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Pretty darn disappointing
inkblot1126 December 2006
Kelly, the President's daughter, is dismayed that a Los Angeles homeless shelter may be closing. She wants to help it remain open so she arranges a way for herself to sneak away from the Secret Service. Trouble is, on the streets of LA, she is recognized and kidnapped, along with a homeless young teen. They try to escape, time and time again but are always thwarted. Kelly insists she has an alien "uncle" who can rescue them. Just what is taking this green-faced angel so long? This was one poor, poor movie, despite the cute cover. Most of it is just chase, escape, chase again. The alien does not even enter the picture until late in the fourth quarter. The young girl playing Kelly does not really do a bad job and the rest of the cast is adequate. It is the writing and story that is just abysmal, along with the production values. Perhaps you have a child who would rather sit in front of the tube than do anything else in life. If so, you might want to experiment with him or her and find out just how long they can endure this mess. Otherwise, there is no earthly reason to see My Uncle is an Alien.
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Absolutely awful.
randyhndrsn15 January 2006
Me and my mother were renting movies to watch one day, we got this movie because it looked interesting.When my mom fell asleep i started to watch it by myself and this movie was very bad.It had a terrible story and a worse acting job by the these young actors.This movie just has no point in being made, and i am warning you about it.It will make you go crazy, and i can not believe i watched the whole thing without turning it off.I am not sure who likes this movie, but it has to be someone with a very weird opinion in movies, who also is into really bad charlatans movies.Do not watch this film, please stay away from this movie and never watch it.
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dear God..
lee-fewtrell14 October 2011
This has to be the worst film of all time. The presidents' daughter runs away to get some funding for a youth hostel where her friends live, gets kidnapped by a pair of losers and meets up with a sassy skateboard kid. Utter Crap.

A totally random story with rubbish poundshop ET alien in it that doesn't show up until the last five minutes, spouts some inspirational crap to the president's daughter, then buggers off to his spaceship and says he never will return- Great!

Truly, Truly Awful. You will never see a worse film than this, unless it's a snuff film of a close family member.
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This is a great movie
strawberrygolden14 December 2001
When the President's daughter visits a children's shelter that's on the verge of being shut down, she decides to raise enough money to keep it open--with a little extraterrestrial help. She makes a plan with her friends to escape, she gets on a cab, which crashes in the middle of a street. A boy called Zig comes and grabs her bag while she was waiting for another cab, she races after him in to a deserted street. Two guys (comedians as well as idiots) spot her and recognize her as the president's daughter, this was their meal-ticket to a rich life. All they had to do was kidnap her and ask the president (who's losing loads of money from his bank) for a million dollars. They kidnap her and throw her in to their truck. Zig, realizing she's the president's daughter, see's this as a chance to make it up for breaking her cell-phone in that bag of hers, races to her rescue, but did he succeed? Watch this family-oriented sci-fi adventure. I recorded it the second time it came on t.v since I liked it a lot the first time I watched it.
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It is really quite good
farnum28 October 2011
My review summary says it all. This movie is really very good.

The only thing that would make it better would be if Chris Eliot played some of the roles. Also, they should have re-animated Scatman Cruthers to have a cameo in it. Its also interesting that Roman Polanski has a small (uncredited) part in the movie, toward the end when the alien spaceship lands on the White House. It's surprising that he didn't get arrested, as there had been an outstanding warrant for him since the 70's. I guess that's why he was uncredited. Or maybe they just shot the scene in Europe. It would be interesting to find out either way. Its so funny because it's true! Everyone should go out and see "My Uncle the Alien" today!
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