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Sex & Nudity

  • Season 1 contains several vulgar references to homosexuality, consensual incest, and adultery. Sexual grunting and moaning is heard from off camera. One scene depicts an incestuous, consensual, sexual encounter in which a woman's bare back and a side view of her bare breast are clearly seen. A painting is shown of a nude woman in a sexually suggestive pose.
  • Almost every episode involves some sexuality. Many episodes involve adultery. Couples are interrupted (usually by Troy) while having sex in multiple episodes in earlier seasons. One episode features a man who tape records his wife having sex with other men. He plays the recording for Barnaby.
  • Season 12 Episode 2 shows a woman walking around nude, shown from the waist up, bare breasts are shown. She's posing for a painting, so it's non-sexual. She later puts on a robe. This scene is only 10 seconds long.
  • A woman is briefly shown looking outside with no clothes on. Only her bare breasts are shown.
  • Season 12 is the most explicit season in the series but only for non-sexual nudity.
  • Very minor sex references used infrequently throughout.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is shot in the chest and killed with a shot gun, blood is visible. A man is stabbed in the neck and arterial spurting is briefly shown.
  • Most episodes show dead bodies partially covered by a sheet in a lab. A severed head is found on the ground by a police officer. Definitely would be disturbing to younger viewers.
  • Throughout the series there is mild violence but most of the murders are off-screen.
  • A man is shown hanging by a rope.
  • A got is shot but the effect of it is off-screen.
  • A man is shown trying to strange another man but fails to kill him.
  • Dead bodies are shown on the ground.
  • Other infrequent acts of violence take place such as strangling, drowning and punching.
  • The whole concept of Midsomer Murders is about investigating crime so expect mild to moderate violence.


  • Sexual vulgarities such as "bonking" and "arse bandit" are used.
  • Infrequent mild language such as "hell", "damn" and "bastard" are used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People are shown smoking and drinking but no other drugs are used.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Very servere murdering.
  • Some of the murders are disturbing to some but they are brief. Not too violent.
  • Dark themes throughout.

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