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An average yet funny British comedy series
mart_spiv12 January 2002
The Peter Principle was a BBC comedy which i found very funny for a number of reasons. The bank manager was inefficient and incapable of doing his job properly - i distinctly remember the episode where he brought in scouts to count money because he had given an account to a large sports store and the bank was not big enough to deal with it!!!! There were funny scenes like this and whilst the script was not awesome, it was still pretty funny. This is yet another British comedy which does not need over-use of swearing and innuendos to be funny and clever however it did not attract a great audience and, as far as i am aware, no more episodes will be made. It is nowhere near The Brittas Empire or Fawlty Towers - these are the comedies to make Britain proud - but it is still funnier than the average American comedy.
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Great Show
sunyam023 October 2006
I don't know why this is not on DVD yet. But, I taped it when it was on TV and I've enjoyed watching this show over and over again.

The cast is great and Jim Broadbent (Peter Duffley) does a remarkable job of playing the daft manager. Claire Skinner (Susan Harvey) is great and Daniel Flynn (David, I never really caught his last name)does a good job. There are laughs everywhere -- from the situation to the dialogue.

Let me just put it this way: I won't watch Fawlty Towers or Britta's Empire re-runs. I wlll watch the Peter Principle over and over and over again.
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