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Season 1

7 Jun. 1997
Dream of Doom
Arthur Bristol is a college professor who is stuck in a series of dreams that he can't wake up from. Or is he?
7 Jun. 1997
Anatomy Lesson
On his eighteenth birthday, a psychotic young man decides to finally take down a mysterious bearded stranger who's been appearing to him ever since childhood warning him each time not to give in to his urge to kill.
7 Jun. 1997
Boxed In
Sex farce about a horny faithful space ace who, after several years, finally arrives home for a tryst with his fiancee. Unfortunately, her admiral dad forces them to wait until marriage, so the pilot decides to use a sexbot. Big mistake.
11 Jun. 1997
The Exile
In a future where murders are extremely rare, a sadistic serial killer is caught by the police. Brilliant psychiatrist Dr. Nordhoff is convinced he can rehabilitate this psychotic inmate dubbed 50557. But that might make things worse.
18 Jun. 1997
Given the Heir
A woman reshapes her body to perfection. In 2006, she goes back ten years into the past to meet the man of her dreams, who's also obsessed with perfection. Unfortunately, he fails to understand the situation and things go very wrong.
25 Jun. 1997
Planely Possible
Brilliant ex NASA scientist conducts a dangerous experiments to send grieving widower Walter to alternate realities where his murdered loving wife is still alive. However, these realities turn out to be the stuff of nightmares.
2 Jul. 1997
It's the 1930s and Bob and John are attending a Halloween party with their friends. When the infamous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds begins, all hell breaks loose and people end up dead. Is it real, a fiction or somewhere in-between?
9 Jul. 1997
Snap Ending
Captain of a small spaceship must try to keep her two increasingly paranoid and hostile crewmen calm, when the ship's computer registers an unknown viral infection, activates the ship's lockdown mode and starts a self destruct sequence.
16 Jul. 1997
Ultimate Weapon
During one chaotic farcical evening, young housewife Lou Ann Solomon must deal with her loving moody husband, her two drunk girlfriends, her visiting parents and two clueless shape-shifting aliens sent to seduce and impregnate her.
23 Jul. 1997
People's Choice
In a near future where domestic nanny robots are common, suburban neighbors compete to own the best android on the block. But there's something they don't know about their favorite bots.

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