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Ingenious and very amusing.
MovieAlien29 December 1998
This is truly a sleeper. Although the plot sounds a bit absurd, the results are intentionally hilarious and clever. I don't know where I was when this film came out, it just released to video, and that was it.

The film focuses on the title character, a sleazy and dimwitted housing project type, and what his disappearance has on his friends and family. The search is made into a documentary by a film student (Colt McCallany), and most of the film is in the form of a "mockumentary."

I highly recommend this movie. If you like what you see in the cast, you'll love it!
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See it for John Turturro, if nothing else
brianoblivion22 December 2000
It's been several years since I saw this film; I don't remember much about it other than the fact that I was pleasantly surprised at how funny it was.

But one aspect of the film left an indelible mark on me: John Turturro. I've loved Turturro ever since I first saw the Coen's "Miller's Crossing" waaayy back in '90, but his performance (that dance!) in "One-Eyed Jimmy" is easily the most hilarious thing he's ever done (although I'll agree with another reviewer here that his character in "The Big Lebowski" is pretty damn funny too).

Ignore the low average rating you see here. If you like any of the brilliant character actors in this film, especially John Turturro, you'll enjoy it.
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One of the funniest local movies I've seen.
davidpcrosson2 May 2006
I remember aimlessly wandering Blockbuster video one night in college looking for a movie I hadn't seen yet (a rarity) and I stumbled across this movie that had a bunch of actors I liked. I rented it, watched it, and boy am I glad I did. It does require a bit of an acquired taste since the film is very low budget, but it has some of the funniest performances I've seen in any comedy in years. Nick Turturro is a standout in this film as a pathological thief with zero self control. His brother, John, turns in a funny one as the Red-Hook-local-dance-legend, Disco Bean. It's gonna be hard going finding this movie anywhere. If this tells you anything, I got rid of all my VHS tapes years ago when DVD came out and my collection has amassed to well over 100 DVD's...but the one and only VHS tape I have to this day is "The Search for One-Eye Jimmy".
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A brilliant mockumentary style black comedy, that grabs hold of you from the start!
All the reviews of this movie slam it, but they are missing the point - if you look at it from the point of view of the characters involved, and try to se things as they would, you would love it! The film maker is like every film maker and news reporter I have ever met, eager for a ground breaking story, hoping against hope that Jimmy turns up dead, because it will make great cinema! The other characters are a lot like some people I know - they seem to resemble young high school drop outs, who are just milling around, looking for ways to make cash! When Jimmy goes missing, they all half heartedly look for him, not really caring whether he shows up or not, and the results are hilarious! This film is a rare gem, well worth seeing! Steve Buscemi and Samuel L Jackson carry the movie, and those two make it worth seeing for them alone! A great movie!
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I've actually seen it
iamchuck0117 July 2004
I've never actually met another person that has seen it, but I always try to get the word out about it. Great movie. The best story line. I haven't decided if the acting is really good or really bad. I think this movie would have been more popular if had actually gotten a little advertisement. The first I heard of it was when I saw it at a video store, and even then I've haven't seen it at many video stores (I have frequented many video stores in many cities in many states over the last 10 years). I love this movie, I just wish I had someone I could actually talk to it about, or at least someone who would get it when I quoted something from it. Damn shame this movie isn't more popular.
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Brush Your Teeth Bro
ashleyallinson8 February 2005
If the cast doesn't warrant giving this one a look, the laughs surely will. My theory is that the Simpson's "disco stu" was created thanks to this one. Basically some knuckleheads help a worried mother find her alcoholic son with some slick detective work. The amateur sleuths basically waste time until they all end up at the same place where they continue to diss each other. Topped off by, perhaps, one of the best fight scenes ever caught on tape outside of a deli and a supporting cast now so familiar, Steve Buschemi and Samuel L. Jackson playing leads roles, this one is a must see. A True knee-slapper that should have you laughing out loud, even if watching it alone.
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Hilarious, deadpan romp through the Bronx
Milpool5 November 1999
I have seen this movie about three times now, and everytime I run into it, I just cannot turn away. This hilarious, dead pan feature is one of those flicks which just grabs you deep inside with all of it's lame absurdity and never lets go. The characters are funny, the locale is laughable, and oh... Joe Head.... I could not do justice to this little ball of unbridled hilarity within a single review... It must be watched, preferably in a laughing mode. The ending is a real hoot.
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I'm one-eyed about One-eyed Jimmy
dr_salter12 June 2005
The long list of alternate style actors in this film- makes it the good film it is. Those non-Hollywoodized fuzzballs like Steve Buscimi's 'Ed Hoyt', John Turturro's 'Disco Bean' and Samuel L. Jackson's 'Coln. Ron' make it a simply honest film. The director Sam H. Kass bends these wacky celluloid characters just enough till the are almost real life. Of course it's the laughable situations around their searching for Jimmy Hoyt that makes it even more enjoyable.

The narrative begins with a small film crew walking around filming people in a neighborhood with Michael Badalucco's 'Joe Head'- guiding the crew. Mrs Hoyt, the overly protective mom and the sister Holly (Anne Meara), are worried about alcoholic Jimmy being away for a few days. The stony-faced father in a bathrobe, Harold (Patrick McNamara), sits in the lounge- saying nothing- but his silence is understandable cause along the way- we're told he gets (not quite visible) uncontrollable erections and is depressed... So, they improvise and work around him. Going off filming, hanging out and arguing around each other- so we are always finding out interesting tidbits about these strange collection of characters.

Also a plus for me, it was good to see all the Turturro family is there... bro Nicholas T. as 'Junior', sister Aida T. as 'Madame Esther', mom Katherine T. as the 'Ticket Seller #2'... and they are all superb... fitting in with the rest of the dysfunctional weirdos to make this- a comedy not to be missed.
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beanjean24 May 1999
The idea of the movie struck me as strange, so naturally, I rented it. It was worth it, though! This movie was incredibly funny, and there were so many memorable characters (most notably the notorious "One-Eyed Jimmy" and Samuel L. Jackson's character). A very ironic, and ingenious movie!
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Drones on and on and on and on and on and on and on (TERRIBLE)
merklekranz27 June 2007
Eighty minutes is way too long for "The Search For One Eyed Jimmy" , about eighty minutes too long. It's always sort of annoying when a movie has no point, looks like it was shot by a twelve year old with a camcorder running amok, and totally wastes a decent cast. The movie oozes self applause, and is nothing more than an exercise in self glorification. Do not seek out "The Search For One Eyed Jimmy" unless you are able to fast forward through the tedious and boring parts, which is essentially the entire movie. This total waste of time should be avoided at all costs. I hated "The Search For One eyed Jimmy" and believe me you will too. - MERK
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Why did this happen?
kevinoflincoln21 June 2005
Saw this a couple of weeks ago, my friend bought the DVD for one pound. This is overpriced for this movie.

There must be a story behind the reason so many talented actors agreed to be in this, but still can't believe they did it.

It is so poorly shot, the acting in general is atrocious, even from the majority of the talented guys as the dialogue is so bad.

It is embarrassing to watch them put through it. If I'd made this a college, I wouldn't have expected to pass.

It is really difficult to pass this by with the cast involved, but you really will regret it if you do sit and watch it.
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Not too clever
Andy18 May 2005
Badly acted, poorly shot, and no story line. Not even the various cameo's could save this dire film. Whilst it does contain a few funny moments ( most notably L.Jackson's appearance), it really is not worth the time it takes to sit through. It did strike me that perhaps it was shot during the process of making another movie, as a kind of side project,but even that would not excuse the rubbish results. I'm not usually so harsh but would hate anyone to have to sit through even ten minutes of this movie. However, to back up my claims, I know that most of the people who ignore my warning's will wish they hadn't after the first ten minutes of this nonsense.
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The sleaziest cast of characters you'll ever come across
johnjredington7 February 2005
The ultimate low-budget film. A galaxy of of low-budget characters each sleazier than the next. Low-budget camera-work in perfect harmony with the story-line and the clapped-out surrounds of Brooklyn. The mix is flawless. There's a load of big names in the cast - John Truturro as an awesomely OTT disco-dancing refugee from fifteen years earlier, Samuel L Jackson as a crackpot remnant of Vietnam, Steve Buscemi in a role that even Chico Marx would find morally suspect - as well as a number of other Turturros. In fact, Nicholas Turturro as Junior Junior, a shamelessly incompetent car thief/wannabe kidnapper/evangelist, is worth the price of the DVD alone ... I could go on and on ... Just buy it, it's hilarious.
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A complete waste of time DO NOT WATCH THIS !
med_197821 October 2005
I recently bought this film on DVD for £1.99. Lucky for me it came with 4 other films too. I watched this first anticipating it to be the worst movie on the DVD and it did not disappoint. I must admit I am not a fan of John Turturro, Samuel L Jackson or Steve Buscemi, I generally find them annoying in films. Though they are for the most part good character actors, it is the characters they tend to play that are annoying. The film itself has a very decent cast (though mostly before the peak of their careers). However I just found the characters to be extremely dumb and uninteresting, unfunny and Irritating. It makes you wonder why the Holt McCallany character wanted to go back and make a film about the people in the place where he grew up. The film was a complete waste of time and ultimately when you finally find out what happened to Jimmy it is another letdown.

Avoid this Movie at all costs it wastes a decent cast and you will never get back the time you spent watching this rubbish.
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How can you not like a movie with Boom Boom Mancini?
QAGuy17 May 2000
I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The whole cast is having a great time, and so will you. It won't make any top ten lists, but you'll get your money's worth. John Turturro as Disco Bean is practically worth the price of admission all by himself. With several other Turturros thrown in for good measure, how can you miss?
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The search for a plot or at least a message of some kind
James Alex Neve25 January 2006
The Search For One Eyed Jimmy was quite a strange experience. The offbeat style of this independent film is reminiscent of many from the time, however has the feel of a home made college production. And not in a good way.

The movie's weak plot starts out with us meeting Les, a student filmmaker who decides to make a documentary about the oddball inhabitants of his old neighbourhood. The production soon shifts to the whereabouts of "One Eyed-Jimmy", a "bum" who we learn has been missing for a number of days. Along with the help of old friend "Joe Head" (Michael Badalucco) and sneaky reprobate Junior (Nicholas Turturro) Les sets off to make the documentary of a lifetime.

The plot itself is fairly irrelevant. The film's purpose appears to be the encounters between Les & co and the town's eccentric neighbours. Filmed in 1993, obviously before a lot of these actors were famous, the film is marketed as a Steve Buscemi vehicle, despite him only getting about 15 minutes screen time. Boy how I yearned for more. Holt McCallany plays our protagonist with about as much confidence and conviction as Paris Hilton performing route canal surgery. The various cameos range from amusing (Samuel L. Jackson, playing a former army Colonel...or maybe he just thought he was) to the bizarre (Sam Rockwell, as One-Eyed Jimmy himself) to the down right equivocal (John Turturro as Disco Bean). You will be completely bewildered as to what purpose these encounters serve. Most of them aren't very funny, and seem to be prolonged.

Despite it's relatively short running time of 80 minutes the film appears to have been edited by a chimp. Independently spirited, you say? Not quite. If you watch a Spike Lee or Tarantino feature like Reservoir Dogs you'll see it is edited quite impressively, and never feels like it was made for next to nothing. I can only assume that the director took a bunch of actors on a booze cruise then wondered into an open lot, nicked a bunch of cameras and decided to film this. No producer to tell them that it serves no-one but themselves.

I don't mind a film being shallow, but there really is nothing to be gained from seeing this. It's not a terrible film by any means. There have been films made for a hundred times the amount of this which have stank many a cinema out. John Turturro's younger brother Nicholas is perhaps the stand out of the ensemble cast, not that it saves the film.
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A group of friend's making a movie
caspian19789 December 2003
If not for the long list of known actors in the movie, all you have is a group of friends getting together to make a movie. Not that I didn't like seeing Boom Boom Mancini in a movie, but give me a break. It's obvious that most of these actors only worked on the film for a day, maybe two. The storyline is so simple that it makes other independent (no budget) movies look like Gone With the Wind. The lack of interesting direction and with the 'not so perfect' acting, makes The search for One-eye Jimmy not worth searching. The treats of this film is the list of actors who are in the movie. All 3 of the Turturro actors make an appearance and most of the actors are six if not two or three degrees of separation from one another. Many of the actors are in other movies with one another. Makes it more easy to say that The Search for One-eye Jimmy was an effort made by a group of friends wanting to make a movie. My guess, it was shot in under 1 week.
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Great movie, very very very underrated!!! Funny, great acting performance, especially in revelation scene...
milosbungler29 September 2017
I can't believe how underrated is this movie. Only 1200 votes here so far???? It is almost a shame that this movie didn't reach broader audience. Final scene is one of the best in the history of comedy. It is so funny that even made Steve Buscemi laughing during the filming. Sam Rockwell is just amazing, this is his best performance ever.
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Awesome movie
DrLoomis-228 July 1999
I rented this movie recently, just because it had Steve Buscemi. I never heard of it, so I assumed it was just a no-name flop. But I watched it and it was much more than I expected. If I wouldn't have known better, I would think it was an Ethan and Joel Coen movie. But it's really a movie by the producer of "Seinfeld". It was entertaining from beginning to end. I give it four stars out of five.
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Tries a little too hard at dark humor...
smokeyjo25 December 1998
For those who like Fargo, Jackie Brown, and the like, this movie might be worth checking out. Samuel L. Jackson probably has the most memorable character in the movie, albeit only a five-minute scene. This flick tried a little too hard at dark humor, giving it a "scripted" feel. It has moments.
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It's so hard to dislike this film
cjsoulman29 May 2008
No one I know has seen it. I must have watched it about 20x's. Caught it on late night TV movie on Sydney's Channel 10. Somebody in programming knows it's good. Always tried to watch the reruns. At least 3x's in 4yrs on 10. Then, I'm on holiday in Thessalonika and there's a copy of the DVD in a roadside newspaper kiosk for 5 Euro! What the...?! I bought it. Philips were giving this movie away for some sort of corporate promo. How Hip! And I got a piece of leftover stock. Anytime I'm tired or need a bit of pep I watch this movie. It's a DVD I always include in my road pack (I'm a muso). The cast are quite obviously having a good time. The whole Torturo family are in it except the dad. And, having watched it so many times I'm still intrigued by some of the absolutely beautiful interactions between the cast. The dialogue is superb, timing is perfect, characters are so stupidly real. Funny, pathetic, like my own friends, but from another part of the world. Highly Recommended 10/10
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Bargain for me...
DVD-MAX21 January 2000
I saw this movie today, whilst looking through some crappy old video's woolworths were selling. What caught my eye was the fact that it had so many good actors, and was made in '93. So I trudged off the movie (only one there incidentally) and got a checkout chick to scan it for me. "$3.20", she said. Bargain =)

Down-to-earth news and reviews
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Great cast and funny at times.
Vincent Cadena3 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie on video back in 1997, there was nothing particularly appealing about it but I saw it anyways. John Tuturro was in it is the main thing but the odd thing about this movie was it was part of the wave of films that came out post Pulp Fiction that tried to cash in. Some of these films could stand on their own, very few could. There was nothing very Tarantino-esquire about this film except that the cover looks like the one sheet for Roger Averys Killing Zoe. This movie is basically a comedy set in some neighborhood in New York, the characters are colorful especially the always wonderful Michael Badalucco. Badalucco plays the 40 year old virgin of the neighborhood. If anything this is more like a Spike Lee wannabee film, except its silly. This film isn't really a ten but it deserves a better rating.
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annie232320002 May 2005
this movie is priceless with the classic cast of characters, one liners (the Baryshnikov of Brooklyn and other Red Hook references)and full on Brooklyn neighborhood feeling. VERY NY from the clothes, to the locals lurking in the background. Cannot get enough and it's one of those movies that the more you watch it the more you pick up on. The Turtorro family is impossible to turn away from, Paulie (tony Sirico) Walnuts, Sam Jackson, and Steve Buscemi! And this is AFTER Reservoir Dogs made him huge. Looks like they genuinely like working together as I'm sure they were paid nil to do this very low budget film. Own it, love it, spread the word, although I think it's out of print, I got my copy on ebay.
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Great performances by the Brothers Turturro
gamp9 February 1999
I thought the movie was funny as hell, but aside from that Nicholas Turturro's performance as Junior is fantastic. His talent is wasted on NYPD Blue. And I thought John Turturro's cameo as Disco Bean was one of the most hilarious things I'd ever seen until he played Jesus in "The Big Lebowski".
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