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A Real Showcase For Eddie Murphy
ccthemovieman-12 July 2006
A general nasty tone to this comedy prevented me from rating this a "9" or a "10," but it does have a ton of laughs, courtesy of Eddie Murphy. He's at is best when he's at the dinner table playing everyone but the kid. That is one of the funniest scenes I remember from any 1990s comedy.

His humor is very crude in here (another PG-13 rating that is ludicrous) but very funny in spots, too. With that kind of humor, it's easy to go over the line of "good taste" which he does on occasion. Overall, however, Murphy is remarkable as all these characters. I believe he plays seven in all. This is probably his biggest 'showcase' ever on film, demonstrating his comedic talents.

Even though this has a childlike-romance-type feel to it, and a nice message about bias against fat people, there are so many raunchy and downright nasty lines - mainly at the comedy club or the dinner table - that it's certainly not recommended for kids. This is a LONG way away from the original Jerry Lewis movie. Still....for adults, this movie provides a lot of laughs.
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big laughs
Special-K8825 April 2002
In order to gain the affections of a sexy colleague, and more importantly feel better about his overall self-deprecating image, shy, grossly overweight genetics professor Murphy takes an experimental serum that transforms him into a charismatic, testosterone-driven hunk. Things go quickly awry however when he starts to lose his own identity and battle his alter ego for complete control. This Jekyll & Hyde formula is familiar but it's elevated by fresh, consistent laughs, clever and innovative gags, terrific make-up/special effects and a delightful performance from Murphy who's absolutely hysterical as he portrays each member of his family. Lots of fun. ***
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Commenting on the comment "fatism" below
zetes23 June 2000
As a fat person myself, I encounter prejudice every day. Movies are especially bad, because it is still considered okay to make fun of fat people. Most skinny people just assume that we're lazy. They think that we have the potential to be as thin as is considered "normal," but we just are too lazy to do anything about it. That is absolutely false (not that the skinnies would ever buy that, but I can at least try).

Anyway, to get to The Nutty Professor, I found it to be one of the most sympathetic portrayals of fat people ever put on film. The only one that tops it is James Mangold's Heavy, although the protagonist's weight wasn't all that was harming his well-being.

The Nutty Professor did have some physical comedy involving fat that one could take as funny, but I never felt that the jokes were degrading. The main reason that I feel this was so sympathetic was that, though he experienced life as a skinny stud, he did decide to be a fat man at the end. One can chock this up to formulae, but something that Sherrman Klump said at the end really touched me: "I could try to lose weight, but I'm always going to be a fat man, and you're just going to have to live with that." I think that a film where the screenwriters who were bigoted would have said something like, "I'll lose weight without this stupid formula." That's not what happened, though, and I'm glad for that.
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Murphy hilarious in all seven of his characters.
smla025 January 2003
*** 1/2

Starring: Eddie Murphy (x 7), Jada Pinkett Smith, and Larry Miller.

An obese college professor starts to fall for a pretty teacher. He doesn't think that people will like him if he was fat, so he uses a weight-losing potion he created on himself. It works perfectly, and the professor is extremely thin. Now, people treat him differently than when he was fat. But he soon finds out that the "thin" side of him has a mind of its own and is looking to get rid of the "plump" side forever.

Murphy does excellent in all seven roles that are given to him. The scene(s) that really make it funny are the dinner ones. I will say that on a low note, Buddy is a little over the top.

I highly recommend it.
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Pure Brilliance from Murphy
DJBurfitt6 May 2003
In my opinion this is one of the funniest movies you will ever see. This Eddie Murphy at his brilliant best playing seven different characters in the one movie. This is pretty much a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde routine with Professor Sherman Klump (Murphy) creating a weight loss formula which transforms him into Buddy Love (Murphy). The best scenes of the movie are the dinner scenes at the Klump house where almost every character you see is Eddie Murphy. Very few other actors could have pulled this off. 10/10
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Sheer comedic brilliance
view_and_review4 January 2007
"The Nutty Professor" is easily deserving of being mentioned with the funniest movies of all time. This movie was nothing short of comedic genius. Eddie Murphy cemented himself as a comedy legend with his performance(s) in "The Nutty Professor". I would go so far as to say that I've never seen two scenes funnier than the two Klump family dinner scenes. For Eddie Murphy to have pulled that off so seamlessly only showed his range and his talent. The two dinner scenes were gut busting hi-la-ri-ous, and what made them so good is that you don't even realize that Eddie Murphy is playing all of those roles. The second dinner scene was particularly hilarious because of Professor Klump; although he never says a word. He was so humiliated by his family's actions that he had the most mortified look on his face, and a couple of times you could even see him attempt to cut his wrist with a butter knife. Priceless!!!
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A fine, funny, touching film???
Jim-50022 November 2002
Yes, that's how I feel about it. And no one was more surprised than me.

While I think Eddie Murphy is often hilarious, I don't care so much for his scatological humor. It make me think he wasn't toilet-trained properly.

We get a fair amount of fart jokes in this flick, but they work because they fit in the context of the scenes, and the characters' motivations. They make sense first, THEN are funny, rather than the other way around (or just being silly because no one could think of anything funny to write).

But overriding the gas glee is a thoughtful story about a fat man dealing with his weight and trying to find romance. The special effects that gave Murphy his blubber are truly astounding. It never looks fake. And above all this is the incredible screen chemistry between Murphy's Professor Klump and Jada Pinkett Smith. Smith is always genuine in her interest in Sherman; and his bashfulness and sincerity are truly endearing.

I found this movie to be a pleasant surprise. I think you might, too.
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Professor Klump wanting to be loved for someone he is not
angel-4110 August 1998
This is the funniest movie I have seen in the longest time. It has become my all time favourite. I do not usually like to look at movies more than once but this movie has me going again and again. I have seen this movie no less than twenty times. I love the dinner scenes, especially Grandma on her recollections of her long lost "relations". It was really a scream at the Scream. I thoroughly enjoyed Reggie. He was unbelievable. So too was his singing. I hope the sequel is just as amusing. I think Eddie is a truly talented Actor in his own rights and I wish him all the best. I would really like to meet him though I hope he is not snubbish as are some actors/resses.
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A Man of Substance
Robert J. Maxwell12 August 2003
The theme of each of us harboring a darker side, just aching to get out and cause mischief, is an old one, but it truly flowered as literature in the age of Freud. Never before had our animal impulses been so -- well, repressed. The legs of easy chairs and sofas were dressed with tiny floor-length skirts. "Legs" were impolite, replaced by "limbs." A "bull" was "a gentleman cow." Virgins could be easily seduced because they didn't know the mechanics of what was going on. Chicken parts became "white meat" and "dark meat" instead of you-know-whats. Stevenson's Jeykll and Hyde were a perfect expression of this duality, the contrast between what we were and what we pretended to be. The theme has been enduringly popular because, to some extent, it's still an appropriate way to interpret culture. And it's also a flexible theme, one that can be changed to suit the times. If Stevenson's story was about sex (as was Wilde's "Portrait of Dorian Gray") then Jerry Lewis's 1963 movie, of which this is a remake, was about subservient conformity. This one is about physical fitness and narcissism.

Never in my life would I have dreamed that someone could remake a Jerry Lewis movie that made Lewis's humor seem subtly elegant, but Murphy has managed to do it. Eddie Murphy's movie is often extremely funny but about as understated as a train wreck. I think the word to describe the hilarious dinner scenes that depend on open flatulence is "raunch." I don't know why we find it funny when someone farts. There are cultures, like the Samoans, in which it is taken for granted as an ordinary biological act and receives no more attention than a sneeze does in our culture. Murphy's entire movie is about at that level of raunchiness, outdoing Lina Wertmuller's "Seven Beauties," which has a corpse farting, outdoing Chaucer -- outdoing everybody.

Murphy has a fantasy in which he is taken to the ER, filled up with gas, and the staff are unable to stop his body from balooning. He swells to a monstrous size, enveloping one of the doctors the way an amoeba absorbs a food particle, smashes upward through the building, strides gigantically through the city streets while people scream and run, reaches a hand through the upper-floor window of a hotel towards Jada Pinkett the way King Kong did with Fay Wray, reaches PAST Pinkett, and two huge sausage-like fingers delicately pluck the leg from a roast chicken next to Pinkett's bed. But that's not enough gigantism. Murphy gives this blimplike figure a spasm of intestinal gas which is released through the streets at hurricane force. A bum tries to strike a match and light a cigarette. The city is vaporized by an explosion the size of a nuclear bomb's. Okay, that's all. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead, something Murphy chose not to do.

Sherman Klump, the fat man and the central figure, is a likable character. One of the reasons for this is that he is one of the few actors who isn't constantly screaming with rage or laughter. He speaks quietly and it's a relief, what with all the bedlam around him. But it's more than that. Murphy actually brings pathos to the role, and without Disneyesque condescension. What I mean is, Murphy ACTS for a change instead of being Murphy. (He doesn't bring much to the alter ego, Buddy Love, except even more Murphy than we're used to.) There is a scene in which Sherman Klump brings his date -- his first date -- to a nightclub and the comic begins insulting Klump because of his weight. Klump goes along with it genially at first but as the comic continues, relentlessly, humiliatingly, Klump's accomodating smile fades and is replaced with an almost infinitely sad resignation. (He's been here before.) He does well by the character in other scenes too.

The subtext is disturbing. I don't know if Murphy realized exactly what he was getting hold of. Smokers having become pariahs, soundly trounced, insulted, and penalized for their weakness, we've been seeking other targets and the searchlight has fallen on the obese, the out of shape. "I can't help it," said the Chairman of a sociology department, "but when I see somebody who is overweight I just think of him as weak." (That's a sociologist talking.) Insurance payments are higher for the overweight. Some airlines now charge double the usual fare because fat people make their seatmates uncomfortable. I've seen bumper stickers in California: "No Fat Chicks," and a red circle with a diagonal stripe drawn through the silhouette of an overweight woman. I won't go into the many studies that have emerged from social psychology in the last decade or so, showing the social handicaps suffered by the overweight. I doubt that Murphy intended this movie to be so, but it is a stinging critique of our pitiless society as well as a very funny movie.
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The nutty doc again
Petri Pelkonen5 March 2000
Eddie Murphy plays an overweight professor Sherman Klump and six other characters in this hilarious comedy.The doc falls in love with his student Carla Purty (Jada Pinkett) and he creates a potion.The potion makes him thinner, more handsome and more annoying Buddy Love.The Nutty Professor is a remake for the 1960's hit comedy with Jerry Lewis.There are some differences in these two movies.In the first version Lewis played a nerd doc and in the remake Murphy plays a fat doc.Both movies are great.Murphy does a great job playing seven characters in the movie.The Nutty Professor just makes you laugh.
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You let go of my hand you fat mother...Say one more word Buddy i'll tear your arm off!
hitman829 November 2005
I don't understand why so many people don't like this movie, i mean come on Eddie Murphy gives the performances of his career. Sherman Klump is a overweight College professor trying to find a way to move the cells in your body around to make yourself skinny. I'n a last second effort to prove his formula works, and to impress Ms Perdy, Sherman tries the formula on himself and then transforms into a very scrawny Buddy Love. Buddy then reeks havoc on society and on Shermans own life. This is a wonderful movie full of some great characters, one of the best is played by Dave Chappele who plays a stand-up comedian named Reggie. ***/****. A great movie, no doubting that.
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An in your face comedy.
Nadine Salakov6 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This remake is watchable 90% of the time, the scenes with the animals are not necessary, it's surprising that PETA didn't go crazy on the filmmakers' behinds, maybe they did, but rationally they are not even real animals and this is just a movie.

The in your face aspect is "Buddy Love" (Eddie Murphy) shouting and laughing over the top throughout most of his scenes, it's extreme but it's obviously supposed to be. The movie turns into a type of alter-ego story, "Buddy" is loud and crass and "Professor Sherman Klump" (also Eddie Murphy) is quiet, reserved and respectful. The film is clever into making sure they are two complete opposites in personality as well as physicality.

Even though this is a Comedy it isn't actually funny, even the comic that cussed "Sherman" out is not even funny, and "Buddy" getting his revenge with his jokes/insults against the comic was not even funny either, on both parts it was just insults disguised as comedy, real comedians can use insults but they have an actual point to what they are saying.

The message in this motion picture is hard to find until the end when they make it clear that you should love yourself regardless of how you look.

"Sherman's" family "The Klumps" are difficult to watch being that they are all unnatural due to most of them being played by Eddie Murphy in drag, and what is up with "Sherman" inviting the love interest "Carla" (Jada Pinkett Smith) to have dinner with his family already knowing that they are rude people and it was verified by flatulence and swearing at the dinner table. One could argue that "Sherman" isn't perfect and that was a mistake, but we see that him taking that potion already shows that he isn't perfect and is making mistakes, do we really need to see him make more errors?!

The pacing of the movie is fine, some of the dialogue is too much, but there's worse comedies out there.

This is not one of Eddie Murphy's best movies, but then again the majority of his films are rubbish, the only decent films that he's done is the "Beverly Hills Cop" trilogy.
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The Nutty Professor was nuts! I kinda like it. This movie is a guilty pleasure of mine.
ironhorse_iv26 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Eddie Murphy does a superb job playing multiple characters in this movie, especially in the lead role of Sherman Klump, a good-hearted obese university teacher, who is tired of people making fun of his weight. Hoping to win the affection of a colleague, Dr. Carla Purty (Jada Pinkett), Sherman will test a miraculous, but risky experimental, weight-loss pharmaceutical formula on himself. However, the results of experiment are not what, he wanted, as a dangerous obnoxious alter ego named 'Buddy Love' is trying to destroy Sherman, once and for all. Without spoiling the movie, too much, I have to say, as much as I like the original 1963 Jerry Lewis's film of the same name, for its odd sense of humor in the way, it parodies author Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, 'Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'. I just thought, 1996's 'The Nutty Professor' is a little more focus on the keeping the same type of a humor. In my opinion, the original was a little uneven with its jokes. It introduce some short jokes, yet, never expand on it. For the most part, the movie humor was all over the place, ranging from childish somewhat dumb slapstick to too avart-garde to understand. Because of that, many of the jokes, fall flat. The remake at least, kept the humor nearly everything in tone, even if the scenes with the professor's extended family weren't really needed. Because of this, the jokes in the 1996 version were better told. I understood, what the dream sequences, funny music montages, and hilarious outtakes were trying to go for. Not only that, but in a world of awful comedy remakes, 'The Nutty Professor' also stands out as a film to watch when you want a good laugh even if some of the jokes were somewhat offensive, gross and crude. For the most part, the fat jokes and toilet humor kinda do hit the funny bone for me. I'm not the best of shapes, myself, however, I'm willing to take a few jabs about my waistline, as long as the movie has a good message. This movie does. There is some heart to this film. I truly understand, why the likable professor wants to transform. I can't say, the same with Jerry Lewis's clumsy character in the original. All, I got from that movie is the fact that the somewhat annoying Professor wanted to boned his much younger, student; which is creepy. His drive for the change, really lacks depth. Another thing that bugs me, is how generic and tiresome, Jerry's nerd character is, as he used it, in a similar role in 1958's film 'Rock-A-Bye Baby'. Even his Buddy Love character doesn't seem new, as it clearly parodying his once-upon Rat Pack buddy, singer, Dean Martin. Plus, for a sci-fi formula plot that supposed to beef up the main character. Jerry Lewis's body doesn't really look any differ, as Buddy Love. Don't get me wrong, this remake also has its problems with the transforming like how does Sherman's body fat vanishes, yet his skin somehow shrinking to fit in, with his new body type, but at least, his Buddy Love seems like a new guy and the antagonist. This film really explore the conflict within man vs self. It was something that was missing from the first movie. Because of that, Sherman's speech toward the end, honestly does mean something, while the Lewis version kinda doesn't, as moments later, the film contradict those statements, when his girlfriend sneaks a few bottles, before their honeymoon. Because of that, the speech in the first movie toward the end doesn't seem so meaningful. This 1996 remake deserves more credit than it been getting. Some people had been dumping on it, for years. Even original producer like Jerry Lewis, abandoned it by 2009. Regardless, of what Lewis and other critics, thought. In my opinion, it's as good as the original, because of the amazing make-up magic and special visual effects at the time. The supporting cast in the new movie is also a lot better. I found Dave Chappelle's brief cameo as the bully comedian, Reggie Warrington and Larry Miller's character of Dean Richmond, to be just as funny, even if it's a bit mean-spirited. However, Jada Pinkett is a bit weak in the role. She really doesn't stand out at all. Regardless of that, the good hearted emotional music by composer, David Newman makes up for the lack of chemistry between Murphy and Pinkett. No really, give a listen to track 2 of Newman's original instrumental score. You will make you feel something. Overall: While, this movie is a bit raucous and crude, it did create some laughs, heart and poignancy than any Eddie Murphy movie has in quite in a long time. It was a Herculean task, but somehow, director, Tony Shadyac and his crew, succeed at it.
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Eddie Murphy shines in his Many Roles,
FilmBuff199421 August 2015
The Nutty Professor is a great movie with a well developed storyline and a terrific comedic cast. It's a very funny and enjoyable movie, mostly due to the comedic genius of Eddie Murphy, this film easily could have been a disaster without a good comedic lead to hold it together, and thankfully Murphy did with over seven roles, and he shines in every single one, it is pure movie magic to believe that he plays the majority of the main characters in this, and it also won itself a deserving Best Makeup Academy Award. For the most part I enjoy the humour in the movie, although there are certainly too many fart jokes to the degree that it gets a bit irritating and the scene between Murphy and Dave Chappelle was unnecessary, I also felt like Jason was a very underdeveloped character, I enjoyed John Ales portrayal of him but we never get to know very much about him, I would have liked to have gotten a clearer indication on the friendship between him and Klump. A redeeming aspect of this movie that you wouldn't normally see in these types of comedies is that there is a lot of heart, the love story between Klump and Carla is very sweet and this is the engine that really gets the film running, having something like this adds an extra layer to the character and makes him more relatable for the audience. Funny and well acted, I would recommend the Nutty Professor to anyone looking for a good comedy.

An overweight professor takes a special chemical in order to look good for a woman he has fallen for, but it has some disastrous side effects.

Best Performance: Eddie Murphy Worst Performance: Dave Chappelle
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A comedy that can be watched over and over again! :)
gilligan19656 August 2015
Since day one, Eddie Murphy has been a favorite of mine - he's a great comedian (probably the greatest ever); has a great presence; great talent; a lot of charisma; is great with the ladies; a great writer and storyteller; a great entertainer all-around; etc., etc., etc!

This movie, like 'all' of his others, is GREAT! In fact, I've never seen an Eddie Murphy movie that I didn't like. Sure, this movie pokes fun at people who're fat; naive; elderly; uncouth; etc...but, so does everyone else in real-life!?!? However, it also pokes fun at cocky and arrogant people (Klump's boss; Reggie the comedian; etc.), so...if you can accept and laugh at one group, accept and laugh at them all!

Despite all of this, Eddie Murphy has gone way above-and-beyond with his portrayal of multiple characters - is there anything that this guy can't do!?!? To me, a talented actor makes what they're doing believable. An 'extremely' talented actor does this, but, also adds touches such as different voices, accents, personae, and, so forth. Eddie Murphy does all of that here!

Anyone who down-grades a movie, a song, a painting, etc. because they feel that it makes fun of them - 'improve yourself.' One way of improving yourself is to become comfortable with the way you are, and, learn to laugh at yourself. If you can't laugh at yourself, you have no right laughing at all...mostly, because you're the same kind of hypocrite who laughs at others in secrecy!

I find this movie to be a great work by an extremely talented and funny comedian, and, I really like it! :)
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Excellent, hilarious, and somewhat touching movie about being happy with yourself
Catherine_Grace_Zeh5 August 2008
THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, in my opinion, is an excellent, hilarious, and somewhat touching movie about being happy with yourself. If you ask me, Klump (Eddie Murphy) was a very brilliant scientist despite the fact that he sometimes let his alter ago get the best of him. However, when anyone teased him about his weight, I wanted to cry. This was especially true when he went out to dinner with Carla (Jada Pinkett). The reason for this is because Reggie (Dave Chappelle) and everybody in the club made fun of him. However, when Buddy (Eddie Murphy) took Carla to dinner, I felt really good. This was because of the fat jokes he and Reggie were throwing back and forth at each other. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everything about this film was spectacular, especially the performances. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this excellent, hilarious, and somewhat touching movie about being happy with yourself to any Eddie Murphy fan who hasn't seen it.
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Whacky and Wild!
harrison_ford-117 March 2003
This movie is a treat to all the Eddie Murphy fan including myself. His decent and conservative sagely performance as Prof.Sherman Klump and obnoxious and whacky funny man acting as the counterpart Buddy Love is simply amazing. Not only that the most amazing part is the way he has played many other parts in the movie. The jokes are simply hilarious and rib tickling. I would rate this movie as a 7/10.
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A very charming film
mlevans3 May 2002
In a performance reminiscent of Peter Sellers in `Dr. Strangeglove,' Eddie Murphy turns in a tour de farce in `The Nutty Professor.' This was a film I had intended to see for a decade and I was certainly not disappointed when I finally rented it.

Murphy provides a charming performance as shy, gentlemanly fat man, Prof. Sherman Klump. One cannot help rooting for the 400-pound professor to woo foxy grad student Carla Purty (Jada Pinkett Smith), rather than egomaniacal alter ego Buddy Love. Larry Miller is also fun as the smiling but malevolent Dean Richmond – a type role he has played several times before.

Of course the special effects wowed audiences in 1991 and they are still quite impressive. I haven't seen the 1963 Jerry Lewis version – and pray I never have to, but I doubt that it had the charm of this production. Pinkett Smith adds not only beauty, but a warm grace and dignity to an otherwise chaotic scene of runaway gerbils, wild night spots and bizarre potions. David Chappelle, meanwhile, is entertaining as obnoxious stand-up comic Reggie Warrington. And, of course, there are the Klumps. Murphy outdoes himself as Sherman's dysfunctional, farting family. While I have no real desire to see the 2000 sequel, which apparently focuses on the Klump family, they do add some fun to the film.

Overall, I would call `The Nutty Professor' a solid comedy with plenty of laughs, lots of charm, and even a bit of a message.
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A great comedy about being something you aren't
kotruckin23 November 2000
In this comedy, Sherman Klump tries to be something he's not to get with another woman. It is too funny, especially when you see his family and the things they say. To like the second one just as much you might want to see the first one, but you can see the second one and laugh just as much. This is a movie you can watch again and again.
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Heartwarming Slapstick
BB-1527 December 1999
The Nutty Professor takes an old idea and fills it with great energy. The comedy is all over the map. It is silly and gross but also touching. On top of this, is a great performance by Eddie Murphy who is able to create 7 characters.

The pace of the film felt right. Murphy's professor begins as somewhat dull and a little depressed. This bit of seriousness and the university setting in a few minutes builds a solid story. Because of this, the script can bring in pretty wild comedy without seeming too overdone.

The special effects and dream sequences help make the Jekyll and Hyde story more believable and interesting. But even better is the terrific makeup which is so good that we forget that half of the cast is being played by Eddie Murphy. What I liked the most was that I really began to care about the professor, especially when he is cruelly insulted by a nightclub comic.

The Nutty Professor is not a masterpiece. Sometimes Murphy's Buddy Love gets too obnoxious and the gross humor gets a little stale. But the film had a tough hurdle to get over, trying to improve on a mediocre Jerry Lewis film. Considering this, I am amazed at how good this movie is.
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How do ya like that?
Lee Eisenberg19 April 2006
After several years of worthless movies (namely "Boomerang" and "Vampire in Brooklyn"), Eddie Murphy made his comeback with "The Nutty Professor", a remake of the Jerry Lewis classic. He plays overweight Prof. Sherman Klump, who invents a potion that turns him into the cool but mean Buddy Love.

Overall, it seems that the movie is a big excuse to be crazy. And that's just what they do. Looking back on it, they probably could have done without all the flatulence, but that dream sequence was still a hoot. My favorite scene was either the parts with Dave Chappelle, or the whole end sequence.

Obviously, they changed a number of things from the original version. Actually, I must have been only eight when I saw the original version, so I'll have to see it again. But either way, this is a comedy classic. And it just goes to show that Eddie Murphy does best when he goes for straightforward clever comedy and doesn't degenerate into things like "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" or "Daddy Day Care". A modern classic. Also starring Jada Pinkett (before she added "Smith" to her name), James Coburn and Larry Miller.
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This remake is obesely funny!
I remember the the original version of "The Nutty Professor" with Jerry Lewis. But the remake is just as funny, even though I can do without the language there. The music is fun, the plot is great, and the pun is outrageous. To me, I got a lot of fat friends, but I would never make fun of their weight. Professor Sherman Klump(Eddie Murphy) is bright, reserved, and kind to everyone around him. Buddy Love(also Murphy) is slim, buff, and very obnoxious. When Sherman meets Carla Purty(Jada Smith), he would go to the extremes to have her. After the incident in "The Scream" Sherman becomes Buddy. And at "The Scream" Buddy puts Reggie(Dave Chappelle) in his place with all the "Your Mama's so fat..." jokes. That scene left me in stitches. I enjoyed the characters in the movie, including that nasty Dean Richmond(Larry Miller, "Neccsary Roughness") who is put in his place many times by Buddy and Alumni Harlan Hartley(James Corburn). This movie is funny all the way, just don't use it as a weapon on the obese. Rating 3 out of 5 stars.
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Review: The Nutty Professor
c-l-batzel18 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Eddie Murphy did a great job in The Nutty Professor with his role as Professor Sherman Klump/Buddy Love and also playing the entire Klump family. While watching scenes from the family dinners it is obvious what a great job Murphy did in this film. Each of the family members has their own personality and quarks that make the otherwise pointless dinners very enjoyable and fun to watch. The special effects and make-up used in this film are also amazing and they portrayed very real looking qualities.

Sherman Klump, a very bright professor who is also dealing with an obesity issue, finds himself falling for a colleague, Miss Carla Perdy. Klump is convinced that he doesn't have a chance with Carla because of his appearance. He believes that he needs to change himself in order to get Carla to appreciate him so he decides to try a formula, which he has been testing on hamsters, on himself. The formula is a DNA restructuring chemical and when it is ingested by Klump he drops 300 pounds immediately. This skinny, obnoxious and loud version of Professor Klump comes to be known as Buddy Love. Buddy is very critical of people, especially obese people, and he is determined to take over Klump's body and his life.

This movies main objective is to show that you should be happy with yourself. The jokes in this film were also carefully thought through so they wouldn't offend most viewers, especially overweight viewers. I found this movie to be more enjoyable than the original, starring Jerry Lewis, which has very few similarities with this version. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a little comic relief.
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Very funny and has a important message in it
guardiantyson26 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The Nutty Professor is about a professor named Sherman Klump, who is massively obese and always want to get thinner but somehow doesn't (must be those candy bars). One day a grad student named Carla Perty comes into Sherman's life and asks her out on a date. While on the date a funny man (Dave Chapelle funniest guy ever) makes fun of Sherman's size. After being mad about this, Sherman takes a serum he made to lose weight, but put too much chemicals or something in it, making Buddy Love, the thin, handsome Sherman who he becomes for a short while. This movie is funny but also has a message in it, to be happy with yourself. The ending's special effects are impressive, and the acting by Eddie Murphy is top notch, with him being 8 people and all. The acting by Jada Pinkett Smith is good, and having Dave Chapelle being the comedian Reggie was a awesome choice by the director. Most movies today make fun of fat people, and saying they are lazy and stuff, and being thin is "normal". The ending was very touching with Sherman saying, "I will lose weight, but I am still going to be fat. You are just going to have to live with that." That touches me on many levels. So in the end, this is a great movie that you should watch if you consider yourself obese or if you want to feel how it must be to be fat.
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Good film with funny jokes
OriginalMovieBuff2112 May 2004
The Nutty Professor was just one of those simple comedies that make you laugh, maybe make you cry, or maybe hate it. I actually liked the film. I can't believe Eddie Murphy did all of those characters. That's kind of amazing if you ask me. My favorite part of the whole film was when Buddy Love was making fun of that comedian with his jokes and then beating him against the piano. There were a lot of scenes in the film that were funny. This was better than the second film and when the Klump family is sitting all together and the mother sais "Hercules!Hercules!" That part was so funny. This is a good film and I think everyone should see it.

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