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MPAA Rated R for strong graphic horror violence and gore, and for language

Sex & Nudity

  • A couple talks about sex.
  • A "Boob Inspector" hat is shown, there are cartoon boobs on it.
  • A teenage girl is shown in a bra.
  • A teenage girl flashes her boyfriend, but we see her from the back.
  • A teenage girl takes off her bra, preparatory to having sex, but her boyfriend blocks camera view.
  • Fondling through clothes, kissing, and some sexual innuendo. Also many references (a few to rape)

Violence & Gore

  • Exposed intestines are seen a few times.
  • Lots of squishy stabbings with lots of blood; people walk around with blood all over them (faces, hands, arms, torsos) from the stabbings and knives sticking out as they stagger around. The violence is not always graphic, but almost always onscreen.
  • An eviscerated corpse sits in a chair and one is shown hanging from a tree (there's some blood).
  • A man's bloody head (dead) slides onto a car windshield.
  • A teenager is crushed in a garage door and later we see her bloody body.
  • A few gunshots with some blood (once in the head).
  • A bloody knife cut on an arm and lots of hits, kicks, and punches.
  • A car crash.
  • A face punch resulting in a woman's bruised face.
  • Lots of "jump" scenes with chases, glass exploding, people jumping out.


  • Over 20 sexual expletives ("fuck")
  • Many mild obscenities
  • Many scatological references
  • Anatomical references

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenagers drink beer at a party. It is shown they are underage drinking.
  • A sheriff smokes a cigarette.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film contains strong, sustained, sadistic threat and menace where characters are often harassed and stalked by Ghostface. In many ways, the manner in which characters are tormented before their gruesome deaths makes the violence very hard-hitting and even though some aspects of this film is seen as comedic, the violence certainly is not.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Sidney Prescott's mother is said to have been raped 1 year before the events of the film.

Violence & Gore

  • Principal Himbry is stabbed by Ghostface multiple times in his office.
  • Sidney fights with Stu near the end of the movie. He tackles her, they flip she knees him in the crotch. He then chases her, they flip over a couch. He pins her on the floor, she bites his wrist, then she grabs a vase and shatters it over his head. Sidney then pushes a TV set onto his head. The TV breaks then starts sparking as Stu is seen twitching as he's electrocuted.
  • Randy is shot by Billy in the shoulder, the bullet sends him flying into a table breaking it. Randy is shown lying on the floor unconscious.
  • Sidney is stabbed in her left shoulder.
  • Tatum fights with the killer in the garage. He chases her, then she slams a freezer door into his face and he falls on the floor. She then throws full beer bottles at the killer. She hits Ghostface in the face and in the crotch. Ghostface then runs, jumps and flips over her landing on the staircase.
  • Billy kicks Gale into a white pole outside Stu's house knocking her unconscious.
  • Billy and Stu stab one another on screen once. Billy stabs Stu twice off screen. Billy runs his knife up Stu's back quickly.
  • Sidney jumps out of the closet in Stu's house, stabbing Billy with the sharp end of an umbrella two times. Billy falls to the floor wounded.
  • Sidney approaches Stu's house calling for Dewey. Dewey stumbles out of the front door but he falls on the porch with the killer's knife in his back. The killer then appears and pulls the knife out of him.
  • Sidney hides in Dewey's SUV while the killer tries to get in. The killer gets in through the hatch and starts strangling her. Then she throws herself out of the SUV, runs away turns around to look and the killer is gone.
  • One of the killer's looks like he is stabbing Billy in front of Sidney. Billy turns to Sidney after it looks like he was stabbed 3 times. Billy's shirt is covered in blood, along with his hand and he collapses on the floor.
  • Ghostface chases Sidney down a hallway, then she slams a door into the killer.
  • Sidney climbs out of the attic window in Stu's house to escape the killer. The killer grabs her, they struggle but Sid manages to pull herself free and she falls on to a covered small boat below. She rolls off of the boat and is unharmed.
  • Casey faces a window outside her house looking for the killer. The killer is in front of the window, then turns around and punches their arm through the window grabbing her. They struggle she screams, the killer rams their head through the window breaking the whole window. Then Casey punches the killer in the face with her cordless phone and the killer falls on the floor.
  • Casey is tackled by the killer outside her house. She gets up and runs, the killer chases her then stabs her. She falls on the grass, while her wound is bleeding. Casey knocks the knife out of the killer's hand and the killer starts strangling her. Casey then knees the killer in the crotch really hard. The killer stabs Casey multiple times offscreen.
  • The killer tries to stab Sidney in the school restroom. Sidney escapes unharmed and runs out of the school.
  • Stu throws Randy on the ground in front of Stu's house.
  • Billy throws the phone receiver at Stu and it hits him in the head. Billy rips open couch cushions with his knife, sending feathers everywhere. He yells in frustration about finding Sidney and where she has disappeared to.
  • While fighting the killer, Tatum attempts to escape the garage through a pet flap on the garage door but the killer activates the door sending Tatum up with it. This results with Tatum's head and neck being crushed in a graphic closeup.
  • The killer slits Kenny's throat (Gale's cameraman), blood is shown running down his throat.
  • The killers threaten Sidney with guns and a knife at the end of the movie.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The first 13 minutes are really frightening.

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