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Rock This!
IrockGswift28 January 2003
This is the best late-night show since Arsenio. I believe he had him as a guest one time or another. But anyway there's no other talk show that tell it like he sees it like Chris Rock. That's what I love about the brother he's real. He doesn't sugar coat anything, if he thinks your movie stinks he tell you. If a woman is invited on his show and appears sexy to him he will not bite his tongue. It may seem offensive but he does it in such a way that it's hilarious. Keep rockin' them Chris.
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One of the best in late night
MisterWhiplash9 April 2000
Chris Rock has made himself a good show with The Chris Rock Show. He brings funny and insightful sketch comedy, cool interviews, and many other things all at the hands of the comedian and host Chris Rock. Inventive and ingenious, this is one of the best you can find in Late Night Television.
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