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Still weeping over the demise of "Sunset Beach"...
sharbaug-17 January 2005
This was a great soap opera. Although sometimes the acting left a bit to be desired (and I'll admit that despite being a huge fan), it was one of the most creative and interesting soaps on TV. Many of the stars of this show went on to really bright careers (Eddie Cibrian and Jason Winston George among them), but some have faded into Hollywood nothingness. Sometimes the show was cheesy, but that was what made it so great. It wasn't old and tired like some of the other soaps. It was completely fresh, new, vibrant and colorful. It needs to be put back on the air so other soaps stop rehashing the same ideas. This soap was funny, entertaining and really great. Terror Island was one of the greatest soap angles of all time. Aaron Spelling's finest achievement ever.
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I can't forget it!!!
Angel-Marie14 April 2001
Sunset Beach was the best show on NBC. I even prefer that over the Passions. They're storylines were great and they didn't spend a whole month on one night. I hope the US has the nerve to put it on syndication because I miss this soap.
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Cheesy as hell but so entertaining
tastelikecandy2 November 2004
I started watching SB as we fans call it when Channel 5 (UK) showed it around 5pm. Instantly I got well hooked if you are a fan of the cheese sub-genre of Spelling you will love it. The trick with this soap is to treat it as light,spoof entertainment. All in all I love it but like Danish blue cheese it may be an acquired taste. If you are one of these people who only watches quality shows with really good subversive story lines with a perfectly crafted backstory DO NOT tune in but if you need a bit of light fluff to brighten your drab work-a-day life I would suggest you just sit back and enjoy the total fantasy of these sexy guys and gorgeous girls on Sunset Beach.
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A most enjoyable escapism
thomas-jennings111 December 2004
Upon viewing Sunset Beach for the first time, I like most others viewing this show will be instantly thrown by the garish, bright colours allowed by the particular camera lens used.

Add to this the masses of fantastically healthy-appearing, bronzed characters with their all too perfectly sculpted facial and bodily features and I would defy anyone not to be hypnotized by this show.

Having seen "The Bold and the Beautiful", "The Young and the Restless", and "Melrose Place", after initially having been hypnotized for a brief 5 minutes or so I began to see this programme with my active-mind. Rational thought took over and the bad memories of the aforementioned soaps began to taint Sunset Beach. However, upon viewing only one episode, it was clearly apparent to me that this was special.

For me what makes this such effective, enjoyable escapism is the acting performances from most of the cast. Sure, the acting can be "Over The Top" (meaning unnecessary) at times most of the cast are actually very good. One of the most impressive of the cast in my own opinion is Peter Barton as the bad Police officer Eddie Connors. Barton's manipulative, devious yet likable delivery gives this role fantastic credence. Barton is followed closely by fellow Police officer (actually detective, hem hem) Hank Cheyne as Ricardo Torres. Ricardo is the heroic sort who you find it difficult to dislike. Cheyne symbolises truth and honesty, however there is a great deal of emotion beneath this.

Most impressive of all however - and directly opposed to the Torres character in the sense that there is almost no emotion shown - is Sam Behrens portrayal of successful business man, meddling father and often sinister Gregory Richards. Behrens's delivery of the debonair, amazingly practical, driven and successful Richards is almost always utterly captivating. In fact the entire Richards family have the bulk of the best story lines in the first year of Sunset Beach, each one is fantastically delivered by Behrens.

If ever there is a moment coming where you feel that Richards will have to show some emotion, chances are he will not. When a rare moment of emotion, other than the slightly frequent anger/impatience/intolerance is displayed by Behrens it is quite something to behold.

Therefore, as the characters are so well represented, the story lines deserve a lot of credit.

In my opinion the first 10 months of Sunset Beach was most enjoyable. However that fantastic scenery of the beautiful beach and its surrounding domestic habitat's, coupled with the bold story lines and mainly great characters elevates Sunset Beach above any other daytime soap EVER.
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The Only Soap I'd Ever Watch
buffbabe2313 June 2001
I hadn't really ever watched a soap opera before, but "Sunset Beach" isn't really your average soap. It was much better. That's probably partly due to the fact that Aaron Spelling was behind it. I remembered seeing ads for it and then during the summer I decided to see what it was all about. After the first episode I was hooked! I would tape it everyday, so I would never miss an episode. Sadly, NBC decided to trade it in for "Passions", which I liked at the beginning, but that's another story... Basically, I just wish that it was still on the air. The plots weren't very realistic, but they were fun to watch (especially the "Terror Island" special. A great take-off on "Scream"), and that's what TV and soap operas are all about. The show had such a wonderful cast- I'll really miss them - It was such a wonderful show!!
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I loved this soap!!!
friedfysh13 November 2005
Back when I was about 14 (21 now) i used to tape this thing everyday so I could watch it when i went home for lunch and every day a couple of my mates would come watch it too. We loved the Ben / Derek plot sooo much (I may have even made a tape where edited those bits together n cut all the rest- i'm usually quite normal, honest). A funny thing I noticed recently is that on one of my other favourite shows, British sit com Game On they used to mention watching sunset beach like they were taking the mess out of how rubbish it was- but this was 2 years before SB existed so I have my suspicions that someone saw game on and decided to make said crappy soap. Anyway I did prefer the original theme tune (the one used at the end of later episodes written by one Tim Truman, which I notice happens to be the name of one of the characters, in case you forget it was the guy who had a flashback where he shouted noooooo for about 3 months when he was in a coma. For addictive crappy TV SB is far and away the best. Its so bad that its brilliant!!! its also a load of fun when you see the stars in other stuff. Paula was in mulholland drive and the punisher! and Meg was in.. Wild Things 3 or was it 2?- use the search if you are interested. Alas Ben, once tipped as 007 is in general hospital!
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Ironic goodness
laura_j_morton19 October 2004
Hi I loved Sunset beach, and I am really enjoying the reruns on UK TV at the moment.

If you like your soaps gritty and realistic then don't even bother watching, but if you want to laugh till your sides split, and get taken away from your humdrum life, then tune in to SB.

It has everything that normal soaps try their best to disguise, for example; sets that shake every time a door is slammed, recurring scenery, and best of all absolutely ridiculous plots.

It points the finger at so many soaps out there, and takes the mickey out of them, if you like ironic and sarcastic humour then this is definitely the soap for you.

From the masked killer on Terror Island to the earthquake and simultaneous tidal wave, (that put all the cast in jeopardy), it is the best and funniest soap to ever be made.

You may think that the story lines covered in the three years that the show ran are so ridiculous that they would not appear on other soaps, but most seem to be loosely based on story lines from other, trying to be serious, ones.

It is plain and simply a take on all the soaps ever aired, and I'm so glad that it was made. Thank you Aaron Spelling, you made the best daytime soap ever.
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Essential viewing
Sarah-607 March 1999
Wobbly scenery, hysterical acting, unbelievable plotlines - someone tell me how TV could possibly get any better?

Please please - don't let it get cancelled. If the rest of the world (judging from the comments here) doesn't want it, we in Britain certainly do!!

And I want to be an Assumpta Fitzgerald to Antonio's Father Peter!

Simply the best soap ever. Someone gave it 0 out of 4 - I can only assume they meant 10 out of 4!
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It still lives whether it is Sunset Beach, CA or Ludlow, KS
Totallyrad804 October 2003
I remember I checked out the first episode of the show, I thought it was different (film, not tape) and I remember I wasn't impressed till I heard that Eddie Cibrian (one of my favorite actors) joined the show and I said maybe I check out the show and after that I got hooked. I was hoping somewhere NBC would keep the show on as of today but they cancelled it and I kind of figured that once Eddie was leaving to do "Third Watch" I said to myself goodbye Sunset. But it had some hilarious stories to watch and I love the cast. It was different for the 90s as well as up to date stuff like cyber romance, Annie's craziest fantasies, (which I am glad that NBC never cut the scene out that Annie fantasized that Sean and Caitlin walked on their mother in bed with Rose, the maid) and kudos to the crew for putting that structure of that story together and sticking by it when they knew they were going off the air. I miss the show, but thank God for VCRs which I taped most of the episodes. So I could say I still live back in Sunset Beach. Just wish they were newer episodes, that someday Aaron Spelling would do a miniseries of the show and show us what these characters are doing. I also had the laugh when Meg finally married Ben and she fell asleep and dreamed she was in Ludlow after all these years with the existing cast there. I want the show back.
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The Sun Should Never Set!
Nevaeh_Rain_Marks6 December 2004
Sunset Beach was, and is, the best thing ever on TV. There's never been anything like it and to be honest I don't believe for a minute that there ever again will be either. It is SO full of hopes and dreams. And very much like in real life, some of them come true and some of them don't. But it does give the viewer some hope of a better tomorrow. Just enough excitement, romance, action, humor, and bizarre things to suit even the pickiest viewer. GREAT acting! Really makes you sometimes confuse it with reality, but you notice the difference when you look around yourself and don't see such hunks around you :(. The worst mistake ever made by the human race was axing the show. Now so many people will be missing that little escape from reality and it's really sad :(.
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My First Favorite Soap Opera.
AshWink1712 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Although I did not catch the show from the beginning, I did catch it in the summer of... 98 if I'm not mistaken. I caught it the summer that they did the whole Shockwave storyline where this ship that Caitlin, Cole, and others were on went upside down in the water. Catching this show at my 10th year of life, I was into it because it was interesting and it was one of the few soap operas I liked (Guiding Light being another one).

I was totally distressed when it was canceled at the end of 1999. I miss it and I was a huge fan of Caitlin and Cole, in fact, for a long time Caitlin was a favorite name of mine. But I digress. It was a great soap, and even though it had few fans, those few fans were very loyal to it (I still love this show even after 6 or 7 years!) and should have fought it ending. I hope to one day see it on DVD. It would bring back some many wonderful memories of my 10th and 11th and 12th year of life. May this show stay in our hearts.
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I still miss Sunset Beach
heather_02096 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
the first time i watched Sunset Beach, i was hooked, the story was not like the other boring soapies and i loved it. I fell in love with Ben and Meg and i was rooting for them from day one. Ben and Meg were the perfect couple and i loved that they ended up together. Maria simply was not good for Ben and Meg was the one for him. my favourite part was the end when it turned out that Meg had been dreaming all along, that was a classic twist! I wish they could bring it back as I'm bored with soapies like 'days our lives', bold and the beautiful' etc. i taped some of the shows and i watch them over and over again. that was truly a great soapie!
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Potential drug
mads leonard holvik17 August 1999
My mother and my grandmother and some of their friends watch this show every day. Its probably a potential time consumer. The division between who to like and who to hate is very clear here, its like a modern fairytale. Spelling knows this of course, but considering how early it is aired here in Norway and how un- known the actors are, this will continue to be a niche production. I like it a tiny bit just because Randy Spelling looks funny, and they have a sub plot involving a congressman Blythe sex offending a young woman. Is Aaron Spelling a republican, and does anyone know that Clintons real name is William Jefferson Blythe III? My grandmother for sure doesnt!
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Hilariously slow and unforgettable
roisinweymes20 January 2017
I think most viewers will agree when I write that this was a super enjoyable show back when it aired! I was around 15 and my older sister around 21 and it always aired on Saturday afternoons (in Ireland anyway) and she and I were only too delighted to do all the ironing for the entire household every Saturday as it basically involved a bit of work and a lot of laughter. The scenes moved along so slowly that you could easily see a shocked face, look down, iron an entire shirt, hang it (or fold it) and look back up and the shocked face would still be on screen. It was just so slow and dramatic. Like a drama club teaching kids how to hold poses or something. Hilarious stuff. But apart from that, it was just so enjoyable with the ridiculous story lines and wildly beautiful yet troubled characters. So far fetched that you couldn't become depressed by these "too beautiful" characters but you just had a laugh instead. It's probably difficult and slightly irrelevant for someone to start to watch it now as it would require sourcing and downloading (society is lazy now, don't forget!), but watching it while it was being aired just MADE our Saturdays. It still makes my sister and I laugh 18 years later! Enjoy folks! It's one of a kind that's for sure :-)
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Armand23 July 2014
complicated love story, ambiguous plot, dark Englishman, good friends, family secrets, love, hate, a young girl in search of her great adventure. a series who has all virtues to be a phenomenon because the script is little more than soap opera recipes, the characters are not bad and acting decent. and because it has the right spice - summer, mysteries, beach, the girl in search of the love of her life - who can not be ignored. a nice series , for teenagers, first, but attractive, in fact, for each member of family. and that seems be all. for me, a game of memories who are interesting for the spirit of a period. because, after years, Sunset Beach remains an interesting series about small community who reminds old fairy tales taste.
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SB changed my life!
dianecarroll196611 December 2005
I thought others might appreciate my story. I was once a boring sad lawyer type studying to be a solicitor and taking life oh so seriously. However all this was to change one when one fateful Christmas after too many cocktails. Unusually, I was reduced to spending Saturday lolling about watching TV. I couldn't even muster the energy to change the channel. Sunset Beach came on - a programme I thought I understood and had always dismissed as rubbish. (I think I tuned in near the end it was the one where Annie goes to the witch doctor). I have to say it was incredibly relaxing and therapeutic! Then something strange happened - I realised how deluded I had been and actually developed a sense of humour. Unbelievable! I gave up my every Saturday after that for months to stay in and tune in.SB is completely 'barking' and tongue in cheek. I love every minute of it! I have never looked back since. I thankfully passed my law exams but realised just how empty my life was, and thankfully changed careers to something much more rewarding and interesting. In my spare time I now devote my life to others like me who do not understand SB..... If I can save one or two souls then it will all be worthwhile.....I am now watching all the repeats on channel 5. SB is brilliant, ironic and well-acted. Annie will always be my favourite (Oh to be Sarah Buxton) but Eddie Connors comes a close second. For all those out there who say it is far-fetched and silly, can I just point out the obvious- it is meant to be! I just can't believe I didn't 'get it' at first. How sad I was then, thank the Lord above for Brandy Alexander cocktails!
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Pure Genius!
ricardocoopero14 September 2004
The most far-fetched, high-camp, piece of soap opera EVER... and that's saying something. Stunning actors backed up with great acting (mostly) and the funniest fantasy sequences you'll ever see. If you get the chance, watch it - but leave all expectations of realism behind you. Characters to keep an eye on are Annie Douglas, Cole St John DeChanel, Father Antonio Torres, Olivia Richards and Aunt Bette... oh yeah and the gimp-like rapper Randy Spelling (Aaron's son). Story-wise, the cursed jewels that turn people into zombies rate highly in my opinion, as does the attempted turkey-baster insemination... but nothing beats the 'horrors' of Terror Island...! The American viewers never got its irony or humour (which is well-shared by the up-for-it cast), which is why it was axed after only three years. It's playing on Chanel Five (UK) now from the beginning - so get into it! In a word... genius!
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It so difficult to forget about it
ewakarolina1227 December 2003
It's been almost 3.5 year since Sunset Beach finished but I can't forget it. When I'm in internet sometimes I look for some new information about the cast. I've taped many episodes so I'm watching it from time to time and I still don't know why do I love it. I was thinking about it yet when it was on the air. There was something strange with it, despite knowing that it was bad I loved it. I knew that the storylines and dialogues were stupid, unreal and so ridiculous but still I couldn't stop watching it. I often asked myself why was I watching that. It's crazy but I had to watch it even though I knew it was stupid. And I knew that I would have to watch it tomorrow and every other day until it finished. I was definitely addicted to SB. I still miss it. It was something completely different than other soap operas. It was so stupid that it made laugh every time I watched it. Even in those "serious and dramatic" moments hearing those "brilliant" dialogues I was laughing and laughing. It was a real comedy. But I repeat I loved it. It was very funny and crazy and after watching it I was always in better mood. I would like to see it again but I would change the end a little. I know that Ben and Meg fans would say no but I would put Ben back with Maria. I liked her more. I also regret that Gregory went to jail. I was Livy and Greg fan and I wanted to see them both going back together.
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Some soaps are good, some are bad....
Mush-929 March 1999
......and then there's Sunset Beach.

How bizzare can one soap be? It's funny, mad, weird, kitsch, camp, awful, surreal, brilliant, silly, cool and terrible all at the same time.

I can't believe this show exists. It's so bad, it's got to be good.
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The best soap opera ever!
Lisa-2521 December 1998
Sunset Beach is the best soap-opera ever! It has great actors like Sarah Buxton, Kathleen Noone, Clive Robertson, Eddie Cibrian and Susan Ward, and the storyline keeps you watching day after day. The show has also lots of hot guys...
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The only daytime drama that was worth watching.
fend15 June 2001
Sunset Beach was the only soap opera that ever caught my attention. The story had just enough fantasy to soften the edges of the realistic remainder. The actors seemed to take their roles a little more seriously than those in other fantasy soap operas. (*cough* passions *cough*) Unfortunately, NBC canceled the show in 1999, bringing one of the best shows on television to an end.
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What a show and what a mistake NBC made.
tightforlife204 April 2001
Sunset Beach was a fantastic show, they were not afraid to go to the edge like the shows on the air are afraid to do now. It was such a magical place where you sit and watch other people as their lives played out.

It was a very gutsy show that just can't be forgotten. It was the lowest rated soap opera the wole two and a half years that it was on, but to me it is and always will be the highest rated.

NBC made a big mistake when they cancelled this great show. The sun set on December 31, 1999 and will never be forgotten by me.
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Oscars all round
sol-928 July 1999
I live in constant dread of this show being axed. It should be given a royal commission to preserve its future. By far the funniest thing on telly. The acting is perfect, both shakey and yet knowing and tongue-in-cheek. With this programme you can go on an artic expedition and return to find the storyline you left on has barely moved an inch. Soaps such as Eastenders apsire to offer realistic and gritty scenarios yet take themselves so seriously as to be laughable. SB offers an idyllic world of constant sun and beautiful women, and the omnibus edition goes on for nearly 3 blissful hours. Why bother with any other soap.
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Kirpianuscus14 June 2017
seductive is only a subjective definition. so personal because it represents a sweet trip in past. because "Sunset Beach" is a large ball. love, mysteries, supernatural, appearances, crime, revenge, rich and poor people, friendship and alliances, slices from romantic easy novels and few drops of Gothic stories. so, a series for everyone. good looking men and a Cinderella. and nothing more - secrets, beach and so many plots are enough for discover a world of passion and war of truth and goodness for be victorious.
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Loved the show
usersince036 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I first got into this show in 1999 the year it ended, I would watch it now and then but started to get into it when it was thought Gregory was dead.

Watching old episodes on the Internet I have to laugh at some of the scenes like some of the lines or some of these fantasy's. There are some story's that were over the top e.g Annie giving Olivia some potion to make her drink again.

There are some character's I was never crazy about A.J, Sara, Casey, Gabby. I was disappointed at the fact that Gregory married Annie, she was an interesting character but I liked Gregory and Olivia better as a married couple.
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