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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some sexual humor

Sex & Nudity

  • Mike says that the main protagonists "did it."
  • The guys comment on the visible pantyline of the female protagonist a few times.
  • Some other sexual humor.
  • Tom Servo attempts to use his interociter to call someone, but he ends up instead seeing a man in the shower (we don't see anything explicit except his chest.) Dr. Forrester also accidentally teleports to the shower, and we get a brief bigger view with a towel covering his genitalia.

Violence & Gore

  • "This Island Earth," the movie Mike and Bots watch, contains some mild violence that now appears generally dated. There's some sci-fi explosions and a battle with an alien near the climax of the film.
  • All violence in the MST3K scenes are cartoonish and played for laughs:
  • Dr. Forrester dumps an alien creature into a vat of green liquid.
  • Dr. Forrester is accidentally hit by a metal pole.
  • Crow repeatedly smashes a pickax against the floor to try and dig through the satellite.
  • Dr. Forrester cuts Mike and the Bots' air supply off, almost killing them.
  • Tom Servo's plastic arm is ripped off.
  • Dr. Forrester's movie projector overheats and catches on fire, which spreads to his arm. He repeatedly smacks it to try and douse the flames.
  • Mike decides to pilot the ship, but accidentally crashes into the Hubble. He then takes control the manipulator arms to try and pick it up gently, but tears a hole in it by accident. He lets it go, but instead of staying in space, it hurtles toward earth and we hear it burning up, but we don't see the impact.
  • Tom Servo is attacked by lasers and his head explodes. Dr. Forrester takes control of the laser and wildly fires lasers everywhere.


  • One instance of a character being called a "dickweed."
  • Three brief instances of the word "shit."
  • Pervasive moderate cursing that includes words like "crap, hell, damn, anus, piss"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Casual drinking at dinner played for laughs, with many goofy "drunk" jokes.
  • Casual smoking throughout by 1950s characters.
  • Someone leaves the dinner table in This Island Earth, and Mike and his robot friends remark that they're going to leave to smoke marijuana.
  • In "This Island Earth", Cal and Rose enter two tubes, and the bots remark that they're inside a bong.
  • Crow enters a tube at the end of the movie and acts like he's stoned. (He's not).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the scenes in "This Island Earth" are very old and cheesy, so they probably won't scare anyone except very young children.
  • Dr. Forrester may slightly unsettle younger children, but he's portrayed as an over-the-top, goofy villain.

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