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Alternate Versions

US DVD release by Troma release is the complete version of the English language edition, but, like all English releases, is still missing around 2 minutes of material exclusive to the Italian print.
The Italian release is around two minutes longer than the English export version, including an additional scene where Anna calls the husband of one of Alfredo's victims, and another where she meets Marie's mother, played by Veronica Lazar (whose name is included in the credits of all versions, even those in which she does not appear).
The 2005 UK DVD release, by Arrow Pictures, has had all previous cuts waived and represents the full-length English version, although like all English releases it omits the two scenes exclusive to the Italian version. The 2010 Arrow reissue is the full uncut version.
This film premiered on video in the UK, but 11 cuts totaling 2m 47s were made by the distributor before submission to the BBFC for a video certificate. These cuts were to the rape scenes, slow motion bullet impacts and a woman's face being slashed with a razor. The 2010 Arrow reissue is the full uncut print.
The DVD version released on DVD in the UK in May 1999 contains all the material which had been pre-cut from the UK video version. Since the uncut version has never been submitted to the British Board of Film Classification, this version was withdrawn and re-released in a cut form. The new cut release has a colour graphic on the disc itself, whereas the uncut version had a black and white label. The 2010 Arrow reissue featured the full uncut version.

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