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  • A group of gentlemen of fortune visits a legendary "Lost City", located in Tibet. They plan to steal a priceless statue "Golden Dragon" during the martial arts tournament.

  • Christopher Dubois embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery that spans the globe. Kidnapped and enslaved by gun smugglers, sold by pirates and thrust into the murky underworld of gambling and kickboxing, Chris' journey takes him to forbidding Muay Thai Island where deadly martial arts are taught, the colonial splendor of British East Asia, the dank back alleys of Bangkok, desolate deserts once trodden by the warriors of Genghis Khan and finally, the ancient Lost City. There he must face the ultimate test of his manhood in the fabled Ghang-gheng, the ancient winner-take-all competition in which the deadliest fighters from around the world employ the most spectacular feats of martial arts skills ever displayed in order to win the prized Golden Dragon. But fighting prowess alone will not be enough for Chris to triumph over such daunting foes. He must reach deep inside and access all of the determination, strength of character, and sense of selfless honor within in order to triumph over this final obstacle on his long trek home.


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  • Comments by Actor / Writer Roy C. Peterson

    This a very good movie with Jean Claude Van Damme as the hero triumphing against all odds. Van Damme also directed and did a very fine job. It's like a synthesis of Indiana Jones with Bloodsport. The story is set in the 1920s and the tournament is not the Kumite, but an equivalent called the Ghang-gheng. The script is actually based upon an amended version of the Bloodsport story which never got produced. The pageantry here is greater. Really exotic settings with a more spectacular tournament venue. More diverse ethnicity via costume. I don't know enough about any of this to comment upon authenticity. For some reason I enjoyed this movie much more the second time I saw it.

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