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MPAA Rated R for violence and terror

Sex & Nudity

  • 1st story: A man and a woman have sex on video: no nudity, some moaning and movement.
  • A woman's cleavage is seen as she wears a robe.
  • A man and a woman kiss.
  • A woman cheats on her husband.
  • 2nd story: None.
  • 3rd story: None.

Violence & Gore

  • 1st story: A few huge rats are seen eating a dead body while dragging it away (some blood is seen). A woman shoots at the rats, but only hits one. The rats then start attacking and biting the woman. She shoots at them again. They eventually eat her alive offscreen while she is trapped inside a buried coffin (we see some biting, as well as the bloody scratches on her face, then hear screaming).
  • A man hits another man in the face with a metal rod, killing him. We see his bloody face for a few seconds, also in a later scene.
  • A woman shoots a man to death (partially offscreen, no blood).
  • A man pushes a man on a wheelchair down the stairs. The wheelchair hits him, he also hits his head on the floor, and dies (no blood).
  • We see a movie scene in which a man pushes a woman on a wheelchair down the stairs (no blood). A man laughs while watching it and says "I love it when he does that".
  • A man opens a coffin and we see the corpse of a man.
  • 2nd story: A woman is pushed down the stairs by her teenage son, then implied to be killed by a demon (offscreen, we only hear screaming).
  • A woman shoots her teenage son.
  • A woman hits her teenage son in the head.
  • A boy threatens his mother verbally, with a knife, and with a hammer.
  • A woman is said to have lost her teenage son, who supposedly drowned by accident, but actually committed suicide because of his abusive mother.
  • 3rd story: A woman is stalked and injured by a creepy living doll, which cuts her repeatedly with a knife (we see the bloody cuts on her face and legs). The woman then stabs the doll many times with a punch. Afterwards the doll attacks her again and bites her neck (blood is seen). The woman then puts the doll in a box filled with sulphuric acid, presumably killing it - but it is implied that it's still alive, and it attacks her again, transforming her in a bloodthristy primitive woman. We see her hitting a man with an axe (offscreen); her face and clothes are covered in blood.
  • A man is pierced by an arrow (no blood).
  • A man is found dead with his throat sliced (we see the deep bloody cut).
  • Two women are found dead; we only see the legs of one woman, which are full of bloody cuts, and she is said to be injured all over.
  • There is reference about an ancient African tribe which ate human flesh.


  • The language is generally mild.
  • "Son Of A Bitch" is used once (1st story).
  • "Damn" is used once (1st story).
  • "Oh My God" is heard a few times (3rd story).
  • Some name-calling ("Stupid").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 1st story: Beer drinking at a pub.
  • A man takes a bottle of wine and is implied to drink it with a woman.
  • 2nd story: None.
  • 3rd story: None.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the 1st story, a woman is eaten alive by rats (offscreen but still intense); this will disturb especially people who are afraid or phobic of rats.
  • In the 2nd story, there are a few jump scares and many suspenseful/frightening moments. The demon's appearance might scare young viewers. The whole story revolves around an abusive mother and one entity, with the looks of her deceased son, who tries to kill her and eventually succeeds.
  • In the 3rd story, a murderous living doll stalks and kills several people. Its outlook and actions could scare children.

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