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Hulk makes me laugh!
Jonathan Horner27 May 2000
Ha ha ha!! Hulk Hogan has got to be one of the worst actors ever, he's so bad he makes me laugh so much!

Hulk stars as Raymond Chase, a secret agent who is trying to keep a special "laser gun" prototype hidden from a group of bad guys who want it for no reason. The gun soon ends up in the wrong hands so Hulk and his small gang of kids set out to find it.

This movie has some really cheesey acting and scenes in it but it is a children's movie after all. Hulk Hogan tries his best to act but always ends up looking uncomfortable and clumsy in his role. Hulk should quit Hollywood and stick to wrestling!

This movie made me laugh in parts and for a children's movie, some of the stunts impressed me.

I give it 6 out of 10.
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Hulk Hogan Fans Will Love This Film
Big Movie Fan5 January 2003
If you are a fan of wrestling hero Hulk Hogan, then you'll enjoy this film. If not, then you'll still enjoy this film.

Hulk Hogan plays the owner of a toyshop who is really a heroic spy for an organisation called the SHADOW organisation. Him and his son Jeremy end up battling the evil Eve played by the beautiful Lesley-Anne Down and her evil army.

Fans of Hulk Hogan films know what to expect. You won't get complex plots, you won't get five star movies but you will get a charismatic wrestling star just having some fun playing the guy who overcomes the odds and defeats the dark forces of evil. The Secret Agent Club is one of those films which you can play on a Sunday afternoon and just sit back and enjoy. I thoroughly recommend this film.
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One of the funniest movies I've ever seen
reverendtom11 December 2006
From the moment you pop in the DVD, you will be amazed. Literally. This movie has the funniest menu screen I have ever seen, what with the still frame of Hulk hulkin out, the techno music loop and the footage of the kids hiding from spies. After such an amazing introduction, the movie does not dissappoint. This has got to be one of the stupidest, most hilarious children's movies ever made. I admit that I was drunk and in good company while watching it, but I was roaring with laughter. I mean, Richard Moll (I think that's how its spelled) as an evil spy with long hair, kids getting over their heads in international intrigue, Hulk Hogan, a magic lazer gun. This film really has it all. I think it is the most hilarious film that Hulk ever made.
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An excellent kids movie
dontyouwantaballoon9 February 2015
An Oscar winner this is not, clearly. However as a kids movie this has everything you could want, a kid friendly plot complete with espionage, weapons, martial arts and hammy villains. Hulk Hogan does a decent enough job as Ray and despite what anybody else says, the kids all do a good job with the script. The occasional cheesy bits and possibly unintentional comic moments (due to cheese or cliché) don't detract and if anything, add to the fun nature of the movie.

Family fun that should not be disregarded, it makes no apologies about what it is and that is a solid kids movie that is entertaining and exciting for all ages.

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Low budget cheese!
jtakagi30 June 2000
This movie is made funny by its laughable special effects and plotline, but is saved by some of the acting. Danny McCue in particular does a great job as the resourceful and friendly Bart.
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Hulk in action
Minahzur Rahman4 April 2018
Hulk was one of my favourite wrestlers as a kid, and I was so eager to see all the movies he participated in during the 90s, and The Secret Agent Club was one of them. This was a movie I actually enjoyed. The Secret Agent Club was a cool movie if you ask me. It's a good kids movie, and was especially good back then if you were a wrestling fan. So I don't understand the poor rating it has gotten, as I think it should be a bit higher than that. You should enjoy it for what it was. I'm from the United Kingdom, and I remember first seeing this on channel 5 on a Sunday. It was a fun movie to watch before going to bed early for school the next day. This is one of these movies where many Hulk fans are not even aware exists: there are barely many reviews on here either, so that probably proves my point. It was actually a fun-flick! I was mainly interested in this movie because it involved Hulk otherwise I probably wouldn't have seen it. I'm actually surprised with the low rating this movie has received, as I feel it would be a bit higher than that. I'd give it 6/10.
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A spy with muscles
Prismark101 December 2015
The Secret Agent Club stars Hulk Hogan as a nerdy, balding toy seller. However he really is a bewigged highly skilled secret agent working for a secret organisation.

He is also a lone parent raising a young son who is embarrassed of his dad because he acts like a klutz. He is unaware that he works as a spy with gadgets and fight skills.

Hogan steals a powerful laser gun and pretends that it is a toy but gets in trouble when the bad guys find out and kidnaps him. His son realising that his father may be more than he is letting on rounds up his friends to rescue him.

Hulk Hogan who at the height of his popularity moved to movies in the late 1980s quickly started to make progressively cheesier, lower budget and more kid friendly films who also happened to be his more fervent fan base.

This really is a film you can enjoy only with younger children who might like some Home Alone lite escapades as once Hogan is captured the kids take centre stage with pantomime villains.
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If you like guns than your going to love this movie because it,s about a gun that can turn people invisible.
husnain ali1 October 2005
I did not really like the beginning of the film but I thought the middle and ending were great.The Secret agent Club is a wicked movie and I thought everyones acting was great.If it could improve it would need to improve the beginning.The secret Agent club is one of my top 10 films.Hulk Hogan was fabulous and so was Matthew McCurley and Lesley-Anne Down and everyone else. I loved the secret club house and thought it is nice to have a secret place where friends meet each other and strangers don't know.Hulk Hogan is a funny actor and he does good acting as a mysterious and secretive person and Matthew McCurley suits the same acting.
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The worst film ever
samuelfoster12329 August 2005
To enjoy this film your mother and grandmother would have to be the same person. i found this film embarrassing to watch, If i had acted in this film i would have taken my own life by now. The story itself is moronic, the script is moronic and the acting is pathetic. The characters bring a whole new meaning to the term 2D, the main bad guys lines consist almost exclusively of "grr" "arrg" and "mwahahahah" and to make sure we know that he is evil he has a metal leg which is in fact just a boot painted silver. If you watch this film you will regret it for the rest of your life, you will never be able to get back the time you spend watching this film.
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funniest film Hogans ever done
sinbad-95 September 1999
The Hulk o maniac has exceeded his comedic limits in this film, with the unveiling of his shiny bald head to the removal of his moustache, the special effects are the poorest things i have ever seen in a movie, i expected more from Terry. He has shattered my fragile dreams of one day becoming a world class Wrestler/ actor. :(
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