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Season 6

11 Nov. 2001
Bobby Goes Nuts
To Hank's chagrin, Bobby learns to protect himself by kicking boys in the groin.
9 Dec. 2001
Soldier of Misfortune
When Dale is ridiculed by the Arlen Gun Club for accidentally misfiring a weapon, his friends must come up with a plan to help restore Dale's self-esteem.
12 Dec. 2001
Lupe's Revenge
Peggy accidentally brings a Mexican girl into the country after a Spanish class field trip to Mexico. When she tries to bring her back, she is arrested for kidnapping.
16 Dec. 2001
The Father, the Son and J.C.
Hank and Cotton clash during the Christmas season while working for Habitat for Humanity.
6 Jan. 2002
Father of the Bribe
Khan bribes Bobby to stay away from Connie.
10 Feb. 2002
I'm with Cupid
After spending some depressing time with Bill on Valentine's Day, Bobby starts to fear he'll end up alone. He turns his desperation towards Connie until Hank steps in and asks Boomhauer to teach Bobby how to 'pitch woo'.
17 Feb. 2002
Torch Song Hillogy
The Olympic torch is passing through Arlen on its way to Salt Lake City, so Peggy nominates Bobby to carry the torch. He loses to Hank, whom his friends nominated behind his back.
24 Feb. 2002
Joust Like a Woman
Peggy jeopardizes a potential deal for Hank by trying to bring Women's Liberation to the Arlen Renaissance Fair.
24 Feb. 2002
The Bluegrass Is Always Greener
Connie plays the fiddle in Hank's bluegrass band, but keeps it a secret from her father, who wants her to go to Van Cliburn's violin academy.
3 Mar. 2002
The Substitute Spanish Prisoner
Peggy is dubbed a "genius" after taking an on-line test from the Texas Institute of Intelligence, which leads her into a series of confidence schemes.
10 Mar. 2002
Unfortunate Son
Cotton and his army buddies have to stay at Hank's house when the VFW loses its lease.
17 Mar. 2002
You There God, It's Me Margaret Hill
Peggy pretends to be a nun to get a job teaching Spanish at a Catholic school.
31 Mar. 2002
Tankin' It to the Streets
When Dale convinces Bill that the government used him as a guinea pig for an experimental drug with disastrous results, Bill steals a tank from the army base.
7 Apr. 2002
Of Mice and Little Green Men
When Dale realizes that he did not have sex with Nancy anywhere near the time Joseph was conceived, he becomes convinced that a space alien is his son's real father.
14 Apr. 2002
A Man Without a Country Club
Nine Rivers, Arlen's all-Asian country Club, is under pressure to have a non-Asian member, so Khan tries to get Hank to join.
14 Apr. 2002
Beer and Loathing
Peggy becomes a customer service representative for Alamo Beer, Hank's favorite brand. She is sworn to secrecy about the reason for the beer's sudden unavailability in the area.
21 Apr. 2002
Fun with Jane and Jane
While searching for a sorority to join, Luanne inadvertently joins a brainwashing cult, while Hank can't bring himself to kill an emu.
28 Apr. 2002
My Own Private Rodeo
Hank discovers that Dale's long-lost father is a cowboy on the gay rodeo circuit.
5 May 2002
Sug Night
Peggy is upset when she learns Hank has been having dreams about grilling hamburgers in the nude with Nancy.
5 May 2002
Dang Ol' Love
Boomhauer plans to ask his girlfriend to marry him.
12 May 2002
Returning Japanese
Cotton returns to Japan to learn that he has an illegitimate son.

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