Alien: Resurrection (1997) Poster

Brad Dourif: Gediman



  • [when the Alien "baby" emerges from the Queen's womb] 

    Dr. Gediman : You are... a beautiful, beautiful, butterfly.

  • Ripley : Does it grow?

    Dr. Gediman : Yeah. Very rapidly.

    Ripley : It's a queen.

    Dr. Gediman : How did you know that?

    Ripley : She'll breed. You'll die. Everyone in the company will die.

  • Dr. Gediman : [after watching the massacre in the mess hall]  Security! There is a serious problem in the mess hall!

  • Dr. Gediman : In the... In the Company?

    Dr. Wren : Weyland-Yutani, Ripley's former employer. Terran growth conglomerate. They had defense contracts with the military. Oh they went under decades ago Gediman, way before your time. Bought out by Walmart. Fortunes of war.

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