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Season 2

30 Jan. 1998
Episode #2.1
Marcus opens his club, the Manhattan, managed by Stephen, who offers Clive permanent bar-work. Ruth is left behind at the Grand with John whilst Marcus makes up to Sarah, and the club is raided, a publicity stunt arranged by Marcus. Ruth's formidable grand-mother, Mrs. Crawford, installs herself in the hotel, telling Marcus a few home truths and making arrangements for Ruth's pregnancy. Esmee gets close to Jacob Collins and he confides in her that he saw Sarah and Marcus kissing. She advises him to say nothing but he lets it slip to Sarah and is rebuked for his pains....
6 Feb. 1998
Episode #2.2
On a staff outing to the music-hall, chambermaid Lynne impresses when she gets up on stage and the lecherous M.C.,Harry Frindel, offers her further work. This involves her defying Mrs. Harvey and walking out of the Grand, but when she realizes that Frindel only wanted her for sex, she returns in tears and Mrs. Harvey shows a kindlier side of her nature for once and reinstates her. Will Reynolds, an old army friend of Stephen's, turns up and Stephen employs him at the club but he is very clumsy and Marcus fires him. He is injured trying to rob a customer and Stephen ...
13 Feb. 1998
Episode #2.3
Kate hides her disappointment as Stephen introduces her to his fiancee, Christina Lloyd-Price, at a political function in the hotel. Left in her room by Marcus as ever,Ruth miscarries and realizes that she will probably never be able to bear the children Marcus wants. She wears padding, pays the midwife to keep visiting her as if all was still normal and makes arrangements to buy a baby from a poor woman in time for her own child's 'birth'. Sarah and John argue yet again when she and Marcus over-rule Mrs. Harvey and allow the maids to attend a sex education lecture. ...
20 Feb. 1998
Episode #2.4
There is much turmoil at the Grand hotel. The staff are upset when they learn that David Jeffries, one of the men who attacked Monica Jones, has returned to the hotel yet again. Jeffries knows he in not welcome but the room was booked for him and he has little choice. The only person who will give him more that cursory service is Fred Willets, a relatively new member of staff. He even invites Jeffries to have a pint with him but realizes too late that Fred has his own plans. John and Sarah's marriage has reached the breaking point. John cannot believe she betrayed him...
27 Feb. 1998
Episode #2.5
With John out of the way the staff fear redundancies as Marcus considers cost-cutting measures. Madame Euphrasine, an aristocratic Russian, books into the hotel, befriending Esmee and offering Kate the permanent job as her maid. She summons Marcus to her room on business and makes advances at him, which he does not reject. Next morning she is found murdered. Marcus is suspect and Ruth will not lie for him. Despite his animosity towards his boss,Jacob - wanting justice to be done - helps the police find the real killer and Marcus shows his gratitude by keeping all the ...
6 Mar. 1998
Episode #2.6
Clive Evans visits his Dad and has some news to tell him. He's reluctant at first but slowly tells his tale which starts off with the good news that he has been promoted to a new position as assistant Head Porter. The staff are now to refer to him as Mr. Evans and he has all of the authority of being in charge of the staff when Jacob Collins is not present. His problems start with the arrival of a new guest, Mr. Villiers who is a homosexual. Clive claims to be disgusted by him but in fact is exploring his own sexuality and accepts to visit his room. The conversation ...
13 Mar. 1998
Episode #2.7
Edward Lawrence comes to the Grand to find Esmee. Forty years ago they were deeply in love but the class system was against them - she was a lady's maid to his mother - and they were forced to part. He is now a wealthy widower, aware of her profession, and keen to marry her. She accepts but when she visits his children, who are wary of her, she is told that he is still in love with his recently-deceased wife and essentially on the rebound. He breaks down and cries. Esmee returns to the Grand and accepts an offer made to her earlier by Marcus to give proper ...
20 Mar. 1998
Episode #2.8
Esmee interviews girls for the club. Many pay protection to Scott, a vicious pimp who, to put her off, smashes up Esmee's room, injuring Kate when a mirror is broken. Stephen is especially concerned for Kate's welfare. Esmee is proud that her old business acumen has not left her but is genuine that the girls from the Manhattan should be safe from Scott and is shocked when Marcus tells her he has forced Scott out of the picture by burning his warehouse down. Scott tells Esmee, in Marcus's hearing that she has two children and he tells her where they are. Marcus feels ...
27 Mar. 1998
Episode #2.9
Stephen continues to see Kate, causing some staff resentment, especially when Marcus makes her assistant housekeeper. Mrs. Harvey walks out and Kate copes well with a chaotic evening. Clive persuades Mrs. Harvey to return and Kate finally gets her to crack when she admits that Mr. Harvey has left her and she has been defrauding small sums of money to keep herself. Edith comes to the Grand and gets a job as a chamber-maid to be near her baby. Esmee is concerned that her 'girls' are at risk and so Marcus uses five rooms in the Grand for them and their clients. Jacob is ...
3 Apr. 1998
Episode #2.10
Mrs. Harvey moves into the Grand to solve her money problems and discovers who Edith really is. Jacob has already told Esmee. Kate takes Stephen to see her parents but her father , who knows that the Manhattan club has prostitutes, is hostile to him. Stephen, in turn, delivers some home truths to Marcus on the morning of the christening and Marcus, a happy man because of his 'son',promises to mend his ways. Mrs. Harvey believes the christening is a sham and returns the baby to Edith but she is caught and Ruth is forced to come clean. Marcus flies into a rage but ...

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