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Not given a chance!
bubba-4613 July 1999
This series was never given a chance. I watched the first few episodes, not expecting much. I never thought I would be able to think of Larry Hagman as anyone but the man we loved to hate, "J.R. Ewing". But as the Judge in the series, and the main character, he brought through his portrayal the emotional side of a proud and caring father, hoping against hope that a young daughter who was kidnapped would one day return alive. Also, his character was a man who was sorry for his past mistakes, and had a keen sense of justice. I liked how the family acted clannish as heck when trouble knocked on their door, despite being at constant (and at times violent) odds with each other. It was also a treat to see a show about "Southern Culture", without the tired references to trailer parks and grits. As I say, it was never given a fair chance, and I'm sure there are other people out there who feel the same!
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It wasn't given a chance
smj7755 January 2000
I think I was hooked from the start. It's just too bad it didn't last very long. I have to say it's been awhile since the last episode, so my memory is a bit hazy, but I know I liked it and wish it hadn't been cancelled. Larry Hagman might've been nominated and even won an Emmy. Who knows? I guess we never will.
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Orleans...gone but not forgotten
mcort530 January 2008
This show was a high quality effort. It was perhaps ahead of its time. People were still thinking about Southern U.S. culture in terms of HeeHaw, Dukes of Hazzard and Pettycoat Junction. That's unfortunate.

We cannot dismiss the fact that it was genius in how it forced us to see Larry Hagman as "not J.R. Ewing". It gave an opportunity to see Vanessa Bell Calloway who was relatively unknown at the time.

It was well rounded, devoid of gratuitous sentiment, realistic but still engaging. The plot and characters were comparable to some of the better offerings on cable television today. It's one of those shows that just got enough air time to get a devoted following; but not significant numbers.
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