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  • Sixteen-year-old Anna escapes from the family house in the province, due to the fact that she doesnt want to go to military school chosen by her father who wants Anna to be a soldier like him. Somewhere in the province road she is trying hitch-hiking to Prague. Speedy stops. He asks her where exactly in Prague she wants to go. She doesnt know but she answers that maybe she wants to go for a coffee. He says that he knows the best café in Prague and he is going to this place right now.

    Theyre in cafe, talking. The chat doesnt seem to go well. In certain moment Speedys brother, Phillip, joins to their company. Speedy decides to leave them alone and goes out. While there is already the late time, they are closing the cafe. Phillip offers her that she can stay overnight at them. They are coming back by foot, because Phillip doesnt like the underground. On the way the meet a suspicious man, who offers them the purchase of the gun at the very profitable price. Phillip buys it. Anna clearly is not satisfied of that. In the flat they meet Irma. Irma has been left by her boyfriend some time ago and she is occasionally having depressive states and she often cannot sleep. Anna lays down for a sleep. At dawn she gets up to have a drink. In the kitchen she meets thoughtful Phillip. The start the conversation. She points at his painting of a Martian. During the talk, Phillip tells her that he feels as she was from a different planet. Anna replies that in his eyes she seems to be stupid. She puts down the glass and leaves the place.

    Next day morning all the house mates turned Annas appearance into their own, more modern style. Kytka, who shows up states her dissatisfaction about Annas presence. Kytka is Philips boyfriend. Every night he goes to Masarykovo Nadrazi (train station), where he prostitutes himself with other men. Last night he spent with a Customer (older man), who fascinated him with his arguments about the privileges for homosexuals. Everybody except Irma and Phillip, who is going to join them later, are leaving to Lauras place for a party. Her flat is pretty spacious. She works as a photographer and currently she is living with a drug dealer. At the party there is plenty of people form different, eccentric communities. Some guys try to chat with Anna. During the chat with a Sportsman, there comes a man who insists on calling himself Jesus. His behaviour annoys Sportsman so much that he reacts too aggressively, he puts Jesus on down on the floor. There is a big disorder, they move wounded Jesus to the bathrooms, where Anna takes care of his injure.

    On the way back home, Phillip reproaches Anna that she had helped Jesus. The small arguments begins, Phillip explains Anna that she shouldnt act this way that everybody takes care on his own in this place. Anna replies, that in the place she is coming from people dont behave like that. Meanwhile on the second train station Kytka observes a Customer with the other male prostitute. Suddenly, the train which Kytka was looking from goes away. Phillip regrets his behaviour and takes Anna to the Luna park, despite the fact that he was not fancy going there. They are riding small electric car. Suddenly Anna stops the car, which implies a small crash, in which Phillip brakes up his watch, a gift from Kytka. They sit on a bench. They are talking bout the watch but it seems that Phillip isnt worried so much about it and just throws it away. Suddenly they see a falling star.

    At that time, Kytka was expelled from the train due to not having a ticket and rude behaviour. He catches a car and gets back home. A moment later Anna and Philip are coming back as well. Next day Anna gets up and carefully looks into Philips room. She notices that he is sleeping with Kytka. She goes to the kitchen, where Irma and Speedy notice her embarrassment.

    They all together go to the Pizzeria. Kytka one more time starts to behave arrogant and jealously. He starts to quarrel, throws down all the dishes and loudly calls Phillip a 'fagget'. Phillip runs after him. The argue. Phillip confesses that he is not sure that he loves him anymore. Rasped Kytka runs away.

    Anna, Phillip, Speedy and Kosmos go to the very popular techno club. Irma is already there. Speedy buys some drugs for Laura and Jordi. In one moment appears Kytka and after asked by Phillip, he stays with them. They take the drugs. Kytka once again offends Anna but Phillip allows her to take the drugs as well as the rest could. Kytka leaves to the bar and Philip goes after him. Anna and Speedy go to dance. On the floor they can feel the effects of the earlier-taken drugs. At that time Phillip and Kytka talk about their relationship. Phillip leaves to the toilet, Kytka follows him. Inside he starts to beat one man who called him a 'fagget'. Kytka and Phillip leave out, they reconcile. Phillip says that he still likes Kytka. Kytka goes home to have some sleep. Phillip meets Anna and Speedy. The brother goes after Kosmos. Phillip and Anna go back home. Kytka is on a railway station. Pimp has got a German Customer for him. They go the hotel apartment together, Kytka starts the blowjob, but suddenly he stops and runs away. Meanwhile Anna and Phillip are in the kitchen. Phillip starts to tell her that he is not as the other people. She knows that hes homosexual, so she replies that hes from space. For a second time he tells her that shes stupid. Anna puts down the glass and starts to walk away from him, but Phillip saying Im sorry tries to stop her by catching her arm. She turns back. He catches her hand on the arm. The come to each other. The start to kiss, and then to love.

    In one moment there comes Kytka. He notices Anna and Phillip in the bed together. He takes a knife and tries to kill Phillip but Anna stops him putting the gun next to his head. Kytka walks away. Desperate, he walks on the bridge. Stands on the hand-rail and considers jumping. There comes a lifeguard boat. The doctor cleverly negotiates with him, he says that Kytka will suffer but this is not a good way to commit suicide. There are much better ways to kill himself. Kytka decides not to jump. They take him to the psychiatric clinic, where Kytka behaves totally mad. He speaks as Customer, he repeats all the time that he is different and in that case has privileges. Anna and Phillip are hitch-hiking. There stops a car. After that they fly away into the space.

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