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One Of Troma's Best
Crap_Connoisseur28 March 2006
Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD is one of my favourite Troma movies. In fact, it's one of my favourite cult movies - full stop. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz really hit a home run with this opus. Rarely have either of these great men been responsible for something so lovingly crafted or effortlessly winning.

In my opinion, Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD proves once and for all that Kaufman and Herz are highly skilled filmmakers, not the hacks they promote themselves to be. These men should be feted at film festivals around the world as film gods instead of being reduced to approaching perverts in public toilets for funding. This film is extremely accomplished. The direction is stylish, the pacing is brisk and the action sequences are well staged. Moreover, the film is startlingly original, seamlessly blending action, fantasy, horror, comedy and kabuki.

The quality that sets Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD apart from many Troma films for me is its sense of whimsy and good natured humour. This is possibly the funniest movie Kaufman and Herz have ever made. Much of this is due to Rick Gianasi. Gianasi is by no means a great actor, but his charismatic yet clueless persona is perfect for the role of Harry/Kabukiman. Harry's transformation into Kabukiman and his encounters with Reginald's henchmen are hilarious and visually impressive. It takes a unique mind to come up with death by chopsticks and sushi paper. The special effects are great, with the emphasis being placed more on humour than gore. The scene in which Kabukiman is flattened by a truck never ceases to make me laugh.

Kaufman and Herz not only created a great hero in Kabukiman, but also an excellent sidekick in Lotus. Susan Byun plays the role with a po-faced sincerity that is hysterical. I also found the romance between Kabukiman and Lotus strangely endearing. Forget those losers balancing on the end of the boat in "Titanic", the most romantic moment in cinema history is Kabukiman flying over New York City with Lotus on his back (that is before he gets airsick and hurls). The flying scenes deserve a special mention, this is the kind of B-grade special effect that got me hooked on cult movies for life.

Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD is a very special film, which I would recommend to anyone. Cult movies have rarely been so original, entertaining and lacking in pretension. It is surely time for Lloyd to start pimping out Mr Herz in order to raise funds for the sequel.
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Quite, quite brilliant
Untamed Aggression5 June 2002
I was very surprised by this flick.

The first Troma flick I saw was Terror Firmer, which was just wall to wall sex and violence. Not that that's a bad thing.

With Kabukiman, however, the sex and gore is reduced considerably, and a lot of the humour is quite witty ("Nice dissolve, huh?"), with only a bit of gratuitous nudity(If it wasn't for the attempted rape bit this film could've got away with a 12 rating) and cartoon violence. I really enjoyed this movie, and it definitely makes my all time favourite list.
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Kabuki-man san!!!
bjerho29 March 2002
Harry Griswold is a clumsy New York cop who one night decides to go to the theater and watch Kabuki. Suddenly guys with machineguns start shooting at the actors on stage and kills the oldest Kabuki-actor.

Harry draws his gun and shield and start shooting at them. When he gets up on the stage, the dying elder Kabuki-actor grabs him and gives him a sloppy kiss. When he does that, he transfers the old Kabuki-spirit to Harry. This is where his problems begin. The old mans daughter, Lotus must now teach him to master his Kabuki-powers to stop the evil one from ruling the earth.

This is the best Troma-movie that I have ever seen. Lloyd Kaufman is one of the coolest directors ever. Funny, violent and silly. It's full of make-up, kimonos, blood, worms and crazy villains. It also has a funny soundtrack. I saw it on the new DVD-release which has a lot of extra features.

If you love Troma-movies you will love this one. I give it a 10/10.
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Joeseph Campbell-esque metaphor on Society: A Smash of a Hit!
cliffking9 August 2004
There are few artistic achievements that our race as a whole have produced, especially in the field of motion picture, that truly resonate within our psyche, leaving us profoundly altered. This film, Sgt. Kabuki Man, NYPD, is one of those achievements. It is a pure lancet of truth and hope that slices through the gossamar chains of society's current state of disrepair, a beacon in the fog for lost souls to reclaim there lives. Using the classic Joeseph Campbell idea of 'hero' and 'quest', this novel script shows that anyone, even one as societally dominated and oppressed as the protagonist Harry Griswold, possess the ability to totally revamp their lives into something meaningful and worthwhile. And indeed, it is the brilliantly woven script (by freshman writer Robert Koffey) that keeps the plot taunt and titillating, steeped in rich metaphors and symbolism. For example, during the initial kabuki transformation sequence after the goons have shot up the theater and the explosions have gone off, the main character can be seen frenching an old guy and then eating some worms. This is a perfect microcosm for the greater ideas that directors Michael Hurtz and Lloyd Kaufman feel we need to come to grips with in our own lives- suffer embarrassment and pain to feel redemption. Thank you, noble angels. I only hope your genius-work finds a receptive audience in the vapid teenage wasteland of suburban America.
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I love Troma!!!
Condor_conrad5 August 2001
Yes... Troma, the longest lasting indipendent film studio ever... And this film is one of there MANY pieces of art. This film is really silly, but really funny. "Oh great, first I got kissed by a man, now I'm wearing a dress." GREAT quote! Troma is the best studio ever made! I don't know why people hate this movie. If has so many classic scenes...

10/10 AWESOME!!!
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The Least Graphic of the Troma Team Releases
gavin69423 April 2007
After being kissed by a kabuki master, Harry Griswold (police detective) transforms into the superhero Kabukiman. Harnessing his new kabuki powers, he faces corrupt businessmen, drug-dealing ministers... and must prevent the monkey from riding the jaguar.

I first watched this film years (2000?) ago at my friend Jason's apartment and loved it, as I love all Troma releases. Today I watched it for the second time after picking up the DVD at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Chicago 2007 from the director himself, Lloyd Kaufman. The movie was everything I remembered it being and more.

The humor is cheesy and full of bad puns, the acting is decent but not Oscar-worthy, and some scenes are just not politically correct (though by far much less gross than any other Troma movie ever made). We get the first instance of the legendary car crash scene and some good fights. Heck, even the flying special effect is tolerable. Though after seeing "Puma Man" pretty much all flying scenes are tolerable.

Troma is known for their anti-capitalism views, and it shows here (though more subtle than in "Troma's War" or "Terror Firmer"). I mean, the villains are a business tycoon and a reverend! This is a strength for the films, I feel, because it really helps the target audience rally around the hero. If you're watching these films and enjoying them, clearly you like independent films, which makes you a natural for being opposed to huge organizations. Or maybe it's just me.

So, yes. Cheesy plot and acting. A little gore (but not too much). Some bare breasts for no good reason. It's everything you expect from Troma, though more tame and with a little more plot. You really ought to see "Toxic Avenger" first, but if you like that one, this is a great follow-up.
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A fun film from legendary Lloyd Kaufman!
whammy66614 October 2005
I bought this flick after hearing, good, bad, and something in the middle. I thought it was pretty fun and had a few hilarious scenes. Kabukiman is one of my favorite superheros now, he is better than superman, batman, spiderman, and so on. JUst not as good as the Toxic Avenger. The main problem with this film is it lacks the gore and nudity Troma is famously known for, but it works for this movie for the most part. It is more of a "family" troma flick if that is possible. It still has some blood and some nudity (if you watch the UNRATED director's cut) but not as much as say...Terror Firmer. Not near as much. It has a scene of Troma's famous barfing however. Overall a fun film and definitely worth a watch. Recommended!
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a troma classic
marlowe_is_dead9 March 2001
this film surpassed my expectations, that's for sure. most of the lead characters act with the right amount of straightness very reminiscent of frank drebin of police squad.

and the actual plot line is great. you might expect it to be handled completely silly and ridiculously, but really, it isn't! it is a movie you can submerge yourself into and forget about the outside world for a while. which is why it is a troma classic.
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John Langbein (medrjel)2 February 2002
OK. This is not great cinema. This is not what you would define as a classic.

But for a B movie, it is A+

Like Toxie (The Toxic Adventure), Troma has once again created a character that is likeable and fun, yet this one is a bit of a jerk too. Still, I think that's what's so endearing about the character.

Basically, A bumbling cop accidentally receives the powers of the Kabuki, and has to fight "The Evil One". Lots of silliness. A bit of Troma trademark unneeded nudity (they love showing breasts whenever they can) and some worm eating. Get rid of that part, and it could be a fun series, and I would love to see a series of this. I think it's designed for a short-run TV series that would quickly develop a cult following. The character lends itself to short stories very well. Perhaps a Saturday Morning cartoon (like Toxie did).

Again, it's not great cinema, but it's a silly ride.
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Funny and Weird
O2D12 May 2017
This is definitely one of the best Troma movies.It actually has a plot and there's no gore at all.The first thing I should say is that you should watch this before you watch Citizen Toxie.There is at least one really funny joke that you won't get if you watch them in the wrong order.In typical Troma fashion, Kabukiman is completely different in CT and I like the latter version better.Even though this is one of the better Troma flicks, there's still a lot of stuff in it that doesn't make sense.At one point Kabukiman turns into a clown and his clown powers can't hurt the bad guys.I can buy that.Then he starts running from them and after a minute of them chasing him with cars, he jumps on one of the cars and now they are scared of him.Was that supposed to be funny?Those little bad parts don't really hurt the movie though.This is a Troma movie that non-Troma fans might enjoy.
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Crazed superhero nonsense from Troma
Leofwine_draca14 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Another offering from the Troma stable, and it's as you would expect: dumb all the way and packed with crude vomiting jokes and the like. However, I did find this film to be a bit better than other Troma films because the idea of a Japanese superhero is quite an appealing one, and I did like the costumes, transformations, and silly sound effects of the heroic, magical crime fighter who uses deadly chop-sticks on the villains.

Otherwise, it's business as usual, with a gang of moronic thugs beating people up and getting beaten up themselves; corrupt business men getting their just desserts; and lots of slapstick and pratfalls. They even include a fight between Kabukiman and a big, slimy rubbery monster at the end. Basically this film is just a comedy variation on THE TOXIC AVENGER, except done in a lighter, less gruesome way. Saying that, the usual ingredients are all there, so this isn't a film for kids. Worth a look just for its curiosity value and the sheer offbeat and crazy nature of it, and because it's a bit funnier and more aware than rubbish that Troma distributed like CHOPPER CHICKS IN ZOMBIETOWN.
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Troma's Number 2 Hero, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.-San
MasterMeredith15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really don't want to spoil anything, but Kabukiman has to be seen to be believed. So here's the story, detective Harry Griswold goes to a Kabuki theater and there's a big shoot-up there. He happens to be heroic and tries to stop the men, but one gets away. One of the kabuki actors then kisses Harry, then next thing you know Harry is wearing a kimono and kabuki face-paint. He then later finds out he has to stop a certain event from happening coupled with the fact that he still has to do his police duties. Kabukiman's arsenal includes many oriental themed attacks such as chopsticks that pierce skin, fans, a sword, and my personal favorite turning people into sushi. When he transforms into Kabukiman for the first time it's enjoyable to watch, and the second transformation that happens (No spoiler here!) is just so hilarious that it creates one of the best chase scenes I have ever seen put to film. The final battle can be a bit upsetting, but Kabukiman is to New York what Toxie (The Toxic Avenger) is to Tromaville, New Jersey. In other words check it out for the absurdity, but there is also a heartwarming story about becoming an oriental superhero involved also.
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played out
eyesofsociety30 December 2003
the problem with this movie was that some of the same sort of funny things done in the movie got old. yeah they were funny at first but then after a while it got to be old. i'm sure this would have been a great comedy movie if it was just shortened 25 to 50%. i give it 6/10
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This movie was a torture
Karl Karlsson3 March 2015
To begin with, I just want to say that I'm really into B-movies, cult flicks, comedy and gore but for me this movie was a total failure. The characters are so uncharismatic I hurts to sit through this 100 minute junk fest. Except for the Toxic Avenger quadrilogy, I haven't really enjoyed any of Troma's movies - but I decided to give this one a chance nonetheless.

Unfortunately, there was almost no gore at all to be found and the jokes were so extremely bad and childish I didn't even smile once. The movie just wasn't charming in the way a good b-movie or cult flick should be. For me this was just repulsive and "bad in a bad way".

2/10 - Never watch again
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One of Troma's better films.
Paul Andrews16 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. starts as New York police detective Harry Griswold (Rick Gianasi) decides to go to a Japanese theatre but has his night ruined when a bunch of machine gun wielding thugs burst in & begin shooting up the place, the owner of the theatre manages to breathe his dying Kabukiman spirit into Harry who over the next few days experiences some strange transformations. He suddenly becomes Kabukiman a Japanese superhero who fights crime & evil, speaking of evil an ancient Japanese legend states that every 1000 years 'the evil one' will take form on earth & well generally be evil & this is the year so Kabukiman is charged with the task of stooping him.

Directed by the 'brains' behind Troma Michael Herz & Lloyd Kaufman this is actually far better than I expected considering their general output. The script by Kaufman, Andrew Osborne & Jeffrey W. Sass is a clear homage to the superhero genre with some mildly amusing scenes that rip-off the likes of Batman, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man & Superman. Not everything works but at least it tries without having to resort to the stupid, childish gross out humour & violence most Troma films rely on & in fact this is surprisingly restrained & light hearted compared to a lot of Troma's output, whether this is a good or bad thing I'll let you decide but I thought it made watching it a lot easier. Everything about Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. seems just that bit better than the usual Troma film which obviously helps, it isn't going to win any awards but as trashy entertainment that makes you smile on occasion it's not too bad.

Director's Herz & Kaufman do OK, while still not up to Hollywood standards this has a greater level of technical competence than any other Troma film I can remember. As already mentioned this is surprisingly tame, apparently available in two versions of differing strength I'm not sure which one I saw but as far as gore goes there's some people shot in the head, some is attacked by a Tiger & eaten plus there's a silly blue demon monster thing at the end.

This probably had a slightly bigger budget than the usual Troma & it show's, apparently this didn't get distributed in the States until 1996 some 5 years after it was initially made. Again while the acting isn't going to win any awards it's much better than in most Troma films.

Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. isn't too bad a film & one if watched in the right mood provides a few decent laughs although you have to be of a certain disposition to enjoy stuff like this. Worth a watch for those twisted souls wanting something a bit different.
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a laugh with side helpings of sex and violence
irontulips1 February 2005
This movie is not a cinematic masterpiece, but when you rent a Trauma movie it's generally common knowledge you're not getting "Godfather". Lloyd Kaufman has never claimed to be Coppila, and Troma has never claimed to produce art.

"Sgt. Kabukiman" is a true 'B' movie. It's poorly written, holds no great truth about the human condition, the fights seem staged, but it succeeds.


It succeeds because it KNOWS it's a 'B' film, and not for one frame of celluloid does it take itself serious. We laugh at the characters because they are exaggerations of stereotypes.

Not to say there isn't some social commentary. I'd mention them, but I figure anyone who watches a Troma film looking for a profound statement about society shouldn't be watching a Troma film in the first place.

In the end, this movie is what you'd expect from Troma; a laugh with side helpings of sex and violence.

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One of Troma's best if not THE best.
ambassadorforhugs27 August 2001
It's been a while since I've seen this film but I still remember that it is a good laugh. Really silly with poor acting but that's what Troma is all about. Like all Troma films it's the bad acting and stupid ott stories that make them so good. Okay some of them are just plain bad, but this definitely isn't one. The Kabuki costume looks amazing and I love the way Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD looks. The cartoon style humour is wonderfully done and this film really appeals to my sense of humour. It's even got a kick ass title song to go with it.

I was over the moon when I found out there might be a sequel coming out soon. I know sequels are rarely as good as or better than the the first film and often much worse but I really hope I get to see this sequel. It's just a shame Troma films are never shown in cinemas over here. Long live Troma.

A 7/10 for this film. Tempted to give it 8. Maybe I'll change my rating later on if I see the film again.
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Absurd, silly and entertaining... 8/10
cpu-421 January 2001
If you like Troma's kind of silly, off beat, absurd humor then I'm quite sure you'll really enjoy a whole lot of scenes in this flick as well. There are lots of cartoonish, hilarious characters all of which have been acted out with confidence and conviction.

The story... well there's this American cop in NY who finds out he can get supernatural powers by changing into the Kabukiman, a kind of Japanese Samurai dude with lots of makeup. Our hero uses his new found powers to beat the crap out of some local small time crooks in various entertaining ways, but it turns out he really owns his powers to the fact that he was chosen to fight the Evil One, who is about to take over the world. He is reluctant to accept this responsibility at first, but a Japanese chick kicks some sense into him and then goes on to teach him how to use his new found skills properly.>
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Troma strikes again!
drhannibal66613 November 2000
This comical sci-fi cop adventure is set in the future and follows the exploits of a New York detective who is given superhuman powers from a mysterious Kabuki. Suddenly he turns into a colorfully dressed, but still somewhat bungling crime fighter.

My Rating:2/10
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why? why? oh my why?
strutter1 May 1999
Allrighty 99.99% of the troma movie line, I look forward to seeing the movies that I see in the previews.....I mean who can't........the only problem is that I found this movie......and 99.9% of the other troma movie lines.......and they are all the same......plain and simple......they are brutal low budget movies which to put it bluntly........ummmm my mother said if you can't say anything nice.......don't say anything. A bright side of all this is the dvd's are loaded with special features like no's a shame they could not do this for the movie........but the previews........the previews.....yes.......the previews are in no doubt the best previews I have ever seen........and this is why if there is ever a sequel to this atrocious movie.......I'll probably buy it........maybe it's the world we live in that makes me do it.......but did I mention the previews???? I guess that troma is good for that producer that cannot find any other company to hire him........and the previews......they are great.........if only they came out with a preview movie.......yes.....I do believe this would be grand.
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Too silly for its own good.
himikey16 February 1999
Par for the course, regarding Troma films. Got a few chuckles from me just out of pure silliness, but it's a one-joke comedy movie with some action and cartoon sound effects thrown in for good measure. Not the worst, but I didn't have a good feeling about myself after watching this movie in it's entirety.
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