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Season 1

18 Sep. 1997
True Romance: Part 1
Gerry "Fitz" Fitzgerald is an alcoholic, self-hating psychologist and compulsive gambler who lectures at local community colleges and hosts a radio-call in show, while assisting the Los Angeles police department in various crimes. Fitz is asked to help track down a female serial killer of men who writes him love notes, claiming to be in love with Fitz. With the clock ticking and minimal evidence to move the investigation along, Fitz must find a way to locate the killer before she strikes again. On a personal front, Fitz is also having problems at home: Judith, his ...
25 Sep. 1997
True Romance: Part 2
Fitz' son, Michael, becomes the next target for attack by the serial killer, Janice, who claims to be in love with Fitz and he must race against the clock to find the killer before Michael becomes Janice's latest victim.
2 Oct. 1997
When an amnesia victim, covered in blood, is found near the scene of a brutal murder aboard a moving train, the police are convinced they have their killer and bring Fitz in to get a confession. Fitz, however, is less convinced of the suspect's guilt, and takes it upon himself to help the man, the 'John Doe' recover his memory while he searches for the real killer. Meanwhile, at Judith's insistence, Fitz attends a Gambler's Anonymous meeting, which culminates in Fitz leading the members in a betting frenzy.
9 Oct. 1997
Lemmings Will Fly
When a teacher is suspected of killing a young male student, Fitz' mesmerizing interrogation leads to a startling conclusion that the teacher, Mr. Quint, is gay and was trying to seduce the student being a pedophile. Meanwhile, Fitz considers a getaway proposition from Detective Hannah Tyler after discovering that Judith is dating their marriage counselor Garson Shepherd.
16 Oct. 1997
Hell Hath No Fury
When a newborn baby goes missing from a local hospital, Fitz becomes convinced that the kidnapper is a woman, regardless of the eye witnesses and videotape evidence. But the truth ends up being more surprising than any wild suspicions following the apprehension of a suspect, whom is a maternity nurse, the real abductor is her transvestite brother. Meanwhile, Fitz and Michael are in bitter disagreement over Michael's ex-girlfriend and her re-appearance into their lives. Also, Fitz also attempts to communicate with his wife Judith, which ends up being a mistake.
23 Oct. 1997
'Tis Pity She's a Whore
Fitz joins forces with the Los Angeles police department as they track a severely disturbed young couple, a junkie named Tina, and a stuttering mentally disturbed man named Sean, who have fallen in love with each other while on a murderous rampage. Meanwhile, Judith rejects Fitz' latest plea to move back home after discovering that he continues to suffer from his gambling addiction and refuses to seek professional help.
6 Nov. 1997
Sons and Lovers
When a teenage boy is accused of murdering his promiscuous mother, Fitz retraces the victim's final hours, determined to find another explanation for the vicious crime despite opposition from his grumpy boss, Lt. Fry, who thinks the teenager is guilty. Meanwhile, Fitz's family bonding efforts at Sunday dinner blow up in his face due to his jealousy over Judith and his lackluster efforts to bond with his son Michael and daughter Hope, and Judith's overprotective mother.
13 Nov. 1997
Talk to Me
When Colleen McBeal, a controversial radio personality, is being stalked by one of her listeners, Fitz's investigation yields shocking and deadly results when it's revealed that Colleen and her manager Jeffrey have faked the stalking for publicity ratings, and then Jeffrey is murdered by a real stalker/listener. Meanwhile, Fitz discovers that Judith has plans to spend a romantic evening with their marriage counselor, Garson Shepherd, so he retaliates by taking Tyler out to the same restaurant just to make Judith angry and jealous.
17 Jan. 1998
If: Part 1
Fitz assists the police in tracking down a serial sniper who's killings of four African-American woman have all the ear markings of being revenge killings. Following a clue of numbers of the number of bullet hits on the bodies, Fitz determines the sniper to be motivated by the L.A. riots in 1992. However, the sniper, is shown to be a distraught man who is motivated on behalf of his severely injured, comatose wife. During this, Tyler begins dating a handsome K-9 cop, named Dale, while Watlington deals with Lt. Fry's handling of the case as well as his ex-wife Tisha's ...
24 Jan. 1998
If: Part 2
Fitz and the police are startled to discover that the next target for the sniper is someone they all have a relationship with: Watlington's ex-wife Tisha who's boyfriend, Ronnie Brooks, was involved in the incident that put John Ramon's wife in a coma during the 1992 race riots. Things get even more under pressure when Ramos takes Tisha hostage at the hospital, leading to a standoff between him and Fitz in Ramos' wife's room. Meanwhile, Judith's admission of her betrayal somehow brings both herself and Fitz together again over their newborn son.
11 Dec. 1997
An American Dream
When a famous porn star/stripper, named Dee Dee Wilder, is found murdered in her house, Fitz and the police investigate. At first, the evidence seems to indicate that her possessive manager is involved, until circumstances soon point to the young lady's estranged father. Meanwhile, Fitz has a heart attack, which brings Judith back for a temporary reconciliation, while his daughter Hope tries to persuade him to change his lifestyle.
26 Feb. 1999
The Club
When a wealthy teenage girl is found murdered at a local rave, Fitz investigates and discovers that her friends are a clique of wealthy and spoiled teens who have formed a sex club, and the list of suspects soon narrows down to the murdered girl's boyfriend, Spencer, who's older brother died from AIDS years earlier. Meanwhile, Fitz and Judith deal with Hope who has gotten into trouble at school over her own activities with carousing for boys.
5 Mar. 1999
Best Boys
Fitz and the police investigate the brutal murder of a nosy landlady and a social worker in which evidence points to a troubled juvenile delinquent and his factory worker boss whom have formed an "unnatural" association and killing people they see to keep them apart from each other, leading to Fitz to try to defuse a standoff between the youth and his former stepmother. Meanwhile, Tyler announces her engagement to Dale while Lt. Fry announces his promotion to chief detective, while Fitz's home life gets worse when Judith becomes jealous about all the time he's ...
12 Mar. 1999
Faustian Fitz
Fitz is hired by David Roberge, a famous child actor-turned-Hollywood studio mogul, to help clear his name when a teenage model is found murdered on the grounds of Roberge's Hollywood mansion, leading to conflicts with Fitz's former employer Lt. Macy and the other detectives on the police force, all of whom are still reeling from the shock of Hannah Tyler's murder. On the home front, Fitz doesn't welcome a visit from his estranged father Emory, while Judith, Michael and Hope have mixed feelings of Mr. Fitzgerald's presence in their household.
22 May 1999
First Love: Part 1
Fitz assists the police and the new commanding officer, the younger and better educated but less experienced Lt. Monroe Macey, Lt. Fry's replacement, in tracking a serial killer of three women when a police officer becomes a victim, and suspicion points to the officer's partner, Pete Renaldi, whom holds a clue to the killer's identity which prompts Tyler to go undercover to romance Renaldi to look for clues. Meanwhile on Fitz home front, Judith becomes nervous when she thinks that she might be pregnant again while Michael wants a car for himself in the aftermath of ...
22 May 1999
First Love: Part 2
When Detective Hannah Tyler is abducted by the killer, whom is Officer Palmer's deranged wife Linda who's jealous over Pete Renauldi's attraction to Tyler, Fitz, Lt. Macy, Parker, and Watlington interrogate Officer Renauldi's connection to the murders. When red tape prevents them from making headway, Fitz takes it upon himself to interrogate Renauldi himself to know the identity of the killer he's protecting by divulging into the dirty officer's past and of his connection with Linda Palmer, unaware that she has by this time shot and killed Tyler after she makes a ...

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