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Vanessa Marcil: Carla Pestalozzi



  • Carla : [after telling Stanley she's pregnant]  You didn't mean what you just said, did you?

    Stanley Goodspeed : When?

    Carla : Just right now, when you were talking about bringing a child into the world, and having it be an act of cruelty.

    Stanley Goodspeed : I meant it at the time.

    Carla : Stanley, "at the time"? You said it seven and a half seconds ago!

    Stanley Goodspeed : Well... gosh, kind of a lot's happened since then.

  • Stanley Goodspeed : Oh, just some terrorists decided to send a little care package. Box of goodies. Which had to be neutralized before blowing up the office...

    [plucks a harsh note on his guitar] 

    Stanley Goodspeed : So I took the rest of the day off. Glass of wine, little guitar... Just relax.

    Carla : Wow.

    Stanley Goodspeed : I mean it, honey, the world is being Fed-exed to hell in a hand cart. I really believe anyone thinking even thinking of bringing a child into the world is coldly considering an act of cruelty.

    [pause, Carla stares at Stanley] 

    Stanley Goodspeed : I know, I'm rambling, I'm complaining, I'm sorry. What's your news, baby?

    Carla : I'm pregnant.

  • Stanley Goodspeed : [while in the prisoner transport van]  Hi, darling, it's me. Listen, do not come, I repeat, do not come to San Francisco.

    Carla : [Answers the phone]  Stanley, no.

    Stanley Goodspeed : Carla...

    Carla : Like hell I'm not comin'!

    [Hangs up] 

    Stanley Goodspeed : Wait, Carla...

    [tries to dial again] 

    John Mason : Who's Carla, and why don't you want her to come to San Francisco?

    Stanley Goodspeed : You're on a need-to-know basis... and you do'nt need to know.

  • Stanley Goodspeed : [Stanley and Carla are making love. The phone rings]  I have to get that.

    Carla : No, you don't.

    Stanley Goodspeed : Yes, I do. They know I'm home.

    Carla : [annoyed]  Stanley, how can they possibly know you're home?

    Stanley Goodspeed : [beat]  It's the FBI.

  • Stanley Goodspeed : I have to go to San Francisco

    Carla : No you don't, no you do not have to go San Francisco are you kidding me right now? You have to stay here and talk to me about things, I am catholic do you realize that? I am pregnant and unmarried this causes a serious problem for me

    Stanley Goodspeed : I love you, I will marry you I just didn't plan on this that's all, come to San Francisco with me

    Carla : Really?

    Stanley Goodspeed : I'm sure it's just a training exercise, we'll check into the hotel order some champagne...

    Carla : And finish what we started

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