An American Werewolf in Paris (1997) Poster

Vince Vieluf: Brad



  • Andy McDermott : I didn't choose to become a werewolf. I can't face the fact that I've got to go around killing and eating people for the rest of my life.

    Brad : Better get used to it.

  • Amy Fitch : [undead]  Thank's for the lovely evening, douche bag! You really know how to show a girl a good time don't you!

    Andy McDermott : No, no, no you're dead!

    Amy Fitch : No, I ain't so lucky. I am undead and as your rotting sidekick I am cursed to remain a restless spirit until you die!

    Brad : Not so fast! You want my buddy dead, nutball you're gonna have to wait. I need him first. He's no use to me as a corpse

    Amy Fitch : I waited four year's on a stairmaster to get a package like this. You ripped through it like a lamb chop!

    Brad : Don't blame me Andy, I warned you.

    Amy Fitch : [to Andy]  Wait, you mean you knew about this all along?

    [she punches Andy, but her non-coporial hand passes through his mouth] 

    Amy Fitch : Uh!

    Andy McDermott : [banging his head against the wall]  I'm losing... my... freaking skull!

    Brad : Come on you gotta pull yourself together, Andy! You gotta get outta here the cop's wanna put you away for life!

  • Andy McDermott : To Paris.

    Chris : Beware.

    [Andy and Chris make a toast] 

    Brad : Hey,hey watch it man. All right I have the score for Spain our leader with 125 daredevil points, yours truly and in second place with 95 Chris...

    Chris : Wait hold on a second what about the sex points?

    Brad : No,those are separate.

    Chris : Since when you can't keep changing the rules.

    Andy McDermott : Who said anything about sex points,read your shirt it say's Daredevil Tour.

    Chris : [Girl passes by]  you see that, she smiled at me.

    Andy McDermott : In your dream's she's not interested in douche bags like us,european babes are charming and sophisticated especially the French

    Brad : Yea hench the hairy pit's.

    Andy McDermott : See what I mean.

    Chris : I'll give you 30 sex point's if you can so much as get her phone number.

    Andy McDermott : She's not my type.

    Brad : Ah come on you-you haven't made a move this entire trip Andy.

    Andy McDermott : I'm choosy.

    Chris : When was the last time you had sex?

    Brad : With another person?

    Andy McDermott : There's sex and there's love,that's what differentiates human's from animal's.

    Brad : Alright fine when where you last in love?

    Andy McDermott : [to Chris]  When where you ever in love?

    Chris : Maps upside-down,slick.

    Brad : Give him a break Chris, we can't let him fall to far back.

    Andy McDermott : I won't need your charity once we get to Paris, Il show you guy's a stunt you'll never top.

    Brad , Chris : [Sarcastically]  Oooh

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