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A Complete History of RiffTrax Live

Gavin Jasper Aug 13, 2019

Since 2009, the guys from MST3K have given us many theatrical get-togethers featuring so many bad movies as RiffTrax.

In 1996, Universal Pictures released Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. While it’s gone on to find love in the aftermath, the whole situation was handled badly in many ways and it ended up being a box office dud. The idea was solid, though. If MST3K worked so well on TV and gathered such a fanbase, it would probably be an extra great experience to enjoy its style in a movie theater surrounded by other laughing fans.

Ten years later, long after MST3K seemed gone for good, Mike Nelson created his own take on bad movie riffing called RiffTrax. It gained steam thanks to the help of his old running buddies Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, as well as celebrity guests like Neil Patrick Harris and Joel McHale.
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May 1st Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell, Blood Hook, Terror (1978), Desolation

Happy (almost) May Day, readers! A new month brings us new home media releases, and we have another great batch of titles to look forward to this week. For all you movie monster fans out there, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell hits both Blu-ray and DVD, and Universal has assembled Tremors: The Complete Collection on DVD as well. Cult film fans are going to want to pick up the new HD releases of Blood Hook and Terror, and for those of you who missed it in theaters earlier this year, Winchester comes home to haunt your shelves this Tuesday.

Other releases for May 1st include Desolation, Stephanie, Caught, Followers, The Ballerina, Trailer Park Shark, The Unwilling, and Kaleidoscope.

Blood Hook

7 years ago, Peter's grandfather went missing under mysterious circumstances. Now, Peter and his friends have returned to the placid Wisconsin town to check out his inherited lake house and
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Netflix renews Mystery Science Theater 3000 for twelfth season

After scoring a huge success earlier this year with its Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival, Netflix has now renewed the comedy series for a twelfth season, with creator Joel Hodgson announcing the news in a special video alongside stars Jonah Ray and Felicia Day. Check it out here…

Hodgson also followed the video with a special message to the show’s Kickstarter backers, who crowdfunded the show’s return to the tune of a record $5.7 million:

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return has officially been renewed for another season on Netflix in the ‘not too distant future!’ I wish I had more details to share, but so far, that’s literally everything we’re able to announce – and, of course, I’ll tell you more as soon as I can. But for today, I hope you’ll be as happy as I am to know that our Kickstarter worked: thanks to you,
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‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Revival Headed to Netflix, With Patton Oswalt & More to Star

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Revival Headed to Netflix, With Patton Oswalt & More to Star
Netflix is reviving yet another cult favorite. New episodes of”Mystery Science Theater 3000,” in which a captive man and his robot friends offer live commentary on amusingly bad B movies, will head to the streaming service in the “not too distant future,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Patton Oswalt is attached to star as Son of TV’s Frank.

Read More: Watch: ‘MST3K’ Stars Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo Audition for a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The news follows a Kickstarter campaign from series creator Joel Hodgson last year that raised nearly $6 million to film a 14-episode new season; no other film or television project has ever raised more via a crowdfunding campaign. Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo), Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot) and Mary Jo Pehl (Pearl Forrester) are all set to reprise their original roles. Joining them and Oswalt will be Felicia Day as Kinga Forrester, a
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Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns! 5 episodes to get you started




The MST3K Kickstarter campaign is up, running, and funding episodes. If you're new to MST3K, here's a suggestion for getting started...

Turn down your lights (where applicable) - Mystery Science Theater 3000 is making a comeback. The Us series poking fun at bad movies from the comfort of a satellite several miles above the Earth ran for eleven years from 1988-1999, and creator Joel Hodgson has been raising funds to resume the experiment via Kickstarter. The new episodes will star The Nerdist’s Jonah Ray as the hapless human, with the internet’s Felicia Day down to play the evil scientist torturing Jonah with cheesy B-movies, with Patton Oswalt performing henchman duties.

As we write this, three new episodes have been funded, and a batch of six looks likely. However, Hodgson is hoping to reach $5.5 million and fund a full series of 12 new episodes, so if you
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The Tivoli Makes You a Midnight Offer You Can’t Refuse – The Godfather

“It’s a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.“

The Godfather screens this Friday and Saturday nights (June 27th and 28th) at midnight at the Tivoli Theater as part of their ‘Reel Late at the Tivoli’ Midnight series.

Everyone has their favorite The Godfather characters, favorite moments, favorite lines. There are so very many good reasons why The Godfather will always be remembered so fondly. No matter how many times you see it the film never fails to make an impact. Even if you’ve seen it so often you essentially have it memorized line for line and shot for shot, it remains a thrilling experience. From the famous opening scene with Marlon Brando’s Don Vito Corleone receiving requests for favors on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding all the way to the end and the final settling of all family business the film never lets up.
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Miyazaki’s Spirited Away Plays Midnights This Weekend at The Tivoli

“Once you do something, you never forget. Even if you can’t remember.“

Hiyao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away screens this Friday and Saturday nights (June 20th and 21st) at midnight at the Tivoli Theater as part of their ‘Reel Late at the Tivoli’ Midnight series.

People call Hiyao Miyazaki the Japanese Disney and Spirited Away is considered one of his very best, if not his masterpiece. The film starts like a fairly typical take on Alice in Wonderland or Narnia. A girl is bought into a fantasy world and has to find her way back. But Miyazaki takes it even further. His heroine, ten year old Chihiro is a typically modern girl, upset about moving into a new home and afraid of new changes in her life. But after her parents take a detour into a strange tunnel she finds herself trapped and worst of all, her parents have been turned into pigs.
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The Tivoli Unleashes the Kraken! Clash Of The Titans Midnights This Weekend

“Release the Kracken!”

The original 1981 Clash Of The Titans screens this Friday and Saturday nights (June 13th and 14th) at midnight at the Tivoli Theater as part of their ‘Reel Late at the Tivoli’ Midnight series.

Clash Of The Titans, the 1981 account of the old mythological stories you were forced to read in junior high, featured Ray Harryhausen’s last great set piece: Perseus’ encounter with the snake-haired Medusa in a fire-lit cave. Stylized with great mood lighting, beautifully blocked and directed by Ray, the sequence is a beauty of spine-tingling, slithering menace. Seeing giant scorpions rise from the blood of Medusa’s head is visceral icing on the cake. Clash Of The Titans was Ray Harryhuasen’s final film and likely the only one a generation of his fans saw in theaters when it was new. Clash Of The Titans has everything previously denied Ray Harryhausen and producer Charles H. Schneer
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The Warriors Come Out and Play-ay This Weekend Midnights at The Tivoli

“I’ll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a Popsicle”

The Warriors screens this Friday and Saturday nights (June 6th and 7th) at midnight at the Tivoli Theater as part of their ‘Reel Late at the Tivoli’ Midnight series.

Walter Hill stylized 1979 modern urban-fantasy adventure The Warriors has overcome the test of time and is now a cult classic – and not without a good reason. This action-packed movie, set in a stylish semi-futuristic version of 70s New York, is roller-coaster ride that never slows down for a second.

The Warriors” are a gang that has its home in Coney Island. One night, Cyrus, the leader of the biggest gang in NYC, the Bronx-based “Grammercy Riffs” invites 9 delegates of each gang in NYC to a meeting hoping to establish peace & collaboration between gangs. During the meeting at the Bronx, Cyrus is murdered, and soon everyone blames the
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The Original 1954 Godzilla Destroys The Tivoli Midnights This Weekend

“I can’t believe that Godzilla was the only surviving member of its species… But if we continue conducting nuclear tests, it’s possible that another Godzilla might appear somewhere in the world again!”

The original Japanese Godzilla from 1954 is a historical classic. While it may seem a little hokey when considering contemporary special effects capabilities, the film nonetheless seems to rectify the dated destruction scenes with realistic, dramatic, and depressing aftermath scenes where orphaned children are crying, families are destroyed, and lives are lost as a result of the ‘Big G’s’ destructive wake. When analyzing the monster’s destructive capabilities it’s important to remember that Godzilla was produced at a time when the after-effects of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were still remnant in the Japanese psyche and Western society at large with the looming Cold War and the possibility of a nuclear holocaust. Godzilla
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Bruce Willis in Die Hard Midnights at the Tivoli This Weekend

“Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.”

This is what action movies are all about. Die Hard (1988) starred Bruce Willis as New York officer John McClane, a cop who gets trapped in a high-rise in La when terrorists come to steal a substantial sum from the building’s safe so McClane single-handedly takes them on. Although the film’s action scenes are great (especially the classic one involving McClane jumping out of the building holding onto a fire hose), it is the interactions between McClane and Sergeant Al Powell (Reginald VelJohnson) and villain Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) that made the movie what it really is.

Even four sequels later, John McClane ‘s popularity is indelibly linked to his vulnerability: unlike Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger, who walked out of their movies with no scratches and a pack of dead bodies behind them, Willis leaves the scene bruised and battered (in one installment,
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Repo! The Genetic Opera Midnights at The Tivoli With The Graveyard Shift Shadow Cast

“What’s the matter Graverobber? Can’t get it up if the girl’s breathing?”

Repo! The Genetic Opera is more than just a movie, more than just gore and beautiful music. Repo! The Genetic Opera is more than just a sci-fi horror comic book opera co-starring Paris Hilton. The costumes and sets in Repo! The Genetic Opera are gorgeous, capturing a world where people have gone mad with surgery to make themselves beautiful while their city decays around them.

Repo!: The Genetic Opera is an event, a party, a movie that brings out a wide range of emotions in its viewers. There hasn’t been a movie with such a wildly enthusiastic fan base since Rocky Horror!

You’ll have the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about this weekend when Repo! The Genetic Opera plays at the Tivoli Friday and Saturday as part of the
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The Tivoli Announces the Newest ‘Reel Late’ Midnight Series Line-Up

“Release the Kraken!… the Tivoli!”

An awesome line-up of midnight movies to be screened at The Tivoli with the announcement of the next wave of films for their “Reel Late at the Tivoli “program! It’s a great selection and the usual variety of cult standards and classics that draw the late night movie buff crowd.

If the new remake sucks, you can always see the original Godzilla when it plays midnights at the Tivoli ant the end of this month. We know the Clash Of The Titans remake blew, but check out the amazing 1981 version on the big screen! Jaws on 4th of July weekend?!?! Just like on Amity Island!– I’m so there!

Reel Late at the Tivoli takes place every Friday and Saturday night and We Are Movie Geeks own Tom Stockman (that’s me!) is often there with custom trivia questions about the films and always has DVDs,
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New DVD Blu-ray: 'Now You See Me,' 'Sharknado,' 'Stories We Tell'

  • Moviefone
Moviefone's Top DVD of the Week

"Now You See Me"

What's It About? In "Now You See Me," from director Louis Leterrier's ("The Incredible Hulk"), a team of the world's best illusionists -- dubbed The Four Horsemen -- are known for robbing banks during their performances and giving away the money. However, the magicians are being tracked by an FBI agent and an Interpol detective. Why We're In: One of the most unique stories of the summer (we've had enough superhero & action flicks for a while), "Now You See Me" was a refreshing find. The film also had a great cast, including the very underrated Mark Ruffalo, Jessie Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Melanie Laurent. "Now You See Me" was one of Moviefone's Best Movies of 2013 (So Far).

Watch: An Extended Director's Cut from the "Now You See Me" Blu-ray (Video)

Rt & Follow 2 win
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie: What Happened?

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie: What Happened?
An average episode of the 1989-1999 cable show Mystery Science Theater 3000, in which a man and his robot buddies heckle bad movies, runs about 90 minutes. The 1955 film This Island Earth is 87 minutes. The 1996 feature Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, in which the man and his robot buddies heckle This Island Earth, and which also includes 18 minutes of non-This Island Earth material, runs a total of 72 minutes. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie is less than the sum of its parts. (It's being released in a super-deluxe DVD/Blu-ray edition from Shout! Factory on September 3.) Here's how it came to be that way. The mid-'90s were a whirlwind for MST3K fans. In 1993, halfway through season five, creator and host J...
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Sr Geek Picks: Top 10 Movie Giants, Fantastic Four Family Tree & More

Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find Star Wars in a single gif; some fantastic Pacific Rim inspired fan art; a Skyrim prank call; and epic trailers for Army of Darkness and Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. All that and more on this edition of Sr’s Geek Picks!

If you have any Geek Picks of your own, please send them to srgeekpicks(at)gmail(dot)com and you could be featured in a future post!


Pacific Rhymes Aka Mako’s Bedtime

Stacker Pentecost reading bedtime rhymes to his adopted daughter Mako Mori.

Fan art ...

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DVD Review - Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996)

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, 1996.

Directed by Jim Mallon.

Starring Michael J. Nelson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy and Jim Mallon.


Mad scientist, Dr Clayton Forrester has concocted a diabolical scheme for world domination, to subject the human race to the worst movies ever made. This time it’s the classic 1950's B-Movie This Island Earth.

When I was about 14 I once stumbled upon a little film at 1:15am named Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie. While I never forgot the name, I never saw it again or found it on DVD. A couple of years later it was on TV again at around the same time, which I recorded, so the only version of this film I’ve ever owned is a VHS copy taped off TV. When I got the Internet I discovered that the film was based off a TV show that had been running for years.
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What to Buy This Week: DVD and Blu-ray releases for June 11th

Another week, another Monday. So it’s time for the rundown of DVDs and Blu-ray’s hitting stores online and offline this week. It’s another packed week, with plenty of movies waiting to take you money, so let us breakdown the new releases and highlight what you should – and shouldn’t – be buying from today, June 11th 2012.

Pick(S) Of The Week

The Muppets (DVD/Blu-ray)

Jason Segel, Academy Award nominee Amy Adams and Academy Award winner Chris Cooper join everyone’s favourite Muppets and an all-star celebrity cast in a comic adventure for the whole family. While on vacation in Los Angeles, Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan, his brother Gary, and friend Mary uncover the diabolical plot of a greedy oil millionaire to destroy the Muppet Theatre. Now, the Muppet-loving trio must reunite Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and their friends to stage the greatest Muppet
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Blu-ray Review: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – The Movie

Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie

Stars: Michael J. Nelson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy, Jim Mallon, John Brady | Written by Michael J. Nelson, Trace Beaulieu, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Mary Jo Pehl, Paul Chaplin, Bridget Jones | Directed by Jim Mallon

Distributors Mediumrare Entertainment are becoming synonymous here in the UK with quality cult releases and that’s not going to change with the release on Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie. Making it’s Blu-ray debut – in fact, I think this might be it’s UK debut full stop, the film is somewhat of an acquired taste. Set between seasons 6 and 7 of the series (only season 8 has been broadcast here in the UK), the official plot goes something a little like this: “Mad scientist, Dr Clayton Forrester has concocted a diabolical scheme for world domination, to subject the human race to the worst movies ever made. This time it’s
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The Not Just New Movies Podcast: Ep. 42 - Scarlet Street


(I just realized I never posted this episode here. Apologies for fans of the podcast for jumping from Ep. 41 straight to Ep. 43 with no explanation.)

In this week's episode, Tyler and Ben discuss Fritz Lang's 1945 film, Scarlet Street. Check out for our previous episodes of the show, and shoot us an e-mail or leave us a voicemail with your feedback.


Character Name Game Intro - 2:03

Media Consumed


Star Wars "Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina" book - 3:01

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - 6:08


Jurassic Park: The Musical - 10:57

Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman - 13:47

The Shield, Season 1, Pilot - 19:08


Scarlet Street - 24:32


Next Time: Slither - 53:13

Listener E-mail/Voicemail - 54:05

Character Name Game - 57:49

Where You Can Find Us - 1:00:49

The /Filmcast's Interview
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