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De-fanged "A Star is Born"
moonspinner559 July 2007
"Glitter" might have been a camp classic if the story wasn't so dull and downbeat. It's yet another rewrite of "A Star Is Born", here turned into a vehicle for pop star Mariah Carey and apparently patterned after her own rise to the top (audiences weren't fooled, however, by the updated, late-night-movie clichés). Carey's funky/erotic music is driving (and her performance as blazing new talent Billie Frank is adequate), but the script for "Glitter" seems left over from the 1950s. Didn't the writers realize that times have changed and that Billie didn't have to be such a diva-doormat? Actresses of a lot higher caliber than Mariah Carey have fallen into this trap--they just don't want to see themselves on the screen acting bitchy and tough, so they end up playing the simp. "Glitter" features some rich cinematography (nice shots of the Big Apple), but it is too soft to make an impression--even as an unintended comedy. *1/2 from ****
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As bad as they say, and then some
mentalcritic28 December 2004
In my perverse desire to see every film in the bottom 100, I thought I could not go far wrong with a rental of this classic POS. Mariah Carey's first and so far only feature film is an example of how the combined MPAA and RIAA attempts to shovel garbage at us are starting to backfire. Sales of Mariah's recordings, once one of the highlights of an otherwise dreary RIAA mainstream catalogue, have slumped. It's all because of this film. Don't let the blind Mariah fans fool you - it is just as bad as critics say, and deserving of its bottom 100 status.

Where to begin when pulling apart this cinematic abortion? For me, the first major problem was the cinematography. If the viewer is not clued in on the fact that Vondie Curtis-Hall has only directed television before this film as it starts, the flat, Days-Of-Our-Lives-style shots will soon make it clear enough. Directors who put one or two actors, three tops, in a 2.35:1 frame are a dime a dozen. On the other hand, directors who cannot even differentiate these actors' spacing from the camera truly stand out, and not in a good way.

The story has been described as being syrupy enough to kill anyone who suffers from diabetes (or doesn't), and I am not going to contest that. It's a variation upon the classic rags to riches theme, specifically tailored towards Mariah. Mariah essentially plays herself in the guise of a young vocalist who starts singing backup for a considerably less talented vocalist. As she crosses the paths of more people, eventually said people twig to the fact that she can vocalise with the best of them. One DJ eventually picks her up, manages her through a record deal, and promises her that one day she *will* play in Madison Square Garden, or something along those lines.

This kind of story has been done before, with such real-life examples as the Jacksons providing source material for one excellent miniseries of the theme. The problem here is that we've heard this story a million times before. Another significant problem is that while Mariah has a voice many would kill for, there is absolutely nothing that stands out, even slightly about her material. As an old girlfriend of mine once said, the longer it takes the RIAA to twig to the fact that being female doesn't mandate wanting to hear this formulaic ballad crap, the more business they are going to lose to independents who support bands like Opera IX. I think the fact that Mariah's last album disappeared without trace in spite of having millions of dollars spent on its promotion proves her right.

Mariah's story is also incredibly bland, to say the least. So her junkie mother gave her up when she was young. Oh boo hoo. It happens, and you're probably better off for it, get over it already. The previously-mentioned Jacksons could run rings around the likes of Mariah Carey for sob stories, and their reluctance to deal with the media at large is a telling thing. So in the end, we are simply left with another example of the mainstream trying to seem alternative, and failing.

I gave Glitter a one out of ten. I don't think I am being too harsh. I think it is so amazingly bad that it becomes comedic, at least on the first viewing. I suspect that repeated viewings will simply become boring.
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Scary star vehicle
GroovyDoom5 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Even fans of bad movies will have a tough time with "Glitter", which commits a number of gross sins while it is on your screen. Unlike the similarly-panned "Showgirls", "Glitter" doesn't go far enough over the top to be of any interest, and it takes itself way too seriously. "Showgirls" made me feel giddy while I was watching it. "Glitter" made me feel as if I had been poisoned.

What an unfortunate mis-step for star Mariah Carey, who gets sucked up into the vacuum of this movie like a dust bunny under the Hoover. It's not that Mariah is terrible, exactly. She doesn't seem like much of an actress, and she definitely doesn't have much screen presence. But the real problem is that she doesn't really do much except smile, sing, and look pretty. She simply exists. Perhaps since "Glitter" is touted as a semi-autobiographical film like "Purple Rain", the producers thought being Mariah Carey would be enough to carry the film. Her role is shallow and one-dimensional, despite the fact that the script tries to give her some depth by piling on the age-old "wayward childhood" cliché. The problem is we've seen all of this so often that it's very silly.

It only gets worse as the movie progresses. After Mariah's character, Billie, grows up, she meets an obnoxious club DJ who, much to our horror, turns out to be the movie's other main character. Carey and her costar, Max Beesley, have next to zero screen chemistry, but for some reasons she falls in love with him.

The director throws in a bunch of gimmicky techniques, like speeding up the film, as well as a hilariously awful cut that goes from Mariah's face to fireworks exploding. There is also a laugh-out-loud moment where the actress who plays the young Billie Frank joins her mother onstage and when she opens her mouth to sing, it is Mariah Carey's voice that comes out of her--pitched up until she sounds a little like Minnie Mouse. No wonder Mariah collapsed after this was released.

There are some absurd and awful moments in the film that have nothing to do with Mariah, most notably her two obnoxious friends who are directed as complete caricatures and seem to be intended for some sort of comic relief (there's plenty of that in other places, all of it unintentional).

Beesley is supposed to be a big-time club DJ, yet he plays more like a kid at a high-school dance. The role is all wrong for him. For some inexplicable reason, the film is set in the early 80s, yet more often than not it looks suspiciously like the early 00's (especially the furniture). The dialog is unmemorable and nobody has any real acting to do in this film, except for one or two "emotional" moments. The drama is uninvolving, and it doesn't really spiral out of control until the conclusion of the movie, where it soars so far into the absurd that we finally get some good "bad movie" stuff (a big fight, a beating, a murder, a campy moment of triumph onstage). It's too little, too late though.

The one thing that "Glitter" manages to carry off is a cliché but somewhat engaging scene where Billie finally meets up her long-lost mother. Unfortunately, it is the final scene of the movie, and the camera sails right up into the sky just when we get to the one moment in the film that works.
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Worse than you've heard
jcorpuz@ucsd.edu11 August 2003
I don't know how many of you have ACTUALLY seen this movie but I recently rented it out of morbid curiousty and a sadistic love of BAD cinema (and of course making fun of it)... and I did give it an honest chance. I really did, and no less than 3 minutes into the movie I was convinced it was going to be a bomb... there's too much to complain about here, from the faux artistic shots and film techniques meant to give the film some false "class", to the insane gaping void of chemistry between the main lovebirds, to the comic relief that is not funny and is unnecesary since there was no drama or romance, to the numerous long, long shots of things that either didn't matter or didn't need to be shown for the 700th time... I kid you not this is a really awful movie... only the most inept movie fan or an insanely die hard Mariah Carey fan could ignore the gaping holes in plot, directions, style, and acting that Glitter presents. However if you enjoy watching movies and going all MST3K on them, then by all means rip on this one. It deserves all the insults you can muster.
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flawed....but let's be honest, there are MUCH WORSE FILMS
franklinajohnson2 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so it's been 6 1/2 years since this film has come out and it has still been considered one of the worst films of all time, but lets be honest, it is not terrible. Not great but not terrible. I think the greatest flaw in the film that there has not been that was not enough time dedicated to explaining certain aspects of Billie's emotions. There should have been more about her father and how that reflected her relationship with Dice. But when it comes to plot, it is fairly predictable, but there is a reason why there are so many films that share this plot line about fame: A Star Is Born, Dreamgirls etc., it is a part of fame. The main problem is the script, without a good script, the true potential for acting is limited. Now when it comes to the acting, I'll admit it is not great but no means it is terrible. Terrible acting is Jessica Simpson in "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "Blonde Ambition." I think it is time for people to stop treating this film as if it is the worst film to grace the screen, there are far worse films and this film, while not the greatest, should get the benefit of a doubt.
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so bad it goes past good and comes back to bad again
claudemercure28 February 2002
I rented Glitter because I'd read it was destined to become a 'so bad it's good' classic, but I was disappointed. This is no Showgirls. What makes Glitter a bad movie is that it's a bland, soulless procession of clichés, exactly like Mariah Carey's songs. And that just makes it boring-bad instead of spectacularly bad. And though Mariah is plenty vacuous in the starring role, she doesn't reach the heights of strenuously bad acting that Elizabeth Berkeley does in Showgirls. The only element of this movie that satisfies my so-bad-it's-good criteria is the character of Mariah's boyfriend. Here you have the whitest man on Earth, saying 'hip' things like "I'm a'ight" and "when you got no food in yo crib". If only the movie had contained more cringe-worthy gems like those!
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Mariah Carey cannot be excused from this wreckage....
CTS-114 February 2003
...because, as her vanity project, she undoubtedly had the final yea or nay on what went into this mess. The inexplicable glitter strip (note: watch for continuity errors in its location)? The longest-lived cat ever? Telepathic songwriting? The most unsympathetic cast of characters since "A Clockwork Orange?" Ms. Carey knew, or should have known.

Mariah's acting is, well.... zombified. Her screen presence would actually be explained by her being under the influence of some medication designed to help with her later well known breakdown. Ms. Carey proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that bad over-acting makes for more entertaining badfilm than bad under-acting, which just leaves the viewer wondering why the movie was made. I couldn't tell for sure whether the rest of the cast's tepid-to-annoying performances were due to their own bad acting or from trying to perform across from the lifeless Ms. Carey; after 45 minutes, I couldn't care either. A well-deserved 1.
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Are you sure there's no way to vote ZERO?
Meat_Trademark13 June 2002
Okay, without swear words...

This movies bites everything bad really hard.

Don't get me wrong. Even if a movie is BAD, I can still often get a kick out of it. Some bad films are so bad they're fun: Roadhouse, Kingdom of the Spiders ("starring" William Shatner), Orgy of the Dead, Cool as Ice, Battlefield Earth... This one's just plain bad. I'm not sure if I can EVER forgive myself for having watched it. I swear, my eyes and ears began bleeding about twenty minutes into it. Still, I waited for something so bad it was funny. It didn't happen. Just plain bad. No, not "just plain bad," but really bad. Really, really bad. I truly can't say how bad it was on this post without resorting to, and making up new, swear words.

That said, I was unfortunate enough to stumble upon some show on MTV about celebrities' homes during a segment about Pariah Careless herself. Let's just say that I used to think she was the Devil. Now I know that there are worse, more pretentious, and just all-around truly more terrible and terrifying things than the Devil. She's straight out of H P Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. A slimy many-tentacled thing waiting to devour humankind's happiness to further its own demented, sickening Ends.

And if you think I'm being flippant or sarcastic, let me set the record straight: I am not religious, but I fear I may be in mortal danger for having exposed her as the the Evil Lurking Thing that she is. I pray to unknown benevolent gods that I never hear the wet, poison tentacle-claws scratching their way in through my door. I hope my death will be quick and painless when the Mariah-thing comes to reap my soul.

By the way, I really didn't like this movie at all.
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More Like "Litter"
shsoh14 February 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert Ok. I finally picked up the courage to rent this this video for just 2 bucks. But what a money this was! This movie seems to be made for a 10 hr television series but was edited to become a telemovie instead. But what a piece of low class crap this is. Mariah Carey gives her worst performance ever in movie histroy - same expression for joy, pain, rejection etc. The worst scenes as follows:

1. Mariah was told that she had a contract, entered a room and then the celebration begins! Amazing!

2. The boyfriend was murdered and then she sang a song during her concert. - more than an expression of freedom from her relationship than in remembrance for the dead. I was rolling with laughter here....

3. The DJs appear to accept any demo tapes even prior to sampling them? This being done at the risk of offending the party crowds! Ridiculous!

4. The film has the worst ending ever.... the way her mum looks at her appears that she knows "EVERYTHING" but was previously stangely left wandering in the streets in destitution!!! Daughter and mum hugged and cried. I cried too... for spending an hour plus of my life watching AND finishing the show.

O! How can I remove this guilt and embarrassment of my life!!!
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Really is that bad...
The_Limey27 April 2003
Simple rule, if you are going to make a movie vehicle for a non-actor, surround them with some good actors, so if they turn out to have all the acting ability of a tin of tuna, you still have some hope of making the movie just bad, rather than bowel clenchingly awful.

This rule is ignored, the result is a piece of dross, that was so bad Mariah had a nervous breakdown when she watched it, so bad that Virgin executives gave her $15 million as long as they would never have to watch it again, so bad, well you get the point.

If you want a storyline, easy, mom is black, dad is white. Mom doesn't want her, dad doesn't want her. She wants to be a star, black and white guys fight over her. Lots of tradgedy. Lots of singing, lots of walking around in tight dresses. Everything ends up OK.

I can think of nothing that would recomend this. If you are a fan of Mariah, she isn't photographed that well, there are no big stand out tunes. If you aren't, then, you are looking at a movie which everyone involved with is obviously embarrased about.
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Mariah Carey is a top-notch actress
zack-5019 May 2004
Personally, I do not understand why this movie has received much bad press. Even though I am a huge Mariah Carey fan, this movie was a very nice tale that had many links back to Carey's own biography, which interested me more.

The music (soundtrack) was superb and I've watched/listened to the movie countless times. All the characters acting was high quality (except for a couple of cheesy instances) and their lives were interesting.

It made me laugh and cry, but mainly, it made me smile.

A lot of people are quick to judge a movie simply because it has the "Mariah Carey" name on it (whether good or bad). This WAS a good movie and deserves much more than what is given.
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khat-datty3 September 2002
I personally feel that Ms Carey took a bad rap for this film. "Glitter" really isn't as bad as the critic's wrote in their reviews. Sure this movie was not of the caliber of an Oscar nominated film, but it was fairly well acted, and entertaining. I honestly feel had Jennifer Lopez been in the starring role as opposed to Mariah Carey, no one would have had a problem with the film. I gives kudos to the cast and crew of this film. A grossly underrated film.

K-DIDDY 2002
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In music she found her dream, her love, herself...
David, Film Freak3 May 2002
It's incredibly hard to view 'Glitter' objectively given the facts that it was a huge Box Office bomb and that also the leading lady who was supposed to prove she was not only a singer but a an actor too, despite being mentally ill at it's release. Now I'm not saying that this review is completely un-biased, after all, I'd been brought up on a healthy diet of Mariah Carey, but I did rent this movie a few weeks ago (it being not released to cinema) due to pure curiosity.

The multi-octave song-bird's film vehicle (originally titled 'All That Glitters... a much better name I think) opens with in the early 1960's, in an all-black bar with a woman (Valarie Pettiford) singing a jazz/blues number before introducing her young daughter, Billie Frank (Isobel Gomes), to the semi-interested audience and the two launch into a duet which wows the crowd. Cut to the next few shots where Billie's mother tries to get money from Billie's father, before giving her up to an adoption agency.

Fast-foward to the bright and bouncy 1980's where all-grown-up Billie (the aforementioned Carey) is dancing in a club with her two best friends Louise and Roxy (Da Brat and Tia Texada), who are soon offered as back-up singing gig for no-talent, good-looking up-and-comer Sylk. Needing the money, the 3 take the job, and the producer finds Mariah's... er... Billie's voice completely spellbinding - and chooses to use her voice instead of the God-awful voice that the main singer is belting out.

A recording of a song entitled "All My Life" is handed to a Club DJ - DJ Dice to be exact (British actor Max Beesley who puts on a 'wigga' accent - sometimes really good, other times really bad) who plays it and instantly falls in love with the vocals. Upon discovering that the vocal used is in fact Billie's he instantly wants to be her producer (of course her beautiful looks have nothing to do with it!). So, makes a deal with her old producer Timothy (Terrence Howard) to take the gorgeous Billie and her back-up singing, loud-mouthed friends and take them under his wing - for the reasonable (!) price of ONLY $100,000! So the Dice & Billie end up becoming good friends and record a song, "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On", and it is played for music executives, and before you can change the butt groove in your seat, Billie is signed to a major record label.

Of course, the road to musical superstardom is not an easy one and Billie has several troubles - the video director for her first single "Loverboy" wants her to parade around in nothing but a piece of string (Billie minds, Mariah wouldn't) and there's also the little problem of her undeniable attraction to Dice. The two become an item and she even moves into Dice's modern, typically New York apartment. Billie's first single unsurprisingly tops the U.S. chart - for ten weeks, at which point the record company are eager to release her first album which they want full control over - p***ing off both Billie and Dice.

Our star-crossed 80's lovers start fighting as her career begins to blossom. She's invited to all the right parties and invited to guest on all the right talk shows - a dream she's had for many years, but amist all of the amazing goings-on, her two best friends are seeing less and less of her and Dice is becoming a drag - she even has to bail him out of jail before an appearance on a show. The two have a massive fight, leading Billie to move out (and Girl Power-ly slap his face). Her attempts at tracking down her addicted biological mother fail as the adoption agency have lost contact with her. Also during this time, she records a single with pop singer Rafael (Halle Berry's musician hubby Eric Benét). The duet, titled "Want You" is another number one for Billie, and her biggest dream is about to come true - she's about to play at Madison Square Garden.

The day of the concert arrives and Billie returns to Dice's apartment to find him not there. Unfortunately Billie's day won't exactly go as planned - it seems, achieving your dreams sometimes means that you'll lose the ones you love. And with that, I won't go into the final minutes' in detail, but I'll just say that is very emotional.

So that's the story, but were the performances any good? Well yes and no. Mariah Carey (although despite what you've no doubt heard) is a promising actress. Her acting isn't brilliant (yet) - there are times when you feel she goes overboard (especially in the emotional bits). I've found that her most convincing scenes (and therefore best ones) are where she gets angry. Her stereotypical best friends are good too and add a needed comical element. Beesley as DJ Dice is good, although he sometimes seems very fake. Anyone else worth noticing is probably OK.

The soundtrack is brilliant. Carey's 9th studio album is a pop/r&b LP with great recordings. From the pumping 80's tracks (Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Didn't Mean To Turn You On, All My Life) to the gorgeous Mariah-like ballads (Lead The Way, Reflections and especially Never Too Far) plus the Eric duet 'Want You' and the Ja Rule infected 'If We' - it's just as good as her previous efforts.

Overall, 'Glitter' IS a film that the troubled songbird should be proud of. It is a drama, though - and watch that, don't think it'll be laugh-a-minute. It's emotional, passionate and with Carey in the lead - it's one rollercoaster ride you'll like at the time and will leave you wanting more. Recommended definetely... Go Mariah!
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A 40 Million Dollar High School Play
ccarhart8 July 2010
So bad it's fabulous. This movie bombed big-time when it opened, I saw it in the theater with an audience of 5 other people and have watched it several times since. So much bad press at the time! There was a rumor that it was originally supposed to be set in the 80's, but that part was cut out, only the wacky costumes remained. That would explain the presence of Ann Magnusona as a press agent for the record company. Mariah is sincerely likable and sings beautifully. The same cannot be said for poor Padma Lakshima. Sort of an R&B version of "A Star Is Born", you will find yourself laughing in all the wrong places. Every cliché in the book and then some. There is a fashion photo shoot with silver body paint, and an evening dress that goes from stage to farm in one day. A classic rags to riches tale that seems to have been written by a teenager.

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not so bad
mcrodas27 February 2003
True, this is no cinematic marvel, but this movie does not deserve to be number 13 of the bottom 100 movies as commented on by IMDB audience. Not even in the bottom 100 at all. I'm a guy, and no big Mariah Carey fan, but this movie is not so bad, ok for any Mariah Carey fan.
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I really liked this movie!!!
gt500ro31 October 2004
Yes i've read the critics,and i think all who wrote bad things about the movie really didn't understand it.It is a movie that i want to see again and again.Yes, i am a huge Mariah fan but i will analyse this movie in cold blood.Indeed the acting is sometimes bad,and what do you expect, she is a singer after all.Still this doesn't make an obstacle in seeing the movie,that flows like juice in a glass.The movie is relaxing ,the songs are good, and if you love Mariah, you will love to see a part of her life at TV.I understand that she was upset after the movie, it was not the critics that upset her.It was the fact that she put a part of her life in this movie and most of the world didn't appreciate it.
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Great start for Mariah
butterfly2310 April 2002
This is a great film. I saw it in the theatres when it first came out. While it's not the best film I've ever seen, it certainly is not even close to being the worst. The music is fabulous and Mariah and the cast are great. My problem was with the script. Not very good. I think people are just dissing this movie because it has Mariah Carey in it. That's a stupid reason not to watch a movie and a cruel thing to do to a person. People just like to kick others who are down. Mariah was good in this movie. Room for improvement, but good.
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Crap Crap Crappity Crap
starlasunlight14 January 2005
This film wasn't as bad as I thought but it wasn't good. It was still utter crap on stick. Mariah as many have said is as wooden as the huge horse in Troy and I'm so sorry that someone like Max Beesley has been brought into a film like this.

If this film had of been done differently E.G. different female lead and as much as I love Mr Beesley replace him too. Then if some Hollywood hotshots are brought in it could be OK once the script is totally replaced.

Then again some apparent Hollywood hotshots can't save a film E.G. Gigli. For the love of god this world's going nuts.
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A Tour-de-Force!!!
Drxtc22 August 2002
Move over, Meryl Streep and Dame Judy Densch...the next wave of young thespian geniuses is storming the screen, and the path is being blazed by stunning Mariah Carey. Given nothing but a bare-boned outline of a plot to work with, Ms. Carey explodes across the screen with a depth and complexity of character unseen since Vivian Leigh's multi-faceted Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind" back in 1939. Every colour of the rainbow, and some even out of the range of the known colour scheme, are clearly and sharply delineated by Mariah in every frame of this masterpiece; every subtle shade and nuance of Billie Frank is drawn with precision sharpness and crystal clarity. It is said that the ultimate sign of true artistry in film is when one can look at any single frame of a motion picture and instantly know what is going on just from the facial expressions and body language of the actors within. "Glitter" certainly exemplifies this theory. At any given moment, one can look at Mariah's Billie Frank and instantly see every idiosyncrasy of the woman inside. The relationships she has with, and her feelings towards, every character she interacts with in the film is beautifully fleshed-out and drawn with a broad brush. Each and every word Mariah speaks in "Glitter" was meticulously delivered by her, and obviously carefully studied during perusal of the script.

Mariah delivers infinitely more than the one-dimensional Billie other reviews have led us to expect. Her transitions from despondency, to loneliness, to anger, to triumph...all brought forth with a crispness and clarity unknown to this age of the cinematic experience. And the ease with which she presents all these ranges of emotion draws you into the character of Billie, to the point where you hang breathlessly on Mariah's next word. She has such a natural talent, such an incredible comfort in front of the camera, that you instantly forget you are watching an actress playing Billie; you believe she really is Billie.

This can only be the smallest taste of what is to come from this future screen legend. Mariah has made her mark on the film industry, and now can, and must, move on to deeper, more complex roles...she must rightfully stake her claim as one of the greatest screen presences in cinema history. How marvelous it would be to see her take on some of the great female characters of literary classics, so in vogue today. A "Jane Eyre", for example, or Lizzy in "Pride and Prejudice". Many of Shakespeare's greatest works have remained uncommitted to celluloid; what greater compliment to the works of the master himself than to have them graced by Mariah Carey?

Please, do yourself a favour; you must see this movie, and see it with an open mind. Those who scoff are simply those who had already decided that Mariah would be a failure in the cross-over from music to film. They cannot admit they were wrong; for, unlike Barbra Streisand and Madonna before her, embarrassments both, Mariah Carey is a fabulous, fantastic, brilliant actress. Again, look at everything she was able to do with this meagre script!!!

Mariah Carey is the most stunningly beautiful, breathtaking, sexy, sensuous, heart-stopping woman ever to appear on the stage or screen. So many times during this movie, I realized that I was so captivated by her beauty that I wasn't even breathing; my heart was pounding so fiercely at the sight of her, I though it would burst.

Believe me, Mariah...keep acting...keep will always be remembered as a priceless legend.
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"Glitter" : All These Years Later
happipuppi1327 March 2006
First,let me start by confessing something I freely admit. I am 100% a fan of Mariah a singer. It's almost like what the girls in the '60s probably had when they looked at the Beatles. Whenever she's on TV or I listen to her music,I just naturally feel good.

However,when it comes to "Glitter",yes I,like most,was really let down. I wont even go into the plot since it's a moot point at this time. 5 years or 100 will not change or make this film any better. Even though I'm a fan,I'm not so one sided in thought that I'd just accept it all. This film was a mistake from the beginning. Even the soundtrack is not "all that" as they say. Although I do like the song "Never Too Far" & "Loverboy" . (That's why I gave 2 stars).

I heard about this film going into production back in 1998. Now,when a film takes nearly 3 years to make,that's the very first warning sign that it's not going to work. Not to mention some publicized production problems I read about. Mariah herself stated recently on Oprah that she just wasn't good at saying "no" during the dizzying pace of her career in the 90's. I'm sure this was just something she contractually said "yes" to and moved on.

Then,as happens with all "super-stars" (I hate that term) the low came after 11 years of riding high. There wasn't anything wrong with her music,she'd just been working too hard,too long and that's what led to this embarrassing moment and the one in 2002 on Total Request Live aka TRL. She has of course rebounded from all this,her song,"We Belong Together" spent 14 weeks at #1 last summer and the CD "Emancipation of Mimi" has sold millions. She can now do what "she" wants at her own pace.

In closing,today is March 27th. Happy birthday Mariah,as far as I'm concerned you at least deserve one review that isn't filled with venom. Keep on singing. (END)
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Oh the pain.... Mariah believes she is Streisand in A Star is Born
kolchak259 October 2002
This movie was so bad I could not even finish watching it. The acting is atrocious, the script full of cliches, and Mariah's wardrobe is used either as an attempt to call attention away from her bad acting, or to audition for a layout in a men's magazine. As the movie has been on a movie channel, I did end up watching the entire thing - although I had to do it in bits and pieces to retain my sanity.

There are many scenes that are totally pointless and last all of thirty seconds. One of the best, ie worst, is when she and Dice walk into the suite of the record company, the business men say you've got a contract, and champagne glasses are raised - end scene. That is literally the scene and actually probably doesn't even last twenty seconds. There is no extra dialogue or any other action - walk in, "you got the contract", "I'll drink to that", scenes over. It is the type of writing I did when I was in junior high.

This is a bad, bad film. The more I think about it, there are many similarities between this film and "A Star is Born". Geez, Mariah probably thought she would be the next Barbara Streisand. I can't wait to see Mariah's interpretation of "Yentl".
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I'm offsetting the bad rating
jeffriesdo12 December 2018
So this is certainly no Oscar worthy film, or even a great film. It's decent. Though I've been a long-time IMDb user, I was prompted to write this as my first review because I felt like the score is unfair. Glitter certainly doesn't deserve a 2.2 rating as I've seen worse; some of it's "connection" films, for example. Truthfully, I'd give it a 5 or 6 out of 10-- my 8 stars above is only in hopes that it will raise the current rating. Mariah Carey gives a consistent performance, especially considering her personal struggles at the time. I'm no super fan either but just thought I'd contribute some positivity here and respectfully disagree with the numerous disparaging comments. If anything, I would blame the writing rather than the acting, but again, I can think of other films that are much more overtly awkward due to a poor script. I typically don't list credentials but for context, I have a PhD (and all former degrees) in Theatre so I can be pretty critical and think myself capable of identifying a horrible movie and this isn't it, in my opinion. It's on par with many other romance movies and dramas about singing careers. If you have realistic expectations, it's a okay film.
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Singing And Acting Don't Mix.
edrpz31 March 2017
What do you get when you take a over hyped singer and put her in a movie? You get Glitter. This is an example of why most singer should stay singers. Acting is not something that Mariah Carey should have not let an agent talk her into. This was suppose to be a romance movie, but if I had been the guy that she was after, I would have stepped in front of a speeding truck just to get out of this travesty of a film. The only good thing about this move are the credits at the end. That way you know that you reache the end of such a bad movie.
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It's no wonder that even Carey herself considers 'Glitter' her biggest regret
TheLittleSongbird17 July 2016
Seeing 'Glitter' with an open mind, despite its notoriously awful reputation, it is not quite as horrendous to be down there with the worst films of all time, but the problems 'Glitter' has are plentiful and are significant enough to consider it a very bad film still.

The good news is that Mariah Carey does sound absolutely incredible, always have loved her voice with its beautiful tone, emotional connection and uniquely wide range. Also Terrence Howard is quite good and steals scenes.

However, Carey's enviable skills as a singer does not translate in her skills as an actress, it was really strange that an artist with such a huge vocal range (five octaves!) is the complete antithesis in her very one-note and often expressionless acting here, which is devoid of any joy, surprise, sincerity or emotion. The ability to connect emotionally with her songs also doesn't translate in the acting, she looks stiff and bored throughout here.

Unfortunately, the songs here do nothing for her vocal talents either. She sings them very well indeed, but there are far more memorable and emotionally powerful songs from her out there that also display her unique vocal gifts much more. They're not awful, just bland. The rest of the acting is also poor, with Max Beesley being equally lousy and not sounding sure what accent to pull off, while with the characters Carey's is shallow, one-dimensional and very difficult to relate to (which is a huge dividend considering the type of story it is) and the rest are annoying caricatures, a couple even irrelevant to the story.

Even for a film set in the 80s, 'Glitter' does much less than glitter and looks firmly stuck in the 80s. It looks gaudy and too much of the camera work is too gimmicky and amateurish. The structurally wafer-thin script, with clumsy attempts at being hip, embarrassingly unfunny humour and "poignant" moments that come over as emotionally manipulative, sounds even older than that and like an awkwardly written soap-opera rejected at first draft (and should have stayed there).

'Glitter' has very little story, it's very thin and aimless, and padded by the bland and uninspiredly choreographed songs shot like a series of out of date music videos and subplots that come out of nowhere and go very little further than that (i.e. the reappearance of the cat or the reunion with her mother). It starts tedious and loses even more drive as it plods on, and throughout like Carey's performance there's no joy, no emotion and no substance. The direction is decidedly inept.

Overall, not that horrendous but it is no wonder that Carey herself regrets being involved in this. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Glitter It Doesn't
Michael_Elliott9 June 2013
Glitter (2001)

* (out of 4)

Mariah Carey pretty much plays herself in the story of a poor girl who grew up without her parents only to work really hard and eventually make it to the top. GLITTER is considered one of the worst movies ever made. Is it? I really don't think so but at the same time there's no question that it's really bad but I think with a little common sense the thing could have worked. There are way too many problems going on here, which could have been corrected and we can start with the screenplay. I'm guessing people just watched every rise-to-fame story out there, gathered all the cliché moments and threw them into this. There's really nothing that happens here that the viewer won't see coming from a mile away and worse of all is that none of the clichés are even given little pinches of something fresh or original. Even worse is the fact that there's really no one here to root for. The Carey character is pretty bland, boring and there's never a single second where we feel bad for her. I'm guess that Carey and company just figured since people knew it was based on her that we'd immediately have a connection with her. It doesn't work this way. You're still playing a character. You still need to bring some life to that character. The screenplay still needs to give that character something to do and the viewer something to feel for. Another major problem is that the new music here is just downright bad and it's certainly nothing you'll enjoy listening to. This here could have been corrected had the film just used Carey's previous hits but I guess they didn't want to pay the extra money that it would have cost to use them. Finally, Carey herself is just downright awful here. No matter if she's happy, sad, angry and calm, she has the exact same reaction all the time. She really doesn't bring this character to life and never is she believable in the part. When you can't get any form of emotion across it's hard to make an emotional story work. Max Beesley and Terrence Howard are both good in their roles but their talents are sadly wasted. GLITTER is a really bad movie but everything wrong with it could have easily been fixed. Sadly, in the end, the producers just took a cheap and easy fix and the viewers had to suffer for it.
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