He's holding some papers that have instructions on how to make the serum. Serafine then says: "Daddy, you're wonderful...I love t'aime", and the EMT replies, like in the theatrical version, "My name is Bruno but I'm easy." Several full moons later, Andy visits Serafine in the hospital where she has just given birth. The baby is brought in, and Andy screams when he sees it but then says he was just kidding. Then the baby opens its eyes, and it has werewolf eyes. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Because the movie does not answer that question, viewers of the film have offered several theories. One theory suggests that the epinephrine injected into her by the EMT served as a stimulant and reversed her condition (as opposed to the depressant used in her step-father's treatment that only resulted in immediate transformation). A second theory is that Andy, as promised, read Thierry's notes and worked out a proper cure. Still others don't believe that Serafine was cured at all; she was born a werewolf and would remain a werewolf, having to eat hearts for the rest of her life. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The most logical explanation is that, when Andy killed Claude (his maker) and was released from the curse, Amy Finch (Julie Bowen) was also released from the curse, since it was Andy who made her. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No, he was human. Most likely Claude and his friends didn't want to turn him because they needed someone to be behind the doors to make sure they didn't escape when they turned into werewolves and killed all the partygoers during the club De La Lune party, There was a deleted scene where they're shown initiating the bouncer indicating they infected him with the werewolf curse. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • During their fight on the train, Andy notices a wound on Claude's left shoulder. He then has a flashback to when he was first attacked and remembers injuring the werewolf on the same shoulder with a metal spear He realizes that Claude is the werewolf who bit him and whom he has to kill in order to lift his curse, which is why Andy says to Claude after the revelation,"You!" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No, he's last seen pursuing Claude into the catacombs and almost gets killed by him when he is a werewolf but falls into a hole and lands into the water channels running beneath the catacombs. He's shown during the alternate ending at the hospital when Serafine gives birth to her and Andy's child, and he congratulates them. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Jacques, one of Claude's henchman. Andy kills him during the Independence Day party. Brad even exclaims excitingly "Wohoo you shot him," therefore allowing Brad to move on to the afterlife. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No he survives after he's kidnapped by Claude and his henchmen and chained up (and most likely beaten for information regarding Andy's whereabouts) Claude and his henchmen give Andy a choice to join them by making him kill Chris which he refuses, he's later seen during the Independence Day party tied up to a cross overlooking the party once pandemonium erupts and all the partygoers are running around the cross he's tied to breaks off and he's seen running out of the church with the cross still tied to his back, he's later seen with Andy and Serafine in New York when they're getting married in the Statue of Liberty Edit (Coming Soon)


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