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Lost gem
Thosle28 September 2002
Whoever cancelled this program made a huge blunder. It is one of the finest sitcoms of the last 20 years--right up there with Cheers, Frasier, and Friends. It's a shame with all the fodder on Network tv that this show is no longer on.
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Well I liked it
Op_Prime26 December 1999
I liked this show. I thought it was very funny and worth watching whenever it was on. Too bad no-one else thought so. The show seemed to have everything it needed to become a hit. It had talent and clever writing among other things. How it failed is beyond me.
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They were wrong to cancel this
dewolcott7 January 2008
This show was great. There were more episodes than just the pilot aired. It was on for a season (or half) and then poof, gone. We were very disappointed. It was the highlight of our week.

I had just searched recently to see if even that season was available on DVD, but alas. Today is the first time that I really looked at the listing after seeing Jason Bateman in a movie today and made me reminisce.

It is too late to bring it back...maybe. I would have a hard time with it without the original cast members. I never saw any comments about exactly why the show was cancelled and would really love to know.
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This show was extremely funny and should be on DVD
scootydynamatic19 January 2006
I think this show was great. I thought it would do good considering it was on after Wings. I guess not many got it. I think the choice for the three brothers was perfect and the female co worker for harry. This show deserved at least to go four seasons. I think in spite it only lasted 13 episodes it deserves a DVD. I mean you have Jason Bateman on it for crying out loud who is a great actor and D.W. Moffet and David Krummoltz ( not sure how to spell his last name and the best character of all Lindsay played by Paula Marshall. Maybe the writers ran out of ideas but i doubt it considering that many shows are not given much of a chance these days. This sitcom to me I would put in my top ten of funny sitcoms. This show was well written and the cast was great and it was extremely funny. I think maybe this show should be brought back and who knows if it did great on DVD in spite of low ratings it could come back just like Family Guy did. NBC should bring this show back I mean it can't do any worse than some of the current shows they have on now.
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