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Melancholia in Suburbia
pavel_sax17 June 2005
This semi-biographical tale centres around a down on his luck, yet charismatic bar fly, set on his way to self destruction. Buscemi'second self directed/penned feature is slower paced than some might expect. This in no way detracts from the overall brilliance and charm that trees lounge conveys. Tommy's character, while on the surface, demands both pity and sympathy. It's in his anti-heroic attributes ie. selfishness and callousness, that make the film so human and believable. American releases as passionate and warm as Trees Lounge do not come around as often anymore, with only The Station Agent coming close. So enjoy.
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wonderful like the first beer of the day
Doug Galecawitz28 December 2003
There are plenty of movies I can think of that I wished were a little (or a lot) shorter. Trees Lounge however presents mme with one of the rare movies that I wish were longer. I wanted this movie to keep going, I wanted to see what else would happen to the characters. While the film doesn't entirely paint the happy bar room existence that Barfly did it does make a pretty accurate portrail of good portion of the drinkers culture. Every actor in this movie hits just the right note especially Chloe Sevigny, who has never looked more fetching. One of those silly Baldwins even turns in a fine performance. Steve Buscemi wrote and directed this movie and I shall be rather intrested in any subsequent work he does in either field.

10 out of 10.
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Labor of Love
caspian197815 April 2005
If John Cassavetes was alive, he'd have a copy of Trees Lounge in his video library. This is a story that is hard to tell, let alone find an audience. Although many can relate with the cast of lost souls hanging out at a bar most of the day, many will not admit to being somewhat connected to any of the characters. Filmed for less that 2 million, this independent, low budget, and somewhat of a masterpiece is brilliant as well as entertaining. Much of the cast has gone on to do other known films. Carol Kane, Mark Boone Junior Steve Buscemi, Bronson Dudley, Anthony LaPaglia and Steve's brother Michael Buscemi star in this Minnie and Moskowitz type story. Seymour Cassell and Mimi Rogers add their touch of magic to this story as well. A deep story with deep characters, this is a movie worth watching.
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Great Film
SusanAdebisi4 December 2005
Just happened upon this channel hopping In the early hours saw Steve Buscemi and wondered what's going on here? Not a lot as It seemed but that's not the point. Just sit back - preferably with a lager and allow Tree's Lounge to charm your trousers off.

Wonderfully subdued comedy showing that Buscemi Is not only a cult anti hero on screen but that he has much promise as a director. The characters stand out as they can be related to - everyone will recognise the Bill type regular permanently attached to the counter. Mark Boone's wife also as a seriously difficult woman who hasn't a clue what she really wants, stereotypically so. Tommy yes, Is a manchild aimlessly squandering his life away, for sure It Isn't a good role model to aspire to approaching middle age but hey that's his perogative.

This Is Steve's film and he's got charisma by the barrow full to make Tree's Lounge a real treat. That trick with the glasses will work once - provided your not too hammered practising. But It's Uncle Al who gets the best lines - "he loves your mothers", his excuse for his lecherous behaviour on the couch will bail a lot of people out of a lot of trouble.

This film Is very hard to track down, 90% of video shops I went to hadn't even heard of It and It's been on terrestrial Tele twice - once a week late- the reward Is well worth the effort.
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Fine writing and directing debut for Buscemi
Sean Gallagher27 October 1999
Whenever one thinks of Steve Buscemi the actor, one probably thinks of the line about his character in FARGO, where a girl says, "Well, he was funny looking...more than most people, even." That has more or less summed up the parts Buscemi has played throughout the years, way back to the mini-series of LONESOME DOVE. But he's got more range than that, as he showed in LIVING IN OBLIVION(1995), and this movie, which he also wrote and directed. The nice surprise is he also has the makings of a fine writer and director. There's no real plot here, which undoubtedly will throw some people(and has, if some of the comments are any indication), just observing a certain type of people(working-class and barflies) and how they live their lives. While it may drag at times, there's enough truth and detail to keep you interested. Buscemi also directs actors well; this is the film which convinced me Chloe Sevigny was for real. I understand Buscemi is making another film; I look forward to it.
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If by '7.0' IMDb means '8.5' then they're perfectly correct!
Andrew DiMonte (NoArrow)31 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
"Trees Lounge" is directed, written by and starring my favorite actor. Do I even have to mention his name? It seems that even the least-buffiest of film buffs knows who the terrific bad-toothed bug-eyed fellow from so many films is. But, because I'd rather use his name than refer to him by his facial features, I shall.

Steve Buscemi.

The man with the perfect comedic timing. The man who can play ruthless, cruel criminals (Fargo and Reservoir Dogs); nice, loving losers (Trees Lounge, Ghost World); and the man that can even save the worst of Adam Sandler movies from total hell (Mr. Deeds, Big Daddy).

As I said, Buscemi (great last name eh?) wrote, directed and starred in "Trees Lounge", the story of alcoholic Tommy Basilio (Buscemi), the kind of man that defines "loser". His girlfriend left him for his best friend (Anthony LaPaglia), who's no longer his best friend. His uncle (Seymour Cassle) just died, and the only way he can work is by taking over the town ice cream truck. Not only this, but he's constantly finding himself at Trees Lounge, the neighborhood bar, drinking more than he should.

"Trees Lounge" is an ensemble piece of only one. Buscemi's writing is amazing. The words flow so well, making this one of the few films that convinces you the characters are completely real. Every character has their own way, their own style of talking. Whether it's Mike's (Mark Boone Junior) lazy slurred speech or Debbie's (Chloe Sevigny) Gen-X type rebellious talk.

The directing is done quite well too. The whole feel of the film - even the shade of the screen - is a grayish, tragic one. He even uses some film tricks he seemed to have picked up from other directors he's worked with. The unique flashback/video sequence of one of Tommy's relative's parties is reminiscent of Tarantino. The fast paced scene where Tommy is assaulted by Debbie's father (Daniel Baldwin) reminds me of Robert Rodriguez.

And, of course, the acting. Everyone who's seen a few Buscemi films know that he can bring new (or more) life to a comedic, dramatic, ruthless or just plain weird role. In this, he blends them all together. Comedic - when he's trying to convince a cousin that his uncle loved him. Dramatic - when he's sadly telling his former girlfriend he can change. Ruthless - when he takes his former best friend's offer a little too far and buys an expensive gift. Weird - his hilarious impression of Marlon Brando from "On the Waterfront".

And, just as Buscemi blends his acting talents together he blends every aspect of filmmaking in his control to create a heartfelt dramatic comedy in "Trees Lounge", 8.5.
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Amusing and low-key debut from indie king Buscemi
bob the moo6 November 2002
Small town deadbeat Tommy, spends the majority of his time drinking at the Trees Lounge and trying to find comfort with anything in a skirt. Meanwhile his ex-best friend is with his ex-girlfriend who may or may not be carrying Tommy's child. Tommy drifts day to day before finding himself a job and a new friend.

This was Buscemi's first attempt as director and is semi-autobiographical in it's plot. Plot, however is a poor way to describe this film's story. Rather it is an amusing character piece, following Tommy through his life. Tommy is likeable but is also selfish, clueless, aimless and friendless. We like him because he has a good loser-quality to him that brings part sympathy and part empathy. During the film he hurts many through his selfish actions and his life is consistently aimless and pointless. However it still manages to be interesting because of Tommy. Even when I didn't care about him the story had enough good support characters and goings on to keep me interested.

Buscemi as actor is just as good – doing a weasely version of himself but managing to keep him just likeable enough to get by. It something about the way that Tommy clearly hurts himself all the way that makes it hard to dislike him. The support cast are all very good. Junior, Kane et al do well as the various barflies while LaPaglia, Bracco, Baldwin, Imperioli, Rogers and Jackson all deliver well on their various roles. Sevingy is very good again in another sexually laced child role – but I'm glad she's not been typecast too much since Kids.

Overall this is plot light but is still interesting, amusing and enjoyable. Buscemi directs with a light touch and keeps everything light until the sombre final shot.
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Hats off to Buscemi
JoeyStobart28 September 2004
Watched this with some trepidation, having seen the absolutely excellent trailer. So few movies live up to their trailers, especially indies. Anxiety increased by having read Buscemi's fairly harrowing account of making the film in one of those 'The Directors' books.

Shouldn't have worried. Great flick. Totally engrossing, especially to a *cough* former *cough* barfly like myself. Beautifully understated, funny, very sad, nicely paced and Buscemi very wisely NOT trying to dominate every scene, although he certainly dominates the movie.

Movie appears on first sight plot less but actually it isn't at all: Buscemi's search for a second chance to escape from the morass of his own making is riveting. Everyone involved seems to have had a good time and the beautifully relaxed performances are the reward. Only the two knucklehead goombahs fall below the otherwise uniformly excellent level.

A real treat, and thoroughly watchable-again able. My DVD was in TV format, which sucked, but otherwise the low budget doesn't really intrude.

Nearest movie to it I can think of offhand is KILLING OF A Chinese BOOKIE. Radically different subject matter but similar bittersweet texture.

A slightly, but only slightly, generous 9/10 from me.
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Buscemi Does It All, and He Does It Well
jhclues19 April 2002
Steve Buscemi has long been one of the premiere character actors in the business; his resume reads like a veritable Who's Who of interesting, complex characters who run the gamut from psycho hit-man to regular guy, all of whom he has brought vividly to life in film after film. And whether or not a particular project is a hit or a flop, Buscemi is always good, and can always be counted upon to add that extra something to any given film, as he has in `Trees Lounge,' an affecting drama he not only stars in, but with which he makes his debut as a writer/director-- and an impressive debut it is.

Tommy Basilio (Buscemi) is an out-of-work mechanic who lives alone above a bar called Trees Lounge in Long Island, N.Y. He's more than a bit down on his luck; not only did he lose his job, but his pregnant girlfriend of eight years, Theresa (Elizabeth Bracco) recently dumped him for his former boss, Rob (Anthony LaPaglia). He wants to pick himself up and get his life back together, but he doesn't seem to know where to start, and the garages to which he's applied for work aren't exactly knocking his door down to hire him. So he gravitates to the Trees, where he can at least interact with others who seem to be in situations not entirely unlike his own, though at different stages and for different reasons. But they all have one thing in common-- they're people just trying to get through the day; they're trying to get through life. If they can only figure it all out.

With this film, Buscemi proves that he is more than just a talented actor, but rather a true artist in every sense of the word, with his chosen medium being film. He has an eye for detail which complements his insights into human nature and enables him to effectively translate his material to the screen. His characters are finely drawn and complex, and with each and every one he manages to successfully avoid the stereotypes to which a setting like this could easily lend itself (and no doubt would, in lesser hands). Even with the minor characters, he succinctly gives you enough of who they are that it allows you to see beneath the surface and know what makes them tick. And he does it imaginatively-- by filling a room with photographs or items that reflect who a certain person is, for example, or simply by training his camera on someone's face and allowing that extra beat that affords the viewer a telling glimpse of what's hiding behind a character's eyes. Buscemi has an innate sense of knowing how to convey what he's trying to say, and he does it in a million small and different ways that are subtle and incisive. Simply put, he knows what works-- including how to get what he wants out of his actors-- and he presents it all with a pace and timing that are right on the mark.

In Tommy, Buscemi creates a character to whom many will be able to relate and identify on any number of different levels. To say that Tommy is a `loser' would be too much of a simplification, because the character is too complex for that tag alone to be accurate. Tommy is blue-collar, down on his luck, and like so many people in real life, just can't seem to put it all together, can't figure out how `life' is supposed to work. And that's what Buscemi conveys so subtly and so well, and it's the key to the success of this character-- it's what makes Tommy believable and real. Obviously, Buscemi knew exactly what he wanted when he wrote this character, and he puts it across with a brilliant, memorable performance which also demonstrates his ability to star in and carry a movie on his own. Certainly, he has a wonderful supporting cast that gives him plenty of help, but few character actors have ever been able to step into a lead role with such facility and achieve the level of success Buscemi has here. And it's work that deserves to be acknowledged.

There are a number of notable supporting performances in this film, as well, beginning with Mark Boone Junior, who as Mike captures the essence of a guy who is successful, but a loser nonetheless; LaPaglia, who gives a solid performance as Rob; Bracco, with a performance that is introspectively revealing; Debi Mazar, who with very little screen time leaves an indelible impression (and her eyes are absolutely mesmerizing); Kevin Corrigan (another of the finest character actors around), as Matthew; and especially Chloe Sevigny, as Debbie, Theresa's mature-beyond-her-years, seventeen-year-old niece.

Rounding out the ensemble cast are Carol Kane (Connie), Bronson Dudley (Bill), Michael Buscemi (Steve's real life brother, playing Tommy's brother, Raymond), Suzanne Shepherd (Jackie), Rockets Redglare (Stan), Seymour Cassel (Uncle Al), Annette Arnold (Sandy), Michael Imperioli (George), Mimi Rogers (Patty), Daniel Baldwin (Jerry) and Charles Newmark (Puck). An involving story presented with a rich assortment of memorable, convincing characters, `Trees Lounge' is a drama about life-- about the things going on in your own neighborhood, or downtown or two streets over, no matter where you are in the world. Wherever people are, there are situations like the ones depicted in this film, problems that have to be solved and life that has to be lived. And that's what makes this film so good; it gives the audience a chance to connect with, or at least examine, things that anyone anywhere will be able to recognize. It may have taken a collaborative effort to make this one what it is, but in the end, it's Buscemi's film from start to finish, and a satisfying little gem of a movie it is. And that's the magic of the movies. I rate this one 8/10.
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I wouldn't associate with any of these folks
helpless_dancer8 April 2004
Excellent film dealing with a group of unhappy people who drown their sorrows in booze, powder, and sex. The chief sorrowmeister, Tommy, was a pathetic loser who spent inordinate amounts of time swilling beer and shots in a shabby bar which boasted a temperamental barkeep, a postage stamp sized men's room, and one table. When not turning his liver into plywood Tommy halfheartedly attempts to find work as a mechanic but winds up driving his uncle's ice cream wagon and getting in over his head with a troubled teen on the verge of bolting from daddy's violent household. A sad picture for sure, but I couldn't help laughing out loud at some of these characters' antics. A very fine movie depicting a realistic looking slice of the ugly side of our human existence.
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Kind Of Depressing
alexduffy20007 August 2002
Steve Buscemi plays a loser who hangs around a bar called the Trees Lounge, who keeps making his own life worse. He picks fights with his friends, loses jobs, and generally gets drunk and gets into trouble. There's a great scene where Buscemi takes a job as an ice-cream truck driver, he's completely the wrong person to do the job. Still, the movie doesn't really have many happy or fun moments, it's the portrayal of a guy who just doesn't care anymore and wants to spend his time hanging around a bar with a bunch of other regulars with no aim in life but the next drink. This movie is not as fun, clever, interesting or memorable as it could have been, it's hard to care about any of the characters, they live such boring, banal lives, and there aren't any quotable lines in the movie. It is worth watching once, however.
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Steve Buscemi Being Steve Buscemi
mcgavinluke2 April 2014
This film is effectively Steve Buscemi in a film. If you like Steve Buscemi, his acting style and the characters he plays, then you are almost guaranteed to enjoy this film. He plays a unemployed bum (a strange hybrid I think of Donny's welcoming and likable character, Carl's laid back attitude and Mr. Pink's authority) who spends his time at a bar and/or smoking pot, while he tackles various mid-life crisis type problems. The films low key attitude is what makes this enjoyable to watch with subtle humour and all in a surreal dimension.

Not the most well written, well acted or most riveting film in the world but an entertaining watch nonetheless.
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A dark reflection of a far to real world
B.Carter30 September 1999
This is the most depressing movie I have ever seen. What is astonishing is that there is very little sadness to accompany this feeling. The characters never ask you to feel sorry for them... they never fear what they are. The vision is stark, blanched, and utterly truthful. Stellar performance from Buscemi, probably the best of his life.
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A few days in the life of a loser, nothing more.
John99999 August 1999
This is one of those movies that end where they begin. A meandering uneventful plot stands between. Buscemi is a talented actor. He seems to have a lot of first hand experience in or around characters such as those in the movie. The movie leaves no impression, except perhaps the feeling of boredom and futility that seem to dominate the main characters life.
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Interesting character movie.
jerry_dean678 October 2000
This is a good movie to sit and watch on a night when you have nothing else to do.

It's an interesting character movie where you sit and watch the life of a person for a short time frame out of his life.

Nothing special, but if you like movies like me, then every once and a while a good independently made character film is enjoyable to watch.

Steve Busceme's character was interesting and he played it well. An interesting slice of life yarn about a man down on his luck.

I will rate it 7 out of 10. Based on the IMD rating scale this achieves the minimum 7 rating, that in my opinion, makes a movie worthwhile to watch.
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Amorality of main character detracts from story
jeremy314 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was interesting. It is about a semi-alcoholic (Buscemi)who throws away his life hanging out at a local bar in a small town outside of New York City. I liked the way he was portrayed of being liked and despised at the same time. The main character obviously came from a well established Italian-American family in the community. So, people know and associate with him, but at the same time are wary of him because he appears to be a "loser". The main character was once a very good mechanic, but lost his job when he stole money from the garage's till. The owner (Lapaglia) is torn. He is guilt-ridden, because not only did he steal the main character's girlfriend, but also is sorry to see his former friend throwing away his life drinking at the local bar. I also like all the supporting cast. There is a great deal of sorrow displayed in this old man, who is obviously beyond hope. When the old man is finally dying, all the locals who pretended to like him at the bar really are discovered to have not cared at all. The things that detracted from the movie was that the main character was immature and irresponsible. It was hard to empathize with a guy who does drugs and sleeps with a seventeen year old girl. In addition, there was a lot of lack of clarity in the film. Who was the main character in relation to the ice cream man who suddenly died. He is obviously treated like a family member, but no explanation is given as to whom he actually is. If someone just said that is "the nephew", it would have resolved a lot of confusion. So, the movie was interesting, but suffered from a lack of empathy for the plight of the main character, and confusion about whom exactly he is. I would have liked to seen more shown to illustrate what led him to where he ended up as.
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I'll sit on the fence on this one
Mike (sutcal)2 January 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Having reviewed the comments others have written on this movie it is apparent that quite of few people love this movie and quote a few think it was awful. I am somewhere in between.

Steve Buscemi is certainly a multi talented actor and this movie also demonstrates his directing ability.

The movie doesn't really have a plot as such, more so it follows the life of Tommy (Buscemi) and the characters that are intertwined into his dull, boring sad existence.

I think what some people will dislike about the movie is that it does not have a closure to the storyline (possible spoiler here) rather it leaves us at a crossroad for Tommy which the movie has tracked to this point.

There are a number of impressive cameo's and supporting actors in the movie (Samuel L Jackson is again superb in his brief cameo), Anthony LaPaglia is very good as Rob. The sleeper here though is Chloe Sevigny. She looks the goods and her romantic involvement with Tommy provides us with the only real character development of the movie (and demonstrates the vulnerable side to Tommy).

As I said, I am sitting on the fence on this movie. I didn't really like it (the plot was to put it frankly boring). I did however find the manner in which the movie finished interesting as the lead character could have a number of outcomes of which you are left guessing.

Watch it but not when you are sleepy, you may just nod off.
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This movie is horrible...its dreck !
movieman-13812 March 2002
It's really unbelievable how bad this movie is. It's about a loser, steve busemic , so I thought hey maybe it will be ok..a movie about a loser dosent sound like typical hollywood mainstream crap. But dam , this movie starts off and goes NOWHERE! The movie ends in what 2 hours or a little less and nothing happens . We are blessed with the utterly beautiful chloe from "Kids". But she doesnt have a huge part and no , no nudity. I just can't get over how bad this is! I almost wished I saw a stupid mainstream hollywood film. At least then I would know what I would be getting. This is one of the top five worst movies I've seen all year. no doubt 2 out of 10
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Too Low Concept
Theo Robertson15 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
TREES LOUNGE is a film about Tommy Basilio , an unemployed mechanic who spend most of his time drinking in a bar or snorting drugs . " What`s so compelling about this movie ? " you ask , well I think you`ve hit the nail on the head with that question because there`s nothing really compelling about TREES LOUNGE . It`s a really low concept ( ie character based story ) movie where not much happens . Written , directed and starring Steve Buscemi it feels like one of those indie projects actors come up with now and again to increase their cred with major Hollywood studios and I`m guessing Buscemi ploughed much of his own money into the project so maybe I shouldn`t be too critical


I should perhaps also give some praise to Buscemi for writing a screenplay with an obvious subtext of never getting what you want : Tommy want`s to snort yet more drugs but someone comes into the bathroom , Tommy wants to take a woman he`s picked up in a bar but she falls asleep while he`s in the bathroom , a young kid wants to buy an ice cream but the ice cream man suddenly has a heart attack , so the theme to this movie is very clear . Such a pity realism takes precedence over an exciting plot
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sp_key24 September 2006
Some guy loses his girlfriend, his job and now drinks all day in a boring bar. He then inherits an ice cream van from his deceased uncle and drives around the streets half-bored selling sweets.

This is a perfect example that illustrates good actors don't necessarily make good films! The characters are weak, the story told a thousand times before and the complete luck of active plot makes the film suitable only for TV on a Sunday afternoon. Buscemi fails to push the actors to their limits resulting in a 'soap opera' style performance which is well below the average. Most of the scenes were pointless and contributed nothing to the film.

Trees Lounge could have started straight after Tommy inherited the Van (thirty minutes before the end) and still wouldn't make any difference! If you do end up watching the film just imagine how the film would be like if Tarantino directed it.

Better watch TV commercials :(
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Buscemi Gets It Done
gavin694228 June 2016
Tommy (Steve Buscemi) is an unemployed mechanic who spends most of his time in a bar (Trees Lounge) in a small blue collar town. He seems to always be thinking, "If only X then I could stop drinking".

Roger Ebert wrote, "Steve Buscemi, who plays Tommy and also wrote and directed the film, knows about alcoholism from the inside out and backward, and his movie is the most accurate portrait of the daily saloon drinker I have ever seen." Now I don't know if this is the best film about a barfly ever made. I find that rather hard to believe. But I do know that Buscemi is a great actor, a champion of the independent film, and as "Trees Lounge" shows, he is an accomplished writer and director. I am glad to see he is getting the respect he deserves.
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In between shots
tieman641 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A very good debut by writer/director Steve Buscemi, "Trees Lounge" stars Buscemi himself as a bug-eyed alcoholic who mourns the loss of his lover and child. Would his life have been better had he made less mistakes? With whom does blame lie? Can he change?

Comprised of a series of sensitively sketched vignettes, "Trees Lounge" mostly finds Buscemi perched atop barstools, nursing booze, sucking on cigarettes or snorting cocaine; anything to escape a life he despises. Elsewhere he strikes up a relationship with a young woman, played by the ethereal Chloe Sevigny. Buscemi's aims may be modest, but his film does well to capture a tone of melancholia and regret. "Trees Lounge" unfolds like a Tom Waits record, or perhaps the boozy laments of a Raymond Carver or Charles Bukowski.

7.9/10 – Worth one viewing. See "Ghost World" and Dan Rush's "Everything Must Go".
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teddinut125 December 2006
This is real life stuff at its best. Two hours flew by while I was watching this movie because I felt like I was there at Trees Lounge. It was like I had my own barstool just watching what was going on.

The character development is superb. Even though nothing much happens in the movie that is really profound, you feel like you are rewarded by watching because you get to know the characters, especially Tommy, played by Buschemi. You can almost feel that he is not really acting in this feels more like he is re-living part of his life experience in the movie.

It is a slice of life from the outskirts of NYC or Nothern NJ that seems like it would actually happen.
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Steven Buscemi's 'Barfly' !
Flowbeer27 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie from the first time I ever saw it. I had it at the end of a video tape I'd recorded (off IFC) after 'Monument Ave.', a Boston-mob film that had a similar "bar tone" to it, but was nothing like 'Trees Lounge.' 'Trees' takes place on Long Island and the vast array of crazy characters are a lot to choose from! There's a lot of humor in this film - and a lot of secrets & desires. The lounge is a bar that has a lot of losers who frequent it - the main one being Tommy (Buscemi)! There are the standard barflys who sit there all day drinking, and who must be on a fat social security paycheck to pay for it all! Anyway, we follow Tommy through his break-up with a gal he treated like crap and who has left him for one of his more-stable friends who owns a garage, going to family funerals and getting beaten up by a certain 'guido' in the 'hood. The only thing Tommy has, and the rest of his drinking buddies for that matter, is drinking his blues away. One of the cool people Tommy meets at the Trees is 'Mike', played by Mark Boone Junior - who gives a great performance as a guy who's wife is also threatening to leave him if he doesn't straighten up his act. So Mike & Tommy drink together and at one point, bring home 2 teenage girls to smoke some pot and dance to some records, in a bout of drunken bad judgement. When the wife returns, she asks Tommy if there were any girls there and Tommy, as a pro, covers for his new friend perfectly. There'a also a small part with Debbie Mazar, who Tommy almost gets to take home - until she passes out and her friends tell him to leave her alone! And Carol Kane is wonderful as the feisty bartender who keeps Tommy in line when he needs it. Also look for Kevin Corrigan as a coke-head loser, similar to the one he portrayed in Buffalo '66. By the end of the movie, you really start to feel sorry for Tommy. You wonder how much of it is based on Buscemi's life in New York, before he made it in the business. They say he actually drove an ice cream truck for awhile in NY, so that part must be true. All in all, Buscemi gets totally DICKED OVER in this film. But it is still a great film. And real. If you're a drinker, you might just see a bit of yourself in this film. 8 out of 10 stars
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