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Season 4

9 Jan. 2000
Getting Out of Reverse
Michael discovers that Madeline had Nikita "adjusted" in order to eliminate her emotions and keep her under strict control. Fearing this process will be used on everyone in Section One, Michael attempts to find the man who created this brainwashing.
9 Jan. 2000
There Are No Missions
Madeline intructs Nikita to carry out Operation's order to kill the missing Michael. Nikita has a physical confrontation with Michael when he infiltrates Section One, and she ends up bound and gagged.
16 Jan. 2000
View of the Garden
Determined to reverse the effects of Gelman's mind-control process on Nikita, Michael enlists Adrian's aid. Operations and Madeline send Nikita to kill Michael, but he kidnaps her instead.
23 Jan. 2000
Into the Looking Glass
Nikita continues to suffer the negative effects of Gelman's brain reprogramming, which becomes permanent in five days. With Birkoff and Walter's support, Michael kidnaps Nikita to deprogram her.
20 Feb. 2000
Man in the Middle
Nikita and Michael pose as heroin dealers to get close to a dashing, drug-using playboy and arms supplier with ties to Red Cell. When the weapons dealer proposes marriage to Nikita, Operations orders her to accept.
27 Feb. 2000
Love, Honor and Cherish
Nikita's new husband, Helmut, reveals that he is an Interpol agent. Kristoff, Helmut's younger brother, hires Red Cell to kill his newlywed sibling, but Section One kills Kristoff. After disobeying an Interpol directive, Helmut becomes a man on the run.
5 Mar. 2000
Sympathy for the Devil
Operations sends Nikita and Michael on a personal mission to help Operations' hero-Willie Kane, a fellow Vietnam War veteran. Walter kills Willie to prevent Operations from learning the truth about his hero...
12 Mar. 2000
No One Lives Forever
Chosen for a pilot program allowing her to leave Section One but have no contact with either her former or Section lives, Nikita wonders if she's about to be cancelled. George orders Nikita to kill Operations, who supposedly killed her father.
19 Mar. 2000
Down a Crooked Path
George sends a two-man bio-tech team into Section One when a mysterious gas enters the headquarters, causing symptoms of a viral infection. Rather than contain the virus, the bio-tech team performs neural scrapes on the Section's top members.
2 Apr. 2000
He Came from Four
Oversight sends a telekinetic 10-year-old boy, who also has the ability to read minds, to help Section One recover a stolen package. But can the boy's powers be controlled?
16 Apr. 2000
Time to Be Heroes
When another Section gets destroyed, Operations sends Nikita and Michael to train a group of hostile, young recruits. Operations uses the team of recruits as bait to destroy a new terrorist group, Crystal Sky, and capture its leader.
23 Apr. 2000
Hell Hath No Fury
Madeline falls in love with Leon, her Red Cell counterpart. Operations orders Madeline to kill Leon, but she shoots Operations instead. A tracking device implanted in Madeline leads Section One operatives to Leon's headquarters, where Operations kills him.
25 Jun. 2000
Kiss the Past Goodbye
Michael discovers that his wife, Elena, is involved with a Section operative named Corliss. Stefan Vacek, Elena's uncle, heads a terrorist organization that tries to kill Elena and her son by Michael, Adam.
2 Jul. 2000
Line in the Sand
Birkoff uncovers the secret location of Red Cell's base camp, which harbors the leader of Red Cell--for whom Section has been searching for almost 20 years. When the mission to extract the Cardinal goes awry, Operations decides to kill Birkoff.
16 Jul. 2000
Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate
On his computer, Birkoff invents a form of artificial intelligence intended to maintain the system during his upcoming two-month vacation. The computer program develops an agenda of its own and kills Section operatives.
23 Jul. 2000
Catch a Falling Star
To locate a Section communications satellite that has crashed in the southern United States, Nikita and Michael visit a strange, rural town that turns out to be Black Storm's central base.
30 Jul. 2000
Sleeping with the Enemy
Section and Red Cell form an uneasy alliance to discover who's been destroying their installations. Madeline trades places with Satin Tate, a key Red Cell operative. Nikita worries about Satin's flirtatious behavior around Michael.
6 Aug. 2000
Toys in the Basement
Injured during a mission, Nikita is taken prisoner by a demented junk collector and declared dead by Section One. Michael is ordered not to use Section One resources to find her.
13 Aug. 2000
Time Out of Mind
In order to stop the sale of an anthrax-based weapon, Nikita infiltrates a mental institution, where the son of the weapon's creator is a patient.
20 Aug. 2000
Face in the Mirror
A new Red Cell regime surfaces, and Operations sends Michael and his team to assassinate Maurice Grenet, the Cardinal's replacement. Nikita escapes Section One, and Michael discovers her connection to Section One's foremost enemy.
27 Aug. 2000
Up the Rabbit Hole
Facial prosthetics makes Nikita look like Kate Quinn. Michael and Nikita/Quinn escape from Section One, killing Davenport in the process. Operations orders Madeline to capture them or lose her position.
27 Aug. 2000
Four Light Years Farther
Section One captures Nikita and Michael and brings them back to headquarters. Operations and Madeline decide to kill Nikita. Mr. Jones wants Madeline cancelled, but she commits suicide by ingesting cyanide.

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