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Season 2

16 Feb. 1998
Arts 'n' Crass
Daria and Jane create an iconoclastic poster for a contest, only to find that the school demands it be altered against their wishes.
23 Feb. 1998
The Daria Hunter
Lawndale High School goes on another field trip, this time to a local paint-ball course, with Helen & Jake as parental chaperones. The true savage nature of everybody's personality is revealed on this trip. Daria and Jane opt to sneak out toward another nearby tourist attraction that proves to be a complete rip-off.
2 Mar. 1998
Quinn the Brain
Quinn needs a quick passing grade in English, and ends up writing an impressive essay(by Lawndale standards, that is), but fears that it might give her a reputation as a nerd. Instead it gives her a new following as a trendy intellectual, something that Daria, a true intellectual can't stand. Since desperate times call for desperate measures, Daria is willing to consider such measures in order to persuade her sister to give up this facade.
9 Mar. 1998
I Don't
Daria is ordered to be a bridesmaid for her cousin's wedding, but she finds a kindred spirit in her Aunt Amy.
16 Mar. 1998
That Was Then, This Is Dumb
Willow and Coyote Yeager, some former hippie friends of Helen and Jake, come to visit the Morgendorffer household, causing them to doubt their own value system. Daria and Quinn stick around to use their protest activities against them, and so Quinn can flirt with their son, until Jane invites her to help Trent and Jesse sell their parents' old records at a flea market.
23 Mar. 1998
Daria and Jane decide to follow Quinn around on one day for a video project for school and the opportunity to make her look ridiculous is irresistible.
29 Mar. 1998
The New Kid
Daria starts to fall for an eccentric new kid who puzzles her as much as he intrigues.
29 Jun. 1998
Daria and Jodie are invited to explore enrolling at an elite school for gifted students.
6 Jul. 1998
A mysterious rash lands Daria in the hospital, but her reticence to let people know why she's there leads to some outlandish rumors at the school.
13 Jul. 1998
Fair Enough
Hear ye, hear ye. Lawndale High is hosting a Renaissance Fair. See Quinn cast as the lead in a play. See Mr. DeMartino as the Black Knight. See Daria try to escape.
20 Jul. 1998
See Jane Run
Whenever Jane isn't painting or creating other works of art, she like to run. So in order to spite the wrath of a tyrannical P.E. teacher, meet a cute boy, and keep herself and Daria from getting a failing grade in gym, she goes out for Lawndale High's Track & Field team and becomes an instant jock, much to the dismay of Daria, the quintessential anti-jock.
27 Jul. 1998
Pierce Me
While helping Trent pick out a birthday present for Jane, Daria is talked into getting her belly button pierced.
3 Aug. 1998
Write Where It Hurts
When Daria is given a special school project to write a short story featuring people she knows, she finds it unusually frustrating.

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