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An excellently bad film, filled with mistakes and errors.
haznael23 March 2001
Warning: Spoilers

I must begin this review by stating that I am a lover of bad films. With that out of the way, I must say that Shadow Warriors filled me with joy, as it is possibly one of the worst films ever, right down there with Troll 2. The plot is basically that of a generic sci-fi action film; they wrote it in about five minutes, and it is essentially a rip-off of Universal Soldier, or Robocop, but far worse. Basically, a corporation is trying to make cyborg bodyguards by killing people and putting computers in their brains. Of course, something goes wrong, and one of them rebels, kills the evil corporate guys, and must eventually be stopped by another such cyborg. The plot is simple, but where this movie truly shines is in all the various mistakes the film-makers made. They basically did only one take of each scene; and this results in various funny things turning up in the movie. Example 1: a truck shows up with a bunch of soldiers; it has no roof, and you can see them all. The next instant, you see the same group, but it's clear that it's a different truck, this time with a roof! Example 2: The same actor shows up three different times as three different soldiers, each

of which is killed. Since you see his face clearly, its obviously the same guy! Example 3: Much like with the truck, but this time, they switch helicopters on us in the final scene. Example 4: One character throws a grenade at the other guy, who dodges it and leaps to the side. The grenade, however, falls at the thrower's feet and explodes, not where it was intended to go. Also, it seems that the 'main character' who is presented to us at the start of the movie, shows up only in a few scenes, and hardly does anything. They basically switch heroes on us as well. This movie is filled with such bloopers, along with terrible acting, a worthless story, and many other fine features that make this an incredibly enjoyable film. Be sure to watch it.
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The greatest film of all time?
Paulo Sheppardo19 February 2002
I think that this is the greatest film of all time, it is the most entertaining film i have ever seen. Barkley running about with his mad slides has influenced many peoples lives. Its a cross between Terminator and Robocop and Seedpeople. Its pure cheese from start to finish. Barkley is also a fast mover, look how quickly he snogs the lady at the end, 3 seconds after her husband is blown up by a david seaman look-a-like with the greasiest pony tail in the world.


i want to meet barkley!!!!
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Duel of the idiots with micro-chips in their brains.
Vomitron_G18 July 2011
This is such an unbelievable heap of rubbish that it's worth a watch. There's only one word to sum up this sad action/sci-fi clunker: incompetence. It's somewhat of a Z-grade "Universal Soldier" rip-off (I can't even imagine all its sequels getting as bad as "Shadow Warriors"). Terry O'Quinn is terribly wasted as the evil scientist with a greedy plan. So, the whole film's pretty much a mess without a plot, consisting of scenes featuring two body-builder idiots with computer chips in their brains chasing each other through Ukraine landscapes and beating the crap out of themselves. Jumping off bridges, hanging on helicopters, blowing things up. Oh sure, a fast-paced action-packed thrill-ride for sure. And inept on all levels. The whole film long, I only wondered about two things: Why are those people doing these things and why are they speaking such drivel? My intelligence must have been lacking, because I just couldn't quite grasp this film. How rubbish can an action movie get, actually? Watch "Shadow Warriors" (aka "Techno-Fear") and find out. It's one of a kind; you don't stumble upon one of these too often.
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Pretty much a knockoff of "RoboCop"...and not exactly cerebral.
MartinHafer12 March 2010
This film is about humans who are transformed into robotic fighting machines. It seems that there is an organization with offices in Russia and the United States that takes dead or nearly dead people and transforms them into these cyborgs--resulting in something STRONGLY reminiscent of "RoboCop". In fact, the idea is so similar, you can't give "Shadow Warriors" any credit for originality.

One day, one of their TS-03 models goes crazy and begins killing everyone in the Russian facility. So, it's up to a newly developed TS-04 to put a stop to him. Oddly, however, not only does the TS-04 begin killing, but it also is able to overpower the newer and better TS-04 when they have a confrontation. The only logical explanation, JUST LIKE IN "RoboCop", is that someone has deliberately tampered with the TS-03. Who and why is unknown.

If you are a person like me who is not a huge fan of all-action films, then this film will be tough going. Compared to the Schwarzenegger and Sylvster Stalone films, this one is MUCH more action-oriented. There is practically no dialog through much of the film and it's kill, kill, kill--as if actual plot and characters weren't especially important. Mindless is the best way to describe the result.

The only reason I watched the film at all was because in an interview Quentin Tarantino said it helped inspire him with his "Kill Bill" movies--though I just don't see it. Tarantino's films, though violent, are very intelligently made and clever. I just don't see any of that in this film. It's all very obvious and low-brow--with nothing of any interest to anyone who wants more than just gunfire and punching.
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