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Exclusive Interview: Rene Russo believes in the men of this generation

It’s a ringing endorsement for the Gen-x/Millennial generation that Rene Russo has faith in us. In the ‘90s, Russo was one of the women who paved the way for female icons with roles in Lethal Weapon 3, In the Line of Fire, Outbreak and Ransom. Fans like me grew up watching Rene Russo, Linda Hamilton, Geena Davis and Sarah Michelle Gellar do the same things Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson and other men did, so we don’t even question it today. Our conversation about Russo’s new movie went there. Russo reunites with her Tin Cup director Ron Shelton for...read more
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The Good Fight: 15 Characters You Should Know

  • TVfanatic
We Finally have the Diane Lockhart spin off we've dreamed of since The Good Wife premiered in 2009.

Diane Lockhart has everything -- intelligence, wit, class, beauty, and a killer fashion sense.

Although Diane will be the main character, The Good Fight will have a lot of other faces you'll recognize from The Good Wife. As well as some new characters for you to fall in love with.

So keep reading to see which of your old favorites made the cut and meet the new faces that are sure to become favorites.

If you have time and want to start from the beginning, you can watch The Good Wife via TV Fanatic.

Don't forget – The Good Fight premieres on CBS All Access February 19, 2017 at 8:00 Pm Et.

1. Diane Lockhart Portrayed by the brilliant Christine Baranski, she's an old face, but she's also a Great face. When we first met Diane she
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What happened to 1990's 10 most promising movie executives?

Simon Brew Sep 2, 2016

Premiere magazine highlighted 10 movie executives to watch in 1990. So what happened to them?

In its May 1990 issue, the sadly-missed Us version of Premiere magazine published an article, highlighting ten young movie executives, and suggesting that these were people with very big futures ahead of them in the industry.

Given that much is written about movie executives, without actually digging much deeper to find out who they actually are, I thought it was worth tracing what happened to these ten, and – 26 years later – whether Premiere was correct in saluting them as the future of the industry. So, er, I did...

Lance Young

Senior production VP, Paramount Pictures

Pictured in the article on an office swivel chair with some snazzy purple socks, Lance Young, Premiere wrote, had been “groomed for big things since joining Paramount at the age of 23”. He was 30 at the time the article was published, and
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Watch the first trailer for thriller Billionaire Ransom

After Radiant Pictures International bought the distribution rights to Billionaire Ransom (originally titled Take Down), the studio has released the first official trailer. This American thriller set in Scotland stars Jeremy Sumpter (Into the Storm), Phoebe Tonkin (Vampire Diaries), Sebastian Koch (Bridge of Spies), Ashley Walters (Bullet Boy), Dominic Sherwood (Shadowhunters), Ed Westwick (Freaks of Nature), Mark Bonnar (Line of Duty), Anna-Louise Plowman (Stargate Sg-1), and Elliot Knight (Sinbad). The film is directed by Jim Gillespie (I Know What You Did Last Summer), from a script by by Alexander Ignon (Ransom). Check out the trailer below…

After a car accident that is the last straw for both their families, Kyle (Sumpter) and Amy (Tonkin) find themselves grouped with other spoiled, out-of-control sons and daughters of international billionaires sent by their frustrated parents to a tough-love wilderness school on a remote island off the coast of Scotland. This is a last
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Gravitas Ventures Buys ‘Billionaire’s Ransom’; ‘An Art That Nature Makes’ Snapped Up By Bond/360

Gravitas Ventures Buys ‘Billionaire’s Ransom’; ‘An Art That Nature Makes’ Snapped Up By Bond/360
Gravitas Ventures has landed North American and Latin American rights to Billionaire Ransom, a thriller starring Jeremy Sumpter, Sebastian Koch, Phoebe Tonkin, Dominic Sherwood and Ed Westwick. An August 19 theatrical and VOD release in the U.S. and Canada is planned. Jim Gillespie (I Know What You Did Last Summer) directed the script from Alexander Ignon (Ransom), which centers on a group of spoiled rich kids at a tough-love brat camp in the Scottish wilderness who have…
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Mel Gibson Is a Bad-Ass Dad in First Trailer for Blood Father

Say what you will about Mel Gibson, but we’re still fans. Sure his off-screen antics were troublesome to family and friends, but for the rest of us — those of us who don’t know him personally — all we really have are his performances and films. Mad Max, Gallipoli, The Bounty, Lethal Weapon, Tequila Sunrise, Maverick, Ransom, Payback, The Patriot, Signs, Get the Gringo. The guy makes good movies, typically playing characters involved in violent situations, and now the first trailer has dropped for his latest film where he plays a character involved in a violent situation. Blood Father sees Gibson as John Link, an ex-con who works as a tattoo artist out of his trailer on the outskirts of an American desert. His teenage daughter’s been missing, but when she suddenly reappears it’s with trouble on her tail in the form of drug dealers who want her dead. We
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Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spinoff Casts Delroy Lindo As Dominic Fortune

A couple of weeks back, ABC confirmed that they were indeed moving forward with their Mockingbird/Hunter-led Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff series, which is tentatively titled Marvel’s Most Wanted. The show will obviously feature Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood as they reprise their S.H.I.E.L.D. roles of Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter, respectively, but we now have our first new bit of casting information.

Various outlets are reporting that Delroy Lindo (Ransom, Blood & Oil, The Chicago Code, Kidnapped, Malcolm X, Get Shorty) has signed on to play a Marvel Comics character called Dominic Fortune, who, as his name suggests, is a roguish fortune hunter and all-round cad. Fortune was created by Howard Chaykin back in 1975, and went on to appear in the 2010 miniseries, Hawkeye And Mockingbird.

Marvel’s Most Wanted was created and written by Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep Jeffrey Bell and writer Paul Zbyszewski,
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Delroy Lindo Joins ABC's S.H.I.E.L.D. Spin-Off Marvel's Most Wanted As 'Dominic Fortune'

We have our first official casting announcement for Marvel and ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.D. spin-off, which is currently being dubbed Marvel's Most Wanted. Delroy Lindo (Ransom, Blood & Oil, The Chicago Code, Kidnapped, Malcolm X, Get Shorty) will join the previously announced Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood as none other than Dominic Fortune - the Marvel Comics fortune hunter created back in 1975 by Howard Chaykin, who went on to feature in the 2010 miniseries, Hawkeye And Mockingbird. No details on how the character will be integrated into the story, but it's a safe bet he'll be an ally to our loved-up heroes. Marvel’s Most Wanted was created and written by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep Jeffrey Bell and writer Paul Zbyszewski, with Jeph Loeb also on board as executive-producer. No premiere date has been set just yet.
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The Star Wars Films That Never Got Made

This week, Neil Calloway looks at possible Star Wars films that never quite made it to the big screen…

This week brought us the intriguing news that George Lucas offered Ron Howard the chance to direct The Phantom Menace. It’s an odd choice at first glance; in the late 1990s Howard was directing films like Ransom and Edtv, but Lucas probably chose him because of their past together; Howard had starred in American Graffiti and directed Willow for Lucasfilm, though given the interminable politics of the first Star Wars prequel, maybe Lucas wanted the man who would go on to direct Frost/Nixon at the helm. Howard also revealed that he was Lucas’s third choice to direct the film, after Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis. This might suggest that Lucas wasn’t interested in directing again – and the gap between directing the first Star Wars film and The Phantom Menace corroborates this.
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Mel Gibson: The Hollywood Flashback Interview

Mel Gibson, whom I interviewed for Venice Magazine in late 2000, was my first real childhood hero I sat down with. If you were a Gen-x male, Mel Gibson was the closest thing we had to Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and Sean Connery: a guy's guy whom guys wanted to emulate and women wanted to copulate. If you were a guy who liked girls, the math in the previous equation was pretty simple: be like Mel. Sadly, Gibson's life has taken a very public turn for the worse in the last decade, since his personal legal and troubles stemming from a 2006 DUI arrest in Malibu were made public, one from which his image has yet to fully recover. It was an unfortunate fall from grace for a guy who literally had Hollywood, and the world, in the palm of his hand after sweeping the 1995 Oscars with his box office smash "Braveheart.
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Oscar-Winning Composer James Horner Dead At Age 61

Braveheart, Aliens, Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan, Apollo 13, Wolfen, Legends Of The Fall, Krull, Battle Beyond The Stars, A Beautiful Mind, Titanic. The list goes on and on.

The prolific Oscar winning composer James Horner has died in a plane crash at the age of 61. (June 22, 2015). Variety confirmed the news Monday evening.

Brilliant Composer James Horner, friend & collaborator on 7 movies has tragically died in a plane crash. My heart aches for his loved ones.

Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) June 23, 2015

Listen to samples of his genius. James Horner will be profoundly missed.

From James Horner’s bio (Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency):

Having composed the music for more than 130 film and television productions, including dozens of the most memorable and successful films of the past three decades, James Horner was one of the world’s most celebrated film composers.

He earned two Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for
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James Horner Dead In Plane Crash

A plane belonging to famed film composer James Horner has crashed in Santa Barbara today, with the pilot killed on impact.

Multiple news outlets are now confirming that the 61-year-old composer was indeed the pilot. The crash started a one-acre brushfire and the cause is being investigated.

Horner is responsible for countless memorable scores such as "Aliens," "Titanic," "Avatar," "Apollo 13," "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan," "Sneakers," "Braveheart," "Commando," "Cocoon," Field of Dreams," "A Beautiful Mind," "The Mask of Zorro," "Willow," "The Name of the Rose," "An American Tail," "Glory," "Patriot Games," "48 Hrs," "The Rocketeer," "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Deep Impact," "Legends of the Fall," "Troy," "Courage Under Fire," "Ransom," and "Jumanji".

Horner's last films were the upcoming Chilean miner drama "The 33" and the Jake Gyllenhaal-led boxing drama "Southpaw".

Source: Variety
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Top 10 Action Hero Fathers Of All Time

To celebrate the release of Age Of Kill starring Martin Kemp in his first action hero thriller out in cinemas, digital and VOD on Friday 12th June, and on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 15th June, we take a look at the Top 10 Action Hero Fathers of all time!

10. Patriot Games (1992) – Harrison Ford

While on holiday in England, former CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Ford) witnesses an Ira terrorist attack on a member of the royal family. After successfully preventing the assassination, Ryan and his family are targeted by the Ira faction, forcing him to return to the CIA and hunt them down before the terrorists strike again.

9. True Lies (1994) – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger) is a secret agent, but as far as his family is concerned he is a computer salesman. With a terrorist network threatening to bomb the Us, Tasker must reveal his secret identity to ensure his family’s safety.
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Point Break remake trailer!

So, Point Break has been remade. We all thought that it might just be a bad dream, but it looks like thry’ve actually gone and done it. The star-power is somewhat limited in this remake of the classic Patrick Swayze/ Keanu Reeves original (which was released in the summer of 1991), with former Home and Away actor Luke Bracey playing the role of undercover FBI agent Johnny Utah (originally played by Reeves) and Édgar Ramírez (The Bourne Ultimatum, Wrath Of The Titans) playing renegade extreme sports athlete Bodhi (originally played by the late, great Patrick Swayze). These are two potential star-making turns for the undoubtably talented actors. Oh, and for some serious character acting support, the likes of Ray Winstone (Noah), Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies) and Delroy Lindo (Ransom) are in the film too.

The original movie largely revolved around surfing and skydiving, but this new version adds to that
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Mel Gibson pranks, historical blunders and Jason Patric: 20 facts about Braveheart

Mel Gibson pranks, historical blunders and Jason Patric: 20 facts about Braveheart
Can you believe it? Mel Gibson's Braveheart premiered 20 years ago today in the Us, fast becoming a box office hit, a multi-Oscar winner and genuine pop culture phenomenon.

To celebrate the '90s classic's big birthday, we dive into Braveheart trivia to find out who nearly took on the role of William Wallace, the role originally earmarked for Sean Connery and which celebs count the Gibson flick among their all-time favourites.

1. Randall Wallace came up with the idea for the film while on holiday in Scotland in 1983. Visiting Edinburgh Castle, he asked a tour guide to tell him the story behind the statues of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. The guide did just that, and the rest is movie history!

2. Terry Gilliam turned down the chance to direct Braveheart after being offered the role while he was working with Gibson on an abandoned film version of A Tale of Two Cities.
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Child 44 Review

It’s hard to dislike Tom Hardy as an actor. Whatever cinematic challenge he takes on, from atypically brainy blockbusters like Inception and The Dark Knight Rises to taut dramas like Bronson and Locke, he always gives it his all, digging under his character’s skins with a diligence and canniness that elevates him above possibly any other actor of his generation. Along the way, he’s found particular success in embodying strong, silent types, the kinds of men who more resemble wild animals than well-mannered gentlemen. Hardy’s characters are like caged wolves – as much as you want to reach in and pet them, you might lose your hand if you do.

In Child 44, the actor is up to his usual tricks. As Leo Demidov, a dedicated security officer tasked with cracking down on traitors in Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hardy plays another hardened man’s man,
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Gary Sinise Cast as Lead in ‘Criminal Minds’ Spinoff

  • The Wrap
Gary Sinise Cast as Lead in ‘Criminal Minds’ Spinoff
Gary Sinise has been selected to topline CBS’s upcoming “Criminal Minds” spinoff.

The actor will take on the role of Jack Garrett, a 20-year veteran of the FBI, who is in charge of the bureau’s top team handling American cases abroad. The potential spinoff series will be filmed as a “Criminal Minds” episode, which is set to air in mid-February.

See photos: 21 Movie Sequels That Took Forever to Hit the Big Screen (Photos)

Erica Messer will write and executive produce the developing project; Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper are also set as executive producers.

The spinoff is produced
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Nightcrawler Star Rene Russo!

  • JoBlo
Rene Russo is pretty incredible for a number of reasons. While she only has a few film credits under her name for somebody with a nearly three decade career, she has a ton of cool flicks that she’s been a part of including the last two Lethal Weapon movies, The Thomas Crown Affair, Outbreak and Ransom. Recently she has earned an entirely new cred thanks to Thor and its sequel Thor: The Dark World as well as her most recent film Nightcrawler, opposite Jake Gyllenhaal. In this dark...
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Ransom: a darker thriller than it gets credit for?

Mel Gibson took on a big movie star role with Ransom. We take a look back at Ron Howard's 1996 thriller...

If you were a regular cinemagoer around 1996, then you can't help but have seen the trailer for Ron Howard's Ransom. Inevitably, time has dampened its impact a little but it was a promo that quite superbly sold the film (which would go on to take more than $300m at the box office worldwide). At first glance a tale of a rich man whose son is kidnapped, the trailer showed how the tables were to be turned: instead of the ransom money being handed over to the kidnappers, Gibson's character offered it as a bounty on the kidnappers' heads instead. The hunt is then turned around, quite cleverly.

Watching Ransom at the time, I always thought that the film, whilst not without merit, never fully delivered on that idea.
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Sony In Talks To Adapt Richard Price’s The Whites

Over the years, American novelist and screenwriter Richard Price has seen many of his works make smooth transitions from the page to the screen. His book The Wanderers was adapted by Philip Kaufman into a now-iconic coming-of-age film, and Spike Lee’s take on Clockers earned strong reviews. Additionally, Price’s work as a screenwriter has been highly successful – among his accolades are an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay (for The Color of Money) and a Writers Guild of America Award (for HBO’s The Wire, on which he served as a writer). Now, Sony is betting on Price’s ability to deliver another strong drama by entering talks to adapt his upcoming work The Whites.

If a deal is made, super-producer Scott Rudin (Captain Phillips) will produce a film adaptation of the crime drama, the first written by Price under the pen name Harry Brandt. Set in New York City,
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