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Season 7

8 Oct. 2002
Guess Who's Coming to Blush
Jack hires a woman off the street to run the desk, but the staff thinks it's just because Jack wants to seduce her.
15 Oct. 2002
Mr. Jealousy
Vicky and Finch fight for Jacks approval. Nina loses a crazy woman in the office. Elliott asks Vicky out and is annoyed when she turns him down.
22 Oct. 2002
Nina and the Rocker
Nina dates a rock star and tries not to sleep with him on the first date. Maya tries to get Vicky to open up about her broken marriage. Jack gets a pocket watch, and gifts Elliott with a wristwatch to persuade him to stop using his own pocket watch.
29 Oct. 2002
Halloween? Halloween!
Nina throws an A-list Halloween party and reluctantly invites the Blush team. Jack and Finch fight for the affections of a new model with Jack trying to use magic to win her. Maya helps Elliott realise that the only reason he keeps arguing with Vicky is because he likes her. Nina becomes jealous of her new boyfriend Simon and one of his old lovers.
12 Nov. 2002
Da Sister Who Loved DiMauro
Eliot tries to date Vicki but ends up with her sister. Jack monitors the office remotely with a 2-way A/V system.
19 Nov. 2002
That Burning Passion
Jack goes on a diet, but Finch keeps feeding him fatty foods so stops being cranky. Vicky's husband returns to beg for her forgiveness and Maya finds herself very attracted to him. Elliott helps Nina make Simon jealous with an incriminating photograph.
3 Dec. 2002
The Write Stuff
Maya helps Finch write a poem so he won't flunk out of college. Jack is impressed by the poem and rewards Finch even though Maya is responsible for it. Nina gets a chance to model again for Vicky's new idea for an article, which brings out a terrible side in both her and Elliott.
7 Jan. 2003
It's Raining Babies
Finch tries to get Jack to let him come to dinner with George Lucas. Elliott becomes extremely arrogant when one of his artistic photos is published in a photography magazine. Vicky and Nina are forced to work together on a project, Finch convinces Nina that Vicky is a lesbian and has feelings for her.
14 Jan. 2003
Watch Your Backdraft
Vicki reconciles with her former husband Pete. But he seems confused because he also has the hots for Maya. Finch invents a fictional employee in order to obtain a company parking spot.
22 Apr. 2003
Pictures of Lily
Finch meets the centerfold model Lily, who was his fantasy when he was a teenager. Nina and Simon discuss moving in together.
22 Apr. 2003
The Comedy Stylings of Rivers & Red
After Red is forced into an early retirement, Finch gets him a job as Jack's driver. Elliott wants revenge after a stand-up comic targets him at a club.
12 Jul. 2003
The Talented Mr. Finch
Finch pretends to be Jack at an important business meeting. Elliott confronts a bully from his youth.
12 Jul. 2003
There's Something About Allison
Finch attends his reunion with his transsexual pal Brandy. Maya and Elliott decide to become friends with benefits.
19 Jul. 2003
Rivals in Romance
Finch and a rival publisher's assistant have a romance. But she has a motive for accepting his advances. Nina is jealous of her boyfriend's celebrity status.
19 Jul. 2003
A Simple Kiss of Fate
Simon prepares to ask Nina to marry him. But it turns out she been married for 8 years and is powerless to ask for divorce. Jack finds the perfect guy for Maya, but she falls for someone else.
26 Jul. 2003
The Goodbye Girl
Nina takes under her wing the female impersonator who's portraying her in a cabaret show.
2 Aug. 2003
Donnie Redeemed
Good-hearted Elliott discusses business strategies with his con artist brother Donnie. Nina enters a fierce game of chance with Jack.
2 Aug. 2003
My Fair Finchy
Maya tells Finch's girlfriend, Rhonda to form an emotional bond with him. Jack shares with Nina his ability to charm the office cleaning woman.
9 Aug. 2003
Son of a Preacher Man
Simon's parents arrive to meet with Nina. Elliot rents an apartment next to Jack. Finch takes a peek at Jack's will.
9 Aug. 2003
The Last Temptation of Elliot
Elliot joins a Bible reading group and fantasizes about the women there. Finch also joins the group and discovers these women aren't so celibate after all.
16 Aug. 2003
For the Last Time, I Do
Nina feels threatened by Skyler, an old fling of Simon. Skyler would be the minister at their wedding reception. Jack and Finch scam to get rid of her. Meanwhile Maya has found the perfect man, who turns out to be a senior in High School.
16 Aug. 2003
Future Issues
Jack suddenly announces his retirement and puts Maya in charge. He tries to escape an office farewell party in his honor.
24 Nov. 2003
Evaluate This!
Jack asks the staff to evaluate his work anonymously. Nina ends up with a sprained ankle after a walk.
26 Nov. 2003
Strange Bedfellows
Finch and Elliot become rivals over a mutual male friend whom they both have an emotional connection with. Nina's dead friend Binnie shows up in her dreams.

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