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‘Dawn of Time’ begins in Justice League of America #27, check out a preview here

The new story arc ‘Dawn of Time’ begins in Justice League of America #27 this Wednesday, and you can take a look at a preview of the issue here courtesy of DC Comics

“Dawn Of Time” part one! Chronos has spent his criminal career being defeated by Ray Palmer and the Justice League. But now he’s discovered a way to beat them: by traveling back in time to stop the concept of super heroes from ever coming to be, because a world without the Justice League is a world he can rule! How can the team follow him through the timestream to stop his mad plan?

Justice League of America #27 is out on March 28th, priced $2.99.

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‘Justice Lost’ begins in Justice League #40, check out a preview here

DC Comics launches the new story arc ‘Justice Lost’ in Justice League #40 today, and you can check out a preview of the issue here…

‘Justice Lost’ part one! Trapped aboard the crippled Watchtower, the combined Justice League and Justice League of America teams clash over leadership and the urgent question of who can be rescued…and who will be left behind. Meanwhile, the Green Lanterns face critical choices over how to deal with the League’s two most powerful figures!

Justice League #40 is out now, priced $2.99.

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Multiple Man Returns in New Series as Part of Marvel’s Fresh Start

Marvel Comics will launch a new Multiple Man series starring Jamie Madrox as part of its “Fresh Start” initiative.

Killed from exposure to the Terrigen Mist in the 2016 crossover Death of X, Madrox is returning in a new series by writer Matthew Rosenberg (Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey) and artist Andy MacDonald (Justice League of America). Marcos Martin will provide the covers.
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‘New Life and Death’ begins in Justice League of America #24, check out a preview here

The new story arc ‘New Life and Death’ gets underway in Justice League of America #24 this Wednesday; take a look at a preview of the issue here courtesy of DC Comics

“New Life And Death” part one! Batman has returned following the Queen of Fables saga, proud of how the team has grown. But there’s one more mission he needs to complete. Along with Black Canary, he travels to the world of Angor, home of the Extremists, to help rebuild the world without the influence of the mad dictator Lord Havok. But when he learns what’s happening, will Lord Havok punish Canary and Batman for their actions?

Justice League of America #24 is out on February 14th, priced $2.99.

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Milk Wars Introduces A Batman Scarier Than Any In Dark Nights: Metal

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Mother Panic/Batman Special #1, part 2 of the Milk Wars crossover by Jody Houser, Ty Templeton, Keiren Smith, Magdalene Visaggio and Sonny Liew, in stores now.

The Young Animal/DC Universe crossover has already proven to be something quite different from what readers usually expect from a comic book event. The first issue of the so-called “Milk Wars” saw the Doom Patrol and the Justice League of America (sans Batman) clash, but when the two teams met, the tone was much more Young Animal than it was traditional Dcu. Both super-teams had no choice but to fight when the Jla fell victim to an evil inter-dimensional organization known as Retconn, which is using its enforcer Milkman Man and a special brand of reality-warping milk to homogenize every person in the world. In the end, the Jla reverted back to normal, and the two teams
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Steve Orlando Celebrates DC’s Strange Side with Milk Wars ‘Un-Event’

Hyped as the “un-event of the year,” which is saying something since it’s still January, the DC Universe crashes head-first into DC Comics’ Young Animal imprint starting this week with the release of Jla /Doom Patrol Special #1 — the first part of the “Milk Wars” crossover storyline.

Steve Orlando, the writer of Justice League of America, co-wrote the special with Gerard Way, curator of the Young Animal imprint, with at by Aco. “Milk Wars” runs weekly over the next five weeks in five interconnected one-shots culminating with Doom Patrol/Justice League of America #1 on Feb. 28, which will again be written by Orlando and Way.
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Justice League: No Justice May Seal the Fate of DC’s Titans

The recently announced Justice League: No Justice four-issue event series is supposed to bring the teams of Justice League, Justice League of America, Teen Titans and Titans together. The only problem is that the Titans are nowhere to be found on the event’s rosters. Representatives of the Justice League and Teen Titans have been placed on four specialized teams alongside their greatest villains, but with the likes of Nightwing, Donna Troy and Wally West missing, how are the Titans supposed to be involved here?

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Promethea Makes Her Dcu Debut In Justice League of America – But How?

Spoiler Warning: The following article contains major spoilers for Justice League of America #23, by Steve Orlando, Neil Edwards, Daniel Henriques, Andy Owens, Hi-Fi and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

The Queen of Fables has crossed over into the real world and the Justice League of America is at her mercy. With the team defeated, Killer Frost seemingly on her side and Vixen seemingly dead, there seems to be no hope for the people of Happy Harbor or indeed the world. However, there’s a hero out there waiting to stop The Queen of Fables from crossing over into the The Immateria, signaling a controversial debut in the DC Universe.
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Batman Must Pick One Justice League (And Here’s Our Suggestion)

Batman is such a reader magnet, it’s hard to believe he wasn’t always in every Justice League. Today he’s part of two Leagues, the no-modifier A-list team (which we’ll call “Jl Prime” to avoid confusion) and the more eclectic Justice League of America. He also presides over an unrelated Gotham-centric team in Detective Comics. His membership in Justice League Prime reinforces its elite status, while he’s more of a mentor to the new Jla.

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When Did Superman First Show a Vulnerability to Magic?

In “When We First Met”, we spotlight the various characters, phrases, objects or events that eventually became notable parts of comic lore, like the first time someone said, “Avengers Assemble!” or the first appearance of Batman’s giant penny or the first appearance of Alfred Pennyworth or the first time Spider-Man’s face was shown half-Spidey/half-Peter. Stuff like that. Today we reveal when Superman’s magic vulnerability began!

To be clear, Superman doesn’t technically have a specific magic vulnerability. He is not More vulnerable to magic than other people. It’s just that he has no special defenses against magic, and thus, something that would magically affect a typical person would also affect Superman. Sometimes, writers (especially Justice League of America writers) so desperate for something to slow Superman down would often act as if magic was a special problem for Superman. It is not.
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‘Deadly Fable’ begins in Justice League of America #22, check out a preview here

The new story arc ‘Deadly Fable’ begins in Justice League of America #22 this Wednesday, and we’ve got a preview of the issue for you here; check it out…

The Might Beyond the Mirror, the great threat that Batman assembled the Justice League of America to stop, has finally arrived in the form of the Queen of Fables. With her reality-warping power, her intent is to take over the real world and the imaginary and rule over everything—and without Batman, does the Justice League stand a chance against her? Or will reality crumble at the Queen’s whim?

Justice League of America #22 is out on January 10th, priced $2.99.

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Cougar Town’s Ian Gomez joins Supergirl as Snapper Carr

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Ian Gomez (Cougar Town) has signed on to play the DC character Snapper Carr in the upcoming second season of Supergirl.

The show’s incarnation of the character is described as “a headstrong, sharp-witted newsman, hired by Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) to be the editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine. Snapper’s commitment to hard-hitting journalism pushes CatCo reporters to dig deeper in the pursuit of excellence. He’s a man who tells people what he thinks of them, and his no-holds barred approach pushes Kara (Melissa Benoist) in unexpected ways.”

Lucas ‘Snapper’ Carr was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky and made his first appearance in The Brave and the Bold in 1960, before going on to become a supporting character to the Justice League of America team.

Supergirl is set to return for its second season on its new home at The CW on October 10th.
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Legends Of Tomorrow: exploring season 1’s cliffhanger ending




Legends Of Tomorrow ended its first season with a big ol’ hint of things to come. With spoilers, here’s what it meant...

This article contains spoilers for Legends Of Tomorrow’s season 1 finale, as well as revealing Zoom from The Flash’s secret identity.

Vandal Savage is dead; murdered at three different points in time. (Even some serious ashes-tampering by Malcolm Merlyn surely couldn’t undo that... could it?) But the story of Rip Hunter and The Waverider crew - now sans Kendra and Carter - is far from finished.

Legends Of Tomorrow will return for a second season as part of The CW’s fall 2016-2017 line up. As such, season 1 ended with a standard-issue tease of things to come. Shortly after Dominic Purcell’s Mick mentioned being hungry for chicken and the gang began wandering away, another Waverider crash landed from the sky in a big puff of smoke.
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"Supergirl: Manhunter" - New Footage

Take a look @ new footage from the "Supergirl" episode "Manhunter", showcasing DC Comics' superhero ''J'onn J'onzz', the 'Martian Manhunter', airing March 21, 2016 on CBS:

"...'J'onn J'onzz' reveals the details of meeting the father of 'Kara' and 'Alex'...

"...'Dr. Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain)) and assuming the indentity of 'Hank Henshaw'..."

'Martian Manhunter', aka 'J'onn J'onzz', was created by writer Joseph Samachson and illustrator Joe Certa...

...debuting in "Detective Comics" #225 in the story "The Manhunter From Mars" (November 1955).

He is one of the seven original members of the Justice League of America.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Supergirl: Manhunter"...
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Comics: Top 500 Comics And Graphic Novels Of 2015

Following yesterday's Top 10 comics and graphic novels of 2015, we have the full chart from Diamond Comic Distributors  which gives us the Top 500.  Check it out below. Qty Rank Item Code Description Price Vendor 1 AUG158711-m Star Wars #1 $4.99 Mar 2 JUL158548-m Secret Wars #1 $4.99 Mar 3 MAR151109-m Bravest Warriors Tales Holo John #1 $4.99 Boo 4 DEC140468-m Orphan Black #1 $3.99 Idw 5 SEP150179-m Dark Knight III Master Race #1 $5.99 DC 6 SEP150827-m Star Wars Vader Down #1 $4.99 Mar 7 AUG158716-m Darth Vader #1 $4.99 Mar 8 APR158276-m Spider-gwen #1 $3.99 Mar 9 JUL150696-m Invincible Iron Man #1 $3.99 Mar 10 JAN150733-m Princess Leia #1 $3.99 Mar 11 SEP150699-m Deadpool #1 $4.99 Mar 12 AUG150700-m Amazing Spider-man #1 $5.99 Mar 13 MAR150622-m Secret Wars #2 $4.99 Mar 14 APR150690-m Secret Wars #3 $3.99 Mar 15 JUL158550-m Secret Wars #4 $3.99 Mar 16 AUG158712-m Star Wars #2 $3.99 Mar 17 APR158714-m Star Wars #4 $3.99 Mar 18 JUL150767-m Journey Star Wars Fase #1 $3.99 Mar 19 MAY150642-m Secret Wars #5 $3.99 Mar 20 APR150750-m Amazing Spider-man Renew Your Vows #1 $3.99 Mar 21 MAY158345-m Star Wars Lando
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You Oughta Know: Vandal Savage

With comic book adaptations on almost every channel and streaming service, fans will meet many new characters with extensive backstories. We’re here to introduce these characters to help lessen the learning curve.

Arrow and The Flash are crossing over again to do some heavy lifting for Legends of Tomorrow, but that could be said about both shows’ earliest episodes this season. Not only will “Legends of Today” and “Legends of Yesterday” give everyone a look at Hawkman and Hawkgirl, they’ll also introduce the spinoff’s villain: Vandal Savage.

Vandal is one DC’s most enduring and formidable villains, appearing as an antagonist since 1944 when he was created by Alfred Bester and Martin Nodell. The character is an immortal who’s terrorized civilizations throughout history, claiming to have either been or collaborated with figures like Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan.

After being exposed to a meteorite as a caveman,
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Round-Up: The Walking Dead #1 Variant, Curse Of Sleeping Beauty, Another Hole in the Head Film Fest

The final limited edition con variant of the year for The Walking Dead #1 will be available exclusively to all Wizard World Reno goers. Also in this round-up: The Curse of Sleeping Beauty distribution news and Another Hole in the Head Film Fest.

The Walking Dead #1: Press Release: "Reno, Nev., November 3, 2015 -- Wizard World, Inc. (Otcbb: Wizd) and Skybound, Robert Kirkman 's imprint at Image Comics, today announced that ‘Spawn’ artist Jonboy Meyers has drawn the 23rd and final in a yearlong series of Limited Edition Exclusive Variant Covers of The Walking Dead #1 comic, to be provided free to all full-price attendees at Wizard World Comic Con Reno, November 20-22. Skybound’s The Walking Dead created by Kirkman, the groundbreaking, Eisner-Award-winning comic book series, continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

The exclusive The Walking Dead #1 edition will be produced in extremely limited quantities and is available at registration to fans at
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Mike Gold: The All-Star Secretary

Here’s what gets me about Wonder Woman.

She is, rightfully, symbolic of strong women who can take care of themselves, stand up for themselves, and help others – men and women alike – do the same. These are very good things. She started out before America entered World War II, so you can’t really attribute “Rosie the Riveter” juju to her origins: she was created at a time when most strong women were to be found in movies, and by then almost always in front of the camera and not behind it.

To be sure, there were plenty of other women super-heroes in comics. Some were spin-offs or sidekicks to male superheroes – Mary Marvel, Bulletgirl and the original Hawkgirl come to mind – but others were stand-alone creations: the original Black Widow (1940), Phantom Lady (1941), the original Black Cat (1942), Liberty Belle (1943), and my personal favorite, Miss Fury (1941), the only one of the bunch that was created,
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15 Terrible Scenes In Awesome Comic Book Movies


In the right hands, comic book movies are the pinnacle of blockbuster entertainment and, despite the grumbles of naysayers, it looks like this trend isn’t ending anytime soon. A quick glance at the most anticipated movies of the coming years is a who’s who of graphic novels. However, superhero movies haven’t always been this awesome…

Back in 1997, a younger version of me remembers being genuinely thrilled when the world’s tackiest Justice League Of America film premiered on TV. It’s impossible to imagine now, but in a year when Batman & Robin was the most successful comic book movie, even something as shoddy as that was cause for excitement.

Fortunately, we’ve come a looong way since then, but even the best comic book films contain vestiges of this shameful past. While we’re no longer subjected to Bat-Nipples and the like, no superhero movie is perfect,
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A New Jla Animated Series May Be Coming To Cartoon Network!

A Reddit user that was touring Cartoon Network took this picture of some of their new show posters and a Jla poster was included.  This is clearly not for the Bruce Timm Justice League or Justice League Unlimited shows, as their names were never presented as the Jla.  There was a Jla: Trapped in Time direct to DVD feature last year, but that doesn't appear to be related.

It shouldn't come as a shock to fans that a new Jla (Justice League of America) cartoon is in the works over at Cartoon Network.  After all, the DC Comics cinematic universe includes an upcoming Justice League film, and lets face it Batman v Superman may as well be a Justice League trial run at this point.  

Details on cast and crew are not yet available.  Legions of Gotham will continue to dig with our sources and report any updates as they are revealed!
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