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Don't judge a book by it's cover.
zephyr-12320 November 2009
Very often, when you find a particularly negative review of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you find someone whose glancing opinion bounces off the surface "appearance" of the show and does not delve into the actual substance therein. Frequently, they are people who haven't really seen enough episodes to form a well thought-out opinion on the series, the content, and the characters as a whole--especially, people who have only seen a few eps from season one. Season one is the most shallow end of the series. It really gives you no clue as to what the series ends up being. Believe me, it gets more intense and complicated and dark as it goes on. If you decide to give it a try, I suggest checking out a handful of episodes from season three on before passing judgment. Some good examples are S3--The Wish, Helpless, Doppelgangland, S4--Something Blue, Hush and Restless, S5--Fool for Love, Triangle, Weight of the World, The Gift (I'd also say The Body but that one gives too much away) S6--Bargaining, Tabula Rasa, Older and Far Away, S7--Beneath You, Selfless, Conversations With Dead People, The Killer In Me, Get It Done (I'd say Chosen but it's the series finale which also would give too much away).

About the show itself--Buffy is the antithesis of the "pretty-blond-victim" who runs from the "psycho ax-murderer" in horror films past--the girl who always twisted her ankle and fell in her attempt to get away. How many times did we see that scene and feel just a little bit disgusted with the victim for not even trying to fight back? How many times did we see that scene and feel disgusted with the directors for typing female victims in this way over and over again? Buffy, herself, isn't the "traditional" feminist TV icon. Many of those are women who have forfeited the ultra-feminine symbols of their gender--love, compassion and vulnerability in order to maintain equal footing with men. Buffy doesn't do this. Buffy embraces those symbols in one hand and hones and wields them to fight evil in the other.

The show appears as a bubble-gum program, aimed at teens and while it's fan-base is largely younger viewers (teens-twenties), it's major themes profoundly confront the more mature ideas of good vs. evil, life and death, friendship, religion, the soul and the true meanings of power and love in such a way that is rarely addressed in current entertainment. It challenges the traditional ideas of religion as being an "institution" and asserts that it is something to be lived, that real love requires self-sacrifice, that true friendship requires far-reaching forgiveness, that true power is rooted in love and compassion and that good and evil, while in shades of gray can still be defined.
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One of the Finest Shows I've ever watched
YoSafBridge7 December 2009
If I'm having a bad day I can always count on Buffy to cheer me up (or, even if it's one of those cases were I just need a good cry I can always count on Buffy for that as well). It's the perfect blend of so many different qualities...it's humour, action, romance and just incredibly well written, believably flawed characters. I'm not exactly sure where all the haters came from, it's honestly seems to me that this is a case of judging a show by it's title.

There's little I can say about Buffy that won't become redundant, there is not much to find fault with. Sure it's got it's bad episodes, bad story arcs just like any show. But what kept me coming back with the razor sharp wit and characters that became like a family to me.

This is a beautifully written show and if you can make it past the goofy title, fantastic premise and (for many people) the campy first season (You'll grow to love the camp upon re-visiting it) you'll discover one of the best show's in recent memory.
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Emotional attachment x 100000000
Retrohead12313 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Into every generation, a TV series is born: one show in all the world, an awesome one. It alone will give us the strength and skill to fight medically inaccurate medical dramas, police procedurals which ALWAYS follow the same procedure and 90210. To stop the spread of this evil and diminish their ratings. That show is Buffy.

In the 90's, Joss Whedon created a cultural icon. Miniature Buffy's can now be bought on Ebay. Bookshops now sell the comic book continuation of the series. Academics reference Buffy in university lectures. There is now a such thing as 'Buffy Studies'.(We will ignore the excruciating 86 minutes of Kirsty Swanson's "acting", it was tantamount to Waterboarding)Sounds familiar, you say? The same thing can be said for Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. Except, there is one important difference; Buffy is teenage girl. This quote, from Spike, in the episode Touched, says a lot about the kind of hero Buffy is.

"You listen to me. I've been alive a bit longer than you, and dead a lot longer than that. I've seen things you couldn't imagine, and done things I'd prefer you didn't. Don't exactly have a reputation for being a thinker. I follow my blood, which doesn't exactly rush in the direction of my brain. I've made a lot of mistakes. A lot of wrong bloody calls. A hundred plus years, and there's only one thing I've ever been sure of: you ... Here, look at me. I'm not asking you for anything. When I say "I love you", it's not because I want you, or because I can't have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are. What you do, how you try. I've seen your kindness and your strength. I've seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand, with perfect clarity, exactly what you are. You're a hell of a woman. You're the One, Buffy."

If you have written Buffy off to be a load of feminist crap with a ludicrous title, well, you'd only be right. Minus the crap part. The show also offers violent, dramatic and well choreographed fight sequences, witty dialogue and popular cultural references, some diverse and beloved character, subtext (both subtle and obvious) and well- thought out story arches with a BIG finale. Most importantly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer gives us ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, people who don't give up trying until literally the end of the world. In Buffyverse,to quote Abraham Lincoln, we have faith that right makes might.

Having watched Buffy religiously in my childhood, I revisited it this year and realised just how much of the shows deeper meaning and metaphor I missed in my innocence. Now when I watch my box set not only am I visited by a deep and aching nostalgia but I have a new appreciation for the humour and innuendo I could not understand as a child. The show really is a something you should not be deprived of due to misconceptions or stubbornness. However, if you are looking for a series overview, this one feels the most fitting.

Buffy Anne Summers


She saved the world a lot.
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Sadness descends
alcalde28 March 2010
It is so hard to believe it's been so long since this wonderful program first graced our television sets. Even harder to believe that I didn't get hooked until the fifth season.

I knew of it's existence, of course, but I thought what a lot of people did. "Buffy? C'mon... Buffy?!? The...VAMPIRE slayer??". So I discounted it until I was flipping around many, many channels of garbage and stopped on either Spike (the channel) or FX and paused because it was the most interesting thing on.

The episode was Listening to Fear, and although I thought it was a bit hokey, I was intrigued and began to watch regularly. The series was still airing new episodes at the time and even though I wanted to watch those, I wanted to have the entire experience before the finale. As I moved through season five, they aired the final episode and it took all my will not to watch.

Cable television did what cable television does, so at the end of the fifth season, they wrapped and began airing from episode one. I was hooked. No... that's not quite right. You get hooked on "things". Buffy was not... is not "a thing". This "mere" television show and it's wondrous cast of constantly developing characters were real. Honest. They were family, as many have said before.

I miss them all terribly, even though I still see or hear them it's not the same. I watched Repo: The Genetic Opera and I saw Giles. I watched Scooby Doo and saw Buffy. How I Met Your Mother? Willow.

Honestly, this wasn't just a good or even great show. It was an important show. The genius flowed down from Joss and permeated the beings of everyone who worked on the program. As much as I would love to see them all in character once more, I hope it never happens, because magic only happens once and even Joss could not top what he's already gifted the world with.

All I can say is, to Joss all the way down to "Best Boy" or the catering service, thank you for the best years television has ever seen. You should all be proud.
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One of, if not the, best shows ever made. Honest.
Buffy is one of, if not THE, best dramatic series ever made. People that have never seen the show, or have only seen one episode of it, would probably laugh at that statement. But having seen all 7 seasons of this brilliant series, I feel quite confident in my opinion.

No other show touches on the major issues of humanity this show does: immortality and it's pros and cons, the power of love and friendship, the inner strength we all have within us, and the ability to appreciate life and learn to laugh at the things that get you down. There are moments of happiness, drama, tears, and moments that make you rediscover who you are, and Buffy deals with all of them. Every episode is layered with meanings and insights into humanity, all in some show about a girl who slays vampires.

Seeing these characters change and grow over the course of the episodes is a gift. Unlike other shows, the characters on Buffy are never the same from season to season. The events of the show change them and mold them into new people all the time, that's how good the writing is.

No episode is boring, in all 144 hours of the series there is something worth watching. Some episodes are truly brilliant pieces of television, especially the gems directed by series creator Joss Whedon such as Becoming, The Wish, Hush, The Body, and The Gift. These are some of the best hours of television ever produced.

The writing is spectacular, perfectly capable of balancing comedy, drama, and horror in every episode.

This is so much more than a show about a girl who slays vampires. It can change the way you react to events in your life and the way you view things. It's that good.
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Absolutely Brilliant
sydney-592 April 2008
I have no idea why people are hating on this brilliant TV show. I watched the entire series on DVD and was completely caught up in it my the end of season one. This show stands up over time and does not become outdated. I watched this show thinking it would be an entertaining hour and was shocked to find the show compelling, hilarious, and full of real emotion. The writers and especially Joss Whedon have come up with some of the funniest TV out there, and easily keep your attention for the entire seven seasons. Each season seems to get funnier, and all the characters continue to develop. Anyone who gives this show a real chance will be captured by the Buffy Universe. If you can ignore some of the more low budget demons and instead focus on the characters and emotion of the story you will not be disappointed. BTVH will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with the characters. 10/10.
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Way, way ahead of its time
sharkey19731 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Being the intellectual TV snob that I am, I always maintained that any show with the name Buffy, the Vampire Slayer must be total crap, not worthy of anyone's time and certainly far below me. Then one New Year's Day it was starting over from the first episode on FX and I decided to tune in just to see what it was like. By the end of the first episode I was hopelessly hooked and have been a huge fan every since. I have long since repented my snobby mistake.

Buffy had some of the most original and witty plot lines ever seen on TV and a cast that never let you down. The writers were extremely educated people who made use of all sorts of different mythologies and literary references are rife throughout the series. I even made up a tape of literary allusions from my taped video copies to show to my students to demonstrate the concept. I also shows Innocence to my seniors studying Dracula to contrast and compare vampires in modern day literature.

It may not have had the highest ratings, it may be gone for the last seven years and maybe some people think Buffy had an annoying voice, but I always thought it was true to the idea of teenage angst and early adulthood and I adored Sarah Michelle in her role. Nothing on TV now even comes close to the intelligence of this show.
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A review, 20 years later
dothancore9 August 2017
I only started to watch Buffy recently, 20 years after the first episode was aired, got to say I am very impressed. Now remember this is 2017, people are used to 1080p streaming, Blu-ray / 4K video, and HDMA sound quality, 480i, 2 channel sound and 1.33:1 screen ratio are simply not going to cut it anymore. However, in this case, despite the huge technical disadvantages, Buffy still stands out as a serious and entertaining show, one of the best of its kind. The screen-play are well written, characters well developed, dialogues are actually interesting and thought provoking, plus great acting all around. Joss Whedon is a real genius.

Due to the age of the show, I don't know if they will ever release a Blu-ray set, but I can only imagine what a tremendous joy it'd be to watch it on Blu-ray (again). Buffy really sets the standard and example for today's Hollywood, if there is show you can relate to 20 years later, then you know it is not the picture quality or special effects, but the story and acting that speak to you. Comparing this to some of modern day shows, it is clear to me that technical advances don't always improve the quality of a show.
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Now is a good time to start watching Buffy.
dynamicgg7 October 2009
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (BTVS) is a wonderful crossover between the realms of science fiction, horror, adventure, and whodunit. The main cast meet together to solve mysteries and, obviously, vanquish the undead--this earns them the reputation of being Buffy and her Scoobie Gang.

What makes the character Buffy prominent is that she is the exact opposite of the hero these type of television programs and movies popularized previous to this show. Being a slayer gives a girl increased speed, dexterity, stamina, strength, and acuity / alertness of nearby vampires. For the show to explore this unlikely avenue is what gives it the distinction of being completely different from anything before it. Although some might not be willing to suspend disbelief to see Buffy as a heroine, she stands for progressiveness in everyone. Buffy's story has a huge arch that many can relate to, from chosen one to leader.

The show itself is timeless, although some of the early episodes coincide with the advent of the internet and at times you will be watching and yell at the screen "Use your bleeping cell phone!" (cell phones weren't used mainstream by teens until after 2000). This show was slightly ahead of its time in some regards, where you may think some plot lines were lifted from something like The Matrix in episodes that were actually released a good year before it hit theaters.

The stories are quite good, and what I enjoyed most about this show is that the writers actually throw a lot of curve balls at you when you might decide what the outcome will likely be. The characters are witty, thankfully, which keeps the dialogue fresh and the plot developing. Although many episodes start with slaying in the graveyard, everything is kept really fresh.

Yes, there are a few episodes that get a lot of recognition but it's the overall storyline and main characters in the show that makes it worth watching. It has won 3 out of 11 nominated Emmys and 9 out of 29 Saturn Awards, with Sarah Michelle Gellar being nominated for a Saturn every season of the show, winning once. You can see at least the first two seasons of this show free on IMDb.com (and elsewhere) at this point, although just a month ago they had the first three. It can be picked up for $15 a season at Walmart, or in some cases in double packs from $20-30 at Walmart/Target.
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Best Thing To Happen To TV
cleosummers12 July 2008
buffy the vampire slayer, great fun to watch if you've never seen it and you have an hour to spare, full of action and kick ass lines.

but all changes if you've been watching obsessively, the kick ass action and the cheesy lines give way to something far more important, the extreme symbolism, when i watch it im still shocked at how well joss has used the whole show to sum up the teenage girls struggle through life, all the characters merge together showing characteristics of a whole person, the demons show all bad people in life and how they concure them and the relationships show how hard it is at that age and how teenagers feel alone.

when watching even after the amount I've watched it through i still find new bits that amaze me, and so people who say buffy is a load of rubbish, obviously don't get its deeper side and just see a girl fighting off demons while tryng to date.

plus there's a musical episode :P what more could you want lol
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It IS a show that will stick with you
Buffsterbabe27 June 2008
Definitely the best of its genre. I watch a lot of TV, collect a lot of dvds and LOVE a lot of shows. To me nothing was more loved than Buffy and although i have current shows i love(Lost,etc) Buffy stands out as the best. After the first few seasons you really knew and cared about all of the characters. And to all those people who say SMG can't act...pleaseeeee, she was fantastic in her part and she became a great role model. This show had its serious side, but also left room for some innocent humour and some real love stories. Some of the characters like Spike for example, will always pop up into my head when thinking of TVs greatest villains.

After over 10 years since it first aired, Buffy is still a must have TV show and Buffy and Angel will always be one of TVs best couples.
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The best
jadegriff17 July 2008
I have to say this is my favourite TV series its got everything. i cant get enough i've got every single episode on DVD and watched them all more than 5 time. the actors and actresses are outstanding and just believable. Sarah geller is a good role model for children as i am only 18 i grow up watching this program and love it. It made me stronger watching it. shes an amazing actresses and so are all the rest they worked brilliant together and felt they all connected and made the show come alive. though out there had always been a strange storyline and all something happening. I don't know how people can dislike this show as there is nothing bad about it. I give this 10/10. best show
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A 90's show that will always be worth watching
smetin24 April 2017
As a kid, I remember Friday nights being "Buffy" night on sky 1. I didn't really understand the show back then, but I loved Sarah Michelle Gellar. She was pretty and I was a young boy...don't judge me! Anyway, with Buffy coming to celebrate its 20 year anniversary I decided to re-watch this series from beginning to end and boy was I in for a treat.

This show is one of the few that will remain timeless. The only time when it feels dated is when it utilises CGI beyond "dusting" vamps, and possibly with some of the larger costumed monsters. Outside of those exceptions, this show hinges on a solid cast and excellent story telling. The characters are so diverse and shine in their own right despite the title being "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Over the course of the 7 seasons, each character is tested and has their own sub-plot, which generates an incredible development. Some stories will make you laugh, others will make you cry. Regardless, you truly develop a connection with each character and this is something that I feel is lacking in many TV shows today. The other obvious feature is the cast is very female-heavy. However, unlike some of the recent attempts (Ghostbusters...), it doesn't do it for the sake of it. The female cast is strong without trying to be feminist and that is a prominent reason as to why this show was so successful.

What I also loved about this show is the sheer variety of the episodes. Some were very serious and dedicated to the plot. However, the next episode could have a completely different stand-alone premise that could be hilarious, cringey or even scary. It was great, and even the "worst" episodes (by their IMDb ratings anyway) were entertaining to me. I appreciated the variety and found it made it even easier to binge watch.

Taken together, this TV show is one for the ages. It features a strong cast that portray a team of fighters that are (just) trying to save the world. Although the stories are very much fiction, the themes of friendship, teamwork and love are relatable. If you have not seen this show already, please do.
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An Absolutely Masterpiece that demands rediscovering. One of the greatest and Deepest works Popular Fiction has ever produced!
hanifmuhammad927 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Buffy The Vampire slayer is without a doubt one of the greatest and most addictive shows that i have ever seen in my life. It has everything that a great story needs including horror, romance, action, comedy, fantasy and drama. This is one of the first amazing vampire shows and probably one of the best. The show tells the story of a young high school student that is destined to be a destroyer of demons, vampires and just about any other monster that you can think of. Buffy Summers is a high school student who when faced with insurmountable odds comes out on top every time. Make no mistake though, this series is about more than just a teen-aged blonde chick fighting evil spooky creatures. It is an incredibly moving plot about friendship, love, and the dangers of adolescence. The show is loaded with tear-jerking moments and unforgettable characters. I believe that Buffy has something for everyone.

Season 1- Great opening season. The Scooby gang form an unbreakable bond from the moment you witness them on screen together. Xander and Giles are great and the character of Willow is absolutely adorable.The episode when every student's nightmares came true is a particular favorite of mine. The Master was an amazing villain.

Season 2- An Absolute nightmare in the greatest sense of the word. This season showcased some of the best of what this series has to offer. This season made Buffy one of the most iconic and legendary heroes ever!

Season 3- Absolutely loved the character Faith and the Rivalry between the two slayers was impeccable. The mayor was great. One of the nicest and the most comical bad guys ever. The episodes "The Prom" and "Graduation" will make you shed tears for Buffy Summers.

Season 4: Spike is My Favorite character in the series and I just love that he becomes a regular cast member in this season. The episode Hush is one of the greatest achievements in recent memory. I also though that the season finale was absolutely fascinating.

Season 5: Perhaps one of the greatest tests for our Beloved Heroine."The Body" was absolutely brilliant. "The Gift" is probably the best episode of the entire series in my opinion.

Season 6: Wonderful. I loved that The Buffy and Spike relationship took a lot of surprising and unexpected turns. Fans who trash this season do so at their own peril. The trio were not the Big bad of the season. Willow was clearly the big bad and the best in the entire series IMO. The scene when willow breaks down and curls in Xander's arms at the end of the season was just heart breaking.

Season 7: Criminally underrated and totally on par with the rest of the series. Buffy was not boring for a single moment of this season. Her speech in which she exclaims "If they want and Apocalypse then we'll give them one." is one of the most empowering and inspiring lines of dialog that I have ever heard.It made me want to cheer and tackle all of my inner demons. The season Finale was the definition of Badass.

I began this series during the summer and I just finished it a few months ago. I fell horrible for waiting so long to watch this fantastic show. Joss Whedon needs to find a way to release this series on Blu Ray or something in order to give this series more exposure. This show is every bit as relevant today as it was when it was created. It's the greatest coming of age story ever told! oh and I agree with the fans that rebooting the series without Whedon is an horrendous idea. It would break my heart to see such a classic series disrespected in such a way. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is my favorite Television series of all time!
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Buffy we miss you!
johnbombspencer30 June 2017
I've watched all the episodes I don't know how many times. My all time favorite series. I wish they'd bring it back with the original cast. Great stories and it never got lame. I judge my girlfriends by their TV choices and I don't think I could date a girl that doesn't love Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
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No other show compares for me
kiwiispurrrfect27 October 2018
I gave this show a ten because to me it is the best show I've watched. It is my absolute favourite without exception. I would suggest watching passion of the nerd videos on YouTube to see why you should watch it. This show was ahead of its time and still stands up today. The characters are great and yet flawed. It really has everything.
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Defies Expectations
indigotip4 October 2016
Buffy the Vampire Slayer has an odd name. It looks like it has cheese. Unfortunately, some people are even put off because it was produced in the 90s. Please don't let any of these things get in the way of watching this show (like me :C). The humor is on point and self-aware, the heroine is awesome, and even though I'm only starting the second season, I can say with confidence that this show is GOOD. Plus, Giles is the best. If you don't know what I mean by "Giles is the best," it's obviously time that you watch the show, learn why, and then agree with me wholeheartedly.

Sure, there's some cheese, but it's good cheese... like in pizza! Everyone loves pizza. For me, it only makes the show more entertaining. Sure, some of the production values are a little... but don't let that stop you from loving the show just like you'd love Doctor Who (dare I say the first couple seasons of Smallville?) or some of the other low-budget shows with terrible special effects!

But wait! There's more! This show itself is a commentary on high school life (and life in general). The villains and conflicts that the heroine encounters are all representative of problems that someone might encounter in real life. There's a depth to the content that just isn't there in many other shows out there. If you watch the show, you'll see what I mean. It's terribly subtle, the way I'm hinting at you to watch the show, isn't it?
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A celebrated show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was game changer for the WB
TombRaider0931 January 2011
**this review is based on the entire series**

An odd show called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" brought a lot of changes to television. Featuring a unique story arc each season blurred the line between procedural and serial TV, with each episode functioning as a stand-alone episode, while contributing to the overall season-length story arcs, which on their own right created a series long arc. People who hadn't watched Buffy before could jump right back in, and if they didn't like the current season-long story arc, they could just come back next season or enjoy the stand-alone episodes.

These changes are not always noticed, but were successfully employed later on such shows as "Desperate Housewives", though Buffy was never as serialized as the aforementioned show. But "Buffy" no doubt reached levels of quality the other shows on the now-defunct WB could only dream of.

What made "Buffy" successful was that it was never really about vampires. Vampires and monsters provided humor and in some cases very emotionally engaging drama, such as the turning of the re-souled Angel into the soulless vampire Angelus, who orchestrated one of the most shocking death scenes ever featured on the show.

"Buffy" was always about the characters, their growth and their lives. The characters in turn were always about themes, expressing abstract ideas and ideals through people who seemed very real, despite the fantasy setting of the series. Slayers aren't real - but people who do not fit in high school and stay sane with the help of their friends is very real and something people could relate to.

These were "Buffy's" strong suites. Did it have any weaknesses? Naturally. The first season of the show feature some of the sillier story lines of the entire series making the show almost unwatchable but the famous witty dialog was there from the beginning. And after the initial hick-ups, season two began showing "Buffy's" ambitions.

On occasion, even Buffy created dull characters, but the writers quickly disposed of such characters (unless you are Agent Riley) and went with what worked, surprised and engaged the audience.
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Amazing Show
jeanlong200430 January 2010
I just read a review that compared Buffy with "Charmed". Where do I begin? I've watched Buffy from start to finish and back again. I've also caught a couple episodes of Charmed and to compare the two is ridiculous. Both have supernatural themes and that is where the comparison ends. Charmed is one of the most pathetic and cheaply made shows I've ever seen. Everyone I know or have spoken to agrees. Buffy, on the other hand, is one of the most intriguing, exciting, and moving shows I have ever experienced. It stands the test of time with its character development, story arch, and realism. As you can tell, I'm a Buffy fan to the end and I don't want to knock on anyone else's shows, but to compare Buffy with Charmed? COME ON!!!
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Brilliance of Buffy
monsterboi13 March 2005
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, its misguided title put aside, is what I consider, and millions of other devoted fans believe to be a genuine and purely astonishing work of achievement in television history. With creative and daring story lines and terrific character development, the show that began its run on the WB as a mid-season replacement, became a dazzling cult hit resulting in a secure fan base and merchandising for as far as the eye can see.

The show follows a young girl endowed with the ancient powers of the slayer, one girl who fights the forces of darkness, battling alone, relieving the world of vampires and demons. In Buffy Summers' case, after moving to Sunnydale with her single mother, she befriends two loving, but out of place peers, Willow and Xander, who bravely march along side of her. Together, along with her watcher, Giles, they encounter creatures of darkness and strange mystical occurrences, which as a result, draw them closer together and occasionally, set them apart.

On occasion, Buffy is mistaken as a foolish, sci-fi television show which should probably be aired during the depressing Saturday afternoon time slot. But actually, nothing could be farther from the truth. A surprising element to Buffy is that the monsters and demons are a relatively small part of what the show actually stands for. From first love, life, death, sexual experimentation, and self identity crises – Buffy chronicles what it is like to be young person growing up in an overly mature world – with monsters! Between a slayer, a lesbian witch, a carpenter, and a werewolf – anything is possible and welcomed in the Buffy world. With the imaginative and extremely innovative writing of the show's creator Joss Whedon, along with the most intelligent and skillful writing staff that the biz has ever encountered, they were able to produce many groundbreaking episodes including "Hush", "The Body", "The Gift", "Becoming part 2", "Seeing Red", "Conversations with Dead People", "Grave", and "Chosen" – sadly I cannot continue this list for there is not enough space.

Without further ado, Buffy The Vampire Slayer is and will always be an incredible show. If you haven't had the privilege of watching this show, check your local listings for reruns or rent or even buy the entire series on DVD. Without a doubt, you will fall in love with the characters and stories, and by the time you finish the first season you will have welcomed a new family into your lives – sweet and sometimes muddled Buffy, clever and endearing Willow, faithful Xander, perceptive and paternal Giles. This show will linger in our hearts for eternity, and will go on to influence generations of intellectual and audacious writing in television.
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Discover Buffy
Al_H_one22 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
While there are so many shows that I like to binge my real obsession happens to be Buffy. I have to admit that while it originally aired I was never much of a fan. Sure I caught 1 or 2 episodes here and there early on, but never really got hooked. To be honest, at the time I would have been ashamed to admit to watching it because of the title alone. Then along came Serenity/Firefly which got me hooked on Whedon, so that I eventually got back around to Buffy. My original impression had been, "Corny show about a hot girl (with humorous one-liners) that kills vampires. Thanks, but no thanks". Now fueled with the knowledge that Whedon had created 'Buffy,' I decided to go out on a limb and give a serious try.

For me the first season was OK, nothing really worth getting too excited about. Didn't think the show was anywhere near as great as I'd heard. The "I'm only 16 years old" scene in the season finale of "Prophecy Girl" (1x12), was the first glimmer that showed that this series could go somewhere more personal and tell actual important stories. Wouldn't normally have bothered watching more, however, I had heard/read that it did get significantly better in S2. So went ahead and continued the series.

While there were a handful of episodes that were pretty entertaining in the first half of S2, nothing really struck me as noteworthy. I was beginning to really get worried I'd wasted my time on this. Then along came "Surprise" (2x13) and "Innocence" (2x14), a two-part episode. This is the first time the show had made a serious impression on me. I loved what I saw but was concerned that the whole Angel situation would get resolved too hastily and there would be no real consequences for Buffy not being ready to do the deed (so to speak) at the end of "Innocence" (2x14). But then "Passion" (2x17) came along to erase all my fears and stupefy me in the process. I had been tearing through these episodes pretty quickly, but this episode left me shocked and numb. Even with that there were a couple of letdowns, episode-wise. Then you come to the season finale, the "Becoming" duology. After watching those I was quite literally stunned. It is powerful, meaningful, gut-wrenching, and yet, still humorous (scene with Joyce and Spike). I had never thought TV could ever be this good. There were later seasons that I liked just as much if not more, but this one will forever hold a special place since it's the one that made a true fan out of me.

This is also a season of firsts for Buffy (first love, first loss, etc.) and we the viewers are there with her. This journey that she experiences is linear and we can only only experience it for the first time "the" first time we watch it. That's what makes the season 2 finale such a profound heart wrenching experience that resonates so deeply. There is no going back from here for our beloved little Slayer, only forward. This makes the ending even more poignant than ever, as if *that* was necessary. For me, in some respects, her leaving town is necessary for Buffy, it's her leaving her childhood behind. Yes, there so many other factors at work here, and yes I know that is an oversimplification, but just yet another layer to her exiting Sunnydale.

Throughout all seven seasons of 'Buffy' the characters continue to change, evolve, and cover new ground. Every season felt new and fresh and had a unique tone to it. I love all the seasons because the writing managed to stay consistently high for the entire duration of the series. "Buffy" is a uniquely amazing television series, one that actually seems to get better every time I watch it. Thankfully the show isn't a bore to watch and is instead endless fun. When I'm not feeling well and need a good laugh, I generally go to Buffy to cheer me up. When I'm in the mood to be deeply affected by something, I watch Buffy to give me a tear in my eye. When I'm in the mood for entertainment, I watch Buffy. This show is able to deliver on all these qualities and so much more. This is what the show means to me. Now go (re)watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and find out what it means to you.

"You think you know... what's to come... what you are. You haven't even begun." -"Restless" (4x22)
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Robsdeskwv4 February 2018
All I can say is I was hooked from the get go. My wife introduced me to the series and I have loved it ever since.
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Buffy needs to come back
irinawaslek19 July 2017
I have watched every show more than two times. I grew up watching this and it made me fall in love with Vampires. Now I look for any cinema movies or shows that have Vampires. Twilight I did not like. It was not good. I like when the Vampires are natural and not so melodramatic like the old films showed them. Buffy had so many good shows I really think they should remake Buffy.
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I love Buffyverse
beazeta-948-12366114 January 2017
My title says it all. Big fan here, and big fun watching the show... I've seen the DVDs a few months ago. I was young when I saw it on TV and didn't remember how much I enjoyed this stories, Buffy, also Angel - the spin off -. And how much I loved some of the characters like Willow, Xander, Oz and Spike (not Riley, who loves Riley?) Seeing the DVDs I realize of how much the series improved with time, not only the budget but the stories, how rich the characters became. Buffy represents the girl power: strong, smart but still feminine. Also it was one of the first shows to introduce gay characters. The vampire thematic was not new, however, it managed to make it new. I recommend it very much
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One of the best...if not the best TV series ever!
i_like_circles27 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I am one of the biggest Buffy nerds on the face of planet Earth and if I were to recommend any long-running TV show, this would be it. But that's probably a little biased.

Buffy starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as a beautiful, young all-American girl who at the age of 15 discovered she was destined to become a vampire slayer, protecting the world from supernatural beings from hell.

During the course of the series, Buffy experiences normal situations that every teenager goes through (dating, school, social life etc) but with the added element of being a Slayer. Knowing that she shouldn't have the luxury of friends and family but having this means she's survived longer than any other slayer before her.

I believe that Buffy is one of the greatest TV shows ever made. This is because of how well written it is all the way through (yes, some seasons are way better than others) but as a whole they bring a story of happiness, sadness, action, romance and horror.

Everything about this story is relate-able to someone in some way or another but brings the fun and shock of vampires and monsters into the mix so it's not like one of the usual squeaky teen shows that have been cloned a million times before. :)
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