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Vite Et Bien Fait (vhs)
leplatypus17 September 2017
Even if it has a famous french actor, you can feel that it's an Italian movie: Not as much because of its cast but there is something with the way of shooting, the light, the focus of a provincial family, that we don't see in french thriller. Ferilli is as good as usual and one more time, terribly serious as a wife while she is always happy in talk shows... This Zingaretti oozes the bad and wicked guy and i really wonder how is his real life as i will not trust him a second!
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An ambitious '' heel '' and his moves around a building company,set in Rome and surroundings.
proiezionistidotcom30 November 2005
This is a solid movie,living on the afflatus of a in-the-role Luca Zingaretti and natural acting of all characters : watch it in a subtitled copy to truly taste the Rome slang.Some rude scenes,appreciated.Effective dialogs. The film recreates the mood of 80's huge successful series ''LaPiovra'' ,ten years later (curiosity:Violante Placido,daughter of Michele,acts here).It's a show-up for the most representative actors in the Italian scene ,Sabrina Ferilli,an icon in Italian cinema,born in Rome.And Luca Zingaretti,whose hit with ''Commissario Montalbano'' was still to come. The film acts compact like a punch.Interpreters are well casted ,they get on each other perfectly,presence of some real-life ties between them helps.
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